Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Table of Contents
Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Table of Contents
By Elspeth Michaels

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Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British)
Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British)
By Elspeth Michaels


Quicklet on Skins:
Season 1 (British)

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(Seriously. From the beginning.K. parents. relationships. rather old-fashioned television series. and also how they circumnavigate some of the complications of sex. the show strives to stay true to the issues that many of its young viewers face. the show heavily features the pursuit and use of drugs.creator Skins. creator Bryan Elsley defends the series saying. chronicles the lives of a core group of friends at Roundview College.Bryan Elsley.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels About the TV show or movie “Skins is a very simple and in fact. referring to the phenomenon of out-of-control parties in the U. personal struggles and pressures. Named after the slang for rolling paper. and France. drugs and alcohol. Hyperink Quicklets 3 Hyperink Quicklets .” [1] . the series has incited a lot of controversy through its depiction of teen sexuality. transcending Breakfast Club stereotypes. where are the parents?!) While partying. After two seasons. inspired by the show’s portrayals of reckless behavior and cheap. Although it arguably glamorizes sex and drugs and promotes excessive partying. the series has found a niche in the zeitgeist of British youth culture. Skins has been used in anti- drug campaigns and helped many teens broach difficult subjects with teachers and parents. Throughout the season. Sometimes that truth can be a little painful to adults and parents. sexy fun. To the critics who have accused the show of being too exaggerated or sensational. drugs and sex are central themes to the series. the original ensemble is an eclectic bunch. mental illness.”[2] Written by young writers and told from the perspective of teenagers. “[Skins] tries to tell the truth. the series debuts a new generation of cast members. education. how they get thorugh high school. viewers understand each character’s perspective through their family. “Skins” co. The seasons are formatted so that each episode focuses on one of the main characters. underage drinking and drug use. It’s about the lives and loves of teenages. social dynamics. Often heralded as the best. which bears their namesake. and even the rigid clique systems of high school. a British teen dramedy set in Bristol. England. how they deal with their friends.” was coined shortly after the show’s debut. The term “Skins Party.

Michelle and Tony. Skins Season 1 debuted on Channel E4 in January 2007. Skins Season 1 garnered both critical acclaim and high ratings for its target audience. Brittain described it as “terrible. Intrigued by the concept. Skins was conceptualized from a short story Jamie Brittain wrote at age 16 called Machina. gained approval.” but felt that there was a future with the three characters. As of 2012. Skins has featured three generations with its final season slated to end in 2013. Elsley pitched it to his bosses and within 24 hours. The character for Sid is based off of Brittain himself. The other characters were inspired by Brittain and his sister’s friends growing up in Bristol during the late ‘90s. Sid. adolescent gruff. Elsley. and Sid’s father is based off of Brittain’s father. [3] While hearing his father’s ideas for TV shows one day in his kitchen. Jamie suggested his own short story idea as a potential pilot.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Created by father and son duo Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain. early 00s. [4] Hyperink Quicklets 4 Hyperink Quicklets .

“The Crow Road. Elsley grew up in Dalkeith. It would be more interesting to read. 1961. Elsley continued pursuing theater. Jamie Brittain’s writing career began with Skins. England he studied English at Leeds University. Born on May 17. [6] He lives in London with his wife and four children. Scotland. Elsley developed Skins US for MTV.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels About the Director and Producer “We’ve got a very good relationship. Hailing from Yorkshire. he announced he would be leaving the show. EastEnders and Doctor Who to his credits. In the 1980s he started directing. Scotland in 1985. however the series was canceled after its first season. At York University he studied English and History and pursued an interest in theater. The Ghost Squad and Ballykissangel. Bryan Elsley Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain are a father and son writing team. In his most recent project. on working with his father. eventually working his way to television and film writing. Hyperink Quicklets 5 Hyperink Quicklets . It’s good fun. In the following decade he started producing. and co-created the series when he was 21. earning him two BAFTA Scotland Awards for Best Writer and Best Drama Series in 1997. but actually we got on very well and we have a very close relationship. “Skins” is his most notable success. After university. several TV series. also earning him the BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Writer in 2008 and other BAFTA TV Award nominations. In 1996. actually. working closely with his father to develop a TV series that was derived from real people and experiences.” which put him on the map for screenwriting. He was born in Edinburg. he wrote a the short film. Chris Clough produced the first four seasons of Skins. adding legendary British TV series Brookside. most notably Black Cab. In April 2011. “Skins” co-creator. oh it’s terrible. and there’s certain things that I can say to him that no one else could.”[5] -Jamie Brittain. just outside of Edinburgh.

Disillusioned with life in Bristol. making the love triangle slightly more trapezoidal as their story progresses. but everyone likes that. Sid. Michelle. etc. Episode 8 The first season of Skins centers around Tony’s degeneration from big man on campus to social pariah. mental illness. as his association validates them. broken families. don’t they?” -Tony to Sid. Chris. smart guy who excels at all things. Cassie develops feelings for Sid. Sid. his best friend. sexuality. Viewed as the handsome. as it is expected of him. but in most instances. Throughout the season. gets into trouble and tries to support each other. I know I can be a wanker sometimes. the crew parties together. each character grows. always choosing them over Cassie despite her attempts at cultivating romance. After Sid flakes on her for Michelle for what seems the hundredth time. who Sid loves. he feels that he has to behave this way. challenging what they’ve always accepted and calcifying their values. Michelle wants to be loved by Tony. Sid prioritizes Michelle and Tony. he drives his parents mad and manipulates his closest friends to make life more interesting for him. Tony’s charms run their course however. The rest of the gang—Jal. But to him. they are figuring out their own personal struggles that many teens face—peer pressure. Cassie tries to commit suicide. it’s every angsty teen for himself. who can’t seem to do anything right. but becomes increasingly surprised at Tony’s cruel antics. get in the way of their attempts at self-actualization. The hardest moments are realizing that their friendships with each other at times. Cassie. Tony doesn’t have to work hard to get what he wants. wants to be Tony. As an ensemble.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Overall Summary “The thing is. especially in how he treats his girlfriend. Anwar and Maxxie are all supportive characters. As individuals. when everyone realizes he hurts people for no reason beyond his own selfish amusement. to the central threesome of Sid. accepts him for his selfish tendencies. At the end of each episode. landing her back into rehabilitation. despite bearing the most abuse from Tony. can’t seem to quit their relationships with him. Sid and Michelle however. the individual Hyperink Quicklets 6 Hyperink Quicklets . Michelle and Tony.

Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels character is left to resolve their problems alone. Hyperink Quicklets 7 Hyperink Quicklets .

-Sid buys spliff from an unstable drug dealer. lovely. Mere seconds into his morning. and quick mirror check. no. Post-routine. He interrupts Jal’s clarinet practicing. -Everyone ends up in a lake. he’s already scheming. After some chin-ups and push-ups. man. Tony tackles the mission of the day. like wow. nor does he lose his virginity. -Skins Party! -Sid loses the drugs before he can sell them. but I like that you’re funny looking. Sid and Michelle meet at a cafe to set the plans into motion. calling up his friends to solicit their help to get Sid. He turns his music on loudly. Tony. the only way Sid’s deflowering can happen is at a party with a Hyperink Quicklets 8 Hyperink Quicklets . to finally lose his virginity. he times his morning routine to ogle the freshly- showered naked woman across the street and help his little sister Effy sneak back in the house after a night of partying. Anwar’s praying.” -Cassie to Sid Key Points: -Characters are introduced. Michelle’s beauty regimen. According to Tony. and Maxxie’s tap dancing. Episode 1: Tony Episode 1 opens with close-up of Tony Stonem’s face underneath a rather provocative bedspread. -Tony wants to help Sid lose his virginity at a party. clean her face and put her school uniform on without detection. providing the necessary distraction for Effy return unnoticed.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Episode-by-Episode Commentary & Summary “Wow. Chris in bed with a girl. his best friend.

Phase two to Tony’s mission. disheveled and annoyed. whose auditions conveniently are held at a private all-girls school. Throughout the interaction between Tony. a small man with a handlebar mustache. Chris is obviously hot for psychology teacher Angie. Michelle. Sid. Realizing they won’t need as much spliff. Jal. but it’s a more posh. sends Sid off to get drugs for the party. Hung-over. Tony tries to stop Sid from going to get the drugs. They steal Abigail’s parents’ Mercedes Benz station wagon and drive Cassie to the hospital. Sid finds himself seeking a dealer called the “Mad Twatter. He responds to an ad for the City Chamber Choir. She enjoys the attention from Chris. but fails to reach him. it’s obvious that Sid harbors feelings for Michelle. seeks Tony out after his very sensitive rendition of My Fair Lady’s “On the Street Where You live. Maxxie takes Chris and Anwar out for a “big gay night. but the spliff is lost in the water. Anwar. Managing awkward exchanges between two prostitutes. lamer version of the parties they are used to. The feelings seem mutual. it is decided that Sid should shag Cassie.” and invites him to a party. he tells Sid that his balls are collateral if he can’t get the money to him on time. Michelle and Cassie head to Abigail’s party at her giant house. who is left emotionally fragile after a failed relationship. they crash the party and chaos ensues. freshly out of a rehabilitation center for an eating disorder. After consulting his girlfriend. but also enjoys flaunting it in front of him. He emerges suddenly and sells Sid a huge bag of spliff. Fortunately everyone is fine. leaving Sid unable to sell it for the money he owes the Mad Twatter.” which also turns out to be a bust. Tony. is to secure a party. Sid and Cassie are outside on the trampoline. and decide to join the others at the Abigail’s house. they park the car by a lake and decide to smoke the spliff that they couldn’t hustle at Abigail’s party. Maxxie and Chris are unable to attend. We assume Tony not only knows. and being the master manipulator he is. especially as he carries her books for her after every class. only to realize she was just sleeping. A very smitten posh girl by the name of Abigail. Despite Tony’s efforts in securing a site for Sid’s cherry popping. Arriving smashed. Looking for skins. Sid knocks the emergency brake and sends the car into the lake with everyone in it. On the terms of paying him back within 48 hours.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels girl stupid and spliffed up enough to commit the act. Phase one to Tony’s mission is completed.” whose address turns out to be a whorehouse. he waits for the Mad Twatter. Michelle and Sid. Episode 2: Cassie Hyperink Quicklets 9 Hyperink Quicklets . where Cassie tells Sid that Michelle knows of his feelings for her before she passes out from taking too many pills.

showing the Hyperink Quicklets 10 Hyperink Quicklets . Cassie meets Michelle’s mother outside. Cassie passes the weigh-in. she walks in on her parents getting frisky on the kitchen counter. Her parents encourage her. It’s obvious that they didn’t know nor care that Cassie was out all night. leaving Cassie to change her brother’s diaper. Cassie puts weights in her skirt.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Key Points: -Cassie completes her rehabilitation program for her eating disorder. -Cassie’s parents. Cassie reminds her parents that today is her last clinic day as long as she’s gained half a kilo at her weigh-in. and unable to pay back the dealer. where she receives a text message from an unknown number. assuring her the half-kilo she needs to pass. Later on. Cassie attends one last group support session before her exit. He vents his anger on how someone cheated him out of money owed to him.” Sid’s drug dealer. Cassie takes the bus back home and curiously finds a Post-It note on the window that simply says. with the remnants of an epic food fight. saying. In this group. just returned from her honeymoon with her hunky younger husband. winds up in deep trouble. although happy. Given the clear to leave. with her newborn brother sitting in his high chair. Cassie and her cab driver Alan have a good rapport. -Sid having lost his bag of spliff in the previous episode. but her husband comments that Cassie looks like a famine victim when she’s out of earshot. As she leaves. don’t seem so invested in her recovery. Cassie is the first to wake up and sees the house completely trashed.” This is the first of several messages Cassie gets telling her to eat. even though she’s not better. Michelle’s mother screams upon seeing the state of the house and sends everyone running out in a panic. she runs into another eating-disorder afflicted girl in the process of chugging water to get the half-kilo she needs to leave the program. but seem more absorbed in each other to truly care. -Cassie’s crush on Sid further develops when he expresses concern over her unhealthy eating habits. and go upstairs to finish their lovemaking. Episode 2 opens in the morning after of another raging party at Michelle’s house. focusing more attention each other and their newborn baby. Cassie takes cab to the clinic. “EAT. although her doctor is skeptical. aka the “Mad Twatter. especially because she feels no one cares.” On the ride to the clinic. When Cassie gets home. “EAT. we see Madison. and we discover that he is the only person that truly cares about her. Michelle compliments Cassie on how much better she looks since the last time they met.

a very strong source of tension when her father sleeps with a Hyperink Quicklets 11 Hyperink Quicklets . who. They sit at a diner and Cassie takes a big bite out of a hamburger. his psychology teacher. Episode 3: Jal Key Points -Jal is the star of the school orchestra and is a finalist for the Young Musician of the Year Competition. In class. mired in his own problems and oblivious to Cassie’s feelings. Cassie keeps receiving anonymous texts. leaving a strained family dynamic. who she now assumes is Sid telling her to eat. enthusiastic music teacher. Cassie realizes that these messages were all in her head and her feelings for Sid are unrequited. -Jal’s mother left. even though they are laughably bad. her father is more interested in supporting her brothers’ attempt at a rap career. Cassie shows Sid her techniques to distract others during meals. -Jal witnesses Tony cheating with Abigail. especially with Jal’s relationship with her father. their history teacher introduces the Mad Twatter as their substitute teacher for the next week. but doesn’t appreciate the classical music Jal is so passionate about. Cassie leaves shortly after. telling Sid that the Mad Twatter has his student ID card. Tony rudely interrupts them. taking the opportunity to put Sid down in front of Cassie. In Episode 3. we see the source of Jal’s headstrong-nature and sulky personality through her family dynamic and her perceived underprivileged background by her school’s administration. He asks how Cassie gets away with not eating. We learn that Jal’s mother is no longer in the picture. and his friends for help.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels group Sid’s ID card as means for inflicting retribution. her father is a successful recording artist. Cassie realizes Sid is in big trouble. dismisses her. rather than tells her to eat. At school. and ends up destroying her clarinet and beating up Sid and Jal’s brothers. Sid. Cassie finds Sid at lunch and sits with him. Jal prepares for her the Young Musician of the Year competition with her potty-mouthed yet. Cassie turns to Alan her cab driver. refuting her claim that no one cares because he does. Instead. While they seem to be having a moment. -Sid and Jal get threatened in an alley by the Mad Twatter. Cassie also cares about Sid and not so accidentally knocks over her drink into Tony’s lap. despite going to Angie. At the end of the episode. receives no advice. Jal comes from musical roots. gives her permission to do so. Meanwhile. Sid.

wants Sid and seeks him out at the party. Apathetic and without a female opinion. Michelle apologizes for flaking on Jal and chooses a more flattering dress from her closet. news of Jal’s musical achievements reaches the administration. The mad Twatter breaks Jal’s clarinet before leaving them. -Another epic Skins party! -We discover that Chris has a father who neglects him and a brother who died at a young Hyperink Quicklets 12 Hyperink Quicklets . Oblivious to her interest. Jal. Tony flirts with Abigail and eventually makes out with her when Michelle is away. And he loves feeding his pills to his goldfish. Flattered by his attention. The school principal asks Jal to participate in television interviews. Later in the night. to make the school look supportive of underprivileged students. but has trouble finding a dress for her competition. he ignores her. Michelle?) Jal drags the always- available Sid along to go shopping. Jal’s father throws a record-release party and all the boys are stunned at Jal’s sexy makeover. Episode 4: Chris Key Points: -Chris loves his pills and goldfish. an assumption based upon Jal’s ethnicity. She tells him that it’s not her fault that she looks like her mother. she follows him to a bar with Sid in tow. Jal confronts her father and asks why he didn’t care to see if she was all right after the alley incident. She tells Sid that he needs to stop fancying Michelle because she’s his best friend’s girlfriend. -His mother leaves him with a wad of cash and no expressed return date. but that her feelings for him are of the brother-sister variety. Jal gets approached by a handsome man who wants to take her out for another drink. Jal settles on a greenish brown frock.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels young. Michelle takes the opportunity to tell Sid that she knows he likes her. attractive singer looking to advance her career. Confused. Her father dismisses Jal and tells her to clean her room. (What about chicks before dicks. resorts to her defensive ways. Jal’s brothers chase after them but end up in the hospital from getting beaten so badly. (Friend zoned!) Cassie however. She performs at her recital and her father takes care of the Mad Twatter. They realize it’s a set-up when Mad Twatter comes out and threatens Sid about the money he owes. Jal goes and finds a new clarinet on her bed. uncomfortable with the attention. Michelle and Jal’s plans to go dress shopping get derailed as Michelle chooses to hook up with Tony instead. At the party. At school. and that he shouldn’t resent her because of it.

because she put fresh flowers on his brother’s grave. Chris realizes that his mother isn’t coming back. He realizes that his mother is still close by. unable to reject his charms. He fumbles through a compliment and leaves the room. Somehow. Sid accidentally walks in on them together. Chris tries to return the Hi-Fi he bought for the party. with a squatter taking up residence in his bathroom. -Tony invites Sid and Michelle to see him sing at a choral concert. to a cemetery where Jal follows. We discover that Chris had a brother who died as a child. is how one boob is bigger than the other. Hyperink Quicklets 13 Hyperink Quicklets . Tony and Michelle are together in Chris’ bed.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels age. where it’s discovered that Chris has a father who has another family. Chris wakes up after another bender and his house is completely trashed. shocking them when he kisses Abagail on stage. Jal accompanies Chris to his father’s home. He seeks help from Angie and his friends. Angie helps Chris move into the student dormitories. adding another criticism about her breasts. especially after seeing that she packed all her clothes. After a few days. and Michelle asks Sid what he thinks about her breasts. but gets denied. Angie gets invited and feels very self- conscious with the crowd of teenagers and strangers. where she hands him a fish to make him feel at home. Upstairs. Michelle can never stay mad at Tony for too long and they make up.000 pounds and an empty house. leaving Chris with nothing. and awkwardly slow dances with Chris. He tells Jal how his brother cared for him when he was young. but his father refuses to see him. He tells Michelle that his favorite part about her body. He eventually re-sells it to a man junkyard in exchange for pills. -Tony tells Sid that he should go for Michelle now that he has made an opportunity for him. She stays however. He goes downstairs and sees an envelope filled with cash left by his Mom with the note “Be gone for a few days. Episode 4 opens with Chris waking up after a pill bender. the squatter locks Chris out of his house. be good. but is given a second chance to pass if he rewrites his paper. The walls of his room are covered with pill boxes. Chris throws a huge party blowing his money on endless supplies of drugs and alcohol. Episode 5: Sid Key Points: -Sid is failing school. which seems to be fairly routine for him. Having spent all his money. Chris runs out of the house.” With 1.

Sid pulls away and in a moment of clarity. Tony helps Sid with his essay so he can sneak out to see Tony sing. Sid returns home late to furious parents who send him to his room. Sid’s mother drives him to school and tries to tell him to work on his relationship with his father. having waited for him for the entire night. He explains that he can’t because he’s grounded. Hyperink Quicklets 14 Hyperink Quicklets . where Sid consoles her. Sid runs into Cassie. but Tony grabs his hand. but Sid is still pretty oblivious as to the degree of her disappointment. Michelle confronts them backstage. At the concert. Sid and Michelle meet at a bar. When Sid finally catches up to Michelle. she yells at him for not telling her about Tony and Abigail. assuming he knew because Sid always goes along with Tony’s plans. Never actually apologizing. Michelle and Sid are shocked and confused at Tony’s stunt. Michelle asks Sid to dance. Michelle storms off and Tony tells Sid to go after her. the bad cop to his mother’s calmer. under the impression that he was grounded. Sid failed the entire year. “God Only Knows. forcing him to participate in an awkward threesome dance. even though he knows Sid is grounded. Sid has two days to rewrite his paper. but can redeem himself if he can rewrite his paper on Russian history. who reminds them of their date that night. good cop. Sid can’t seem to disobey Tony. but never says it. She seems like wants to tell Sid something else. and is thus grounded until he finishes it. and in this moment of potential. building up the event as a must-see. Tony invites Sid and Michelle to his choir concert.” ending with a passionate kiss. and despite not feeling right in doing so.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels -Sid flakes on his date with Cassie. Episode 5 opens with Sid and his parents at a parent teacher conference. Cassie is sitting on his bed. Tony still trying to set up Sid with Michelle. The next day. Sid backs off. Sid explains he didn’t know. Sid reluctantly tells her that he was with Michelle. His father yells and swears a lot. Michelle and Sid play into Tony’s games again. And in classic Sid fashion. Tony joins Abagail on stage to sing the Beatles’ hit. he messes things up with Cassie and pisses everyone off despite having good intentions. urges him to call her. but Michelle storms off again. Tony unexpectedly shows up to interrupt them. -Sid’s mother leaves her father. goes after Michelle. he admits to Michelle that he was acting silly. Cassie is visibly upset. She leaves Sid’s father that night. apologizing for everything that happened. She asks Sid where he was. as an opportunity to finally get with Michelle. but Tony and Abigail nonchalantly dismiss her reaction.

dejected at the news of his wife leaving him and finishes his paper. During a conversation. He learns that Cassie is in an ambulance from overdosing. Episode 6: Maxxie and Anwar Key Points -The whole gang takes a field trip to Russia for their history class. Tony wants to try something new and propositions him. leaves the room and switches beds with Sid. Anwar’s homophobia comes out. who they think is passed out but was actually awake to see everything.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels calls Cassie to apologize. offending Maxxie. for some reason. which is clearly wrong in his religion. and kisses Maxxie. Maxxie asks Anwar to take back what he said. Yet. Tony sees this as an opportunity to shake things up. Wanting to resolve things. -Anwar loses his virginity to a hot Russian girl named Anka. The gang ships off to Russia for a week to get a first-hand taste of what they’ve been studying in history class. The group breaks up into roommate pairs: Anwar and Maxxie. Michelle and Jal. Hyperink Quicklets 15 Hyperink Quicklets . Due to Anwar’s Muslim beliefs. Having disappointed everyone. he tells Maxxie that being gay is wrong. First. The field trip doesn’t go as planned. -Tony gives Maxxie head in front of Michelle. Later on. but Anwar doesn’t. Sid stays strong for his father. Michelle enters the room. and half-heartedly says they can’t be friends. citing his religion in his belief for that claim. Sid and Anwar are taken in by customs officials. Sid and Tony. -Chris and Angie sleep together. Maxxie hurt and upset. ignorant of this development. adding confusion to his already offended feelings. -Anwar tells Maxxie that being homosexual is wrong. she’s nowhere to be seen. Maxxie tells Anwar that he’s a hypocrite. Ever scheming. -Maxxie calls Anwar a hypocrite due to his “choose as you please” approach to Islam. Anwar sees a hot Russian girl chopping wood outside of his window. he can’t accept Maxxie’s homosexuality. where their teacher must bribe them to ensure Sid and Anwar’s release. Anwar has no qualms about drinking and doing drugs. but when he fetches the gang to show them. Maxxie leaves the room.

They go to her house and rescue her. but he wants her the most. He decides he must save her. -Tony tries to win Michelle back but she won’t take him back. Sid is the one to get caught. saving Anwar’s life. takes the shotgun away from the man.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels The flirting and sexual tension between Chris and Angie finally reaches a tipping point as they sleep together. a new flame who is coincidentally Abigail’s brother. and Sid gets chased down by her husband holding a shotgun. Michelle explains to Jal that she stays with Tony because he could have any girl. When her husband sees Anwar and Anka together. Tony kisses Maxxie and then fellates him. This makes her feel special. and makes Sid come with him to help. and witnesses everything. he aims it at them. and as always. Episode 7: Michelle Key Points: -Michelle finally has it with Tony and tells him it’s over with a resounding kick in the bollocks. -To get Michelle back. -Michelle’s mother’s new husband is her third marriage in seven years. Anwar loses his virginity to the hot Russian girl. -Chris and Angie hook up again. threatening to shoot. just to make things interesting. Michelle has reached her breaking point in putting up with Tony. Afterwards. Tony is still persistent in wanting to hook up with Maxxie. Anka. is not passed out. as a way to get back at Anwar’s homophobic feelings. In a classic Tony move. in a moment of bravery. Maxxie tells Tony that he isn’t a hobby and that it’s wrong. but he lets Tony do it anyway. -Sid also has had it with Tony and they fight. Michelle however. Tony devises a plan that involves sending pervy pictures of Abigail from her brother’s phone. Maxxie tells Tony that finally he found something that Tony’s not good at–fellatio. She demonstrates this Hyperink Quicklets 16 Hyperink Quicklets . Meanwhile. -Michelle meets Josh. Anwar sees the hot Russian girl through his window being abused by an older man. Go figure. Maxxie. When they think Michelle is passed out on Tony’s bed. he can easily hurt those who care for him.

Cassie introduces them to her new boyfriend. She tells everyone to leave her and goes to drink in a supply closet at school. not out of anger. Michelle confronts Abigail in front of her posh friends and brother. but the slut-shaming has been done. Jal goes to comfort her. Maxxie asks Michelle not to tell anyone what happened in Russia. must make things interesting. but Sid appears. wants nothing to do with him anymore. but is chewed out by an upset and irrational Michelle. In rare form. which leaves everyone but Maxxie confused. but it doesn’t feel right. Even though Sid has dreamed of hooking up with Michelle countless times. in a disingenuous effort to get Michelle back. and sleeps with Chris on the way back. Embarrassed. While there. and thus. who also is at the center. Josh takes notice of Michelle. When they arrive however. he realizes he wants Cassie. telling Tony to leave her alone. Abigail denies this. Tony explains that he acts that way because he’s bored. but she still doesn’t go back to him. Tony sends these pictures of Abigail from Josh’s phone to Michelle and everyone in his contact list. Sid confronts Tony about his hurtful behavior. Josh. goes to Sid as a rebound. As far as we know. He makes Tony beg. Sid punches Tony. He seduces Abigail into taking raunchy pictures of her on his camera phone. Just when Tony thinks he has Michelle back. Michelle’s father is out of the picture and her mother seems more concerned with her business and making her new marriage work than with Michelle’s problems. Michelle runs into Abigail’s brother. Tony. Tony spies on Michelle and Josh getting coffee. needing male attention. Michelle. she knows he doesn’t love her the way she wants him to. and schemes to win her back. and that Michelle still wants Tony. Michelle never shows. and walks away from him. where Angie finds her drunk and dejected. Michelle’s family life is further explained. They both decide to go visit Cassie at her rehabilitation center so that Sid can apologize and tell her how he feels. reciting the famous lines from the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. who is 27 years old. Her mother just married her third husband in seven years.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels by punching him in the face in front of all of his friends. Angie drives her and Chris home. throws rocks at her window. led to believe Josh is a pervert. Episode 8: Effy Hyperink Quicklets 17 Hyperink Quicklets . steals Josh’s phone and uploads the pictures onto it. even though she repeatedly states that their relationship has to end. but in interest. asking her how many times she slept with Tony. who works there. He asks her out for coffee. Michelle.

Worried about Effy. When Sid asks if Effy’s just playing a joke. Julie. come out my mom the wrong way. He realizes that everyone is hanging out. who is friends with Spencer. helps Tony anyway. Spencer and another friend pile into an unmarked van and drive off. meets up with a friend and goes to an abandoned warehouse to do drugs with cool boys and hang from the ceiling. but truly loves and protects Effy. It’s an awkward moment. someone else already had–Spencer. she meets a handsome guy named Spencer. soliciting Sid for help. In Episode 8. and the people I hate…” She passes out. and Sid still unsure if he’s being manipulated. It becomes apparent that Tony would do anything for her. how the mighty fall. “where rich kids go to die. -Effy sneaks out of the house in risqué clothing. “It’s not our style. Oh. Tony crashes the party he wasn’t invited to. He wanders alone by himself. pretending to be Effy when her parents check on her.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Key Points: -Effy never talks. but that he was left uninvited–a huge reversal from the first episode as he was the one bringing everyone together. compulsory family evening in. the people I should love I hate. agrees to take drugs intravenously and says one of her only two speaking lines in the whole season: “Sometimes I think I was born backwards.” They meet up with Josh. you know.” Tony would never play games with Effy and vise-versa. Effy meets up with her excitable. -Effy overdoses on the drugs that Josh and his friend give her to get back at Tony for sending pervy pictures of his sister. chatty friend and they go to an abandoned warehouse. Tony helps her sneak out. When he shows up to the station to bail her out. There. we get a deeper sense of the brother and sister dynamic between Effy and Tony. he watches Effy. -Tony has burned bridges with everyone and is not invited to hang out with them. After a very dull. who she goes off to get high with. They steal Sid’s father’s car and drive around looking for her. Effy sneaks out of the house in provocative raver clothes. Effy. Hyperink Quicklets 18 Hyperink Quicklets . Too late. Tony gets a call from the police. They go to a rave at Stone Eaton Sports Club. who is very high already. but everyone is otherwise busy. Tony calls up everyone to hang out. I hear words go past me backwards. notifying him that Effy was arrested. and that he can hurt anyone. Abigail’s brother and Michelle’s former flame. which we’ve seen her in before. Tony replies.

but that he feels distorted because he’s more than just a wanker. -Sid realizes he loves Cassie and runs to tell her. Sid wonders why he’s still friends with Tony. After he confessed to taking those pictures of Abigail and messing things up between Michelle and Josh. as revenge for Tony sending pervy pictures of Abigail from Josh’s phone. Tony’s parents blame Tony for everything. They start fighting. his sister being the worst example of this. and finds him carrying Effy’s limp body. Hyperink Quicklets 19 Hyperink Quicklets . Sid leaves Cassie (again!) to find Tony. They drive to the nearest hospital. -Cassie is going to a new rehabilitation center in Scotland to get better. he can’t think of anything worse than being him. Effy loves him for who he really is and that’s why he doesn’t have to be a wanker to her. Waiting for Effy to wake up at the hospital. Sid and Effy’s parents that she will make a full recovery. he tries to call an ambulance but doesn’t know where he is. and finally they let him take Effy away. The doctor notifies Tony. Panicked. Episode: 9 Everyone Key Points: -Happy 17th Birthday Anwar! -Anwar’s family throws him a huge birthday party. They make Tony beg to be released. Tony tells Sid that he thinks that everyone likes him because he’s a wanker. and Sid makes Tony realize that after messing with people for so long. telling him he’s constantly horrible at other people’s expenses. but now. telling him that they will call an ambulance only if Tony has sex with his sister. When Tony arrives he finds Effy. wanting to make things right with her. Josh and Spencer break his phone. where Josh and Spencer are waiting for him.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Sid finally reaches his breaking point with Tony. in a good way. Sid tells Tony that he owns him. passed out after overdosing on drugs. full of embarrassing relatives and bad music. but keeps on missing her. Sid tells Tony that he wanted to be him. he truly has no one left–not even Effy. and doesn’t want to be a wanker. -Maxxie won’t come to Anwar’s birthday unless Anwar tells his family that Maxxie’s gay. Tony tells Sid that he wanted him there when he was in trouble. -Angie decides to reject Mervin. Worried. Tony is picked up by a masked motorcyclist and taken to Stone Eaton Sports Club. her Aussie fiancée. He abandons Tony and drives off to meet Cassie.

Maxxie says he’ll accept the invitation only if Anwar tells his parents. His family is clearly fond of Maxxie. he gets hits by a bus. but knows that through his faith in God. Chris. Anwar’s father asks Anwar why Maxxie doesn’t come around anymore. Angie feels differently now about Merv. Maxxie and Anwar are back as friends. but invites Maxxie anyway. She reads it. Anwar doesn’t want to have a party. to tell her how he feels. After Cassie leaves. The season ends with Sid singing “Wild World” by Cat Stevens. Cassie and Sid write letters to each other. Sid’s letter to Cassie tells her that he loves her.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels -Tony tells Michelle he loves her and gets hit by a bus while doing so. Overwhelmed by relatives and all the fuss. just missing the letter addressed to her on his desk. Angie’s ex-fiancee confronts Chris at Anwar’s party. and rejects Merv’s attempt at reconciliation. Tony gives Sid Cassie’s letter. Angie tells them to stop fighting. Anwar tells him no. Realizing this. he will understand. and that he’s sorry. Maxxie calls him to wish him a happy birthday. Chris and Angie are still sleeping together. and go to the party. looking for Cassie. but Anwar can’t find it in himself to tell his father why they are fighting. and tells Tony to say goodbye to Sid for her. He invites Maxxie in and Anwar blurts out that Maxxie is gay. Mervin returns. understandably is outraged. This seems like Tony’s first genuine attempt at caring for Michelle. Merv. Anwar’s father sees Maxxie and Anwar talking outside of the party. The final episode of the season begins in Anwar’s home. Cassie goes to Sid’s house to deliver his letter. Cassie’s letter to Sid tells him that she’s leaving for Scotland and that he shouldn’t ring her because she doesn’t want to see him. and asks Anwar if he has told his parents that he’s gay. Sid and Tony show up at Anwar’s party. Tony finds her while Sid is inside the party and hands Cassie Sid’s letter to her. but still loves him while also juggling her feelings for Chris. They keep missing each other. saying that there are many things he doesn’t understand. but as he moves into the street for better cell reception. he runs to go find her. Angie’s ex-fiancee. telling her he’s ready to come home after a six-month trip away. Anwar’s father accepts him. on his birthday. Tony calls Michelle to tell her that he loves her. with montages of the Hyperink Quicklets 20 Hyperink Quicklets .

They watch the sunrise together. At the end of the song. holding hands. he finds Cassie on a bench.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels characters. as if he knew she would be there. Hyperink Quicklets 21 Hyperink Quicklets .

Failing school. knowing he will be the one to get in trouble. not Michelle. not caring that he hurts everyone in the process. she is arguably the most perceptive character. Jalander “Jal” Fazer (Larissa Wilson) Often described as sulky. A gifted musician and a good friend. She likes Sid. She has an eating disorder and goes in and out of rehabilitation.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Character List Main Characters Anthony “Tony” Stonem (Nicholas Hoult) More conniving than Regina in Mean Girls. Cassandra “Cassie” Ainsworth (Hannah Murray) Although Cassie is completely loopy. generally disheveled and still a virgin. Sid is bad at everything and can’t seem to catch a break. independent and doesn’t take slack from anyone. always forgiving him after cheating or manipulating her. She is Tony’s girlfriend and would do anything for him. Tony is the leader of the pack. and tries to make him understand that he should be with her. Hyperink Quicklets 22 Hyperink Quicklets . Sid is kind and tries hard to please everyone. Jal is strong-willed. Although he lacks conviction. Jal is usually the voice of reason and is the most supportive at the most crucial moments. calling everything lovely and smiling. Michelle Richardson (April Pearson) Michelle derives most of her confidence from her attractive appearance and validation from male attention. intelligent and good at everything. Sidney “Sid” Jenkins (Mike Bailey) The counterpart and antithesis to Tony. Handsome. he manipulates everyone to make life interesting. Sid does everything Tony tells him to do no matter how bad.

street accent.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Maxxie Oliver (Mitch Hewer) Maxxie is openly gay. artist and actor. Although he goes against his religion in other ways. Anwar Kharral (Dev Patel) The most defining part of Anwar is his hypocritical approach to religion. Effy is the only person Tony truly cares for and would do anything to protect her. His best friend is Anwar. As a practicing Muslim. but his affections are set on Angie. his psychology teacher. He comes from a neglectful family. and is accepted by his peers. Hyperink Quicklets 23 Hyperink Quicklets . She sneaks out presumably every night. Maxxie stands up for himself. he struggles with accepting his best friend’s homosexuality. He plays up a gangster persona. only having two lines throughout the whole season. yet precocious sister. but they have issues throughout the season. dressed very provocatively. speaking in a Jamaican. He has no trouble with the ladies. She is medicated for her anger-management issues. Josh Stock (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) Josh is Abigail’s brother. and has no best friend within the group. but his real accent is actually quite posh. who dates Michelle before Tony breaks them up with a disgusting scheme. Posh Kenneth (Daniel Kaluuya) Kenneth is a peripheral member to the group. he prays five times a day. especially to his friends. but doesn’t abstain from sex and drugs. Elizabeth “Effy” Stonem (Kaya Scoldelario) Effy is Tony’s younger. Christopher “Chris” Miles (Joe Dempsie) Chris is the goofball of the group who experiments most with drugs and pills. He’s artistic—an excellent tap dancer. He is also medicated for his obsessive compulsive tendencies and works at the rehabilitation center his mother owns. Recurring Characters Abigail Stock (Georgina Moffat) Abigail is a posh girl who Tony uses to make Michelle jealous. although it doesn’t seem like they work. She rarely speaks.

he is completely uncool and unsuccessfully tries to seduce Angie. who harasses him for payment when Sid can’t deliver on the money. Cassie’s Roommate at Rehab (Danielle Jadelyn) We see this character chugging two giant water bottles at Cassie’s rehabilitation facility. Despite his efforts to seem relatable. Hyperink Quicklets 24 Hyperink Quicklets . He is part of Cassie’s support group at the rehabilitation center. Tom Barkley (Robert Wilfort) Tom is the history teacher. She also suffers from an eating disorder. and later as Cassie’s roommate.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Angie (Siwan Morris) Angie is the psychology teacher who is genuinely invested in the lives of her students. Madison “Mad” Twatter (Stephen Walters) Mad is Sid’s drug dealer. Her attraction to Chris is mutual. and they develop an illicit relationship after months of not- so-innocent flirting. who leads them on a field trip to Russia.

“You and your fucking bumchum. good-looking Fix up.shortened form of “isn’t it” but used in context of affirmation.) two people who seem inseparable.(n.) Attractive. friend Bollocks-(n.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Key Terms & Definitions Guide to understanding British teenage slang.) Thanks Chips.(intj.) balls Bollocky (adj.” Cheers. referencing Tony.(adj. don’t you.) high school Coursework.) to improve something. shitty Bum Chums.(v.) slang for “bredrin” or blood brother.) vagina → Ep. James Blunt.cockney rhyme slang for “C U Next Tuesday” and English singer-songwriter Hyperink Quicklets 25 Hyperink Quicklets . 1 and 5 Sid’s porn magazine is called “Hot Asian Fannies.(n. innit. → Ep.” Fit. “You take me for a complete James Blunt.) French fries College.(n.(n.” -Tony’s father to Tony Blud.) homework Innit. 5 Michelle to Sid.) crappy.(n. with homosexual connotations → Ep.” (Meaning: We’re good right?) Fanny. hot.(n. 3 Jal’s Brother to Bandmate: “We chill. mate. such as one’s appearance.

Tony’s questionable term of endearment for Michelle.(n. 1: Tony’s father to Tony: “You take me for a complete James Blunt. awesome → Ep. Brits call what we know as pants. 8 Julie to Effy. don’t you. “I keep tasting sick in my mouth.) dumbass.) a joint. “Your room is a tip.(n. trousers.) underwear (ahem. idiot *Twat.” Kettles.(n. inspired by her weird areola. tidy it.) cool.) a mess → Ep.(n. fucking → Ep.(n.3 Jal’s father to Jal.” → Ep.(n. 1 Abagail to Tony: “[The party] is going to be so safe.) damned.) crazy person Pants.” Sick.) stupid person.(adj. yah.) stupid person Nutter.(n.(n.) English pounds Safe. I think it’s because I’m excited. idiot.(n.(adj. 1 Tony’s father to Tony: “Turn the sodding [stereo] down!” Spliff. dumbass *Tosser.(n.) substitute teacher Tip.) a more offensive way to say idiot or dumbass. but literally. marijuana Supply Teacher -(n.) big breasts Mandem.(n.) a group of guys. a portmanteau of man and them Nips.” Sodding. a vagina Hyperink Quicklets 26 Hyperink Quicklets . as according to Tony.” *Tit.(n.) vomit → Ep. *Nont.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels whose most notable hit was 2007’s “You’re Beautiful. And nervous.) Quid.

also.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Wastegash. male equivalent = “wasteman”) Wank. can be used interchangeably.(n.(v.” “wank off” *Wanker (n.) to masturbate. “have a wank.) an asshole. dumbass. Wanker. though nuanced in meaning. Tosser. stupid girl (gash = girl. Nont and Tit : all offensive terms to insult people. Hyperink Quicklets 27 Hyperink Quicklets . someone who masturbates *Note: Twat. but literally. idiot.) An ugly.

he helps Sid with his history report. Tony reads these three books in Season 1. La Nausée by Jean-Paul Satre. What of that?” underneath Michelle’s window. Tony recites the famous lines from Act II. is left unscathed. as she feels the wounds of love. Scene I. O it is my love! O that she knew she were! She speaks. He reads. fair sun and kill the envious moon. Tony mocks Michelle’s feelings.” Relationships are a game to Tony. having never been wounded by it. plus power. “It is the East and Juliet is the sun. “Power is the single most important force in the universe.” an intended jab to an already wounded Michelle. who tries to define himself and find meaning in things that he once Hyperink Quicklets 28 Hyperink Quicklets . So sex. In Episode 5.. romantic gesture to win back Michelle’s affection. yet she says nothing. Arise. their books parallel the storylines. typing this opening sentence: “The USSR model could be described as a model of control and manipulation…” The model in which he establishes his friendships could also be described as such. The second most important is sex. In the context of Act II. Earlier in the same episode. In Episode 7. He as always. Money and good looks mean nothing except for the power they give us. Scene I from Romeo and Juliet. inflicting the hurt rather than incurring them. Romeo laughs at the scars of love. while he is still committed to playing games. in reciting this passage from Romeo and Juliet. his presentation in Psychology class is called “The Role of Sex in Power Relationships.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Major Themes and Symbols Academic Contexts The scenes where Tony is an academic context parallel his interests in manipulating and controlling others. Although seen as a cliché. and his end goal is to sustain his own fun and interest. Reading Rainbow Pay attention to the books! In the scenes where Tony and Cassie read. an existentialist novel whose main character is a disillusioned man. Who is already sick and pale with grief…It is my lady. equals fun.

chances are. The book is about a woman who loses her sanity. during her second stint at the rehabilitation center. The whole reason Anwar loses his virginity.” Despite his bad behavior. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by Jannette Winteron.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels disillusioned man. is down to his tighty-whiteys. in a classier way. calling her “Nips. Scene I is when Romeo tells Juliet that he wants her virginity. a novel about a woman who realizes she disagrees with the doctrine of her strict religious upbringing and figures out she is a lesbian. philosophy that questions morality. and brings him into his room. Cassie reads The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood. he rescues her from her own window. which he further explains in his psychology class presentation later in the same episode. Saving her from an abusive relationship. and are master social examiners. unable to eat because she ascribes human characteristics to food. The opening scenes of Episode 1 show Tony looking into the window of another apartment. Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche. get bored with people and situations. came from eyeing the hot Russian girl from outside his window. the only person he truly cares for. Hyperink Quicklets 29 Hyperink Quicklets . Whenever he makes fun of Michelle’s breasts. Tony displays self-awareness for his actions at the end of Episode 8. there is a part of Tony that struggles with the consequences of his dubious morals. When Effy. she believes there is nothing wrong in loving God and women. he asserts this intimate power. where he confesses to Sid that he knows he’s a “wanker. And lastly. but Tony alludes to sex to establish the power in their relationship. Cassie struggles with her eating disorder throughout the season. distracted by the nurse and the old man having sex in the nursing home adjacent to the school. Tony reads this in Episode 9.” or telling her that her breasts are different sizes. where Anwar and Maxxie fall out due to the conflict between Anwar’s religion and Maxxie’s homosexuality. Both Tony and this character. so there’s mutual voyeurism. but you know. Sid stares out of the window during his parent-teacher conference. The Romeo stunt is just another sex-power parallel. Tony recites Shakespeare outside of Michelle’s window. he reflects on all he has done. in Episode 9. where he sees the same naked woman everyday. In her heart. Michelle is no virgin. Antoine Roquetin. He too. Peeping Toms Windows and sex! Whenever a character looks into or out of a window. ends up as the biggest victim from his machinations. In Episode 5. who tries to define himself and find meaning in things that he once found satisfaction in. there’s sex on the brain. in Episode 7. What’s sex got to do with it? Act II.

Daniel Kaluuya. being one of the youngest writers for a prime time show at age 18.” (He likes it now. being the only character be in two generations of cast members. Hyperink Quicklets 30 Hyperink Quicklets .Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Interesting Related Facts Dev Patel. because director Danny Boyle’s daughter was a fan of Skins and suggested auditioning Patel for the lead. Cassie looks at her ankle watch in Episode 3. the Skins MySpace page released both full and mini-episodes. Slumdog Millionaire. Tony and Michelle tend to dress alike when things are well in the relationship. For Season 1. Hannah Murray. scored the leading role in 2008’s Oscar-Winning Best Picture. walked into her casting call wearing a watch on her ankle. Did you notice their corresponding striped numbers at Abigail’s party? Deep stuff… Skins has a series of mini-episodes that never air on TV. Co-creator Jamie Brittain. the actor who plays Anwar. a detail that was written into the character.) Effy become the main character in seasons 3 and 4. the actor who plays Posh Kenneth was also a writer for the series. the actress who plays Cassie. at first hated the idea for ending the season with a Sid singing the words to Cat Stevens’ “Wild World. only online.

televisionaryblog.com/shows/skins/trivia/season-all/5 “Skins” Parties in France: http://www.telegraph.co.com/2009/01/more-than-skin-deep-televisionary-talks.com/bryan-elsley/skins-mtv_b_813422.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/features/teen-spirit-the-skins- sensation-swe eping-france-2037470.uk/news/media/teen-writers-show-their-skins-780666.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Additional Reading For the future of Skins without co-creator Jamie Brittain: http://www.co.metro.html More “Skins” Parties: http://www.html Why Bryan Elsley created Skins: http://www.co.org/shows/skins_uk/trivia http://www.uk/tv/859998-future-of-skins-in-jeopardy-after-creator-quits-show Televisionary Interview with co-creator Jamie Brittain: http://www.uk/news/uknews/1580774/Skins-party-wreaks-havoc-in-suburban- street.ht [1] The Huffington Post.co.independent.huffingtonpost. “Why I Created Skins.html “Skins” Fun-Facts and Trivia: http://sharetv.independent.” Hyperink Quicklets 31 Hyperink Quicklets .html About “Skins’” Writers: http://www.tv.

” [3] http://www.com/2011/01/skins_co-creator_bryan_elsley.com/2009/01/more-than-skin-deep-televisionary- talks.html [5] http://www.com/people/2010/7/jamie-brittain [4] http://www.com/name/nm0255669/awards [1] http://www.html [6] http://www.imdb.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels [2] The Huffington Post.televisionaryblog.vulture. “Why I Created Skins.com/television/interview-with-skins-creator-jamie-brittain Hyperink Quicklets 32 Hyperink Quicklets .afterellen.pressplus1.

Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Like then Share! Hyperink Quicklets 33 Hyperink Quicklets .

Elspeth taught English in Saga. Last year. Get in touch: Hyperink Quicklets 34 Hyperink Quicklets . a journal for English teachers in Japan. like analog photography and ranking the best sushi-speriences of her life. minus the top hat (not that she has anything against them). she frequents karaoke bars. she published an article about her teaching experiences in Eureka. You can and should follow her on Twitter @WhereEls. and writing about her misadventures has always been a passion for her. She has a lot of pretentious-sounding hobbies. but is genuine in her interests. and won a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award for a song she co-wrote. and explores the city like a flaneur. She loves to travel. a rural prefecture famous for two things—mudskippers and an International Hot-Air Balloon Fiesta. Relatively new to San Francisco. trains for races. Japan.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels About The Author Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) About The Author By Elspeth Michaels About The Author Elspeth Michaels After graduating with a degree in art history from the University of Chicago.

com with the title of this book in the subject line. especially if you've already produced content on the topic. Email us if you'd like to meet our team! Note: If you're reading this book in print or on a device that's not web-enabled. If you have interesting knowledge that people are willing to pay for. We'll send you a PDF copy. please reach out to us! There's no writing required and it's a unique opportunity to build your own brand and earn royalties. We work closely with subject matter experts to create each book. We cover topics ranging from higher education to job recruiting. high-quality book. Hyperink is based in SF and actively hiring people who want to shape publishing's future.Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels About The Author Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) About The Author By Elspeth Michaels About the Publisher Hyperink is the easiest way for anyone to publish a beautiful. so you can access all of the great content we've included as clickable links. from Android apps marketing to barefoot running. Hyperink Quicklets 35 Hyperink Quicklets . please email books@hyperinkpress.

Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) By Elspeth Michaels Other Awesome Books Quicklet on Skins: Season 1 (British) Other Awesome Books By Elspeth Michaels Other Awesome Books Hyperink Benefits Interesting Insights The Best Commentary Shocking Trivia Quicklet on Charles Darwin's The Origin of Quicklet on The Best Jay-Z Songs: Lyrics Species and Analysis Quicklet on Nickel And Dimed Quicklet on Noah Goldstein. Great Career Books Hyperink Quicklets 36 Hyperink Quicklets . Steve Martin and Robert Cialdini's Yes! Quicklet on Ernest Hemingway's The Old Quicklet on Best Nine Inch Nails Songs: Man and the Sea Lyrics and Analysis Quicklet on TED Talks: Dan Gilbert: Why Quicklet on A Raisin In The Sun Are We Happy? Quicklet on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Quicklet on Stephen Covey's Great Work.

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