Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Table of Contents
Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Table of Contents
By Linda Przygodski

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Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4
Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4
By Linda Przygodski


Quicklet on 30 Rock
Season 4

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Fey first pitched the sitcom to NBC when she was the head writer for SNL in 2002. I read that on a tea bag. detailing the exploits of the cast. Hyperink Quicklets 3 Hyperink Quicklets . and the show is shot on location in Manhattan and at a studio in Long Island City. crew and actors on the fictional program. During its run.” – Liz Lemon The fourth season of 30 Rock. The fourth season of 30 Rock debuted on Oct. 15. but she changed the focus to more familiar ground after discussions with the network. lives up to its reputation as a critical darling with a hardcore fan-base. a three-time Emmy winner for Outstanding Comedy Series. Fey. 2009. 30 Rock was nominated for 57 Emmy's and 13 Golden Globes. The original concept was in a cable-news setting. The Girlie Show with Tracy Jordan. The show mirrors Fey’s life and work on SNL. She remained as the head writer and a performer on the show until 30 Rock debuted in 2006. an alum of SNL lives in New York. returns with a 22-episode season continues to look behind the scenes of a Saturday Night Live-style comedy sketch show. the brainchild of award-winning writer and actress Tina Fey. 30 Rock.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski About 30 Rock “Sometimes the right the and the hard thing are the same thing.

After a couple of seasons producer/creator Lorne Michaels made Fey the first female head writer in the history of the show. rocketing Fey into the public spotlight. Along with being the head writer.” – Liz Lemon Tiny Fey was born in 1970 and grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs. which has become a springboard for many making the leap to Saturday Night Live in New York City. which debuted in 2006. which debuted in 1975. got another huge career boost during the 2008 presidential election for her impersonation of Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Through her relationship with Michaels and her connections with NBC. Fey was offered a job as a writer in 1995 and began a wildly successful stint on NBC’s late-night institution. eventually catching on with the famed Second City sketch comedy group. a winner of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. has won multiple awards and Fey has been honored for both acting and writing the program. Fey pitched a series to the network. TV.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski About the Creator “Don’t drag my best friend. Fey became a featured actor on SNL when she joined Jimmy Fallon behind the famed Weekend Update Anchor desk in 2000. Hyperink Quicklets 4 Hyperink Quicklets . a role she played several times on SNL guest appearances. She drew on her own experiences as SNL’s head writer and 30 Rock is loosely based on her life in television. into this. Fey. She graduated from the University of Virginia in 1992 and moved to Chicago to pursue her career as a writer and performer. Weekend Update became extraordinarily popular again. The show. She became a star on the Second City main stage.

former high school flame Nancy. Liz ventures out of her East Coast liberal cocoon in search of an actor who will satisfy Jack’s desire for a new actor. As the season opens. the more her original thought is proven correct. rather than accepting whoever comes along. or financial talk- Hyperink Quicklets 5 Hyperink Quicklets . executive Jack Donaghy is worried TGS is failing to connect with middle America. the fourth season of 30 Rock delves into the romantic relationship of main characters of Liz and her corporate Boss. While Liz doesn’t think she has any of the hang-ups Jack is worried about.” These themes are clearly indicated with 30 Rock’s early storylines in the fourth season. As usual. There’s no “real America” and no “fake America. It begins with the search and hiring of a new actor for the show. and a serious backlash about “taking back the country” was forming in much of middle America. and delves into the personal life of head writer Liz Lemon and her search for what she wants in a man. At the time of its original prime time run in NBC (2009-10).” There are just Americans. the people he calls “real Americans. It was framed by the media and the right wing as the “elite vs. The story this season focuses on Jack and Liz deciding what they want in a partner. Jack Donaghy. the country was in a period of political upheaval. Along with the day-to-day production of TGS.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Overall Summary “Welcome to Season 4. she soon discovers she does have some bias against middle America. Jack’s story is presented in a clear-cut manner when he begins dating two women. the restaurant where you can get the very best food in the rest of America. real Americans. Of course the more time she spends on the road.” – Jack Donaghy The fourth season of 30 Rock follows two main story arcs as the latest season of The Girlie Show” (TSG) with Tracy Jordan begins. 30 Rock touches on major themes percolating in American society. and they can all be great. It was a year into the presidency of Barack Obama.” Jack feels his cast and crew have lost touch with their roots and have become too elite to know what “flyover country” finds funny. and they can all be awful.

Hyperink Quicklets 6 Hyperink Quicklets . but begins to think the universe wants her to settle for him. Just when she’s about to give in and settle for Wesley. Liz’s romantic life continues to be a disaster for most of the season. Avery is younger and fits in with his no-nonsense business life in New York City. whom she hates. Jack spends most of the season trying to choose between two women he loves and what they each represent. Nancy represents his old life. She keeps running into Wesley. back in Boston before he became a corporate shark. She has an early fling with a new TGS actor. but it’s nothing more than fun.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski show host Avery. she meets a man who just might be perfect for her.

as always. The strike.” while Tracy decides to get in touch with the roots which made him a star.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski 30 Rock Season 4 Episode Guide Season 4 “We’ll trick those race car-loving wide loads into watching your lefty. Kenneth organizes a strike of the NBC pages when he sees how outrageously huge Jack’s executive bonus is. who plays a private detective hired by Jack Donaghy to figure out a way to end the strike started by Kenneth. It also features a guest role from actor Steve Buscemi. Liz and Pete decide to perform the search in secret. Rock Chips: The episode relates to the mood of the country at the time it aired. a Brooklyn native. so he orders Liz Lemon and the cast to come up with ways to be more appealing to “regular Americans” rather than the elite. over Jack’s decision to cut overtime pay for NBC pages. Jenna offers to do her part by “going country. Meanwhile. What Tracy and Jenna don’t know is that Jack also has told Liz to hire a new cast member whom middle America can connect with. The strike further illustrates the gap between corporate America and working stiffs. Kenneth. Kenneth gets a look at Jack’s corporate bonus check and becomes agitated at the disparity of wealth between “regular Americans” and those in power. is among many New York-based actors who have guest starred on 30 Rock. homoerotic propaganda hour yet!” – Jack Donaghy Jack Donaghy decides TGS with Tracy Jordan doesn’t speak to middle America. Knowing this knowledge will harm the fragile egos of Tracy and Jenna. is a simple man with simple demands. is resolved when Jack agrees to sign a paper that say he’s liar. Into the Crevasse Hyperink Quicklets 7 Hyperink Quicklets . The feeling of unrest. Buscemi. and talk of “real Americans” directly mirrors the mantra of the of the political Tea Party and its quest to take back the country from the liberal Hollywood elite.

Georgia. and demands Jack step in and decide how to resolve the conflict. Stone Mountain “I asked you to find an actor from middle America. Jack goes head-over-heals for the ventriloquist act of Rick and his dummy Pumpkin. a real person. Tracy exacts his revenge on Liz by moving in with her until the situation is fixed. When he comes up empty. She agrees to write a porno based on her life and has the crew of 30 Rock film it on her set. In the previous season. Jack has to fend off his old nemesis. Arnett is perhaps best known for his role on Arrested Development. Liz Lemon’s book also mirrors the real life of Tina Fey. Devon Banks. to throw him out of the house. he’s forced to take government bailout money. Liz finally comes up with a solution as to how Tracy can get revenge by using her life rights. “Dealbreakers” comes out and immediately causes friction with the cast and crew of TGS. When Tracy finally gets around to reading the book. which details flaws women should not overlook in men. You’re not going to find him in the People’s Gaypublic of Drugafornia. Jack brainstorms throughout the entire episode. Banks had left the company but found his way back with a government job in the wake of the financial meltdown that had enveloped the country. Jack decides that since Liz ruined Tracy’s life. who reprises his role as Devon Banks.” – Jack Donaghy Liz and Jack hit the road in search of a new cast member.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski “A book hasn’t caused me this much trouble since Where’s Waldo went to the barber pole factory. Rock Chips: The episode features the return of Will Arnett. traveling to Kenneth’s hometown of Stone Mountain. she must sign over the rights to her life story to Tracy. Angie. causes Tracy’s wife. and returns the next night to show Rick can’t handle heckling and the type of pressure that Hyperink Quicklets 8 Hyperink Quicklets .” – Tracy Jordan Liz’s new book. Meanwhile. giving Banks the upper hand in the power struggle. The Devon-Jack feud has run throughout the history of the show as the pair of high-powered executives continue their power struggle. he realizes much Liz’s material is based on his life. enlisting the TGS writer who try to come up with a hot new GE product to lift the financially strapped company. The book. who has gone to work for the United States government. who wrote the best-seller Bossypants. Liz is convinced the act is wrong for TGS.

Their ultimate goal is to have Jenna invite them to a “gay” Halloween party. putting their choice up against three others who clearly are not as talented. and hires an unknown street performer who’s dressed as a robot. too. Back at TGS. even making a call to Betty White in an attempt to to scare the veteran actress to death. but soon learns the actor faked his impressive credentials and tries to blackmail his way onto the show.” – Pete Liz and Pete think they’ve found the perfect actor to join the cast of TGS. Jack goes in a different direction anyway. and tried to warn her that he’s mentally unbalanced. everywhere can be just as mean and spiteful as those in New York and L. so long as they give her good material once the new actor arrives.A. and when Jack jumps in to defend her. a nirvana filled with hot. Rock Chips: A major New York fear at the time is highlighted in this episode when Jack Hyperink Quicklets 9 Hyperink Quicklets . Pete hatches a plan to rig the audition process. She continues to get good material when the new cast member arrives. he gets it. played by Nick Fondulis. The writers realize this and start using it to their advantage.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski comes with big-time television. everyone wants their shot. Martin Scorsese and Gilbert Godfried. but they still need to get Jack’s approval for the hire. But Jack’s destruction of Pumpkin the dummy somehow puts Tracy’s fears to rest. As soon as the cast and crew learn about the audition. Rick and Pumpkin skewer Liz. the less effective it is. Audition Day “The more people you add. Jenna has worked with the Liz’s choice. Jenna tries to get in good with the writers. so Pete’s rigged game won’t work. Jack ends up destroying the dummy and comes to the conclusion that there aren’t “real Americans” and that everyone. Instead. Tracy spends most of the episode fearing for his life after the death of two fellow celebrities. Rock Chips: The episode also features a bit of pop culture with the “Rule of Three” which is based on the idea celebrities always die three at a time. Liz forges ahead to hire him anyway. Like a neighborhood dad garage band. fools Liz with his telephone references when he gives spot-on impersonations of Christopher Walken. The actor. single women who let their guard down. Jenna figures out the scheme and agrees to invite the writers.

The same people who say my grandfather was a monkey. this is business–and Jack’s a businessman. Meanwhile. His sense of being an outcast leads him to hire the street performer and give him a chance when nobody else will. meanwhile. she is horrified to discover Frank urinating into a jar. but Jenna and Tracy tell her to field other offers. She thought all the full jars in his office were sun tea. He decides to look for a new host. a bed bug epidemic was gripping New York City. but ultimately decided against hiring Padma Lakshmi. they decide they want to work with each other on the project. driving down business at theaters and clothing stores. Though both Liz and Jack explore other options. Jack is cast out by his friends and co-workers. Rock Chips: Kenneth doesn’t know what to do when new cast member Danny doesn’t saddle him with menial tasks and treats him as an equal. After all. Danny. If that’s true. Liz is excited about the project. When this one aired. behind The Founding Fathers’ Diet. feels rejected by Danny and doesn’t know how to handle this new respect. As Liz walks by Frank’s office.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski finds out he has bed bugs. This development causes Tracy and Jenna to rethink the way they treat people. the former robot street performer. He’s a polite Canadian who treats Kenneth as an equal. a cookbook author. Sun Tea “Global warming? Sorry . that’s just scientist talk. reports for his first day of work as a TGS cast member. The Problem Solvers “My book is number 15 on the non-fiction bestsellers list. But Kenneth finally discovers his purpose when he helps the Canadian actor pronounce the word “about” correctly. and Jack puts Kenneth in charge of reducing the carbon footprint at TGS. “Dealbreakers” into a TV show with the Liz as the host. and Jack feels betrayed.” – Liz Lemon Jack wants to turn Liz’s hit book. Kenneth. leading to his decision to let everyone audition as the new cast member. Jack meets with. not asking the page to perform menial tasks. which becomes an all-out war against one another. but it turns out some of Hyperink Quicklets 10 Hyperink Quicklets . actress and television host. and they team up to help solve problems on the show. Liz hires an agent. sir. The robot performer treats Jack with compassion when no one else does. why was he killed by a monkey?” – Kenneth Parcell It’s Green Week again for NBC.

everyone associated with TGS goes to Dr. Leo Spacemen. But Liz quickly falls victim to the insecurities of acting and suffers through a freakout as the show is ready to get going. that he’s responsible enough to become a father for the third time. Spaceman in each season of 30 Rock. Angie. Liz can’t even get past filming the opening credits and promos and locks herself in her dressing room. But driving the tenant out is tougher than she bargained for.” But Frank turns out to be the most green member of the TGS staff because of his recycling program and use of the jar content as fertilizer. Grammy. This is particularly stressful for Jack. and some of them were “sun tea.” – Jack Donaghy to Liz Lemon before the launch of her talk show It’s time for Liz to start production on her new talk show. Tracy gets this idea when. The neighbor’s apartment has fireplace and alternately smells like Burger King and Cinnabon. Jack and Tracy contemplate getting vasectomies. he buys Hyperink Quicklets 11 Hyperink Quicklets . Banks could take over because Jack accepted government bailout money with NBC was in financial distress during the economic downturn. Her final winning solution is taken directly from Frank and his “sun tea” jars. Rock Chips: Liz wants to drive out her upstairs neighbor. When it comes to medical matters. instead of Christmas shopping for his family.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski them are sun tea. Tracy decides he wants to have a baby girl and sets out to convince his wife. but even her most outlandish behavior can’t make him budge. but both decide at the last minute they don’t want to go through with the procedure. As all this is happening. big-hipped Kelly Ripa. If “Dealbreakers” isn’t a success. Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001 “You’re like a swarthy. who must make this show a success to hold off the government committee led by his familiar foe Devon Banks. Parnell has played Dr. two aromas Liz is unable to resist. Liz also has her hands full because her apartment is going co-op. played by Nate Corddry. so she can buy his apartment. and she decides to use some of her “Dealbreakers” money to buy the apartment above hers and expand. Oscar and Tony awards. and she’s fired up to be a star and move out from the shadows of writing and producing. While all this is going on. Liz decides she’s not cut out out to be a star. The recurring character is played by Saturday Night Live veteran Chris Parnell. a trick often used by Jenna. He decides the best way to do this is to win Emmy.

played by Julianne Moore. Liz calls in a bomb threat to Penn Station to keep her in New York.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski himself a diamond-encrusted necklace that reads “EGOT. and her over-the-top Boston accent. Jack regrets letting Nancy go home without a kiss. Meanwhile. Angie is touched by his commitment and decides to grant his wish to have another child. But Danny. Jack’s gift to Liz is arranging for Liz to meeting childhood crush.” Though he discovers he can’t instantly win all the awards. Like going to the gym drunk.” Jack Donaghy Jack connects with an old flame from his high school days. and Moore would star as Palin in the 2012 movie Game Change. Jack and Liz have decided to exchange Christmas presents that cost no money to prove who knows the other better. signs off-key on purpose to save Jenna’s ego. Klaus and Greta Hyperink Quicklets 12 Hyperink Quicklets . Pete takes the spotlight away from Jenna and makes her sing a duet with Danny on the show. Nancy. Jack contemplates rekindling a romance with Nancy when he discovers her marriage is falling apart. but Frank. still living in Massachusetts. Toofer and Lutz make up a religion allegedly claim them from giving gifts during the holidays. Rock Chips: Though Liz always has to baby her temperamental actors. Though not known at the time of filming. Secret Santa “It’s weird in a good way. who is married with kids. Tracy Jordan’s wife is played by Sherri Shepherd. she gets a first- hand look at their troubles when she is thrust into the spotlight as the star of her own talk show. Her lack of self confidence begins when Jack makes a comment about her hair. Kenneth tries to get the writers involved in their Christmas gift swap. Pete tries to get revenge on Jenna. Fey’s popularity skyrocketed with her impersonation of Sarah Palin. She considers herself to be grounded. so as her gift. Rock Chips: The episode features the first appearance of Nancy. Meanwhile. who never contributes to the holiday gift fund for the cleaning ladies. Moore and Tina Fey will forever be linked in political culture. a co-host on the ABC daytime talk show The View. Larry Wilcox makes a guest- appearance on the show. but finds out otherwise when the spotlight is turned on her. actor Larry Wilcox from CHIPS. not wanting to upset Jenna.

Jenna has a meltdown when she discovers an audition is for the role of a mother. She tries to break it off. I’ve had to make do with what passes for men around here. Jack tells Liz she can’t date one of her employees. who’s fighting gossip rumors that he’s in love with a Japanese body pillow. Kenneth realizes Nancy’s answering-machine code stands for “Klaus. He tells Kenneth of their high school romance. expressing fond memories of their German class together. Jenna begins to actually fall for James and has to break off the fake relationship. Liz Lemon. boneless faces and their Stars.” and that Nancy still has feelings for Jack. sending her ego into a tailspin. Though the storyline focuses on his fake relationship with Jenna. Jack discovers he’s dating Liz. Back in New York. When Jack discovers Nancy and her family are on vacation. Black Light Attack! “For four years. he recruits Kenneth to come with him to Massachusetts and erase the message. Jack befriends new TGS actor Danny because he’s the only “real man” on the show. Rock Chips: James Franco gives an excellent performance as himself. along with his favorite Japanese body pillow. Jenna is hired to be in a fake relationship with actor James Franco. where they went by the names Klaus and Greta. Jack “confesses” to Danny that’s he’s secretly in love with Liz. As Danny reveals details of the relationship. even while Liz tells her to embrace her age gracefully. To end it. and weren’t home to hear the message. so they erase the message and leave.” – Tracy Jordan Jack is horrified to discover that he left a drunken message on Nancy’s answering machine on New Year’s Eve. Tracy begins to treat women with more respect because he still wants to have a baby girl with his wife. When they arrive at Nancy’s home and break in. She begins to try to act more youthful. Because I yelled out ‘Susan B. expressing his true feelings for her. but doesn’t because she’s having too much fun with the illicit relationship. During this time. During their trips to ballgames. Jack is sure that all signs point to Nancy’s marriage being over. Liz Lemon gets the guy in the end when they hook up. with their untucked shirts. Danny tells Jack he’s secretly dating a member of the TGS staff. Kenneth convinces Jack that he shouldn’t interfere in their marriage. but won’t say who.” – Jack Donaghy. Hyperink Quicklets 13 Hyperink Quicklets .Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski “I know it’s a girl. Anthony’ at the moment of conception. both Wars and Trek.

Verna “I’m sure she’s out there. Instead. but they refuse to get a divorce until they can sell their home.” – Liz Lemon Liz and Pete decide the to take TGS on the road to Miami to lift spirits and get away from the winter doldrums in New York City. a hockey publication that covers Boston’s famous NHL team. Verna. The romance between Danny and Liz is revealed because of his former job as a street performer. Jenna is convinced her deadbeat mother is only there to once again ask for money. Though Liz thinks she makes up the name of Dale Snitterman. Just like the day I was born. it’s actually the nameplate on the office across the hall. Even when washed off. his robot pain shows up under a blacklight. Jack gives her a strategy on how to handle Verna. waiting for me to come out. visits. The TGS staff turns on Liz and begins blaming her for all their problems. Jack turns a black light on Liz to reveal silver robot paint on sensitive body areas. for help in dealing with Verna. the person she pins all the problems on. Jack enlists Kenneth and Cerie to act as fake home buyers so he can buy Nancy’s house. Liz deflects their scorn onto an executive who actually has nothing to do with their problems. Jack finds Nancy just isn’t ready to get a divorce. sitting on the curb. Rock Chips: When in Boston. Tracy decides it’s time to bring a woman into his entourage.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Rock Chips: With his new-found respect for women. the cast works out the office of Bruins Beat. but Jenna has a change of heart and decides Verna has changed and wants to make up for lost time.” – Jenna. He includes TGS writer Sue. chain-smoking. Hyperink Quicklets 14 Hyperink Quicklets . freeing her up to divorce and pursue their relationship. She asks Jack. Jack discovers Nancy’s marriage is really over. Winter Madness “You can do some serious subway flirting before you realize the guy is homeless. especially the trip to Boston. who eventually rebels against him as he tries to act as her father figure and mentor. on her mother visiting Jenna’s mother. who has his own issues with his mother. Jack hijacks their plan into a scheme to see Nancy in Massachusetts and instead decides the show will go on the road to even colder Boston.

Rock Chips: Tina Fey digs into her Saturday Night Live roots when she hires Jan Hooks. Frank is forced to move in with Liz. Meanwhile. Liz runs into trouble when no one is available to drive her home from the procedure. and soon discovers Verna does have an ulterior motive and is angling to star in a reality show with Jenna. Neither are successful in their attempts to free themselves of their stress relievers. She seeks him out to find out why he’s lost interest. But. She turned to friend Alec Baldwin to fill the role. a former boyfriend of Liz Lemon. and the two make a deal to kick their bad habits: Frank’s smoking and Liz’s obsession with junk food. he had secured the lead role of Don Draper on the wildly popular series Mad Men. Rock Chips: Jon Hamm reprises his role as Drew. Undeterred. The two begin dating. he offers to pay Verna to at least pretend to be a good mother and visit Jenna on a regular basis. Jack. becomes infatuated with Avery Jessup. who was featured on SNL from 1986-91. Jack comes in to save the day. who plays Avery. Just to make sure she doesn’t get roped into any Valentine’s Day nonsense. no one!” – Liz Lemon Liz refuses to celebrate Valentine’s Day because it always has been a misery for her. Wesely is played by actor Michael Sheen. Hooks makes another appearance as Jenna’s mother later in the fourth season. she chooses to commemorate the life of women’s suffragist Anna Howard Shaw. Liz schedules a root canal so she can avoid her least-favorite holiday. When no one comes to pick up a drugged-out Liz at the dentist. To save Jenna’s feelings. she had written a role of Jack Donghy for Hamm. though Jack’s usual techniques aren’t as successful on the razor-sharp Avery. she goes ahead anyway. insisting she doesn’t need any help. Anna Howard Shaw Day “Happy Valentine’s Day. Future Husband Hyperink Quicklets 15 Hyperink Quicklets . But by the time 30 Rock was ready to cast. This episode also marks the first of several appearances by actress Elizabeth Banks. When Tina Fey was writing 30 Rock.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Jack doesn’t believe this is the case. Jenna also is going through major issues when she discovers her long-time stalker is no longer infatuated with her. realizing Nancy isn’t going to get divorced. Instead. the gorgeous host of a financial program on CNBC.

a former CEO of General Electric. Jack decides to soldier on and do everything he can to contribute to his new company owner. Don Geiss. Kabletown. She decides to track him down and figure out what’s going on. Kabletown.” Jack Donaghy Liz’s memory of her time in the dentist’s recovery room is foggy.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski “How can a company from Philly buy a company from New York? That would like Vietnam beating the United States in a ground war. Jack’s lifelong dream of becoming the CEO of General Electric. He has Liz listed in his phone under Future Wife. GE CEO Don Geiss. It is revealed in the episode that Wesley’s last name is Snipes. Welch calls Donaghy by his given name. A cable company. but the next day she discovered a new number programed into her phone under the listing Future Husband. Tracy decides it’s time to win a Tony Award. GE is keeping the death of Geiss a secret until the deal with Kabletown is complete. takes a major hit when rumors surface. He tries to get to the bottom of the rumors and discovers his mentor. NBC’s parent company. Rock Chips: Though he doesn’t appear during season four of 30 Rock. The two decided to try dating. just meant to hate each other. A series of terrible dates convinces Liz and Wesley that they are not meant to be. Jack Welch. has died. John.” – Jenna After the stunning death of Don Geiss. America and Hope “I had this thing where I kept running into Michael Douglas. but he’s quite different from long-time the Hollywood action hero of the same name. This is a callback to an earlier episode who renames the new TGS actor “Danny” even though his actual name is Jack. because there can only be one Jack. and finds he’s an Englishman named Wesley. While all this is going on. the role of Don Geiss was played by veteran actor Rip Torn. but find they are not a good match. is allegedly trying to buy GE. Then I realized it was just some old woman who lives in my building. makes a guest appearance in this episode when he tells Jack Donaghy that Geiss has died and NBC is being sold to Kabletown. Torn is probably best known for his wildly successful stint on HBO’s The Larry Sanders Show. But he quickly discovers that Hyperink Quicklets 16 Hyperink Quicklets . so he puts together a one-man show on Broadway.

His nanny writes a tell-all book which asserts he’s actually a normal guy who has never cheated on his wife. there have been numerous references to the original Star Wars trilogy. Liz and Wesley keep running into each other. And Jenna and Tracy. reprises his role as Floyd. Liz and Floyd dated during the first season. but Floyd is there to tell her that he’s getting married and participating in a contest with his fiancee on NBC’s Today Show. ala Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back. Floyd “How are you single. Lee Marvin vs. but has a revelation while giving the eulogy at the Geiss funeral. Jack comes up with an innovation no one at Kabletown has thought of: pay-per-view “porn for women. And while they openly despise the other. get drunk during their dinner. Rock Chips: Another Saturday Night Live veteran. Liz takes Floyd out to dinner persuade him not get married at her work.” during which handsome gentlemen quietly listen to women talk about their problems. convinced Kenneth is haunting their dreams. Meanwhile. It’s merely a cable provider that makes the bulk of its money on distributing porn into America’s living rooms. Jason Sudeikis.” – Floyd Liz gets a call from her one true-love. but to make amends. Frank. He feels finishes with Kabletown. try to pull A Nightmare on Elm Street and kill the page while while they dream. Liz hopes they’ll get back together.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Kabletown really doesn’t “do” anything. a recovering alcoholic. Derek Jeter Hyperink Quicklets 17 Hyperink Quicklets . who’s coming to New York and wants to talk to her. despite his wild public persona. One of the best is a sight gag in this episode. Liz? There are so many guys out there who want to be poisoned and yell at. Liz briefly contemplated leaving New York City and going with him. Liz agrees to be in his wedding. Toofer and Lutz get into a prank war with Jack that spins wildly out of control. when Don Geiss is seen frozen in carbonite. Tracy sets out to win back his filthy reputation. Jack becomes an instant star within the executive ranks at Kabletown. It would be too hard on her. Rock Chips: Throughout the run of 30 Rock. Floyd. Wesley thinks it’s the universe telling them it’s time to settle. And there’s a stunning development with Tracy. She unwittingly lets Floyd. Floyd doesn’t win the Today Show contest. before he decided to move to Cleveland. the man who might have been Liz Lemon’s one true love. Meanwhile.

some sources say her full name is Cerie Xerox.” — Liz to Jack on dating two women at the same time Jack’s relationship with Avery is going great. He distracts himself with the struggle of two janitors who were promised the prestigious 11:30 janitorial shift in a plotline that directly draws from NBC’s late-night struggles with talk-show hosts Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien. Leno has never appeared on 30 Rock. Khonani “Every April 22nd I honor Richard Nixon’s death by getting drunk and making some unpopular decisions. Doubtfire himself could not do this. Cerie is played by Kristina Hyperink Quicklets 18 Hyperink Quicklets . It’s a short appearance.” – Jack Donaghy Jack is struggling to decide who he wants to be with: Avery or Nancy. until he learns old flame Nancy is finally getting a divorce. Toofer discovers he might have been an affirmative-action hire and quits the show. Rock Chips: 30 Rock has never been afraid to make fun of NBC. she decides she’ll host Cerie’s bachelorette party. former SNL cast member Will Ferrell makes a cameo. has to play the mother and fend off the dog while her staff escapes to safety. He eventually decides to attend. but O’Brien. Liz. and this one hits close to home. At the party. but his dog follows and attacks the party guest. At the time this episode was originally broadcast. one again. previously played himself on the show. Liz becomes upset when she learns her entire staff is hanging out together. Tracy is torn between his commitment to his pregnant wife and attending Liz’s party. To prove she’s fun. Liz takes Nancy’s advice and tries to focus on what she actually wants from a man. Liz is upset until Pete tells her she was hired to create TGS only because she’s a woman. but not inviting her. Liz decides she needs to get back into the dating game and forces herself to start attending singles events. once a writer for Saturday Night Live. but can’t make a choice between his two loves. a pun on her job as personal assistant. Rock Chips: Drawing from the Saturday Night Live well again. she confronts the staff.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski “Mrs. and takes Nancy along to help. He goes on dates with both Avery and Nancy. the feud over The Tonight Show between hosts Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien was going strong. Though Cerie’s last name has never been revealed on 30 Rock. but critical to the back story as to why Liz Lemon was hired by NBC.

mom. and decide to check him out. Elaine Stritch reprises her role as Jack’s mother. Arugs. The only problem is Tracy doesn’t know where is mother is. This gives Jack a chance to say his final goodbye to Geiss. Grizz decides Liz will become his person of honor to avoid the conflict. is the actor has previously played Liz Lemon’s father. by Saturday Night Live alum Will Forte. and demands that he choose one over the other. Colleen. who drops in from Florida for a visit. Buck Henry. Rock Chips: This is the first episode of the recurring role of Jenna’s boyfriend. Jack is able to gain closure on Geiss’ death. Jack has to deal with his visiting mother. Grizz can’t decide who will be the best man at his upcoming wedding. Argus “We’d sit on his veranda talking about politics. and actually settled on marrying her father. is inhabiting the bird. Laura Linney could have played you in the HBO original movie Moon Wives!” Liz Lemon to her mother. The Moms “You could have married him. so he can’t be the best man. They discover is job is to impersonate Jenna at various nightclubs. Tracy or Dot Com. how not to get paper cuts while making love on a pile of money. and the cast and crew decide to bring in their moms for the show. Veteran Broadway actress Patti Lupone also returns as Hyperink Quicklets 19 Hyperink Quicklets . Paul. a mainstay on the original run of SNL. It turns out Jenna and Paul are perfect for eachother. Don Geiss Don Geiss left Jack his beloved pet peacock. Liz and Pete become suspicious of Jenna’s new boyfriend. Liz seeks out Aldrin to find out what happened. Avery and Nancy. Paul.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Kristina Bowden. his mentor. With Kenneth’s help. Colleen is horrified to discover Jack is still dating two women. Liz discovers Dot Com is in love with Grizz’s future wife. and discovers why the relationship wouldn’t have worked. who once dated astronaut Buzz Aldrin It’s the Mother’s Day special at TGS. in his will. Rock Chips: Though he doesn’t appear in this episode. Jack soon becomes convinced the soul of Geiss. so Pete decides to cast an actress to play his mother so he doesn’t feel left out.” — Jack on his mentor. Liz learned her mother could have married famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin. business.

and once again runs into Wesley. where she makes a speech about her love for Carroll. Jack’s love trial with Avery and Nancy deepens when Avery discovers the other woman. She asks him to go to Cerie’s wedding. It turns out the Damon was a fan of the show. I do “I hate people. not knowing that he’s listening. I do.” – Liz Lemon Jack decides he wants to be with Nancy and takes her to Cerie’s wedding. and Liz goes to Grizz’s wedding alone and dejected. But. But she refuses to go to Floyd’s wedding alone. Carroll shows up and decides to give a relationship with Liz a chance. She goes to his apartment to ask him to Floyd’s wedding only to discover he’s lost both of his hands in separate accidents. she meets an airline pilot named Carroll. who was fired as an NBC page.” Rock Chips: Jon Hamm is back as Liz’s handsome. on the way to Cerie’s wedding.” – Liz Lemon Liz grows desperate when she can’t find a date for Floyd’s wedding. but dimwitted. Liz finally accepts the fact the universe wants her to settle for Wesley and asks him to come with her to the wedding and agrees to marry him. too. gets drunk at Grizz’s wedding and vents his true feelings. But. Grizz and Dot Com convince Tracy he can win an Oscar if he takes a role in the drama. Rock Chips: Tina Fey said Matt Damon was at the top of her wish list of guest stars. Jack vows not to sleep with Nancy. Carrol leaves. Liz is resigned to the fact she is going to marry Wesley. former boyfriend. Kenneth. “Hard to Watch. Dean Winters also reprises his role as long-time Liz Lemon boyfriend Dennis Duffy. only to have Avery show up as well. but it happens anyway. Nancy finds out Avery is pregnant with Jack’s child and decides to bow out of the love triangle. She decides to give Jack some time to think about what he really wants. who she despises. I’ll go to Floyd’s wedding along. Maybe I’ll just lean into it and bring a cat in a baby stroller. but quickly rememberes why she can’t stand to be around him.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Frank’s mom. She even visits old boyfriend Dennis. who loves TGS and sweeps Liz off her feet. Kenneth. and said he’d do the show in a heartbeat if Hyperink Quicklets 20 Hyperink Quicklets . Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land (Part 1) “So. making the problem worse.

Hyperink Quicklets 21 Hyperink Quicklets .Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski he was asked.

off-again boyfriend Floyd (Jason Sudeikis): Liz Lemon’s old boyfriend Paul (Will Forte): Jenna Maroney’s boyfriend.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Character list for season 4 of 30 Rock Main Characters Liz Lemon (Tina Fey): The head writer of NBC’s TGS with Tracy Jordan Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin): Liz Lemon’s corporate boss Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan): The star actor on TGS Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski): The female lead on TGS Danny Baker (Cheyenne Jackson): Newest actor on TGS Kenneth Parcell (Jack McBrayer): NBC page Pete Hornberger (Scott Adsit): Producer of TGS Frank Rossitano (Judah Friendlander): Writer on TGS James “Toofer” Spurlock (Keith Powell): Writer on TGS Lutz (John Lutz): Writer on TGS Dot Com (Kevin Brown): Member of Tracy Jordan’s entourage Grizz (Grizz Chapman): Member of Tracy Jordan’s entourage Cerie (Katrina Bowden): Liz Lemon’s personal assistant Johathan (Maulik Pancholy): Jack Donaghy’s personal assistant Recurring characters/guest stars during season four Devon Banks (Will Arnett): Jack Donaghy’s nemisis. who now works for the government Nancy (Julianne Moore): Jack Donaghy’s high school sweetheart Avery (Elizabeth Banks): Jack Donaghy’s love interest and CNBC financial talk show host Verna (Jan Hooks): Jenna Maroney’s mother Colleen (Elaine Stritch): Jack Donaghy’s mother Wesley (Michael Sheen): Liz Lemon love interest Dennis (Dean Winters): Liz Lemon’s on-again. a cross-dressing Jenna Maroney Hyperink Quicklets 22 Hyperink Quicklets .

Liz Lemon love interest Hyperink Quicklets 23 Hyperink Quicklets .Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski impersonator Carrol (Matt Damon): Airline pilot.

Ohio Toofer: Nickname for James Spurlock.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Key Terms & Definitions Tina Fey and the writers of 30 Rock have developed their own vocabulary for the show. many terms that have crossed over into pop culture. who is African American and went to Harvard What the what: An expression of amazement Hyperink Quicklets 24 Hyperink Quicklets . or Tracy Jordan’s rear end Fungdark: An insult to men equivalent to the worst name a woman can be called Ham napkin: What Liz calls her wedding dress Human Macarena: What Liz calls a promiscuous woman. Grammy. as in “something everyone did in the 90s” I want to go to there: Something that’s strongly desired Jack: So happy you vomit Lizzing: A combination of laughing and whizzing Lemoned: Falling in love with Liz Lemon Mind grapes: Tracy Jordan’s brain Nerts: See entry for Blerg Sandwich Day: The one day a year the teamsters bring in sandwiches from a secret location in Brooklyn The Black Crusaders: A secret organization of powerful African Americans led by Bill Cosby and Oprah Winfrey Thought-sickles: See entry for Mind Grapes The Cleve: Cleveland. Here are a few of the more memorable words and terms that have become part of the lexicon thanks to 30 Rock: Adorkable: Delightfully dorky Jewish Doughnut: A bagel Blerg: A term Liz uses when she’s upset EGOT: The acronym for winning an Emmy. Oscar and Tony Fun cooker: A pocket microwave oven.

is like shooting fish in a barrel. going after the left and right of the political spectrum. pulling no punches and exposing both sides when each displays rampant hypocrisy. Her boss. Liz Lemon is feminist and fancies herself as a symbol of everything that’s good on the left side of the political spectrum. but pitted against each other on most issues. but the subtle and not-so- subtle political digs make it stand out as one of the smartest programs in the genre. 30 Rock succeeds in this arena because it’s an equal opportunity offender. The setup of the show. This conflict creates the drama. and its roots going back to the longstanding political humor of Saturday Night Live. is perfect to achieve this goal. Which. is a hard-left liberal in his personal life. for example. Alec Baldwin. Everything from when he had to wear an alcohol-monitoring anklet to his daring stand-up act has shown up in various episodes of 30 Rock. the compelling humor of 30 Rock. there’s an added in-joke for viewers who follow the personal lives of the 30 Rock actors. Jack Donaghy. The show also isn’t afraid the tackle the personal issues of the actors. is an alpha male. and more important. Yet on the show. Hyperink Quicklets 25 Hyperink Quicklets . whereas other programs in the genre tend to stay away from any of the hot-button issues of the day. 30 Rock has its share of broad comedy. 30 Rock is unique because its not afraid to dive into political humor. Going along with the behind-the-scenes theme. Liz and Jack are friends. Of course. corporate executive shark who is a staunch republican who considers himself everything that’s good about capitalism.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Major Themes and Symbols In world of sitcoms. Knowing this adds to the texture of the show. Tracy Jordan is an exaggerated version of actor Tracy Morgan and many of his off-screen issues find there way into 30 Rock scripts. he’s a hard-line republican. in politics.

When it debuted in 2006. and was an easy choice to join the cast after Jon Hamm landed the lead role on Mad Men. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip also debut that year. 30 Rock was not the only show on NBC focusing behind the scenes of a Saturday Night Live-type of show. Soccer. Damon worked with Tracy Morgan in the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Fey has won five Emmy's. Delete. I’m Cool. It was piloted by Aaron Sorkin. Sort of Loaded. He was also the musical director on Saturday Night Live. played by Judah Freidlander wears slogans on his trucker hat. a Golden Globe and a SAG Award for her work on 30 Rock. Karate Hockey. Long Pips. The character Kenneth Parcell come from Stone Mountain. Jeff Richmond. PG-25. Lead 30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin has hosted Saturday Night Live a record 15 times. Tina Fey’s husband. is the musical director and producer on 30 Rock. Pound for Pound. NBC insisted she was the star of the show. the same hometown of one-time 30 Rock writer Donald Glover. Tina Fey did not intend to star on 30 Rock. 30 Rock set a record with 22 primetime Emmy nominations. to much more acclaim. who guest stars in the final two episodes of season four. Tina Fey was a Second City cast member. Frank Rossitano. Pocket Dialer and Single. worked with co- star Alec Baldwin in two movies. It’s the headquarters of NBC. Because. The Departed and The Good Shephard. Shark Cop. Characters Liz Lemon and Jenna Maroney met in Chicago. Wet to Activate.. Scanner. I Tried. Teenage Grandpa. but because of her popularity on Saturday Night Live. Among the slogans he wears in season 4 are: Disco Fries. Wide and Tight. Hyperink Quicklets 26 Hyperink Quicklets . First Class.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Interesting Related Facts Matt Damon. In 2009. 30 Rockefeller plaza. Sorkin later made a guest appearance on 30 Rock. but the hour-long drama only lasted one season. Ga. Spaceship Owner. Mind the Gap. The title 30 Rock comes from the nickname of the building in New York City where it’s set. In Training. where they were performers in the famed Second City sketch-comedy group.

30 Rock leads comedy award nominations Yahoo!. 30 Rock. 30 Rock rolls into fourth season Los Angeles Times. Season 4 New York Times. 30 Rock Q&A with Tina Fey Hyperink Quicklets 27 Hyperink Quicklets .com. Tina Fey and the Cult of Liz Lemon EW.com. Alec Baldwin to return to 30 Rock Rolling Stone. 30 Rock.com.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Sources and Additional Reading New York Times. Jack meets his mother-in-law The Associated Press. The Sitcom Digresses New York Times. Tina Fey channels SNL on 30 Rock Zap2it. 30 Rock seeks to close controversial chapter with comedy Entertainment Weekly. 30 Rock Lives and Tina Fey laughs Deadline.

Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Like then Share! Hyperink Quicklets 28 Hyperink Quicklets .

fun content.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski About The Author Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 About The Author By Linda Przygodski About The Author Linda Przygodski Linda is a professional journalist with over 20 years of experience and a member of the Hyperink Team. Happy reading! Get in touch: Hyperink Quicklets 29 Hyperink Quicklets . which works hard to bring you high- quality. engaging.

please reach out to us! There's no writing required and it's a unique opportunity to build your own brand and earn royalties. We'll send you a PDF copy.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski About The Author Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 About The Author By Linda Przygodski About the Publisher Hyperink is the easiest way for anyone to publish a beautiful. so you can access all of the great content we've included as clickable links. Hyperink Quicklets 30 Hyperink Quicklets . high-quality book. Hyperink is based in SF and actively hiring people who want to shape publishing's future. please email books@hyperinkpress. We work closely with subject matter experts to create each book. Email us if you'd like to meet our team! Note: If you're reading this book in print or on a device that's not web-enabled. If you have interesting knowledge that people are willing to pay for. especially if you've already produced content on the topic.com with the title of this book in the subject line. We cover topics ranging from higher education to job recruiting. from Android apps marketing to barefoot running.

Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Other Awesome Books Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Other Awesome Books By Linda Przygodski Other Awesome Books Hyperink Benefits Interesting Insights The Best Commentary Shocking Trivia Quicklet on 60 Minutes: The Incredible Quicklet on Ender's Game Albert Pujols Quicklet on Ernest Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls Quicklet on The Hunger Games Quicklet on Grey's Anatomy Season 1 Quicklet on The Help Quicklet on The Charlie Rose Show: James Franco Quicklet on Tracy Kidder's Mountains Quicklet on The Travels of Marco Polo Beyond Mountains Quicklet on Tucker Max's Hilarity Ensues Books Hyperink Quicklets 31 Hyperink Quicklets .

including information storage and retrieval systems. You're welcome to borrow (reasonable) pieces of it as needed. We work hard to provide the highest quality content possible .and we share a lot of it for free on our sites . Good luck! Hyperink Quicklets 32 Hyperink Quicklets . Thanks! The Hyperink Team Disclaimer This ebook provides information that you read and use at your own risk. and Hyperink are not affiliated with or sponsored by the original work or its author or publisher(s). as long as you give us credit. from reading and applying the information contained and/or referenced in this ebook.Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 By Linda Przygodski Other Awesome Books Quicklet on 30 Rock Season 4 Other Awesome Books By Linda Przygodski Copyright © 2012-Present. This Quicklet. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means.. The standard legal stuff: All rights reserved. Best Book. Thanks for understanding. Our note: Please don't make copies of this book. except for brief excerpts in reviews or analysis. This Quicklet and Best Book are intended to provide educational commentary and analysis about the original work. but this Quicklet and Best Book are not endorsed by the author or publisher(s) of the original work. We do not take responsibility for any misfortune that may happen. either directly or indirectly. Hyperink Inc.but these books are how we support our authors and the whole enterprise. without permission in writing from Hyperink Inc.

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