Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Table of Contents
Emily Giffin: A Biography Table of Contents
By Anita Felicelli

Table of Contents

I. Emily Giffin: A Biography

Who is Emily Giffin?

The 5 Novels That Made Emily Giffin Famous

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Giffin’s novels are marketed as “chick- lit”. But not for Emily Giffin. Hyperink 3 Hyperink . smart. they think of a light and fluffy beach read. her incredible prose style. but critics have been lukewarm even about her most beloved novels. even close to perfect. They think of Candace Bushnell’s Sex and the City and the HBO series that it birthed. she wasn’t writing to the masses of her time. or Jennifer Weiner’s Good in Bed? Maybe. Chick lit fans love her books intensely. following their dreams would have been too risky. Plum Sykes’ Bergdorf Blondes. blue-eyed.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Introduction Dubbed a modern-day Jane Austen. but on the surface at least. Would Jane Austen’s novels be considered chick-lit if she were published in today’s publishing climate? Will Giffin’s novels stand the test of time the way Austen has? Because Austen has such widespread popularity now. For many lawyers that do take a risk. but not because her novels are similar to those of Jane Austen. Giffin’s own life seems charmed. leaving the stressful world of high-stakes litigation to try writing novels full-time. interesting characters. After years of making the smart. and beautiful. Giffin took a major leap of faith in herself. a term that is often employed to denigrate a novel by and about women and their concerns. Giffin’s novels plumb the depths of human relationships. especially friendships and marriage. it’s easy to forget that unlike Giffin and other chick-lit authors. the leap would have been a mere break that led to returning to legal practice. Emily Giffin’s five novels have sold millions of copies and scored spots on the New York Times bestseller list. When most people think of chick-lit. whose risk paid off with enormous measurable success and the adoration of her fans. Austen is known in academia for her wit. and complex. Like Jane Austen. risk-averse decisions that often mark overachievers. Do Giffin’s novels merit any more attention from critics and the literati than the other titles that are typically marketed in this genre—Sophie Kinsella’s Confessions of a Shopaholic. Unlike Austen’s novels. For many lawyers. Blonde. Giffin writes about heroines with deep flaws that drive the story.

rather than criticize or satirize. ‘No. it’s romance. Giffin herself seems ambivalent about her novels being described as “chick lit”. and taste”— meaning chick lit does not have these qualities. many female authors today publicly resent the term.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Since the release of Bridget Jones’ Diary in 1996 and the contemporaneous rise of Austen-mania. Like Jane Austen’s Emma Woodhouse or Elizabeth Bennett.’ And guess what—I really hate chick lit! I can’t stand it.” Jennifer Weiner. superficial. toxic friendships. it’s literature with a capital L. she comments that the term doesn’t bother her unless it is used “disparagingly. it’s something unworthy of a serious critic’s attention. just because you’re a woman writer. in favor of exploring the real problems that occur after her heroine is married. Plum Sykes. Juliette Wells who penned the single essay in the collection that considers studying chick lit a waste of time used as her standard “wit. In 2010. “To be honest. an Oxford graduate. all female authors have this problem of being categorized as ‘chick lit’. I’m writing a social comedy. Instead. told New York Magazine in 2011. Frequently. and readers have been debating the merits (or lack thereof) of chick-lit. by definition. Giffin’s heroines struggle with issues like true love. beach-read fluff because I believe that this is akin to saying that all women Hyperink 4 Hyperink . a Princeton graduate and former journalist. both English professors. but when a woman considers the same topics. genius. critics. Giffin has avoided the so-called marriage plot made so popular by Austen. Unlike Giffin. her heroines and their stories are compelling because Giffin allows them to make mistakes and exist in morally-grey areas and writes about them in a way that convinces us to sympathize. professors.“ ” Giffin’s novels come closest to Weiner’s. and social class. Her books are entertaining. In the Frequently Asked Questions page for her website. to imply that all chick lit is. “I think that it’s a very old and deep-seated double standard that holds when a man writes about family and feelings. or a beach book—in short. Suzanne Ferriss and Mallory Young. has criticized the book review industry as biased toward males. but don’t rely on the formula of a ditzy heroine or constant mention of the fashion and makeup trends of New York City. In 2005. All but one of the essays support the academic study of chick lit because of its tendency to follow the work of classic literary novelists like Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte. she expressed irritation with the critical attention that Jonathan Franzen’s book Freedom received in contrast to the attention received by chick lit to The Huffington Post. compiled 15 essays by academics in Chick Lit: The New Women’s Fiction. Weiner said. And I always was like.

but were not as intensely interested. Hyperink 5 Hyperink . she’s due to make a comeback. In her career. By all accounts. The widely-anticipated movie based on Giffin’s most beloved book Something Borrowed was panned by critics. But many of their readers’ reviews suggest that they were hooked by her first two novels and enjoyed. in her subsequent novels.” She commented in one interview that she benefits from the label. If Giffin’s life- story is any clue. Giffin is incredibly generous with her loyal fans. however. Giffin has stopped taking the risks she took with her first two books. And I take issue with that.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli are devoid of substance and the issues that concern us are fundamentally trivial ones.

Illinois. Giffin experienced her first kiss with a chubby French foreign exchange student named Sebastien. Because Sears transferred him every few years. even though the main characters’ childhoods were spent in a fictitious Naperville. Hyperink 6 Hyperink . was a librarian who encouraged Giffin to develop a love for reading and writing books. In fourth grade. The first thing they did when arriving in any new town was to go get their library cards. Giffin’s father was an executive for Sears. The Fourteen Bears in Summer and Winter. Naperville is a suburb 28 miles outside Chicago that has been ranked one of the best communities in the United States to raise childhood. She wrote. In 1986. 1972 in Baltimore. the family moved around quite a bit. Giffin wrote her first book The Funny Pandas and the Messy Room. played the electronic memory game Simon. References to Giffin’s teenage years in Naperville. She also played soccer and violin. she published her first poem “Ladybugs” in the award-winning children’s magazine Cricket. Growing up in the Reagan era. At age 8.) She kept a diary that started in the ‘80s and lasted for twenty years. Elgin told Bookreporter that Giffin’s favorite books early-on were anything illustrated by Gyu Fujjikawa. illustrated and bound her books herself. loved Michael Jackson. the Betsy-Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace. and Madeleine L’Engle novels. Illinois appear in Giffin’s books Something Borrowed and Something Blue. Giffin watched The Brady Bunch. they moved to Naperville. She and her older sister were named after characters in her mother’s favorite book The Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett (a girl Sarah Crewe and her doll Emily). In 1984. and purchased her first Forenza sweater (a sweater around 1984 with a V neck on one side and a scoop neck on the other. Bevery Cleary chapter books. she wrote and performed in a play about o overworked mothers called “The Day the Mothers Ran Away”. Around the age of 6. Mary Ann Elgin. Giffin’s mother.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Who is Emily Giffin? Emily Fisk Giffin was born on March 20. learned the Moonwalk. Maryland to parents who voted at opposite ends of the political spectrum. Giffin learned to read by herself in kindergarten.

Other than a B in an 8th grade gym class. Unnecessary Roughness) played shooting guard/small forward for the team while Giffin acted as student manager. Giffin was a straight A student. (She may have chosen UVA over Harvard Law School in order to stay in the Atlantic Coast Conference for basketball. Giffin’s parents divorced while she was in college. and she skipped class frequently to watch it. “I did think this is someone we’re going to hear about someday. The OJ Simpson trial happened during her first semester (widely considered the hardest semester in law school). She chose to attend University of Virginia Law School. She demanded back wages at the end of the summer. claiming. Her ninth grade honors English teacher Christine Billone believed that her writing stood out even then. which she wrote constantly. and won English Student of the Year. and that she cared more about the team than some of the players did. Actor Marc Blucas (Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (At the time and for years. located in Winston-Salem. joined the creative writing club. Giffin studied history.) Giffin believed at the time that law school was “a more certain path to measurable success” than simply jumping into writing her first novel. She spoke at her graduation and considered journalism as a possible career. where her boyfriend earned 50 cents more than she did for the same job. In 1990. After a rocky social start at Naperville North High School (her first day was spent eating lunch in a bathroom stall). Hyperink 7 Hyperink . but Giffin chose Wake Forest because she was obsessed with ACC basketball. And it’s going to involve writing. the Atlantic Coast Conference was the toughest conference in college basketball).” One summer Giffin worked as a waitress at Colonial Ice Cream. Wake Forest has a strong liberal arts tradition. foreshadowing her entry into the legal profession. He has commented to the Wake Forest University newspaper that the whole team wanted to read Giffin’s journal. North Carolina. Although she had always known she wanted to be a writer. She made the decision to go to law school her junior year and graduated summa cum laude in 1994.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Indiana. English and political science. Giffin felt that she needed to get a “real job” first. Giffin went on to become editor-in-chief of her school newspaper. Giffin also fulfilled her dream of managing an ACC men’s basketball team after meeting the men’s coach Dave Odom at the airport. Giffin started her college education at Wake Forest University. While a student at Wake Forest.

She told her concerned parents that she would give herself one year to write a novel full-time. Giffin flew to London. Blaha found a job there and moved in with her. Giffin quickly realized she hated practicing law.” Halfway through her year in London. Giffin had paid off her student loans and stood at a crossroads. Giffin decided to give Big Law a try. Hyundai. she felt guilty about leaving New York City. Goldman Sachs.” Saddled with a heavy loan to repay after graduation. During her time at Winston & Strawn. Of that time. Although she loved Manhattan and firm cocktail parties and does not regret going to law school. a law school classmate. and Microsoft. an international law firm. thinking she might go back to the law if writing books didn’t work out. Five days after 9/11. the man she was dating.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Giffin reports. at an ice breaker. The point was for us to figure out which was the lie. Rowling’s home and started to write a contemporary women’s novel. Hyperink 8 Hyperink . Moving to what is usually considered the world’s most competitive legal market. By fall 2001.K. leaving behind her legal career. It rained all the time and there were no distractions. she might never do so. who tried to sell Lily Holding True to eight publishing houses. Manhattan. She rented a flat near Hyde Park. Erinn Robinson. Verizon. In the wake of the 9/11 tragedy. “I can remember the first day of law school. She completed her novel in 2001 and appears to have signed with the literary agent Jodie Rhodes. At night and while traveling around as an associate. drawn-out. Rolling the Dice became the smash hit Something Borrowed.” Lily Holding True. All rejected the manuscript. when we were supposed to tell three things about ourselves —two that were true and one that was not. Giffin began writing a young adult novel that somebody at Houghton Mifflin described as an “important story of teen acceptance and torn loyalties. She was turning thirty the following year and felt that if she didn’t make the leap to becoming a writer. has said. Giffin realized she needed to find a way to escape. Giffin started her career as an associate in the prestigious litigation department of Winston & Strawn. Winston & Strawn’s representative clients include JPMorgan Chase Bank. which turned out to be close to J. Philip Morris. Giffin says “London was the idyllic setting for me to write my first novel. literary agent and Hartley “Buddy” Blaha. But Emily told these long. engaging stories that just captivated us all. which is a great place to learn how to think critically. Remembering who Giffin was then. just in the storytelling. however. then called Rolling the Dice. that she enjoyed law school.

Fourteen months later.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli When the novel was complete. following the advice in Jeff Herman’s Guide to Agents. Giffin searched for a new agent. And Giffin’s career writing chick lit bestsellers was launched. Giffin had signed a two book contract with the major publisher St. where her twin sons Edward and George were born on New Year’s Eve. 2002 was also the year she married Buddy Blaha. Hyperink 9 Hyperink . Just one year later. In 2004. Martin’s Press. She and her husband moved to Atlanta. Giffin discovered she was expecting identical twins. Something Borrowed made the New York Times bestseller list.

and Heart of the Matter (2010). although there are similarities between her and both of the main Hyperink 10 Hyperink . Giffin believed it would be about Darcy. she swoops up Dex as her boyfriend. Rachel met her best friend Darcy’s fiance Dex years before the book’s events. Readers who have read Something Borrowed are prepared to dislike Darcy. Rachel. a rules-following. In a remarkable achievement. Something Blue is told from Darcy’s point of view: what happens when a beautiful. rather than Darcy. narrates the story of what happens when Rachel has an affair with Dex. Darcy is beautiful. and still makes them care about her transformation and redemption.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli The 5 Novels That Made Emily Giffin Famous Giffin has published 5 novels. now that they have sympathized with Rachel. Love the One You’re With (2008). Something Blue (2005). (the beautiful. When she started writing Something Borrowed. Giffin chose to make the situation more murky. which is about following your heart. Baby Proof (2006). But in what has proven to be a signature move in her novels. all New York Times bestsellers: Something Borrowed (2004). shallow and self- centered. obnoxious friend) cheating with Rachel’s fiance. is the fiance-stealer for whom readers feel sympathy. assertive girl’s fiance is stolen-away by her mousy BFF from childhood? The novel opens with Darcy’s discovery that the two most important people in her life have betrayed her. Giffin shows readers the same Darcy that most of them disliked in Something Borrowed. plain Jane lawyer at a large corporate firm who hates her job. Something Borrowed tells the story of a friendship and love triangle from the point of view of Rachel. Giffin has said that the novels Something Borrowed and Something Blue are not autobiographical. The novel. Darcy slowly realizes that her life is no longer charmed or perfect and escapes to London to start over. while she and Dex were in law school together.

“… the baby issue is the last great deal-breaker for couples. When their best friends tell them they are expecting a baby two years into Claudia and Ben’s marriage. Ellen and Andy. her successful. takes an optimistic look at the limits of love. like Giffin’s other books.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli characters of the novels. Like Rachel. A chance meeting with an ex-boyfriend and the rekindling of her old feelings for him leads Ellen to question whether she made the right decision in marrying Andy. in an upper-class world that makes Ellen uncomfortable. Giffin’s fourth novel. live in Atlanta. Baby Proof tells the story of what happens when Ben breaks this news to Claudia. “It was fascinating how quickly women sided with Brad and said he had to leave her [Jen]. sweet and supportive husband. Giffin planned to write about a husband determined not to have a children and a wife whose biological clock starts ticking. In the novel. The heroine. Later Giffin commented to the San Francisco Chronicle on the social stigma of a woman not wanting children. who feels he’s broken an agreement. however. feeling that they will completely restrict her emotional and physical freedom. that the more interesting angle was the unusual American woman who knows for certain in her mid- thirties that she doesn’t want children. however. looks at one woman’s fixation on “the one that got away”. a popular controversy was the Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston-Angelina Jolie love triangle. Giffin left her life in Manhattan for London and didn’t quite believe the results of an ultrasound in England that told her she was having twins—and she did wind up with twins. Like Darcy. She realized.com.” Shortly after Baby Proof was published. she was a lawyer who hated big firm culture and wanted to take a chance and follow her heart. the relationship likely will (and likely should) fail. Hyperink 11 Hyperink . Giffin wrote in an essay for Match. Ben admits that he’s changed his mind. While Giffin was writing the book. Giffin’s third novel Baby Proof questions whether there’s such a thing as a deal-breaker in true love. Her husband Ben was similarly “baby proof” when they met and married. has never wanted babies. Claudia Parr. Originally. If one is passionate about having babies and the other is vehemently opposed to the prospect. Love the One You’re With. about which gossip rags reported Brad left Jennifer because she didn’t want to have children. instead of saying that the couple had a commitment and his love for her should have been stronger than his urge to have kids.” However. She enjoys her life as a thirty- five year old book editor. a topic that’s familiar to many women. Baby Proof.

“Giffin’s latest novel delves deep into the all-too-tricky matters of the heart… this juicy read will make you feel like you’re sneaking a peek into your best friend’s diary. In praising it. She also describes the community of vicious private school mothers that turn up the drama. working mother. Colin Egglesfield and John Krasinski played the two male leads. Where Giffin’s first novels were extremely fast reads. utilizing shifting perspectives and a darker conclusion. Hilary Swank did not appear onscreen. Judging by fan reviews. and Nick without taking sides. actress Hilary Swank and her producing partner Molly Smith acquired feature film rights to Something Borrowed and Something Blue from Wild Ocean (the production company that produced Edward Burns’ film Purple Violets).Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli What makes this story slightly different is that the heroine is drawn to thinking about her ex-boyfriend in spite of a really likeable husband. Nick. In 2008. Despite being blonde (Darcy is a brunette). Valerie. It appeared at that time that Swank intended to play the character of Rachel. she mostly succeeds. Giffin again addressed infidelity and a love triangle with the 2010 publication of Heart of the Matter. Hyperink 12 Hyperink . the pacing of Heart of the Matter reads less like typical chick-lit. is a pediatric surgeon who treats a boy who is badly burned at a sleepover. Ginnifer Goodwin played Rachel. While Something Borrowed was in production. Tessa (the sister of Something Borrowed’s Dex) and Nick. Tessa and Valerie don’t know each other—although under different circumstances perhaps they would have been friends. Giffin was inspired to write the book while at a charity function listening to a young mother talk about her newborn’s facial deformity and the surgeon who told her that her son was beautiful. Kate Hudson acted the part of Darcy. He experiences incredible chemistry with the boy’s single. Heart of the Matter seems to draw more criticism from Giffin’s fans than others of her books. Redbook’s review said. however.” When the movie of Something Borrowed came out in 2011. Giffin’s decision to frame the novel this way makes it more challenging to engage readers’ sympathies. Giffin describes the complexities of what happens to Tessa. instead of helping. This time the infidelity involved a seemingly-happy married couple with two young children. Valerie. who is an attorney that feels guilty about her son’s longing for a father. but it is also more formally inventive than her other novels.

because this one felt real and genuine. Scott at The New York Times described it as “a well-meaning comedy of marriage that seems ardently committed to the blandness of its characters.” Smith is hopeful that Something Blue will be made into a movie and confident that Emily Giffin’s giant fan base can make it happen. Something Borrowed held a Rotten Tomatoes score of 15%. and this one’s not… I love that about the film. Richard Brody at the New Yorker called it “a joke-stoked soap opera”. Producer Molly Smith responded to the harsh criticism by telling Movieline. If Kate Hudson and John Krasinski reprise their roles.” even going so far as to compare the central romance as one between “a Bartlett pear and a cube of tofu”. A. Life is messy and love is messy. and that’s why we wanted to make it.O. Hyperink 13 Hyperink . Critics were less impressed. the second movie has a better chance of success than the first. Both were considered the saving graces of the first movie. “You know.” One year after its theatrical release. Peter Travers at Rolling Stone called it “a vile dung heap of a movie. I think audiences are used to romantic comedies being sort of tied up with a red bow at the end.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Giffin was involved in the production of the film and was happy with the finished product.

Giffin hired a nanny/assistant. That Night and Mrs. She writes a chapter at a time. which was featured in a special edition of Better Homes and Gardens. Ann Patchett (Bel Canto). She and her husband Buddy Blaha have three children: Edward. She doesn’t outline before writing her novels. And Giffin cites these her all-time favorite books: A Little Princess. Liz Phair. Blaha is the Managing Director at Vantage Venture Partners. and Anne Tyler (The Accidental Tourist). Although Giffin is careful to comment that some of her favorite books are chick-lit. Her mother is still one of her three “readers” who offer suggestions before the book is published. had a garden with a limestone-paved courtyard. They met on an airplane while Giffin was on her way to Charlottesville. Paul Simon. Giffin begins each novel with only a general concept. Around 2011 or 2012. To Kill a Mockingbird. Jane Smiley (A Thousand Acres). Nick Hornby (High Fidelity). Giffin’s family moved to another property in order to have more outdoor space. Giffin’s favorite authors include literary novelists Tom Perotta (Election). Giffin worked in an attic office. Runaway. Dalloway. Georgia. The Member of the Wedding. As a working mother. Ani DiFranco. Plainsong. She works a regular workday in her office before her kids return from school. an outdoor fireplace and a guest cottage. For several years. The End of the Affair. the Blaha-Giffin family lived in a Colonial brick house built in 2000 in the historic Brookhaven District. Virginia for a football game. That house. Wuthering Heights. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. While writing. which is the setting of Love the One You’re With. she usually lists her favorite books separately from her favorite chick lit.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Personal Life Giffin lives in Atlanta. Giffin listens to Bruce Springsteen. When Harry Met Sally. and The Parent Trap. Dirty Dancing. two-level hot tub and waterfall. Alice Munro (Runaway). believing in a spontaneous character-driven writing process in which she finds out what’s going to happen as it happens. The Inn at Lake Devine. Hyperink 14 Hyperink . Out of Africa. George and Harriet. Giffin’s favorite movies include Shawshank Redemption.

In at least three instances. which was part of the soundtrack to the film An Officer and a Gentleman. Hyperink 15 Hyperink . She frequently references song lyrics in her novels. Heart of the Matter is the title of a Don Henley song that was popular in the early 1990s.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Wilco. Up Where We Belong. Coldplay. Love the One You’re With was a folk/rock song from 1970 by Stephen Stills. she may have titled her books after songs. Giffin’s upcoming book Where We Belong may refer to a song performed by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes. and Lady Gaga.

Giffin also co-wrote a screenplay that adapts Baby Proof with Kevin Garnett. In 2011. Where We Belong. readers can speculate that the secret may be daughter who was given away for adoption. and how the secrets surrounding it come crashingly into light. explaining in a conversation with the author Kristin Hannah on Amazon that it’s “about a woman who made a terrible mistake decades ago.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Where Will Emily Giffin Go From Here? St. Martin’s Press will release a sixth novel by Giffin. it also appears she is revisiting Darcy from Something Blue with her next book—a move that may make it more likely that Something Blue will get adapted into a film. Hyperink 16 Hyperink . Giffin has called Where We Belong a departure (it’s not about marriage). 2012. From Giffin’s Facebook page on which she posted that she is writing Darcy’s high school diary. on July 24.” From the available first chapter. a close friend from high school.

however. something all readers think about. Q & A with Emily Giffin. “I’ve never liked the phrase ‘chick lit’ because it sounds dismissive. Just as a label of ‘romance’ is dismissive. I hope my books explore the complicated. but she says. Hyperink 17 Hyperink . And I wanted it desperately.” Guest of a Guest. In cynical times.” USA Today. It’s about who wants it the most.” Amazon. A Conversation between Kristin Hannah and Emily Giffin. “I do believe that love really does conquer all and that there is no such thing as a deal breaker when you are talking about true love. difficult emotions that come from being human. And that people learn a little bit more about themselves by reading them.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli 4 Public Statements by Emily Giffin Giffin usually emphasizes that she believes there is good chick lit and dumb chick lit.” Library Journal. “I like taking a character to the edge of doing something that’s ultimately unredeemable and then pulling her back. Emily Giffin is in top chick-lit form. nuanced. Interview with NY Times Bestselling Author Emily Giffin. Sometimes. Giffin hasn’t let fame go to her head. she reveals that she is not as comfortable with the genre as she appears. ”I think it’s not necessarily so much about talent as it is about tenacity. She is modest about her achievements as a writer. many readers would disagree. Giffin’s novel Baby Proof acquires its resonance because it explores relationship deal- breakers. All of Giffin’s novels are characterized by heroines who make choices that many people would not find sympathetic. saying.

ABC Carpet & Home. Books of Wonder. A portion of Something Blue was written at the hospital where Giffin had to remain on bed rest for over a month toward the end of her pregnancy with twin boys. She appeared as a guest on the soap opera As the World Turns in 2007. Aveda hand lotion. big sunglasses.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin Trivia Giffin’s first concert was a 1987 Jon Bon Jovi concert with Whitesnake as an opening act. Bouley. Chocolate Bar. leaving viewers to wonder why her lines were cut. Hyperink 18 Hyperink . Shakespeare Garden in Central Park. Giffin appears in a non-speaking cameo in the movie Something Borrowed. Soho Letterpress. a cafe near her former home. Giffin once stalked her best friend’s ex-boyfriend into the French countryside. Mary Ann Elgin (Giffin’s mother) says her favorite of Giffin’s books is Something Blue and she named her dog Darcy. the roof terrace bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Giffin sometimes wrote at the Library Coffee Co. The song makes its way into the novel. Tic-tacs (mint green or orange). If Giffin could do anything besides write professionally.. Giffin listened to Ryan Adams’ La Cienega Just Smiled on repeat while writing Love the One You’re With. Actress Cynthia Nixon who played Miranda Hobbs in Sex and the City read the audiobook versions of both Baby Proof and Heart of the Matter. she would be a baby-naming consultant. my phone (that is usually running on one bar) and my orange wallet from Barney’s that is so bright that I can’t lose it. Orbit gum. Temple Bar. Originally Giffin stated it was to be a speaking part. a mini-journal to record funny things Edward and George say. Babbo. Marc Jacobs. Jazz Standard. reading her book. Morgan’s Bar. Some of the things Giffin always carries with her: “a tin of Rosebud salve. Barney’s. While writing three of her books.” Some of Giffin’s favorite places in New York City as of 2008: the Jackson Pollack room of the Museum of Modern Art. Claudine.

Fans love Giffin’s ability to make them empathize with characters whose personalities. Giffin “still remembers the names of all her nursery school classmates. She’ll ask me. Most chick lit follows predictable scenarios like these. shines through in her fiction. Her fascination with and generosity towards real life people. Instead. flaws and decisions they might criticize sharply in real Hyperink 19 Hyperink . ‘What do you think Deidre Phillips is up to these days?’ When I ask who Deidre Phillips is.” Unlike the work of many other popular novelists. a woman who wonders if her ex is the one who got away because her husband is no good.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Conclusion Giffin’s older sister Sarah once told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Giffin’s writing talent stems from an “uncanny ability to connect with people. a man who refuses to have children when his wife’s biological clock starts ticking. It risks nothing and gives readers what they expect and want. She’d ask ‘How did you feel after that shot was blocked?’ It was a constant assault. writing about the right topic at the right time. Giffin risks readers’ alienation by writing about situations of the heart where right and wrong are not easy to parse—and succeeds in keeping her readers’ interest. the actor Marc Blucas who was on the basketball team at Wake Forest when Giffin managed it believes it’s Giffin’s curiosity about people that led to her writing career. Giffin’s success as a novelist was no accident—never a matter of luck.” According to Sarah. It’s no surprise to any of us that she became a novelist.” Similarly. Does that make Giffin a modern day Jane Austen? She certainly inspires the same kind of mania that Austen does. or a woman whose husband leaves her for another woman. she’ll remind me that Deidre is the bossy girl we knew at age 3 that used to carry around a Curious George doll. It would have been a lot easier to write a cookie-cutter stories about a nice girl whose fiance is stolen away by a selfish friend. saying “Emily always wanted to understand relationships and feelings. The formula is probably why most critics resist reviewing chick lit.

Hyperink 20 Hyperink . then soon. if not with her upcoming. if her past achievements are any clue. However. Danger lies in the fact that Giffin has developed a formula that may not be working as well as it did when she was writing her first novel. She will probably make a comeback.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli life. eagerly- awaited 2012 novel. Giffin will take a risk and achieve greater success that she’s recently experienced.

A Conversation between Kristin Hannah and Emily Giffin Library Journal.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Further Reading Emily Giffin’s website Emily Giffin’s Photostream Bookreporter. Emily Giffin Conversations with Famous Writers: Emily Giffin.com. Emily Giffin is in Top Chick Lit Form Access Atlanta. Something Blue Globe and Mail. Q & A with Emily Giffin Guest of a Guest. An Author’s Abode in Atlanta Featured in The Wall Street Journal Amazon. Author Finds ‘Something’ in Relationships The Old Gold and Black. Do You Want Kids? USA Today. Interview with NY Times Best Selling Author Emily Giffin Hyperink 21 Hyperink .com. Best-selling author inspires the university with her life successes The Old Gold and Black. Living on a Tight Schedule Atlanta Fine Homes. Something Borrowed. Mother of Emily Giffin Match. Meet Mary Ann Elgin.

Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Like then Share! Hyperink 22 Hyperink .

Anita lives in Northern California with her husband and two corgis. She has experience writing and editing on topics as diverse as law. Anita's first book of poetry was published in 2010. she attended Boalt Hall Law School and Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. An intrepid cook and arts enthusiast. She worked as a litigator for eight years before commencing a full-time writing and editing career. and English. Get in touch: Hyperink 23 Hyperink . film.Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli About The Author Emily Giffin: A Biography About The Author By Anita Felicelli About The Author Anita Felicelli Anita Felicelli is a writer and an attorney. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a triple major in Rhetoric. medicine. books and travel. Interdisciplinary Studies (art and design).

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Emily Giffin: A Biography By Anita Felicelli Other Awesome Books Emily Giffin: A Biography Other Awesome Books By Anita Felicelli Other Awesome Books Hyperink Benefits Interesting Insights The Best Commentary Shocking Trivia Biography of Chelsea Handler Biography of Lewis Carroll Biography of Erskine Caldwell Biography of Lance Armstrong Biography of Peyton Manning Guide to Your Congressman: Rick Santorum Guide To Your Congressman: Michele Biography of Sophie Kinsella Bachmann Biography of Eli Manning Books Hyperink 25 Hyperink .

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