Ann M. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Table of Contents
Ann M. Martin: A Biography Table of Contents
By Laura N.

Table of Contents

I. Ann M. Martin: A Biography

Early Writing Influences

The Baby-Sitters Club

Books Besides BSC

Collaborations with Famous Friends

Awards and Accolades

Other Passions

Ann’s Quotes

Ann M. Martin Trivia



Additional Reading

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Ann M. Martin: A Biography Ann M. Ann M. I. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Martin: A Biography Hyperink 2 Hyperink .Ann M. Martin: A Biography Ann M.

and Baby-Sitters Club Friends Forever special edition books. Babysitter’s Little Sister and The California Diaries. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. a popular series from 1986-2010. But. ultimately. Millions of young girls relished reading the adventures of Kristy. Mallory.” Hyperink 3 Hyperink . Scholastic Despite having written over 400 books. Taking care of a younger kid. The series has more than 180 million copies in print in 19 different languages and led to two spin-off series. and Abby into their lives as well. Mary Anne.Ann M. And. Friendship. While the merchandise has been discontinued. Martin is still best known for creating The Baby-Sitters Club. Martin: A Biography Ann M. of course. a movie. websites like eBay still offer some pieces for the fans who have loved the series since it began 25 years ago. Claudia. Martin: A Biography Ann M. babysitting. issues at school. Baby-Sitters Club Mysteries. Jessi. Introduction The stories about children who discovered a love of reading when they read The Baby- sitters Club are the ones that have had the greatest impact on me as a writer. which really I think translates to your first opportunity to be responsible for somebody or something else. Martin. and Stacey and welcomed the new additions of Dawn. Ann M. Martin said in an interview with Oprah. as well as several Baby-Sitters Club Super Specials. which I think is a very important step in a child’s life. family. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Ann M. — Ann M. and a variety of Baby- Sitters Club merchandise. The series of 132 books focuses on the friendships and adventures of a group of middle-school students who transform their after-school baby-sitting jobs into a successful business. Ann M. The books’ popularity also launched a television she thought preteen girls related to the series because: “a lot of the themes are fairly timeless. I think friendship is probably key. such as the Baby-Sitters Club Mystery board game and the Baby-Sitters Club collection of dolls.

She worked with children. Ann grew up in a creative family. Her parents exposed Ann and her younger sister Jane to a wealth of children’s literature. She wanted to help children who had disabilities. Hank. 13-years-old. Over the centuries. Hyperink 4 Hyperink . Ann loved fantasy books as child. Ann studied psychology and early childhood education at the Smith College. Ann’s mom’s family traveled westward to Wisconsin where her mother was raised. She discovered her passion for writing when she was in second grade and used to dictate stories to her mother before she could write long sentences. Ann decided to become a teacher because she loved working with children. who was attending Princeton University. and later to New Jersey. Ann and her sister Jane reenacted the story by spying on passengers on a train ride to California and jotting down notes in a secret notebook. eight. traveled the Atlantic Ocean on the Mayflower and settled at Plymouth. By her teen years. Early Writing Influences Ann can trace her family’s ancestry all the way back to the pilgrims. private school in a fourth. struggling with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and autism. she taught at a small. They married in 1953 and had Ann two years later (Kjelle 2006). such as The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. Edith. and the two liked each other immediately. The ancestors of her mother. in 1620. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Martin: A Biography Ann M. Martin: A Biography Ann M. and got a summer job working at the Eden Institute. Ann’s fourth grade teacher. There she met Ann’s father. Dreeban wrote on her student folder that she would make a wonderful writer because Ann spent lots of her free time writing in notebooks and her writing was exceptional (Kjelle 2006).Ann M. After graduating. Ann M.and fifth-grade-split classroom. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. After reading Harriet the Spy. Mrs. New Jersey. Ann said that working with special needs children and seeing how they interacted and related to each other influenced her and the way she writes about children. a school for autistic children in Princeton. Her father was a cartoonist for The New Yorker and her mother was a preschool teacher.

With You and Without You. which focused on a 12-year-old struggling with her father getting remarried and how she coped with being away at summer camp for the first time. It worked out so well that Scholastic has represented Ann and her books since 1986. Hyperink 5 Hyperink .Ann M. portrays the closeness of a tight- knit family and how a family grieves when a parent dies. Ann M. Soon after. which portrayed life with an annoying. She worked for the three well-known publishers in children’s books. perfect little sister. modeled after Ann’s own stage fright as a child. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. The 1989 novel. Bummer Summer. Stage Fright showed a fourth grade girl terrified of acting in the class play. and Batman Books for Young Readers. Martin: A Biography Ann M. Ann decided she preferred writing about children to working with them. she published Me and Katie (The Pest). Martin: A Biography Ann M. for which Ann drew upon her own experiences. Scholastic. In 1983. In 1985. She started as an editorial assistant and climbed her way up to senior editor. Pocket Books. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. This book led to many more preteen and teen books. Ann published her first book.

the series of 132 books provided light and entertaining reading for reluctant readers. the editor-in-chief of the book group at Scholastic came up with the idea of Ann creating a mini-series about four friends starting a baby-sitting business. Dalton Juvenile Bestseller List. Kristy’s Big Day. she raised the amount the girls charged for baby- sitting over the years and made little changes in the slangs like using “flip-flops” for “thongs” (EW. Scholastic asked Ann to write two more titles. A night with the creator of the Baby-Sitters Club. came out in 1987. Hyperink 6 Hyperink . Although the original Baby-Sitter Club’s members graduated from seventh to eighth grade. When the sixth first-printing copies in record time. including watching a snake that died a few days later. The Baby-Sitters Club The Baby-Sitters Club series originated in 1985 when Jean Feiwel. “The books deal with issues like friendship. Martin: A Biography Ann M.” Written for preteen girls. all of the characters remained the same age for much of the entire series. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Kristy’s Great Idea. sold its 30. she updated them in small ways as new technology evolved while also being careful with phrasing. Martin: A Biography Ann M. And they also deal with what it means to be independent. Kristy Thomas. it rose to the number one spot on the B.” Jean Feiwel commented on the book’s popularity. For example. At that point. Martin). Ann M.Ann M. Ann herself was more like the shy Mary Anne Spears. “The Baby-Sitters Club to Reconvene. and the next three books about the other three members followed the same trend. was modeled after her childhood best friend Beth Perkins. The tomboyish character. Ann was releasing a book a month and she could not age her characters or they would have been in their thirties by the time the series was finished. Ann loosely based the series on some of her baby-sitting adventures as a teenager. Ann M. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. However. The first book. In the Publishers Weekly article. which is what the babysitting angle is all about. and school. saying that there were no series out like it. She also used people in her life as inspiration for the series’ characters. and present small slices of life’s problems within a manageable context. family.

Kristy and the Secret of Susan focused on caring for an autistic child. She especially loved writing about stylish. artsy Claudia. She studied fashion magazines extensively to learn the hippest clothes for these two fashion-conscious characters. Ann was so busy she had to hire writers to help write many of the Baby-Sitters Club books. Ann grew to know and love her characters as much as the rest of the world did (EW. It is the book that cemented the series’ success and showed Kristy’s softer side when her mother got remarried. tomboy Kristy. Martin: A Biography Ann M. though Ann was very involved in the creative and editing process (Publishers Weekly. Hyperink 7 Hyperink . Scholastic halted printing all of the Baby-Sitters Club and its spin- off series. and a small group of writers wrote the remainder. and her favorite book out of the entire series is Kristy’s Big Day.Ann M. A night with Ann). Martin: A Biography By Laura N. The book shows the fears the characters share about graduating and about whether they will remain friends forever. Ann M. Later that year. Ann wrote BSC Friends Forever Special: Graduation Day. Martin: A Biography Ann M. older sister. Ann and her editors added several spin-off series that would interest both younger and older readers. Ann decided it was time to write something new. Other books showed similar personal themes. she penned about 60 to 80 of them personally. Much of the series deals with the girls’ adventures in baby-sitting. like Claudia in the Great Search where she was convinced she was adopted because she was so different from her smart. She was also asked to write several special editions featuring the members. the last being the Friends Forever featuring only the original four core members. In For example. Over the years. and Jessi’s Secret Language demonstrated how to use American Sign Language while caring for a deaf child. Baby-Sitters Club Reconvenes). Her all-time favorite character was tough. In reality. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. sophisticated Stacey and fashionable. but Ann also wrote individual themes for each of the characters.

Novels by Ann). Martin: A Biography Ann M. Ann explored autism and schizophrenia in her 2002 book. It’s only with the help of a resource room teacher and her newly adopted sister that Shirley surprises everyone. Leo the Magnificat. Corner of the Universe. who has been in a mental hospital for years. In 1997. who meets for the first time her Uncle Adam. as animals are one of her passions. she tells about a young girl deals with desegregation in her community when a new African- American boy joins her school and community. Books Besides BSC Ann wrote several books alongside with the Baby-Sitters Club and more long after she completed the series. Ann also tackled difficult issues with a historical context. Belle Teal. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Ann also penned a pair of novels featuring the adventures of two stray Hyperink 8 Hyperink . she created a picture book. The book focuses on a dyslexic fourth grader. Ann used her experience working with learning disabled children as inspiration for Yours Turly. Belle Teal must also wrestle with the choice of keeping painful secrets and growing up as she sees her best friend repeatedly come to school with bruises on his body. Ann dove into the 1960s again in Here Today as she shows how 11-year-old Ellie’s mother leaves the family to become a famous actress and suddenly the little girl must grow up and take charge of the family (Scholastic. A prolific writer. Ann uses brief. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Martin: A Biography Ann M.Ann M. The book shows how Leo won the affection the entire congregation as well as the rest of the community and how everyone grieved when he died. Similarly to the Baby-Sitters Club. In her 2001 novel. struggling to make her parents proud and keep up with her bright siblings. Ann said in a conversation with Scholastic students she loosely based this novel on her own life: when she was nine years old she found out she had an uncle with mental issues. Shirley in 1988. Ann M. Ann also loved to write about animals. which tells of 12-year-old Hattie. Based on the true story about a cat who wandered into a Kentucky church one day and stayed for 12 years. fun sentences to describe Leo’s adventures.

Ann M. features the adventures of Squirrel and Bone as puppies and how they survive in the wild among strangers.Ann M. Squirrel gets separated from Bone and must fend for herself. Hyperink 9 Hyperink . Everything for a Dog. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. who just wants a family. whose older brother died and is comforting himself with his brother’s dog. dogs. The first one. Squirrel and Bone. Martin: A Biography Ann M. Charlie. and Henry who longs for a dog more than anything else. the book is narrated by three characters: Bone. A Dog’s Life: An Autobiography of a Stray. Martin: A Biography Ann M. In the sequel. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Ultimately.

Ann explains in a chat with Scholastic students that she and Paula had a very different style of writing in that Ann outlines everything while Paula is more laid back. She said they decided to write two epistolary novels. Kathy Ames. Ann and Paula’s friendship deepened. the two authors met and a close friendship developed (Kjelle 2006). Martin: A Biography By Laura N. and they decided to base one character on her personality and the other Paula’s. and they collaborated on two books. Ann portrays shy Elizabeth who enjoys knitting and Paula narrates outgoing Tara Starr who dyes her hair purple and is impulsive. Ann M. When the author Paula Danzinger visited Kathy’s school.S. The Doll People. When Tara moves to Ohio. Martin: A Biography By Laura N.Ann M. Longer Later and Snail Mail. and developed a friendship with Kathy over the years. a book based on an exchange of letters. Ann said she never expected it become a series but they gained popularity surprisingly quickly. Martin: A Biography Ann M. Martin: A Biography Ann M. Hyperink 10 Hyperink . Paula had not but admitted she was intrigued and told Kathy to have Ann contact her. these best friends correspond first by letters and then by e-mails. Laura Godwin. No More. Over the years. Ann also collaborated with another close friend of hers. It took them almost five years to write the first one. P. A few weeks later. This series is about the adventures a group of porcelain dolls experience when they meet a family of modern. Kathy asked her if she had ever met Ann. plastic dolls. and there are now three books written. Annabelle Doll and Tiffany Funcraft become best friends and share adventures while solving mysteries in the doll world (Kjelle 2006). Collaborations with Famous Friends Ann became pen pals with one of her first fans. to write a new series. In the two books.

Leo the Magnificat won the Keystone Reading Award. Awards and Accolades In 1985. and Missing Since Monday appeared on the Child Study Association of America’s Children’s Books of the Year list. Corner of the Universe won several awards.S Longer Letter Later and Snail Mail. including the 2003 Newbery Honor Book. Ann M. won the ASPCA Henry Bergh Children’s Book Award. The Baby-Sitters Club). Martin: A Biography Ann M. In 1998. With You and Without You. In 1998. The novel. Martin: A Biography Ann M. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. In 2003. In 1987. A Dog’s Life: The Autobiography of a Stray. and Publisher’s Weekly Best Book of the Year. Bummer Summer earned the Children’s Choice Award. Publisher’s Weekly awarded Belle Teal the Best Book of the Year award. the Booklist Editors Choice. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Stage Fright. Hyperink 11 Hyperink .Ann M. The New York Times Book Review named The Baby-Sitters Club as one of the books of the century (Media Room. Inside Out. No More earned the award for American Library Association’s Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers. Both P.

she wanted to help animals in need. It thrills Ann when she sees the kittens begin initiate affection on their own. Ann has fostered both cats and kittens in her house. literacy programs. and cucumbers. including her beloved dog. disabled cats. Over the past dozen years. and scary stories are her favorite. Sadie. Other Passions Hobbies: Ann loves to sew and knit and has been perfecting the skill since she was a child. Martin Foundation to provide financial support to other charities that help children. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. grassroots organizations that sponsor hard-to-fund programs. her sister Jane. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Ann grew up in a family that loved animals — her parents had nine cats. January 2012). peppers. Martin. She is a vegetarian and plants her own vegetable garden.Ann M. Charity Work: Ann has founded two charities to help children and animals. She also has several cats. Several of the kittens she takes in are abandoned or strays and are often malnourished and scared. saying that she has fostered pregnant cats. and deaf cats and how happy it made her knowing she was assisting them and that there were loving families waiting for these animals (Scholastic. including a foster cat she adopted named Pippin. Letters from Ann. she often makes baby clothes for her friends’ children. She finds that reading helps her daydream and create imaginary worlds for her own readers. Ann loves relaxing in her country house. In 1990. While she does not have any of her own children. She loves to read. The organization focuses especially on small. Martin Foundation. Ann. Martin: A Biography Ann M. and abused and stray animals. Last year. Once she moved from her New York City apartment to a house in the country. She commented on what a rewarding experience it was. she renovated a bedroom to be the animals’ room where they can be comfortable and welcome. Ann M. Martin: A Biography Ann M. Ann’s life revolves around her animals. The area allows her to enjoy the rustic scenery of the mountains and take in all four seasons of natural beauty. Animals: In addition to writing. About). Hyperink 12 Hyperink . full of colorful tomatoes. Ann M. she created the Ann M. and her friend Laura Godwin are all members of the board (Ann M.

Women in Children’s Media and Scholastic hosted a special “The Baby- Sitters are Back” event where attendees got to hear Ann and David and Ann wrote a prequel to the series after fan’s overwhelming response that they needed more about the babysitters. Ann M. and battered women’s shelters. Ann created the organization for people to donate new books to children’s organizations in poor or underserved areas. Martin Ann’s prequel. children’s visiting areas at prisons. April 2010 — A night with the creator of the Baby-sitters Club. May 2010 — The Babysitters Are Back! Almost 10 years after the beloved series ended. They have raised books for homeless shelters. Hyperink 13 Hyperink . speak candidly about the books. Martin: A Biography By Laura Martin: A Biography Ann M. In honor of this. Martin: A Biography Ann M. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. in memory of children’s book editor Lisa Novak. Ann M. Scholastic decided to reissue the series with updated cover art.Ann M. The Summer Before. tells the story of what each of the four members were doing the summer before seventh grade and how the club idea was formed. She also created the Lisa Libraries in 1990. who started working on the series when he was only 19 years old. In the News… Oprah. EW.

Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Martin: A Biography Ann M. there’s more depth to Kristy’s character. I think the complaint that I hear most often from kids. she’s outspoken and just sort of marches forward no matter what happens. I’m trying to give a little of it back to others.” Ann said. She’s who I would like to be. Author of The Baby-Sitters Club Books.” Ann said when asked what children could do to develop writing skills ( talking about a character from the Baby-Sitters Club (Glamour. “I tell kids to keep a journal.” – Ann M. Ann Chats with Smitten!). Martin. It was a gift that was given to me as a child by many people. “Kristy was my alter ego. Ann M. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Although it is.Ann M. It’s one of the greatest pleasures I know. even kids who like to write is that don’t know what to write about. Not so much. Hyperink 14 Hyperink . because it’s good writing practice. A journal is a great source of story starters. Ann M. And I think because I liked Kristy so much – I do feel that I explored her character a little bit more than some of the other characters. Ann’s Quotes “I think reading is a gift. Martin: A Biography Ann M. but more because it’s a wonderful source of story starters. Martin quote in Good Reads. and now as an adult and a writer. Chats with Smitten!).com.

She wrote about this experience in one of the Little Sister books. she fell out of her tree house and had to have her spleen removed. Ann M. Ann used to write all her manuscripts by hand and only recently has switched to typing them on a computer. Ann would love to meet and dine with authors Harper Lee and Stephen King. Ann loves the I Love Lucy show. and her favorite episode is The Operetta. Martin Trivia When Ann was a child. Martin: A Biography Ann M. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Hyperink 15 Hyperink . The Baby-Sitters Club was turned into a television series and later a movie. as she enjoys scary stories. If given the opportunity. Ann M. Martin: A Biography Ann M.Ann M. Ann’s favorite movies are The Wizard of Oz and To Kill a Mockingbird. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. The first four books of the Baby-Sitters Club have been developed into graphic comic books.

raises money to build libraries and provide textbooks to the children. "What You Wish For: A Book for Darfur" (Scholastic. 2011. Hyperink 16 Hyperink . Conclusion In 2011. Martin: Letters from Ann. Book Wish. Martin: A Biography Ann M. They each discussed their passion for reading and learning. Ann and the other writers spoke at a panel discussion in New York City. On October 20. L. Ann recently finished the Main Street series. Logan Kleinwaks. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Many families there are living in refugee camps. unlike the Baby-Sitters Club. Sudan. Martin: A Biography Ann M. Ann M. this series focused on all four girls and all the townspeople. Ann M. All of the characters aged in this series. which is told only by one narrator.Ann M. Unlike several of her other books. November 2011). In 2001. and a former refugee discussed their experience in Darfur and how the books were making a difference to the children. Ann and several other children’s authors. each wrote about universal things they wished for and it was published in a volume titled. a series which tells the story of four friends and their grandmothers who run a sewing shop in a small town. co-founder of the Book Wish Foundation. Stine and Meg Cabot. Ann committed to a 10-book series and completed it in 2011. There has not been word on her next project. The charity. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. including R. and children receive little education or exposure to books. contacted Ann about a project to help the children of Darfur.

Ann M. Ann M.Ann M. Ann M. Sources Ann M. Martin Foundation. Martin: A Biography Ann—ann-m. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Who Wrote That? Ann M. Chelsea House Publications. Martin: Letters from Ann. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Media Room. Author of The Baby-Sitters Club Books. Author Interviews: Ann Martin’s 11/29/06 Chat Transcript Scholastic. About EW. Novels by Ann Scholastic. Letters from Chats With Smitten! Good Reads. Ann M. Inc. Comeback Planned for Girls’ Book Series Hyperink 17 Hyperink . Ann Martin Quotes Kjelle. November 2011 Scholastic. Martin Glamour. Martin. The Baby-Sitters Club Marylou. Martin. 2006. Ann M. A night with the creator of the Baby-sitters Martin: A Biography Ann M. The Baby-sitters Club to Reconvene Scholastic. The Babysitters Are Back! Publishers Weekly..-martin. http://issuu. January 2012 The Lisa Libraries The New York Times. Martin.

2007 Scholastic. Martin Interview Transcript. Author Interviews: Ann M. Q&A: Ann M. Ann M Martin: FAQ: Awards Scholastic. Ann M. Martin Interview Transcript. Martin: Fast Facts Scholastic. Martin Scholastic. Martin: A Biography Ann M. Author Interviews: Book Resources: Ann M. April 25. 2007 Scholastic. Author of The Babysitters Club Kidsreads. Ann M. Martin Interview Transcript TV. Additional Reading Fantastic Fiction. Ann The Babysitters Club Hyperink 18 Hyperink . May 16.Ann M. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Martin. Martin: A Biography Ann Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Author Interviews: Ann M. Martin Forbes. Ann M.

Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Ann M. Martin: A Biography Ann M. Like then Share! Hyperink 19 Hyperink . Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Martin: A Biography Ann M.Ann M.

fun content. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. Laura N. About The Author Laura N. engaging.Ann M. which works hard to bring you high-quality. Martin: A Biography About The Author By Laura N. Happy reading! Get in touch: Hyperink 20 Hyperink . About The Author Ann M. is an experienced writer and a member of the Hyperink Team.

Hyperink 21 Hyperink . We cover topics ranging from higher education to job recruiting. If you have interesting knowledge that people are willing to pay for. Hyperink is based in SF and actively hiring people who want to shape publishing's future. About the Publisher Hyperink is the easiest way for anyone to publish a beautiful. high-quality book. We work closely with subject matter experts to create each book. so you can access all of the great content we've included as clickable links. Email us if you'd like to meet our team! Note: If you're reading this book in print or on a device that's not web-enabled.Ann M. Martin: A Biography About The Author By Laura with the title of this book in the subject line. please email books@hyperinkpress. About The Author Ann M. especially if you've already produced content on the topic. please reach out to us! There's no writing required and it's a unique opportunity to build your own brand and earn royalties. Martin: A Biography By Laura N. We'll send you a PDF copy. from Android apps marketing to barefoot running.

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