Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Table of Contents
Biography of Jim Morrison Table of Contents
By Andrew Soler

Table of Contents

I. Biography of Jim Morrison

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Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison
Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison
By Andrew Soler


Biography of Jim

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a sultry rebel oozing sex and danger. A mixture of blues. however. As a symbol. Morrison scowled. He advocated an all-out pursuit of personal freedom. In a symbolic escape from stardom. Morrison is the blueprint for the modern rock star. His decline was just as spectacular. The change was absolutely stunning. Defiantly strutting the stage in his trademark leather pants. as a disillusioned Morrison sunk into a self-destructive malaise. Morrison changed rock music forever. Personifying an aggressive punk rock ethos. As lead singer of the celebrated 1960’s rock band The Doors. and self-proclaimed shaman — Jim Morrison is the archetype of the modern rock star. with Morrison the deranged ringleader leading us deeper into the unknown. Fueled by an insatiable hunger for life. the music conjures the ancient image of a carnival or circus. As the poet punk of his time — The Doors were arguably history’s first punk rock band. Morrison’s meteoric rise to fame crowned him the male sex symbol of his generation. a spellbinding entertainer at the pinnacle of his art. if not in sound then certainly in style and philosophy — Morrison influenced a long line of talented poet- musicians. filmmaker. Morrison electrified audiences with his wild front man persona. poet. Morrison’s primal scream was an invitation to the “other side” — the Jungian collective unconscious of dreams and nightmares. acid rock and experimental jazz tones. Hyperink 3 Hyperink . Just as Elvis Presley influenced a generation of musicians. Morrison subverted his sex symbol image by growing a beard and gaining weight. whispered and screamed his way to rock star immortality. The music of The Doors is a celebration of a poetic rage coursing inside us all. Morrison is one of the most influential singer-songwriter’s in music history. smiled. a rage to live. the anarchic spirit of Jim Morrison lives on.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Introduction Rock star. transforming his celebrity aura into the grim vibe of a world-weary beatnik.

In his poetry. Morrison’s mysterious death in Paris only fueled curiosity about his life. when his girlfriend Pamela Courson found him dead in a bathtub. the question still remains: who was Jim Morrison? Hyperink 4 Hyperink . Was Morrison assassinated? Did he play a prank on the world and fake his death? Over 40 years after that fateful night in Paris. artistic vision and the inner demons that ultimately destroyed him. Questions linger.” His smoky voice continues to haunt the waking world. Why was he running away from the spotlight? How could a world famous rock star die of a heart attack at 27? Rumors swirl. Morrison describes his singing voice as a “sick croon.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler The self-proclaimed “Lizard King” who once stoked America’s adolescent fantasies was now an expatriated recluse pounding whiskey and snorting coke as he listened to old Doors records late into the night.

born in 1947. however. In an ironic childhood twist. They “instilled discipline and levied punishment by the military tradition known as ‘dressing down. Anne Robin. Andrew Lee. and brother. Morrison’s brother. the future rock star’s father was an Admiral in the United States Navy. born in 1948. Andy.” Hyperink 5 Hyperink . In an interview with Jerry Hopkins. Morrison grew up in a strict military home. He had two siblings: sister. 1943 in Melbourne. Morrison did not meet him until he was two years old.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Background and Upbringing Photo credit: Retro Pop Planet James Douglas Morrison was born December 8. his father was frequently overseas. Florida to George Stephen Morrison and Clara Morrison. recounted his parents’ disciplinary fervor. Morrison was of Scottish and Irish descent and his IQ was reportedly 149.’ This consisted of yelling at and berating their children until they were reduced to tears and acknowledged their feelings.

Later in life. a surrealist playwright who espoused a dark. the Morrison family moved frequently. Morrison lived with his grandparents in Clearwater. Jim Morrison’s father described the experience: “We went by several Indians. interviews and poetry recordings. Virginia in June 1961.” Morrison was an avid reader of Friedrich Nietzsche. California before graduating from George Washington High School in Alexandria. The burgeoning beatnik literary scene also captivated Morrison’s fertile imagination. and I don't even know if that's true. philosophers and filmmakers who questioned social conformity. Morrison believed the spirit of a dead Native American literally possessed him on the desert highway. It was an escape from his family’s perfect all-American neighborhood. making stops in Florida.” In the book The Doors. Florida and attended Hyperink 6 Hyperink . The experience shook his core and left a deep impression on his psyche. After graduation. Morrison wrote: “I'm kind of hooked to the game of art and literature. It did make an impression on young Jim. Jim Morrison attended Alameda High School in Alameda. visiting bookstores and hanging out with the homeless. writings. While in high school.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Morrison developed a seething hatred for authority. With his father driving. Morrison’s earliest role models were writers. He always thought about the crying Indian. a rebellious Morrison expressed his growing suburban angst by frequently cutting class and taking bus rides to the town’s seedy areas. my heroes are artists and writers. Morrison saw a car accident scene involving a family of dying Native Americans." Because George Morrison was a Navy careerist. anarchic vision of the theater. shamanism and death. In the prologue to his book of poetry. Reflecting a lifelong fascination with mysticism. He said he saw a dead Indian by the side of the road. Texas and California. Arthur Rimbaud and James Joyce and was also attracted to the unconventional ideas of Antonin Artaud. Morrison’s sister offered a different take on Morrison’s story: "He enjoyed telling that story and exaggerating it. Morrison repeatedly referenced the incident in songs. with Jack Kerouac’s stream-of- consciousness novel On the Road a fixture in Morrison’s book collection. the most influential event of his childhood occurred on a desolate desert highway when he was just four years old. According to Morrison.

” When drunk. earning a mugshot fans would later slap on t-shirts and bumper stickers as a celebration of inebriated rebel youth. Hyperink 7 Hyperink . Photo credit: AP His grades were impressive: A's in Collective Behavior and Essentials of Acting. Morrison loved provoking reactions from people. During a football prank gone wrong at Florida State. For Morrison. the starving young artist. and a B in Philosophy of Protest. Gerry McClain reminisced about his former Florida State University classmate: “He hung around with a bohemian crowd: people who liked to wear pants with holes in them.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler St. studied art and psychology and even appeared in a promotional recruitment video for the college. The Dumbwaiter. he transferred to Florida State University. Jim posed as a model for the art department…once. McClain remembered: “Jim got very drunk when he drank. getting him in trouble on several occasions. I saw Jim go around the college coffee shop eating scraps off tables. Morrison grabbed the wheel of my car and wanted to drive to Georgia to this carnival where girls danced nude. Petersburg community college. the world was his private sociological laboratory. Morrison was arrested. I felt he — and the others — were living an image. In 1962. I realized drinking made him crazy. Morrison also got his first real taste of acting in Harold Pinter’s play. a playground of the absurd. In an exclusive interview with American Legends.” Morrison’s hard drinking surfaced at Florida State. Another time.

where he took Jack Hirschman’s literature class on Antonin Artaud. Morrison moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA film school. a trait that would prove both a blessing and curse once he hit stardom. Morrison declined to walk in his college graduation. but not before making several short student films. In 1964. or “Jimbo” as his alcoholic alter-ego was known. Morrison moved to Venice Beach to drop acid. find his creative muse and plan his next move. During this time of exploration. revealed an undercurrent of hostility in his personality.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Photo credit: PD-Florida Drunk Morrison. a chance encounter on the beach with UCLA classmate Ray Manzarek would change rock music forever. After graduating college. opting instead for the university to simply mail his degree. The iconoclastic playwright’s writings had a profound influence on Morrison’s dark artistic vision and stage theatricality. Morrison graduated UCLA in 1965. In a moment of trademark rebellion. Hyperink 8 Hyperink .

sang the original lyrics anyway. When asked why he sang the original lyrics. Ed Sullivan refused to shake hands with any of the band members. Rolling Stone rock critic Parke Puterbaugh gave it a perfect rating. Impressed. immaculate classic. We just did the Ed Sullivan Show!” As one of America’s most popular rock bands. Sullivan requested they change the lyrics of “Light My Fire” to remove a suspected drug reference — from "Girl we couldn't get much higher" to "Girl we couldn't get much better. Their album impressed critics. The Doors released their first album shortly thereafter. After playing at the London Fog and legendary Whiskey-A-Go-Go on LA’s Sunset Strip. The Doors signed with Elektra Records in 1967. making Morrison an instant star. noting: “The key to the band's appeal was the tension between singer Jim Morrison's Dionysian persona and the band's crisp. Their single “Light My Fire” topped the charts for three weeks. eventually adding drummer John Densmore and guitarist Robby Krieger. man. however. including Morrison.A. The Doors released their second album. Hyperink 9 Hyperink . Morrison explained that he simply forgot to make the changes. melodic playing…Though great albums followed.” The band agreed to the changes. The Doors stands as the L. Morrison reportedly answered. “Hey. Morrison. An enraged television producer told the band they would never again play on the Ed Sullivan Show. Incensed. Manzarek convinced Morrison to start a rock band. foursome's most successful marriage of rock poetics with classically tempered hard rock — a stoned.” The Doors made history with a controversial appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Major Accomplishments and Awards Morrison showed Manzarek his poetry on the beach.

Reviewing the band’s second album. When asked about the famous photo.” Critical reception was tepid." In 1968. it was the kind of destructive. Jim Morrison went from shirtless sex symbol to pudgy. The photo shoot yielded some of Morrison’s most iconic pictures. and John Densmore were never more lucid… This was a band at its most dexterous. Krieger. Despite lukewarm reception. wallpapers. however. including the wildly popular “Young Lion” pose that adorns book covers.” In 1969. We were confident it was going to be bigger than anything The Beatles had done. however. Conscious or not. I Love You. Photographer Joel Brodsky conducted a black- and-white photograph session with the singer. Due to Morrison’s alcoholism and erratic behavior. there was no single. Waiting for the Sun. Rolling Stone wrote: “They are violently anti-commercial in their stance and their approach. and musically diverse. Ray Manzarek. The Doors released their fourth album. Sal Cinquemani of Slant Magazine wrote: “By The Doors' third LP…the band had run out of songs and Jim Morrison was often drunk or absent from the studio…Despite the fact that Morrison was becoming a self- destructing mess. But. The record died on us. bearded public outlaw. Morrison never really looked that way again…I think I got him at his peak.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Strange Days. guitarist Robby Krieger was more involved than in previous albums. The album earned a gold record and reached number 3 on the charts. "You know. Consequently their new album has all the power and energy of the first LP. the album produced their second top single. “Hello." The album was a critical hit. and yet the finished product is highly commercial…They have…refined and enriched their previous efforts. outward rejection Hyperink 10 Hyperink . The Soft Parade was a critical failure but nevertheless was the band’s fourth consecutive top-ten album. Brodsky soberly realized. it was also the one with the weakest sales. The Doors released their third album. Significantly. more intricate and much more effective. Cinquemani observed: “In a short period of 24 months. but is more subtle. Paul Rothchild observed: "We all thought it was the best album. The album’s producer viewed the album as a commercial failure.” Morrison was officially a rock superstar. The Soft Parade. creative. posters and Doors-related memorabilia.

Hyperink 11 Hyperink .A. Woman was a critical success. Two other volumes of Morrison’s poetry were published posthumously: Wilderness. Easily the band’s most blues-oriented album. The Doors fifth in a row.” Cinquemani also dismissed the album as “a significant decline in quality from the band's first three releases. the film casts Morrison as a hitchhiker who wanders a desert highway. HWY: An American Pastoral. steals a car and murders the driver. evocative nightmare.’” After a lengthy break.” In addition to a sensational career in rock music. Legendary Rolling Stone rock critic Lester Bangs wrote: “This angry hard rock is that at which the Doors have always excelled. Morrison funded the film and formed his own production company to ensure total creative control.A.” After the debacle of The Soft Parade. Rolling Stone journalist Robert Meltzer announced: “This is the Doors' greatest album and (including their first) the best album so far this year. L. The Doors released their final album. Despite casual observers dismissing the film as artsy and inaccessible. L. Morrison also self-published a book of poetry titled The Lords and the New Creatures. The album was also a top ten hit. The comeback album reestablished The Doors as a critical sensation. The Doors went back to their hard rock roots and released Morrison Hotel. true: ‘I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer/The future's uncertain and the end is always near. with brooding lyrics that ring chillingly. HWY continues to circulate on the Internet and provoke critical discussion. Woman. and this track is one of their very best ever. Morrison’s best known cinematic work is the film.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler of fame and success that wouldn't be seen again from a rock star until Kurt Cobain a quarter of a century later. and The American Night. an instant New York Times Bestseller. Morrison aficionados deconstruct the film as a rare glimpse inside the rock star’s psyche. A surrealistic. and given us so seldom. A landmark worthy of dancing in the streets.

Although Morrison slept with many women.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Personal Life Photo credit: famouswhy. At the time. They met before Morrison attained wealth and fame. A nurturing presence in Morrison’s life. creating a decadent fairytale of rock royalty. John and Yoko. Pamela would always be his The rock star and his muse: Sid and Nancy. Inspired. reading like a modern Shakespearean tragedy: two people madly in love crash and burn on the road to illumination. she was his creative muse. Historically. Throughout Morrison’s music career. Courson was Morrison’s self-described soul mate. celebrity couples have dominated rock mythology.” along with “Blue Sunday” and “Orange County Suite. Jim and Pam’s demise is a cautionary tale of unchecked hedonism and excess. Jim and Pam. Jim Morrison’s roller coaster romance with long-time girlfriend Pamela Courson ranks among the most torrid in rock history. Kurt and Courtney. Despite the turmoil. Pamela was an art student at Los Angeles City College. Pamela encouraged Hyperink 12 Hyperink . as king and queen experience the ecstasy and horrors of fame. Morrison cranked out hits like “Love Street. A turbulent relationship of spectacular highs and lows.” Morrison met Pamela while playing at the London Fog on the Sunset Strip.

signing a document declaring them wed before witnesses. Hyperink 13 Hyperink . Themis. he'd stop creating…And he was hurtful to others because he was afraid of being hurt himself. with an enraged Pamela throwing plates and cups at Morrison. The tension erupted after George Morrison wrote him a letter asking him "to give up any idea of singing or any connection with a music group because of what I considered to be a complete lack of talent in this direction.” Morrison abruptly cut off most contact with his family. a fragile redhead… enchanted by the hippie life and a little afraid of it. I think that he thought if he stopped hurting. when the band was on the road. the relationship was stormy. it was to Pamela he returned time after time. But pain…was a source of creativity. In his book The Lizard King: The Essential Jim Morrison. with loud arguments and fits of jealousy over their open relationship.” Morrison’s relationship with his family was strained. Morrison would stop the car just to call Pam from a payphone so he could recite new lines of poetry to her. pledging his eternal love. including Morocco. Another of Morrison’s significant lovers was rock critic Patricia Kennealy. her support resonated inside him. Jerry Hopkins describes Pamela Courson: “Most important in Jim’s life was Pamela Courson…nineteen.” Breakups and long periods of total separation were common. When his mother and brother later attended a concert to watch him perform. Their marriage was never legally recognized. Jim took her under his wing…Although he was not faithful. He found it hard to accept love because he…did not think himself worthy of love. They were. In June 1970 they exchanged marriage vows in a Celtic ceremony. Morrison simply ignored them. Kennealy offered her perspective on Morrison’s complicated personality: “He didn't handle pain well. poetry and music.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler him to work on his poetry. Clearly. he said. The worldly and sophisticated Morrison guided Pamela through the world of drugs. cosmic mates. fashionable clothes from around the world. the fights turned violent. “That chick has one hell of an arm. Occasionally. Sometimes. In an interview.” Morrison funded Pamela’s short-lived Los Angeles boutique. The rock star allegedly joked. Despite the mutual adoration. however. The store featured rare.

the rock star was dead. Dr. After years touring. His strange death stunned the music world and continues to haunt fans today. Ronay quotes Pamela as admitting: Hyperink 14 Hyperink . Conspiracy theorists continue to question the truth. listed “heart failure” as the cause of death. Morrison’s own band mates and parents were prevented from seeing the body. Relaying a conversation with Pamela Courson. Blood was running down his face… Suddenly. The French medical examiner. The fact that medical authorities conducted no autopsy only adds fuel to the suspicion. The trip served as a reprieve from the pressures of stardom. Morrison flew to Paris with Pamela in March 1971. Max Vasille. In addition. Morrison watched films." When Pamela woke up. Ronay broke a 20 year silence when he finally discussed the fateful night. Morrison’s personal physician. Paris was supposed to be his spiritual cocoon. he began to vomit into the tub…I ran to the kitchen to look for a basin…I had to empty and wash the basin three times…I noticed a blood clot. was one of the few people who saw the body. Morrison simply hit burn out. a creative womb where he could detox in silence. On July 3. recording and performing in the public spotlight. Ronay quoted her: “I found [Morrison] in the bathtub. unconscious. told the press: “Jim Morrison was in excellent health before travelling to Paris. Derwin. and gazed at the Parisian architecture.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler The heart of Morrison’s biography is not how he lived but how he died. the public did not find out until three days after Morrison’s death. Morrison’s former UCLA classmate. the change of scenery was therapeutic. Curiously. wrote poetry. Especially disturbing was the news delay. I was so tired and he told me he felt better…so I went back to bed and fell asleep again. Initially. his conversation with Pamela suggests Morrison was on a heroin binge before his death. Burdened by legal issues in the states. Did Jim Morrison really die of a drug overdose? Although Ronay sympathetically portrays Morrison as a tragic-but-lovable alcoholic who rarely used drugs.” The popular perception of Morrison’s death: he mistook Pamela’s heroin stash for cocaine and overdosed. 1971 Pamela found Morrison dead in a bathtub with a smile on his face. wandered the streets. Alain Ronay.

His relationship with the mainstream press and concert promoters broke beyond repair after an ill-advised March 1. as I had occasion later to explain to Pam. there was something else: I didn't want Jim to become a myth to follow. Jim asked me to give him some more stuff. leaving her parents as heirs. she died of a heroin overdose in Los Angeles. The mystery that we built around Jim's death. Three years later. Morrison’s band mates deny he ever exposed himself on stage. suited me more than fine." Ronay explains the secrecy behind Morrison’s death: “If drugs had killed him. The ordeal was emotionally draining for Morrison. the Dade County Police Department issued a warrant for Morrison’s arrest..he took much more than me. Legal trouble defined Morrison’s last days. I was ashamed of it and. 1969 concert in Miami.” Pamela Courson inherited Morrison’s estate. Hyperink 15 Hyperink . The legal snafu led to a cancellation of nearly all the band’s remaining concerts. especially since he'd taken some on his own during the day. Three days after the concert. his legend. who spent a fortune on legal fees.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler "The other night we came home right after the movie…we immediately began to sniff heroin and Jim began to play his songs…Then we went to bed. citing indecent exposure. I didn't want it to be found out. We also did a little on the night before.

elaborated on their decision. but all these years later teenagers are still discovering his songs and keeping the legend alive. sensual. aggression and danger – and he taught many future punk rockers how to sing. Rolling Stone ranked Morrison 47 on its list of the “100 Greatest Rock Singers of All Time.” Hyperink 16 Hyperink . however. a rebuke from the cultural right to punish a symbol of Dionysian rebellion. but able to project the dreaminess of a mystical incantation ("Riders on the Storm") or the sleaze of a boozy pickup ("L. rejected the pardon. attitude and sex — he was grounded in roadhouse- blues hollering. acknowledging the “performance in Miami that night was certainly provocative. the State of Florida officially granted Morrison a posthumous pardon for the 1969 lewd and lascivious behavior charge. powerful and experimental. Woman").” In a recent article.A. A statement by the surviving band members.The surviving members of the band.” The publication Classic Rock Magazine ranked Morrison 22 on its list of “50 Greatest Singers in Rock.not to mention an affront to free speech and a massive waste of time and taxpayer dollars.” The magazine wrote: “His vocals oozed with sex.” Music journalists acknowledge Morrison’s influence. Morrison died in 1971 when he was just 27. along with Morrison’s family. demanding a full apology by the state and city of Miami.” The legendary magazine observed: “Morrison's vocals were all mood.” In 2011 readers of Rolling Stone ranked Jim Morrison fifth on the list "Best Lead Singers of All Time. And on the Doors' hardest rock songs — "Break On Through (to the Other Side)" stands out — his unhinged aggression presaged punk rock.’ Perry Farrell has said. and entirely in the insurrectionary spirit of The Doors’ music and message… The charges against him were largely an opportunity for grandstanding by ambitious politicians –. ‘It was thrilling.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Recent News In 2010. Ann Woolner of The Albany Times-Union wrote: “Morrison’s case bore all the signs of a political prosecution.

Also in January 2012. The Doors released a lost song entitled “She Smells So Nice.” It was the band’s first release in 40 years.” was burned. Police took a suspect in custody. Morrison’s old home.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler In January 2012. Hyperink 17 Hyperink . an arsonist caused a string of fires in the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles. popularized in The Doors song “Love Street.

Morrison addressed a variety of topics. put on a mask. what did Morrison think about sex? In an interview. in harmony with the earth. As the leading sex symbol of his time. Morrison addressed his admiration for indigenous culture: “Look at how other cultures live — peacefully. it can be like a mystical experience. Hyperink 18 Hyperink . he provided a thoughtful philosophical take: “Blake said that the body was the soul's prison unless the five senses are fully developed and open. They don't build war machines and invest millions of dollars in attacking other countries whose political ideals don't happen to agree with their own.” In a provocative interview with Lizzie James. You trade in your senses for an act. They love their chains. You trade in your reality for a role. people get so used to their image — they grow attached to their masks.” In the interview with Lizzie James. He considered the senses the 'windows of the soul. offering insight the disillusionment he would later experience: “Most people love you for who you pretend to be …To keep their love. an act — and the sad thing is. It's got to happen inside first. Morrison pondered the notion of image as prison. Morrison spoke with the power and eloquence of a poet. the forest — animals. They forgot all about who they really are. Here are just a few of the public statements he made during his brief but electrifying career. on an individual level.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Public Statements and Quotes Despite his hedonistic rock star image.' When sex involves all the senses intensely. you keep pretending — preforming.” In the same interview. There can't be any large- scale revolution until there's a personal revolution. including the tension between personal freedom and societal revolution: “There are different kinds of freedom…The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You give up your ability to feel and in exchange. You get to love your pretense …It's true. we're locked in an image.

chaos-especially activity that seems to have no meaning. they hate you for it — they feel like you're trying to steal their most precious possession.” Discussing political philosophy.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler And if you try to remind them.” Hyperink 19 Hyperink . Morrison made a comment that would forever shape his rebel image and land him on the FBI watch list: “I am interested in anything about revolt. I start outside and reach the mental through the physical. It seems to me to be the road toward freedom…Rather than starting inside. disorder.

and donning his black leather pants and cowboy boots Even though he made a fortune in the music business. American Poet. Dionysus. aphorisms and essays While living a bohemian lifestyle in Venice Beach after graduating college. Morrison claimed he was an only child and that his parents were dead Morrison began writing poetry in childhood. Morrison preferred to live in a cheap motel on La Cienega in Los Angeles Morrison’s old room has become a pilgrimage for rock fans. poetry and personal messages to Jim snaking across the walls: Hyperink 20 Hyperink . with breathtaking graffiti. changing song lyrics without notice. and the anagram. Morrison subsequently burned his notebooks as a symbolic act of freedom While studying film at UCLA.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Trivia/Facts Jim Morrison’s nicknames included: Jimbo. Mr. art work. the French poet Rimbaud Morrison’s band got its name from The Doors of Perception. shrieking to punctuate his lyrics. Morrison dreamed of becoming like his idol. Mojo Risin’ He stood 5’11’’ Estranged from his family. his trademarks included: falling down on stage in a shamanic trance. The Lizard King. a book by Aldous Huxley As a rock star. Erotic Politician. keeping stacks of notebooks filled with poems. performing spontaneous poetic riffs.

com Hyperink 21 Hyperink .Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Photo credit: The Chet Helms Biography Project Source: tv.

His popularity is stronger than ever. Morrison’s words continue to burn within the national psyche. The Doors are rock royalty. In addition. “Morrison. Morrison’s legend continues to grow. As a counter culture icon. Despite his personal turmoil and self-destructive rejection of fame. a rock star’s prayer from the other side. with books. In 1993 the band was enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As a poet with transcendental talent. Morrison’s appeal increases with time. the man” gave way to “Morrison. Morrison’s legacy endures. The Lizard King”. Morrison is hero to a new wave of music fans. Hyperink 22 Hyperink . His staying power is a credit to the band’s success but also to the larger-than-life persona he created through his art.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Conclusion Photo credit: Noah Mallin The Doors have sold 35 million albums in the United States and over 100 million albums worldwide. seemingly otherworldly allure. articles and films about the band and his life regularly released to a receptive mainstream audience. His image is iconic of rock’s powerful. the songs “Light My Fire” and “Riders on the Storm” were inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. In 2007 the band was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As new generations listen to The Doors.

Strange Days (album) Examiner.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Sources and Further Reading All Experts. The Doors light one last fire in response to Morrison's pardon NNDB. 'A HWY' guide The Ed Sullivan Show. Jim Morrison biography Brainy Quote. Love them two times Contact Music. Doors news. Jim Morrison's love street Hub Pages. Album photographer Joel Brodsky dies Cinetropic. Jim Morrison quotes CBC News. Morrison poem backs climate plea The Biography Channel. The Doors (Jim Morrison) American Legends. The Doors eNotes. Jim Morrison: A legend of his own Huffington Post. Jim Morrison Hyperink 23 Hyperink . Jim Morrison American Legends. As I look back The Doors. Morrison bathtub death story questioned New York Times. 'She Smells So Nice': The Doors first track in 40 years The Doors. Jim Morrison at Florida State BBC News. Interview with Jim Morrison Cleveland Plain Dealer.

want official apology Rolling Stone. Woman Rolling Stone. The last days of Jim Morrison Rolling Stone.A. The lizard king Waiting for the Sun. The Doors not satisfied with Morrison Rolling Stone.nndb. Morrison: Remember music's greatest icons Tampa Bay Times. Jim Morrison trivia & quotes UW-P. The Doors: Morrison Hotel Rolling Stone.George 'Steve' Morrison. The Doors and them: Twin Morrisons of different mothers Hyperink 24 Hyperink .Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Panama News. rear admiral flew combat missions in lengthy career Short Breaths. 100 greatest rock singers of all time Rolling Stone. Postcard: Paris tv. The Doors Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone readers pick the best lead singers of all time San Diego Tribune. This is the stangest life I've ever known Slant The Doors: Waiting for the Sun Socialphy. Jim's college days in Florida Time Magazine. The Doors: L. The Doors: The Soft Parade Slant Magazine. A question left unansweredhttp://www.

Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler Like then Share! Hyperink 25 Hyperink .

History and creative writing in the bay area. He is interested in provocative music. Andrew then spent five years teaching English. and sports. You can usually find him getting caffeinated at a local coffee joint. making friends with strangers or trying to chip away at his insane book collection. Andrew digs writing about anything under the sun but especially music. gritty movies and beatnik literature. Political Science.Biography of Jim Morrison By Andrew Soler About The Author Biography of Jim Morrison About The Author By Andrew Soler About The Author Andrew Soler Andrew has published poetry and short stories while working as a newspaper journalist. cinema. He is currently working as a freelance journalist and indie filmmaker. muscle cars. he quit his job to finish college and earned a BA. After selling gas masks and chopping wood in an industrial lumberyard. pop culture. Get in touch: Hyperink 26 Hyperink .

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