Mat Drills

Objective: The purpose of Matt Drills is to establish control. The program is designed to teach kids to do as they are told and to follow directions. If they choose not to there are built in consequences. The whole group will do the drill over again. These mat drills can be done as a part of a larger circuit training session within your program. This program will allow us to find who our leaders are. These mat drills create team unity through physical exertion. +++ If directions are not followed everyone starts over!!! Procedure: 1. There will be five lines with older skill position players in the front, older linemen next, skill younger athletes follow, and then the younger linemen are the last group. 2. First command is “Ready”. On the command the first line gets into a fundamental football position. 3. Second command is “Feet”. On this command, the first line starts to buzz their feet. 4. Third command is “Go”. When they hear this command, they dive out on the mat in a layout position and land on their chests. As soon as they hit the mat, they are up in a fundamental football position, buzzing their feet. As soon as the “Go” sound is made the second line pops up on the mat in a “Ready” position. 5. When the coach yells “Slam”, the players drop to their chest, pop up, and sprint to the end of the mat. Mat Drills – before heading outside on Tues. and Thursdays on the shelf (Following a lift or dynamic warm-up) 1.) 2-point wave drill – Coach gives the players the direction they will move by using hand signals. He will move his hands left, right, up, or back. The players will shuffle their feet and not cross over. 2.) 2 Point Seat Roll – This drill is conducted exactly the same as the 2-point wave. A seat roll will be conducted without placing your back on the ground. 2.) 4- Point Wave Drill – Same manner as previous drills. Athletes will follow the coaches hand signals from a 4 point stance. 4.) 4 Point Seat Roll – Everything is repeated like the first three drills. Players will execute this drill from a 4 point position. Make sure all players are in a great fundamental football position. Narrow base, feet up under the armpits with the knees in good bent position, ready to strike. 5.) Front to Back – After the layout, players will get to their feet. The coach will call “Down” and the players hit their chest, roll their feet to the right, hit their shoulder blades, and get up. *Bonus Drills 1.) Forward Roll 2.) Extension 3.) Diagonal Bear crawl 4.) Bear crawl straight and dive 5.) Bear crawl / Forward Roll / Dive 6.) Bear Crawl / Forward Roll / Extension / Dive Approx. 20 minutes

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