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A Poem

By Anthony J. Fejfar

© Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar

Crack goes the ice,

Down comes the floe,
Summer’s around the corner,
Big, bam, bo.

Blue skies high,

Cool air soon,
Spring’s breath,
Coming soon.

I whistle a song,
For my maid to hear,
Clang a gong,
Bell rings clear.

The Sun is warm,

She is too,
Spring for us,
Soft as dew.

Easter Bunny comes,

On Sunday morn,
Baskets of chocolate,
Lent to mourn.


Selene in the sky,
Cool and Gray,
Intuition and Love,
Here to stay.

A Cross is on the hillside,

For me to mourn,
Jesus without Karma,
Creative Form.

Jesus Christ is Higher Self,

For me so true,
Heaven and Earth,
Both come with sparkling dew.

Holy Cross on forearm,

For all to see,
Tatoo burnt impression,
A message we.

A Mystery in the making,

Spring at Last,
Druid Gray and Being,
God at last.