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Submitted to: Dr. Earl Jude Paul Cleope

An Evaluative-Descriptive Study of the Different Mayors in Siaton Since the Year 1976-2010
By: Kyle Glenn Baylon-Verador
Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science IV


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Acknowledgement Introduction T. Yap Administration (1976-2010) Background Political Contribution R. Yap Administration (1992-1995) Background Political Contribution Quisay Administration (1995-2003) ` Background Political Contribution Arbolado Administration (2002-1010) Background Political Contribution Appendixes Curriculum Vitae

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Page |3 Acknowledgement The success of this paper is not possible without the following persons: 1. To our Almighty Father Lord Jesus Christ, thank you, for the entire graces and blessings you have imparted to my life. I owe my all to you. You are the reason for all things and my success most especially of this paper. A million thanks to you. 2. To my loving parents, Mama Josephine and Papa Crispo who are always there to support through good times and bad times. Ma and Pa, I owe my life to you. You are my inspiration and my strength in all times. You are the reason of my success. Thank you so much. 3. To my one and only sister, Nicha, thank you for your support and for being there for me always. 4. To Dr. Earl Jude Paul Cleope, for sharing his knowledge to me as his student. Thank you so much. I owe you my knowledge and the success of this paper. 5. To Miss Jiomalee K. Ege, for helping me all throughout in this research study. Thank you, your one of the reason for the success of this paper. 6. To Jerwin R. Hudierez, thank you for the assistance you share. You are one of those individuals who made my paper possible. 7. To former mayor Vincent Emil T. Arbolado and councilor Thelma Quisay Rapada, for giving me the informations I need for my research paper. 8. To former mayor Remy Yap and Vice-Mayor Rey Yap for giving me their valuable time in asking some questions to be put in my paper.

the later belongs to the lower part of the hierarchy of our government system. This research paper is rather a smaller scope. Siaton during election is only composed of two political parties which would compete for the elective position from mayor down to the baragay counsilor. And it is common that in every administration there will always be criticisms which might be pleasing to hear or rather the opposite of it. If we would to trace our government system. Since this tackles only to the head of a town to be more specific the Mayor of Siaton. The mayor has the power to administer a certain town to a possible development.Page |4 Introduction The success and development of a certain town or city depends on the one governing it. rests . It allows readers to know the situation and the development during one’s administration. And to what that project would be. Hence would then contribute to the development of the country. But he has the power to make a certain town to grow and develop. our country is following a centralized form of government. In every mayor there’s different projects and plans in stake for the development of a town to be precise Siaton. If we would to look at it. whereby the President is the head of the state. This research paper will help readers to know the kind of administration it encounters during four different administration and how it grows and develop as time passes by. This research paper focuses on the town of Siaton and the four administrations dated from the year 1972-2010. People would choose not only the president but the rest of the elective positions.

Being the mayor of a town is a tough job.Page |5 assure that there will always be persons who would not like it and who will be. but if we would to read between the lines. But its development still depends on how well he would manage in accordance to what he envisions. a mayor’s job is difficult and must have a sense of dedication in order for a town to grow. If we would just look at it. there is somehow projects that was made for the betterment of the populace more specifically the people in Siaton. In fact. . Each mayor in every administration has its own way of making a town more progressive according to which he thinks is best. But at the end of the day what matters the most is the fact that in every administration that pass through time. it’s never easy. it may have just smaller scope than that of those elective officials in the national level.

This is a story a mayor who travels a long way in order to become a mayor. and to really get the trust of the many. he contributed a lot through his effort as a mayor. In order for an individual to be known in the field of politics. one must start from a lower position. He felt of serving the people because he knows that he has the capability to do so. Who not only became mayor but started as a municipal councilor. with that it would be easier to win. The first mayor to be tackle in this paper is a person who is in public service for years. he is one of those mayors who focus more on the field of education because he believes that the education is wealth. Yap Administration (1960-1992) In the field of public service. He reached to where he is because of the trust of the many to his sincerity in public service. Through this paper you will be able to know the life an individual who dedicate his life and serve the town of Siaton for long a year.Page |6 T. This is the kind of dedication Teopisto “Lody” Yap have. Usually people would remembered him in his tough and strong personality as an individual. . It is also the act of dedication to the public and the act of serving for the good of the populace. Probably. In which in for a long year as well. it is not just a mere act if running and be elected by the many. Being in politics one must have the will to serve the public for him to continue to exist in his position.

Because of the people’s trust to his capabilities as councilor. And in the same school. During his elementary years. He was married to Remedios Antonia Tayko-Yap and have two sons namely: Rey and Teodorico. he graduated at Silliman University High School.Page |7 Background The public knows him as Lody Yap. he earned his diploma at Felipe Tayko Memorial School. Further. When his term as councilor is done. Sr. he won for three consecutive elections. prior to his life as a politician. During this time. he was a farmer and owned a sugar cane which he himself do the cultivation itself. This was his job occupation before he entered politics. he took up Bachelor of Law and graduated in the latter school as well. He was born on January 8. But when his heart realizes that he is more on serving the public. This brilliant man is the son of Discora Ferrero and Teopisto Yap. In the year 1960 he pass the bar exam. but his real name is Teopisto Ferrero Yap. he then entered politics and run as a municipal councilor. 1935. And in the same year he was appointed as COMELEC Registrar. he run as Vice-Mayor in the town of Siaton. He got the degree of Bachelor of Arts major in Political Science at Silliman University. He also owns a business that makes fish boxes. When he reached high school. his .

Page |8 opponent as Vice-Mayor in the other party was Judge Tiu. This is also what paves his way to run as Mayor. which he defeated and luckily won as a Vice-Mayor. a certain commotion had occurred. He was Mayor from the year 1976-1992. During his time as Vice-Mayor. . the incumbent Mayor was arrested making him succeed the position as Mayor. And for three consecutive election he never fails to win. But on the year 2010 he died because of heart attack.

He was the one who established the only community college in the town. . The school Siaton Community College was build and during that time no tuition exists. And this can be either pleasing or unpleasant to the many. Yap’s administration what he envisions really catches the heart of the public. Because of this. it became the reason of the success to those students during that time is just working as street sweeper and the like.Page |9 Political Contribution In every administration there will always be significant projects that mark in the minds of the public. And some of these students became teachers who are now teaching in the said school which is now a state university that most people know at present as Negros Oriental State University. But the success and impact of that project would still depend on the way how he envisions it and on how he executes it. But during T.

P a g e | 10 It was also during his administration where reforestation was rampant. While the tension between the rebels and the military continues. it endangered the life of Mayor T. when the incident occurs. One of the biggest problems he encountered in his administration was during the insurgency that occurs in the town. nobody got hurt. projects are usually dependent on the Provincial Government. the tension subside and in fact the leaders of the rebel became acquaintances with Mayor T.000 hectares of land. As a result. Siaton was considered to be a 4 th class municipality. Fortunately. In fact. Siaton during this time usually depends on the local taxes to be able to execute and implement projects for the town. It was during the time were communism was still very popular. Only few projects were chosen in accordance to the budget given by the Provincial Government. In fact. it was one of his major projects as mayor in Siaton. The monetary budget during his time was very scares. the development of the town in that time was very slow in pace. During that time. Yap. Rather. He was able to plant a lot trees in the mountains which covers about 1. a certain day. in the house of the mayor. majority of those failed. But later on. because of this. Yap as well as his family. But despite the constant effort of Mayor T. Yap of envisioning and planning a lot of projects. . which cause a lot of disputes and wars between the rebels and the military. This is because of the fact that the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) still does not exist. a grenade was thrown causing it to explode.

obstacles never failed to barge in. Like her father. Thus. But despite the will to serve. In fact. it also needs financial support so that his goal will be meet. In fact. it was never a calling but a plan to pursue what his father had in mind and that is to serve the public. It is never enough that a politician is more than willing to serve the public. Mayor Remedios Yap. Yap’s effort to come up with different plans and projects only few have been implemented due to lack of budget allotment. It was during her time where budget allotment is scares making it difficult for her to do things that would benefit the people of Siaton. public service to her is no longer new. during her term already has the political calling because of the fact that he grew in a family that is already acquainted in politics. Yap Administration (1992-1995) The calling to serve the public comes from experiences and the environment you grew up with. But what is heavier is when you grew up in an environment wherein in your early years you already witness the act of serving people.P a g e | 11 R. lack of financial support is where the hardest to serve the public. It may also be true that the calling to serve may also be through the influence of other people that surrounds them. This is one of the reasons why a lot of individuals of the same bloodline continue to bring their political names though generations. Despite Mayor R. she inherits the trait of being generous to the public. .

P a g e | 12 Background To many. Angel. She is the daughter of Miguelita Albanesi Garcia and Teodorico Tayko Lajato. which was also once a mayor in the town of Siaton. Dumaguete. In her college years. Paul University Dumaguete City. Yap. her father. After which. In fact. Clementina. Fernando. She is married to Teopisto F. Purita. she is known as Remedios “Remy” Yap. (Remedios). During her early years. She acquire both her elementary and high school diploma at St. Jr. Elena and Clarita. she serves as an Elementary Teacher at Felipe Tayko Memorial School from the year 1962 until 1992. Before she entered the field of politics. it is already in their family the will to serve the public. she took up Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at Foundation University. Ana Pilar. but her real name is actually Remedios Antonia Lajato-Yap. she took a Masters Degree in Special Education but after taking 60units she decided not to finish the entire course. Teodorico Tayko Lajato serves as the town mayor no wonder she too follow the footsteps of her father. Then it was on the year . Mayor Remy Yap is the third eldest among her siblings namely: Fernandito.

P a g e | 13 1992. she worked as a . she decided to run as a mayor in the town of Siaton. And on the year 1999 until 2005. Provincial Tourism Officer. the same year that she resigns in the field of teaching.

During her term. Teodorico Tayko Lajato. executing different plans and projects is very hard to achieve. who is the mayor in the town of Siaton. She made herself busy on for her students. Thus. she focuses instead on human resources. This is because of the fact that during the early years. Through this. project during her time is scares. she was able to regularize many local government employees in Siaton. Therefore. a lot of government employees were able to collect their cash retirement.P a g e | 14 Political Contribution Before. Due to lack of financial allotment. giving them the best teachings they deserve. being mayor is not new since she grew up in a family of politician. But one thing she continues to pursue is deforestation pursuant to his husband’s project. This time. when Mayor Remy Yap still hasn’t decided to enter politics. Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) is still not yet to be found. her life revolves in the classroom. . And because of this. To her. it no longer revolves in the classroom but to the entire populace of Siaton. it was her father. When she decided to run as mayor and was elected. her life changed.

In every administration people would tend to rate their level of leadership in connection to their plans and projects that has been implemented in a certain town or city. he is considered to many as a person who is so dear to the masses. every mayor has only one goal. But at the end of the day. Hence. Thus. it can’t be help that there are also people in his status quo that would give their critique of his kind of leadership. In fact as portrayed by many people could easily approach him in any way. Quisay many have been astounded of the different projects that according to them contributed a lot in the development of the town. people would be given the chance to get to know better of the kind . During the leadership of Apolinario G.P a g e | 15 Quisay Administration (1995-2003) A leadership of one mayor may be different to the leadership of another. that is to develop the town he oath to govern. Nonetheless no matter how ideal his principles are. It is quite common that people would pick their favorite with regards to this. He is known to be close to the people of Siaton. Each mayor has his own different views of his way of doing it and such view is in accordance to his principles of leadership. this paper would allow readers to know the reason behind his charisma to the public. And in each leadership may or may not be acceptable to the eyes of many. Like the late president Magsaysay.

P a g e | 16 of individual he is in the eyes of his family as well as to the public. And probably would allow readers to truly understands his life not just a mayor but as a typical individual. .

His early life unlike others . Each has its own experiences that would then shape his personality as a whole. he must also come from a well known family for him to co-exist in politics. 1955. it is not a hindrance to raise his children well through hardwork. he must also show his more than capable to rule. Mayor Quisay was married to Cresensia Diamula Pajulas on March 8. He became the mayor of Siaton by his own hardwork and not by fame. one must stand out so that people would notice him. The kind of life a person possesses would reflect on the attributes a person would have. Apolinario. He was born on December 5. Although he never attains higher education. Helen. 1931. Audie and Thelma. Zenaida. Although. Virginia. His name is Apolinario Gadingan Quisay. This is the story of Mayor Quisay. in order for an individual to get the trust of the public. but others started from scratch so as to reach the pedestal they obtain. But this one individual defies such “tradition”. They have eight kids namely: leliosa. Nowadays. He is the third eldest among the eight siblings of the couple Petronilo Quisay and Jertrodes Apostol Gadingan. And such will also reflect on the workplace of an individual. Moreover. In the field of politics.P a g e | 17 Background Every person has its own different story in life. Every individual has his own humble beginnings. money is everything in game of politics. This attributes may be pleasing to the eye of many or the opposite. Further. The highest educational attainment he achieved is primary education. Alex. some may already at the pedestal during their entire life.

hoping to serve and help his fellow Siatanons. In order to raise his siblings he enters various jobs such as rig driver. Then later their lifestyle slowly changes. Through these he was able to raise his siblings well. He enters politics in his later years.P a g e | 18 started from scratch. . street cleaner. porter as well s foreman.

Siaton. Political independence has been observed 2. During his administration. he then expands his public service and became a municipal councilor of Siaton in the 1992-1995. . He run as mayor for three times undefeated. Developed roads for easy passage of people and vehicles 5. Then on the year 1995 he decided to run as Mayor of Siaton which he won. When he thought he is more capable to rule. he executed a lot of projects which leads to the development of the town of Siaton. Siaton Negros Oriental and donated to DPWH 8. Negros Oriental. Further. Mayor Quisay enters the realm of politics in the 1989 and became the Barangay Captain of Inalad. Bought a piece of land on his 3rd term located in Bondo.P a g e | 19 Political Contribution In order to become a politician one must be prepared of the responsibilities he will have once he will reign in power. Reconstruction of public market 4. Civilian liberties 3. Construction municipal gymnasium (which was named after him) 7. By his nature of being generous through his daughter Leliosa Quisay-Takeuchi. he must have the calling to serve the public in his utmost capability. First to buy heavy equipments for the municipality 6. In these projects below are the major ones he contributed: 1. donated money for the total repainting of the Municipal Church.

He was not able to finish his last term of office which was then succeeded by his Vice-Mayor Bibing Arbolado. 2 months and 17 days he was able to make Siaton a more productive and develop town and clearly live a mark to the hearts of the public. When people in Siaton were already used to what they thought is one of the most productive administrations in their time sad news came in. . The people of Siaton thought of him as someone who can be easily be approached and that he is known to be generous.P a g e | 20 Through these major contribution people was able to notice his achievements as mayor of Siaton. In the span of 7 years. And on March 17. 2003. it ended his life. Mayor Quisay is suffering from a pancreatic cancer. In fact many people would remember him to his different projects that have been executed for the betterment of the town.

with that in mind. to that of a community of thousands of families with contrasting personalities and diverse priorities. Thus. he has high hopes in the town of Siaton. Some own it through hardwork in gaining such pedestal. such description would clearly depicts Mayor Arbolado who is next in line after the death of the late Apolinario Quisay. That being the case. it would be advantageous since votes of the majority would be at hand for as long you have the capability to be a worthy leader.P a g e | 21 Arbolado Administration (2003-2010) Politicians have different history on how they gain their fame and power. he immediately has a change of perception of Siaton from being a neiggborhood domain of his carefree. no wonder he follows the footsteps of his father. . just like his father did. Just like the obvious. gaining the trust of the public would be much easier to acquire. Like his father. former mayor of Siaton. In connection with this. Since his father was once a former mayor of Siaton. Mayor Arbolado comes from a family of politicians. Right away. youthful days. other acquire it through generations. Thus. When he was already given the mandate to be the mayor after the death of late Apolinario Quisay. he knew how formidable his job as mayor. And that it was now his time to serve Siaton. different questions occur in his mind such as: How should he manage limited resources to cater the different needs of the people? What are the steps needed to achieve commonality of vision and move ahead with ascendancy? These are just some of the questions he raised in his mind. Further. when a person’s family is already inclined to indulge in politics then it is expected that he would follow such political heritage.

Then afterwards. Sr. Mayor Arbolado is married to Mary Margaret P. Vince Aries. he worked at the Social Security System. . was once a former mayor in Siaton. Arturo Arbolado. His mother is Mrs. he worked at the Department of Agrarian Reform for five years (1990-1995). He took up his elementary education at Felipe Tayko Memorial School and graduated with honors. After which. Louis School in his high school years and again graduated with honors. After working in the public service for five years he then decided to enter politics just like his father did. Esther Tayko Arbolado who was a retired teacher. Cebu City for one year (1989-1990). When he reached college. and Arthur Vincent. Arbolado and they have sons namely: Mark Vinson.P a g e | 22 Background Mayor Vincent Emil Tayko Arbolado has already an established family background in the town of Siaton. he immediately took up Bachelor of Law at Foundation University and graduate on the year 1988. This is because of the fact that his father Atty. He studied at Catherina Cittadini-St. Before he became the mayor of the town of Siaton. he took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management at Silliman University and graduate on the year 1984.

and with the help of the National and Provincial Governments. concretized or paved long stretched of municipal streets. a backhoe. dumptrucks. barangay and farm-to-market roads. a mutli0structural complex consisting of a bus bay. the local government was able to purchased a bulldozer. Right immediately from his succession he requested for an audience with the municipal council and conducted a meeting telling them to a unified mission and vision for the town. construct drainage canals along existing roads. a payloader.P a g e | 23 Political Contribution Mayor Arbolado entered politics on the year 1995 as Vice-Mayor of the town of Siaton. During his administration he was able to establish public utility areas that could attract crowds and thus creat micro-business environment. Among them were the three habal-habal terminals established in a designated place in the town of Siaton. however. in his administration. Further. is the municipal bus terminal complex. The most visible of these initiatives. restroom. business use. a road roller. and other heavy equipment. And this mission and vision must have the immediate. The surrounding areas are now also viable for . direct and sustained impact to the populace. passenger terminal. and thus were able to provide year-round maintenance of existing roads. senior citizens lounge. and store spaces. He served for more than seven years and then later succeeded as mayor after the death of the late Apolinario Quisay on the year 2003. he was also able to open thirty eight kilometers long of feeder roads. Moreover.

Giligaon High School 2. . These different high schools are as follows: 1. Napacao High School 6. Cabangahan High School 3. During his reign he was able to make Siaton as a first class municipality. Mantiquil High School 8. Sumaliring High School 5. Mantuyop (Science) High School 4. Canbonbon (Sandulot) High School The aforementioned are just one of the major contribution the he achieved in the development of Siaton.P a g e | 24 And one of the most significant contribution during his administration was when contructed different high schools in some barangays in Siaton. Candugay (Casalaan) High School 7.

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P a g e | 30 Curriculum Vitae PERSONAL BACKGROUND Name Birthday Place of Birthday Age Nationality Religion Languages Spoken : KYLE GLENN BAYLON-VERADOR : JULY 17. June 2010-present ST. AND BASIC LATIN EDUCATION SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY Bachelor of Arts major in Political Science. CEBUANO. BASIC SPANISH. FILIPINO. 1990 : SIATON. March 2007 FELIPE TAYKO MEMORIAL SCHOOL Elementary Diploma. March 2003 FELIPE TAYKO MEMORIAL SCHOOL Pre-School Diploma. March 1997 . June 2007-March 2010 SIATON NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL High School Diploma. JOSEPH SEMINARY COLLEGE Bachelor of Arts major in Philosophy. NEGROS ORIENTAL : 22 YEARS OLD : FILIPINO : ROMAN CATHOLIC : ENGLISH.

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