A Prayer in the Desert While the desert is meant to kill us, it is not meant to destroy.

In fact, the desert ultimately is about finding life beyond this life. In our hunger, in our desperation, we cry (and maybe scream) for mercy. In the desert, we learn that man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the Father. The Word of the Father is a light unto our path. The Word of the Father shines into the darkness-and overcomes it. This Word, this beatific vision, this fire of love, illumines the soul. The Word of God reveals to us a joy unspeakable. Jesus faced the cross for the joy before him. We face the cross, the desert, the end of our own hopes and plans for the joy before us. Ultimately, following Christ into the desert is not about self-denial or giving up the pleasures of this life. In the desert, we learn to let go of all the distractions, all the things and people and thoughts that hinder us from encountering the beauty of the Lord. Here is a prayer birthed in the wilderness: Wind blowing through the trees. Leaves trembling and gently waving at the morning sun. Earth waking to glory. Teach me Lord. Teach me Holy Ghost. Teach me to write with my hands. Teach my to pray with my hands. Guide me. Lead me in the paths of life and beauty. Teach me. Guide me. Lead me in the way of love. I rest in your love. I breathe in your life. Renew me. May the wisdom of the Father inspire me. May the grace of Jesus flow through me. May the life of the Spirit flow ever through me. Breathe in to me. Light of true light. Song of true song. Laughter. Peace. Joy. My life is hid with Christ in God. I will rest. I will rest. I will rest upon the wind of His love. Breathing in me. Breathing on me. Breathing through me. Rushing Spirit, hover over me. Quicken this soul to light. I run into you. I run into you.

I run into your ever-flowing. Dancing. Spinning. Riding on the light springs of light. Gliding through the mists of night. My eyes are set. My eyes are set upon the love beauty of the Lord. Lead me. Guide me. Protect me from false images. From images that stop short of life. Teach me to see. Teach me to see the light of heaven moving in and through and around me. O Love, so beautiful. Light of true light. Song of true song. Lighting upon me. Trickling into me. Stripping away the false skin. The dead skin. The peel of death. Light of true light penetrate my soul. Pulse through me. Heavenly light, holy light, gushing, gushing through my veins. I breathe in your liquid, glowing love. Teach me to walk. Teach me to run. Teach me to glide. Gliding through this earth on rays of loving light. Breathing, resting, floating. Upward, inward. Higher and higher. O God, you are my God. Unstoppable. Unquenchable. A dry soul drinks. I am a drunk man, wandering in love's tavern. Laughing. Crying. Celebrating. My Lover is here and I am a drunk man. My head is light. Everything glows with Love's touch. Everything glistens with Love's heart. I am a drunk man. I shall not go home tonight. No I shall stay and lay in my lover's arms. In my holy, glorious, lover's arms. Floating, flying above. Above the dark city. Above the loud voices.

Above the grumblers. Above the lights twinkle about the cityscape like fireflies in dance. The world is alive, pulsating with life. Love's light cannot be stopped. Even into dark woods, love's light echoes. Loving Father. Into your hands I commit my spirit.