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Rancangan Pengajaran Harian

Subject Year Date Time

: English Language : Year 6 : 19 September 2012 : 8.00 a.m. 9.00 a.m.

Number of Students : 26 Theme Topic Specifications : World of Knowledge : Splashes of Colours : 1.3.3 Listen to and understand phrases in descriptions heard 2.3.1 Name and identify things 3.4.2 Read aloud sentences in text observing correct stress and intonation 4.3.1 Form sentences by matching sentence halves 4.3.2 Construct simple sentences and compound sentences : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to : Teaching Aid Identify and state the names of at least ten colours Spell the names of colours learned correctly Answer questions based on the pictures displayed Write meaningful sentences based on the picture given

Learning Outcomes

: Coloured strips, picture cards, phrase/sentence cards, graphic organizer, video clip, LCD projector, worksheet

Previous Knowledge : Pupils has already known about basic colours Moral Values : Being grateful, kindness, thankful, unconditional love, cooperation, perseverance

Educational Emphasis : Active Listening, Interpersonal, Cooperative, Interaction, Inference

Stage/Time Set Induction (10 minutes)

Content Colours : Blue Red Yellow Green Purple Pink Brown Orange Turquoise White Black

Teaching and Learning Activities Teachers Activity Students Activity Teacher distributes coloured strips among the pupils. Teacher asks the pupils to move around, find friends with the same coloured strips and form their groups. Teacher asks the pupils to name their colours and write them on the whiteboard. * Other groups can correct the spelling if it is wrong. Teacher introduces the topic. Pupils move around, find their friends and form the groups.

Remarks Strategy/Method/ CCTS Brainstorming Identifying Teaching Aid Coloured strips (Appendix 1) Moral Values Cooperation

Each group name their colour and a reprensenter from the group writes the name of the colour on the white board.

Presentation (10 minutes)

Colours around us Nature

Teacher shows a scenery picture using the LCD projector.

Pupils study the picture carefully.

Strategy/Method/ CCTS Brainstorming Discussion

Teacher asks pupils to identify the colours that they see in the picture and the feelings related to them.

Pupils identify and name the colours and share their feelings. * Colours : - blue / white / beige / yellow / green / purple / pink * Suggested answers : - I feel calm when I see green. - Red shows anger. - White is related to pureness. - Green is the colour of nature.

Teaching Aid Scenery Picture (Appendix 2) Picture cards Phrase cards (Appendix 3)

Moral Values Unconditional love Thankful

Teacher talks about the picture with pupils.

Pupils give their opinions about the picture. * Suggested answers : - The scenery is beautiful. - The sky is blue. - The wild flowers are colourful. - There is snow on the mountains. - The trees are green and shady.

Teacher gets a few pupils to match the pictures to their descriptions

Pupils match the pictures correctly to their descriptions.

Practice (10 minutes)

Teacher displays the colour chart and asks the pupils to list down the name of colours. * Level 1 pupils will fill in the missing letters. Teacher distributes the task sheets for pupils to carry out. Pupils attempt the task.

Strategy/Method/ CCTS Discussion Interpreting Teaching Aid Colour Chart (Appendix 4) Worksheet (Appendix 5) Moral Values Perseverance

Teacher discusses the answers with the pupils. Teacher conducts a spelling drill and checks pupils pronunciation.

Pupils check their answers.

Pupils repeat the words after the teacher and spell them.

Production (25 minutes)

Teacher displays again the scenery picture and asks pupils to write at least five meaningful sentences about it.

Pupils write meaningful sentences based on the picture. * Suggested answers : 1. The sky is bright and blue. 2. There are small colourful flowers on the ground. 3. The mountains are snowy white. 4. The beige sand is clean. 5. The trees are green and shady.

Strategy/Method/ CCTS Group work Discussion Relating Teaching Aid Scenery Picture (Appendix 2) Worksheet (Appendix 6) Moral Values Perseverance Cooperation

Teachers explain the instructions clearly to the Level 1 pupils about their task. * They have to match the sentence halves correctly. Teacher asks a few pupils to come out and read their sentences voluntarily.

Pupils listen carefully to the teacher and complete their work.

A few volunteers come out to the front and read their answers loudly.

Closure ( 5 minutes )

Colours and things related to them

Teacher plays the video clip Song Colour and asks the pupils to sing along.

Pupils sing the song with appropriate gestures.

Strategy/Method/ CCTS Singing Teaching Aid Video Clip Moral Values Being grateful Unconditional love

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