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Nuovo Pignone can supply the large compressors for Propane. Nigeria LNG). testing and operational aspects of this very challenging application. Oman LNG. 7. Mixed Refrigerant or other refrigerant gases required by the specific LNG process. Nuovo Pignone has supplied the centrifugal and axial compressors and associated gas turbine drivers for most of the recent LNG Plants (Woodside. Sarawak .LNG Large LNG Plants require turbocompressors with large steam or gas turbine drivers for refrigeration service. In fact. Nuovo Pignone has the most extensive experience covering all design. ALNG Trinidad. MNLG Dua and TIGA. manufacturing. Qatargas.7 MM T/y LNG Dua plant in Bintulu.

Particular attention has to be given to rotor dynamics. This solution was adopted for the first time in the Bintulu plant using Nuovo Pignone worldclass advanced technology. 3MCL 1004 propane centrifugal compressors driven by MS 6001 B gas turbine (Bintulu plant) Mixed Refrigerant The duty of these machines. For large plants the use of axial compressors provides efficiency and operational advantages. driven by gas turbine MS 7001 E-A (Bintulu plant) Methane Ethylene This service is usually met by one compressor casing. Mixed refrigerant train AN 200 axial compressor and 2BCL 806 centrifugal compressor. along with natural gas reinjection. due to the high pressure ratio and consequent large number of impellers generally associated with this refrigerant. Careful design of rotor and stator blading. driven by a gas or steam turbine. Ethylene compressor . These machines generally do not present unusual challenges other than those normally related to trains of several large units. the most demanding application for industrial turbomachines. this duty represents. Low temperatures and a high molecular weight combined with side streams of significant capacity.Propane This service is usually provided by one or two compressor casings each driven by a gas or steam turbine. requires the solution of many technical manufacturing and assembly issues. Due to the unique characteristics of this refrigerant. which have to handle large capacities at low operating temperature. 2MCL 1006 centrifugal compressor (Trinidad plant) In this type of service the compressor is required to develop a very high pressure ratio which is generally obtained with a three casing train. require a very precise fluid dynamic design of the gas path and particular attention to rotor dynamics. accurate analysis of start-up procedures and precise evaluation of off-design operating conditions were key to successful implementation. The last is a barrel type compressor while the first and the second are horizontally split for easier maintenance.

Studio Tre Fasi .A.This is done because of the criticality of the rotating equipment in the liquefaction chain. Mixed refrigerant centrifugal compressors on test bed Full Load Test GE Power Systems Oil & Gas Nuovo Pignone S.A. 2 50127 Florence .com/geoilandgas Control room COMK/MARK 787/II .Italy Tel.p.gepower.4-2001 ©2001 Nuovo Pignone S. +39-055-423211 Fax +39-055-4232800 e-mail: info. allowing us to reproduce plant operating conditions and to fully verify both the performance and mechanical behavior of the Via Felice Matteucci. The Florence and Massa plants are also suitable to perform full load testing on large electric motor driven compressors. Nuovo Pignone full load testing facilities at the Florence and Massa plants have proven ability to string test complete 80 MW trains (including electric motor helper).com www.geoil&gas@np. all rights reserved LNG turbocompressor during full load test at Massa plant .All units supplied for LNG applications are generally full load tested prior to shipment.p.

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