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A publication of First Christian Church of Edmond, OK Vol. 4 No. 45 November 15, 2012

The Chalice

Take Time to Reach Out

By Rev. Chris Shorow, Senior Minister
I skipped a high school class once and had quite an experience. Now, by skipping a class once, I mean that literallyI skipped only once in my high school career. I was an obedient student, saving my rebellion for later years. On this particular day, one of my teachers was in the hospital with an undisclosed illness. He was very sick and probably wouldnt be returning to the classroom. During his class, which met right before lunch, a few of us decided to cut class and go and visit him in the hospital. We actually asked the substitute if that would be OK, and he told us to go ahead. We went and had a wonderful visit with our teacher, although we were very concerned about his health. On our way back to school, we were pulled over by a police officer, who noticed that one of the brake lights on my friends car was out. He asked us about school, and we gave the lame excuse that we had permission to visit a sick teacher in the hospital. He told us that we had given a very creative response to his question and he laughed as he called the principal to explain that he had caught a group of delinquents skipping class. As we returned to school, chaperoned by our new friend, the police officer, we were met by the principal and the viceprincipal in the parking lot. To make matters worse, my friend locked her keys in the car in her haste to get out of the car. Being a helpful sort, I volunteered to get a coat hanger and break in to the car (this was back in the days when you could actually break into a car!). To top off the scenario, my mom, who was off running errands, happened to drive by. Imagine her reaction as she saw her only son, who was scheduled to be in his English class at the time, trying to break into a strangers car with a coat hanger, accompanied by three friends with guilty looks on their faces, a police officer, while the principal and vice principal of the school were giving a lecture on the evils of truancy. I had some explaining to do that night! No wonder I never skipped another class! I told that story the other day and someone commented that they bet I wouldnt do that again. You know what? I would do it in a heartbeat. Seeing my teacher in the hospital was more important than any misunderstandings that happened that day. Its the one memory I carry from that day with no regrets. My teacher died soon after and I remember several classmates saying how sorry they were that they never got by to see him. The lesson for me was this: always make the time to reach out. No matter the hassle, people in need deserve our attention. Dont take any regrets to the funeral. Jesus knew this factour neighbor is anyone in need. And there is no interruption in our schedule that calls us away from meeting anothers need. Several years later I ran into my teachers widow. She said, Chris, you will never know what your visit meant to my husband. Well, actually I do know what it meantto me, at least. Dont pass up the chance to make a phone call, drop by or just say I love you. You wont regret it.

Edmond Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Volunteers Still Needed!
Thursday, November 22, 11 am to 3 pm University of Central Oklahoma UCO Ballroom
Each year, several churches in Edmond combine efforts to host a Community Thanksgiving Dinner - and volunteers are still needed for this wonderful community meal. This shared meal is for anyone, but provides a special sense of community for singles, college students, those far from family members, and others. Hundreds of volunteers are needed to prep the food prior to Thanksgiving Day, and, on Thanksgiving Day - prepare food, serve the food and clean up afterward. Drop by the Rotunda display to complete a volunteer form.

For Home Delivery, please call 341-3602, ext. 130.

The Advent season will arrive soon; the time we prepare for the coming of Christ. It seems early, but it is the time to ready ourselves for the true gifts that Christ brings to us: hope, peace, love and joy. Several years ago I was privileged to go to the Holy Land. One beautiful summer day we went into Bethlehem to see where Jesus was born. I looked forward to a simple stable, with some hay and a few animals. What I saw instead was the ornate Church of the Nativity with gold adornment everywhere. Descending into the Grotto of the Nativity, you then approach a 14 point star imbedded in a marble floor that marks the traditional spot where Jesus was born. It is a far cry from the pastoral scene that many of us imagine on that lonely Christmas night. And for many of us, that is what Christmas has become. Instead of a stable, we have an overly decorated nativity. Rather than a celebration of those simple gifts Christ gives to us, it has become a commercialized blur of activity - too much emphasis on presents, decorations and money. Our whirlwind of activity leaves us no time to feel the true peace of the season and discover, like the shepherds on that night, the simple gifts of Christmas. This Christmas at First Christian, we will live simply. From our decorations to our worship services, to our messages, we will go back to Bethlehem to recover the simple spirit of Christmas: where a young woman gave birth to a Savior in a simple manger. Come and join us this Christmas season as we journey Back to Bethlehem and recover the simple gifts of the season. The spirit of Christ lives among us as we journey together to experience hope, peace, love and joy. - Rev. Chris Shorow Hanging of the Greens & Tasting Party
Sunday, December 2 - 6:30 pm Our student ministries annually prepares this unique service which shares the meaning of traditional symbols of the holidays: wreaths and Christmas trees as we sing classic carols, and hear Gods word. Younger children will have the opportunity to help decorate our Childrens Christmas tree during part of this family-oriented service. Our annual Tasting Party, hosted by Membership Ministries, follows the service. Bring your favorite holiday dessert, candy or appetizer to share. Upon a Christmas Light created by Michael and Jill Gallina. Its the very first Christmas Eve ever when Super Nova and Grandioso, the heads of Galaxy Productions, appear and make an announcement. They have heard on the Greatest Authority that this is the night our Holy Savior will be born. They launch a star search to determine which star is worthy of lighting the sky above the manger. After dramatic twists and turns, we all learn we can be the brightest and the best through Gods love and light. Enjoy this Christmas gift from the children of First Christian, and stay for cookies & milk! (Nursery provided)

Advent Schedule

Childrens Christmas Eve Service

Monday, December 24 - 5:30 pm The Gospel will come alive with the help of our children in a narrative re-telling of the birth of Jesus. This abbreviated, familyoriented worship service includes familiar Christmas hymns. Children (ages 3 through 2nd grade) may select a costume at 5 pm and participate in the Nativity story!

Candlelight Christmas Eve Services

Monday, December 24 - 7 and 11 pm Join us as we anticipate the day of our Saviors birth! The 7 pm Christmas Eve service will feature beautiful music, scripture readings, and the lighting of the Christ Candle. The 11 pm service will feature a serene, simplied candlelight service with carols, the Chancel Choir, and scripture. The service ends in candlelight with bells tolling the midnight hour, marking the arrival of Christmas Day. (No nursery on Christmas Eve)

Youth Snowball Celebration

Snowball 2012 - Christmas in Candyland Friday, December 7 - 6 to 10 pm All FCC students, 6th through 12th grade, are invited to the 17th annual Snowball Celebration event! Tickets are $15.00 and you need to register by December 2 at

Christmas Cantata

Sunday, December 16 - 6:30 pm The cantata, Lead Me Back to Bethlehem by Pepper Choplin, will be performed by our own FCC Chancel Choir along with Peace Lutheran Church. Through this cantata may the spirit lead you back to Bethlehem to experience the miracle of the childs birth, the joy of the shepherds, the mystery of the star and the ones who followed it. After the cantata, please joinus for a reception with our friends from Peace Lutheran Church. (Nursery provided)

Childrens Christmas Musical

Once Upon a Christmas Light Sunday, December 9 - 6:30 pm

Join the All-Star cast of First Christian as the children present this musical Once

Prayers of the People

THOSE IN NEED OF PRAYER Jerry Jones, Andrew Woods, Mack Mitchell, Joan Grant, Tom Cowling, Larry Hays (Dyke Moffatts brother-in-law), Jay ONiel (Virgina ONiels son), Lori Snider (Loretta Parks daughter), Terra Conlin (Sid & Thadda Grooms daughter), Jason Scheer (Larry & Judy Freemans son), Rose Marie McKee, Virginia ONiel, Cynthia David (Winnie Halls daughter), Ed Berry, Bill & Mary Lou Womble OUR SYMPATHY AND PRAYERS TO Dr. Henry Pearce in the death of his sister, Dee Ray, on November 9. Services were held on November 14 at First Baptist Church Edmond. CELEBRATING THE GIFT OF A NEW LIFE Annie Jo Westhof born November 7 to Christian & Susan Westhof. Grandparents are Chris & Connie Westhof. Dear Church Family Our family would like to extend our sincere appreciation for all of your prayers and support during the passing of our mother/grandmother, Kathy Badger. It was very touching to know that our church family was there for us, even though many of you never met her. We received a sweet card that I want to share with you I wish I had a big yellow umbrella that would keep away all the rain in your life. I would hold it over your head and the drops would splash, splash and you would never even feel it. But I dont have a big yellow umbrella - so Ill walk through the rain with you. Thank you, dear First Christian family, for being that for us and walking through the rain with us and please know that we will do the same for you. With much love, The Buntons

Happy Birthday!
11/18 Judy Bennett, Kathy Lee 11/19 Linda Burke, Colin McGann, Carson Mullins, David P. Smith 11/20 Ellen Chitwood, Reta Clopton, Earlee Daniel, Scott Powell 11/21 Brian Haley, James King, Jennifer Penland 11/22 Marcella Halliday 11/23 Jim Vaught 11/25 Linda Breslin, Blake Greenhaw, Eric Jennings, Darla Smith

Purchase Poinsettias
Help Decorate for Advent!
Each year we decorate our worship spaces for Advent with beautiful poinsettias. For just $15, you can purchase a poinsettia in honor or in memory of a loved one. There are three simple ways to place your order: 1) Order forms in worship bulletins through Sunday, December 9 2) Order online at www. 3) Call Iris Jordan at 341-3544 Orders must be received by Sunday, December 9. If you purchased poinsettias to take home, you may pick them up on Sunday, December 16. All proceeds benefit the youth mission fund.

Financial Report

Through October of 2012, year-to-date pledge giving is 103.1% of year-to-date pledge budget and year-to-date non-pledge giving is 111.0% of year-to-date non-pledge budget. General fund expenses are 97.5% of year-to-date budget. Building fund revenue year-to-date is 95.2% of year-to-date building fund pledges. Year-to-date (YTD), through October 31, 2012, revenue and expenses are: General Fund Building Fund YTD Actual YTD Actual Revenue $938,552.15 $215,303.28 Expense $922,293.66 $227,292.80 Excess/(Shortfall) $16,258.49 ($11,989.52) Please remember to note on your checks or envelopes to which church accounts you want your contribution credited.

from the Finance Committee

Would you like to serve? Through Breakfast on Boulevard (BOB), First Christian Church helps feed the hungry of the Edmond community, Monday through Friday mornings. Volunteers are needed to set up, cook, serve, prepare, and clean up from 5:30 to 7:30 a.m. If you would like to volunteer on a rotational basis, contact Judy Griffis at (405) 348-1443 or Mickey Stufflebean at (405) 341-4742.

BOB Needs Volunteers!

8:15, 9 & 11am

Sunday, December 2, 2012 10:00 a.m. - Fellowship Hall - North

Have you been thinking about becoming a member of First Christian? We invite you to join members of our staff & the church for an informal gathering. Come and join us for coffee, juice and donuts and learn about First Christian Church... its history, its mission and its ministries! Contact Iris Muno Jordan at (405) 341-3544.

Discover First Christian!

at First Christian
November 18, 2012

Message: Mark Taylor Rev. Chris Shorow Scripture: James 2:1-13

A Holiday Adventure
With The Classics December 15
Join the Classics on Saturday, December 15, at they travel to Plano, TX, for a production by Prestonwood Baptist Church of The Gift of Christmas. This performance promises to be a visually stunning, multimedia event complete with special effects, a thousand voices and instruments - and, yes - flying angels! At the heart of the production, there will be the simple story of Christmas - the manger, shepherds, Joseph and Mary, the Christ Child...the glorious hope we have in our Savior! The cost is $99 per person, which includes transportation, a buffet lunch and the performance. The Classics will depart for Plano, TX, on December 15 at 8 a.m. The show starts at 2 p.m. and ends around 4:30 p.m. They will leave for Edmond shortly after, and, return to Edmond by 9:30 p.m. Contact Winnie Hall at 341-4297 or Ellen Chitwood at 341-2859 for more information or to make reservations.

November 25, 2012

Message: Rev. Chris Shorow Bruce Jackson Scripture: Luke 14:12-14


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