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January 2013


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race the signs and prophecies pointing to the events that will take place just prior to Jesus return as you reach out to others with Gods love so that they too may watch and be ready. 978-0-8280-2688-8

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End time Events

Planet in Distress Scott Christiansen
Christiansen explores the Bible and inspired writings in reference to what is coming, what the events mean to Christians, and how to use the approaching decline of global systems to work powerfully for God and prepare for Christs second coming. 978-0-8280-2660-4. US$11.99

Satans Trojan Horse Norman Gulley

Norman Gulley exposes Satans strategy to separate humanity from Jesus, the ultimate deliverer, and shows how we can confidently survive the last days only by clinging to our Savior. 978-0-8280-1746-6. US$16 .99 ____

What the Bible Says About the End-Time Jon Paulien

This faith-building exposition of Scripture helps sharpen our view of last-day events, but above all focuses on Jesus Himself, who alone adds meaning to the end of time. 9780-8280-1400-7. US$11.99 ____

The Time of the End James L. Hayward, Sr.

This chronological study of last day events is a compilation of Spirit of Prophecy quotes and Bible references. Hardcover. 978-0911833-10-2. US$24.95

The Great Controversy DVD Series Nancy Hamilton Myers

These videos trace an epic battle fought throughout human history. Volume 1 presents the Biblical truth of the great controversy between Christ and Satan. Volume 2 reveals the deceptions that are once again infiltrating mainline Christianity. Volume 3 is presented as a feature-length movie that dramatizes last day events. Volume 1: 978-0-8280-2590-4. US$14.99 Volume 2: 978-0-8280-2591-1. US$14.99 Volume 3: 978-0-8280-2677-2. US$19.99 8

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Preparing for the Second Coming

Three Angels, One Message John T. Anderson
Are we confident that we know what the Three Angels messages mean? Can we explain them clearly to others? John Anderson digs deep into scripture to help you appreciate the incredible relevance and importance of the Three Angels Messages to our day. 978-0-8280-2658-1. US$16.99

Successful Small Groups Kurt W. Johnson

Discover how you and your church can intentionally go deeper and get more engaged in personal relationships with friends, family, and neighbors through small group evangelism. 978-0-8280-2561-4. US$14.99 ____

Ministry to the Cities Ellen G. White

This volume is a call to actiona plea for believers to work for their Savior by bringing the gospel to the millions of people in the cities of the world. 978-0-8280-2665-9. US$9.99, SALE US$7.99

Armageddon at the Door Jon Paulien

Jon Pauliens explanation of the many confusing symbols in Johns vision unveils the mystery surrounding the battle of Armageddon, providing answers crucial to our understanding of earths final events. 978-0-8127-0477-8. US$15.99 ____

The Next Superpower Mark Finley

Filled with colorful illustrations, this book on prophecy and last day events was designed to be shared with anyone looking for answers in these troubling times.Hardcover. 978-0-82801918-7. US$19.99, SALE U$4.97

The Crisis Ahead

Ellen Whites inspired insights into last-day events are arranged in a systematic sequence as answers to simple questions posed by Robert W. Olson. She explains not only what will happen, but how to get ready for it. 978-0-8280-1525-7. US$10.99

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40 Days Spiritual Journey

Dennis Smith
This book contains 40 days of devotional studies designed to strengthen your relationship with Christ and enable you to lead others to Him. Also available in a New King James Version edition. English: 978-0-8280-2483-9. Spanish: 9780-8280-2550-8. US$12.99 each. New King James Version edition: 978-0-8280-2544-7. US$10.99


Take a 40-day spiritual journey through these practical biblical teachings and powerful prayer activities to revitalize your soul. Beautiful full-color through out, an excellent resource for personal devotions, small groups, or entire churches. 978-08280-2550-8. US$12.99


In this volume youll spend 40 days exploring a wholistic view of healththe importance of caring for mind, body, and soul and the integral role of the health message during these last days of earths history. 978-0-8280-2575-1. US$12.99

The Handbook for Bible Study Lee J. Gugliotto

Pastors and serious students of the Bible will learn a systematic way to dig deeper into texts and find meaning that can be shared in sermons, devotions, and study groups. 978-0-8280-1461-8. US$19.99 ____

Pictorial Aid for Bible Study Frank Breaden

A portable kit of 60 Bible study guides explaining the major prophecies of Daniel and Revelation with 80 full-color illustrations. Perfect for group discussions, training classes, family Bible studies, or person-toperson evangelism. Instruction Manual with Image Library DVD. 978-1-921292-19-4. US$59.99 10

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Worship and Prayer

The Keepsake Family Bible
The Keepsake Family Bible is no ordinary Bibleit is a beautiful heirloom that your family will treasure for generations. The words in the sacred Book will bring your family members healing and hope. Includes: more than 300 beautiful works of art, pages to record family events, 32 full-color maps, and the King James Version with Words of Christ in red. English, black cover 978-0-8280-2596-6 English, white cover 978-0-8280-2595-9 French, black cover 978-0-8280-2597-3 US$149.99 each

NKJV Gift Bible

A long-time favorite, the New King James Version gift Bible has been updated with Mark Finley study helps to further enhance your Bible study. Features include Words of Christ in red, text notes, and cross references. Personalize your gift with recipients name on the cover for a Bible that will be cherished for years to come. US$9.99 each; 20+ US$5.99 each Black Hardcover 978-0-8280-2673-4 Burgundy Hardcover 978-0-8280-2674-1

The ABCs of Bible Prayer Glenn Coon

The principles of asking, believing, and claiming are illustrated in 12 sermons, liberally illustrated with case histories. 978-0-8280-2023-7. US$10.99 ____

Prayer Works Kurt Johnson

Thirteen lessons designed to help lead you into a deeply spiritual exploration of prayer. You will learn the secret to answered prayer, how to pray for others, how and why Jesus prayed, how to listen as we pray, what happens when churches pray, and much more. 978-0-8280-1524-0. US$4.99

Majesty: Experiencing Authentic Worship S. Joseph Kidder

Of course you know whom to worship, but what about why, how, and when? Discover the simple yet profound answers that will transform your soul and leave you hungry for Gods presence. 978-0-8280-2423-5. US$11.99

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Spiritual Growth
Authentic Scott R. Ward
If youve ever wanted a genuine, thriving relationship with Jesus but didnt know exactly what to do to make it happen, this book was written for you. 978-0-8280-2632-1. US$12.99 ____



Christs Way to Pray
Philip Samaan tells how to take our weak, ineffective prayers and turn them into a harmonious duet with Christs mighty prayers. 978-0-9741001-0-4. US$11.99

Christs Way to Restoration


The brokenness and rebelliousness that Satan instigated in heaven affects us all. See how Christs strategy of redemption restores us now and for eternity. 978-0-9824395-0-0. US$12.99

Christs Way of Affirmation

The God-given gift of affirmation is often counterfeited with flattery intended to manipulate and inflate human egos. Learn the power of authentic affirmation. 978-9824395-1-7. US$13.99


Christs Method Alone

Christ used six steps in witnessing. Its a method that works and that frees you from anxiety about outreach. 978-0-9824395-2-4. US$14.99


Follow Me: How to Walk with Jesus Every Day Miroslav M. Kis
How do we follow someone we cannot see? With his sensitive sketches of people whose lives were transformed when they met Jesus, Miroslav Kis opens our eyes to the leading of our Savior. By observing His life-transforming grace, we discover how our own world can change. 978-0-8280-1544-8. US$11.99 12

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Spiritual Growth
The Message of the Latter Rain Kelvin M. Duncan and Earl D. Peters
Rediscover the immense privilege we have as Christians to be loved infinitely by a forgiving God! The efficacy of the Cross opens the doors to forgiveness and hopea message much needed in our world today. 978-0-57809949-1. US$14.99


The Blessing of Adversity Barry Black

Barry Black shares with you a path to find peace in the midst of tough times. Youll find the help and hope you need to survive lifes brokenness. 978-1-4143-2680-1. US$14.99

Take the Risk Ben Carson

You can find our cultures obsession with avoiding risk everywhere. Surgeon and author Ben Carson, who faces risk on a daily basis, offers an inspiring message on how accepting risk can lead us to a higher purpose. Hardcover. 978-0-310-25973-2. US$19.99

Its All About Him! Lee Venden

Lee Venden uses a blend of stories, parables, and plain teaching to explain how to surrender your will, how to be converted daily, and how to experience Christ's transforming power. 978-0-8280-1807-4. US$12.99

Knowing Jesus Is Everything Alejandro Bulln

No matter what you do (or dont do), the Christian life is too difficultif you dont know Jesus personally. Alejandro Bulln offers guidance for pursuing a genuine friendship with Jesus. 978-0-8280-2381-8. US$12.99 ____

The Road I Travel

C. Raymond Holmess deep riveting study of biblical spirituality combined with personal experiences from his own walk with God has resulted in an unshakeable experience of faithone which he longs to share. 978-0-8280-2581-2. US$15.99

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Healthy Living
Health Power Hans Diehl and Aileen Ludington
Youll learn step by step how many lifestyle diseases can prevented, reversed, and even cured by changes nearly everyone can make at home. Hardcover. 978-0-8280-2594-2. US$19.99

Counsels on Diet and Foods Ellen G. White

Ellen White in her writings clearly points out the connection between the food we eat and our physical and spiritual welfare. She also shares how best to teach the principles of health to others. Free study guide available at Hardcover 978-0-8280-1595-0. US$17.99 Paperback 978-0-8280-2060-2. US$7.99

Foods That Heal George D. Pamplona-Roger, M.D.

Change your diet, and youll change your life! By tapping into natures vitality-enhancing foods, you will enjoy more vibrant health. Let worldrenowned nutrition expert Dr. George D. Pamplona-Roger get you started on the pathway to better eating. 978-0-8280-1864-7. US$24.99, SALE US$7.99

Plants That Heal George D. Pamplona-Roger, M.D.

Learn natural remedies that will heal the body and invigorate the mind. Written by a world-renowned medical doctor and nutrition expert, this treasury of information will teach you how to experience the healing power of natures pharmacy. 978-0-8280-2683-3. US$24.99, SALE US$7.99

Depression: The Way Out Neil Nedley, M.D.

Treatment of depression is most often attempted with medication. Dr. Nedley, author of Proof Positive, introduces a new approach to finding and treating the underlying cause. Read about his successful 20-week cure that has brought relief to many of his patients. Hardcover. English: 978-0-9661979-4-5. Spanish: 978-0-9661979-8-3. US$38.99 each 14

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Healthy Cooking
Amazing Health Cookbook Barbara Watson
This cookbook is packed with delicious plant-based recipes tried and true favorites with a vegan twistand innovative dishes to tempt your palate. Hardcover. 978-0-8280-2589-8. US$19.99

Naturally GourmetTM

Karen Houghton
Naturally GourmetTM is a must for your kitchen! Youll enjoy more than 100 beautifully illustrated, plant-based recipes that are not only mouthwateringly good, but easy to prepare. Hardcover Spiral-bound. 978-1-878046-06-2. US$24.99

Vibrant Life Heather Quintana, editor

If youre determined to live a healthier and more energetic life, were here to support you. Every issue helps you stay on trackmentally, physically, and spiritually. US$3.99 each, US$19.95 for a one-year subscription. 6 annual issues, published bi-monthly.

Ten Talents Frank J. Hurd, D.C., M.D., and Rosalie Hurd

This classic natural foods vegetarian cookbook and health manual emphasizes Gods original diet for human beings. Includes more than 1,000 healthy recipes, a natural foods glossary, and much more. English: 978-0-615-25597-2. Spanish: 978-0-615-2662-3. US$34.99 each

More Choices Cheryl D. Thomas Peters and James A. Peters

These great-tasting and easy-to-make vegetarian meals will help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight and health. Includes nutritional and meal-planning guidelines. Wire-O 978-0-8280-1794-7. US$19.99

Fun With Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook Judi Rogers

Here are scrumptious vegetarian recipes that get kids excited about healthy eating. They'll love the delightful names, looks, and tastes of each creative dish. And you'll love the fact that they're learning to prepare and enjoy nutritious foods. Wire-O. 978-0-8280-1071-9. US$19.99

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