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A Commonly Asked Question: Is the income tax LEGAL in Canada (or USA)? Answer: "YES!" Is the income tax LAWFUL In Canada (or the USA)? Answer: "NO!"
Legal = By corporate rules. Lawful = Morally correct/By the (Biblical)Golden Rule, That being: Do no harm. Respect the individual unalienable rights of others.

- If you are of slave/subservient status, it is LEGAL, as it is the harvesting of the fruits of the labour of owned slaves (income tax) under the property right of the slave owner. Government and incorporated Tax Collectors, both acting as agents for the corporate slave owner, SEE all humankind as being 'owned slaves'. This website deals with that issue, and suggests a remedy for the subsequent extortion racket that takes the fruits of your labour (income tax) under threat of physical punishment and fines. Canadian Census Form
I suggest making the following statement on the 'comments' section, last page, and don't fill anything else in for fear of purjuring yourself by making false statements.

Unable to answer questions posed on this form without a lawful definition of the term 'person'. And, if the implication that the person means a human creature, then of what status is this human creature/person?

Having Wages Or Bank Accounts Garnisheed By CRA?

Here are 3 pages of Court Decisions banning 3rd party garnishees: 1. 3rd Party Garnishee Prohibited Page 1 2. 3rd Party Garnishee Prohibited Page 2 3. 3rd Party Garnishee Prohibited Page 3 If a Judge denies your right to use these precedents, then demand the documents

that made you a slave owned by the corporate Crown showing the Crown's right to impose the property rights of a slave owner over your possessed property.

We are anticipating the soon appearance of the 100th MONKEY who uses the Detax Canada method of filing a $0.00 Tax Owing Return of Income. Will 'YOU' be the 100th Monkey ?
Note: Anyone who accepts the concept of 'collective, or all perversive 'deity consiousness' will understand this projected consciousness result, even if the '100th Monkey' story was partially contrived.

MUST LEARN Information For ALL Canadians And Americans The NAME GAME Renseignements Obligatoires Pour TOUS Les Canadiens En Francais - LE JEU DE NOM Having problems with debt imposed upon you? Such as - mortgage payment problems, credit card, bank loan, court fine, income tax assessment? Try the remedy method taught on this website A website that reports of having successfully used this remedy method For Those Who Have Filed A T1 Return Of Income Using The DetaxCanada Filing Method, And Have Requested That Withheld Wages Be Refunded, But Have Not Received The Refund From CRA
Try these two formatted documents - Send to the Minister of National Revenue, the Commissioner of CRA and the area CRA office. Demand For Refund. Send by registered mail.

For Those Coming To This Website from the 'JREF Forum - Thread: Detax Canada' Please be aware that the JREF FORUM thread, 'Detax Canada' is a 'dis-information scheme' and 'damage control scam' for CRA.
The forum moderators have deleted or censored most of my responses (EldonG), and have altered others, using obscure forum rules that they refuse to apply to other posters on this thread - all of whom are 'pro income tax' and supportive of the fictional corporate system of Government that degrades humankind to slave status. Please use discernment based upon the reality under which you live. Are you voluntarily a 'taxpayer'? Does your income tax pay for Government services? If you say "Yes", then read THIS - it is USA directed, but also applies to Canada

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How To File A CRA T1 [or IRS 1040] 'Return of Income'

Without providing a basis for Government to assume that you have voluntarily attached yourself to the Crown [State] property, making you the property of the Crown [State], and thus, the guarantor of the debts imposed by the Crown [State] upon its own property, the legal identity name. Do you question the Crown (State) ownership of the name you use? Consider this: "Barron's dictionary of Banking Terms defines a CERTIFICATE as: a paper establishing an ownership claim." Check out the 'owner' (at the top) and the 'claimed property' on your 'birth certificate'. Point that out to a judge.

And, With '$0.00' Tax Owing

[ Click Here ]
This may not be the way the CRA or the IRS 'wants' you to file; But, it is the way the Government [ Canada and USA ] has 'legislated' that these tax returns be filed. You, a free will man or woman, have NEVER been subject to income tax. You have NEVER had to file or pay income tax. You have NEVER had to pay taxes on your wages. You have NEVER had to pay tax on the fruits of your services and skills; or, on the sale of your property. But, you need to play their game, and file for your 'agent'. AGENT ?? What AGENT ?? The answer is in the preamble in the filing instructions. Note: For Americans, this filing system is fully effective in filing the IRS form 1040

* * NEW CRA SCAM -April 20th/07 -See below * *

See CAUTION NOTE below on joint bank accounts.

Don't Like The Smart Meter Privacy Invasion and RF Contamination ? Download this simple preventative method.

November 12th 2011 NOT SURE HOW MUCH LONGER I WILL BE ABLE TO MAINTAIN THIS WEBSITE AND OFFER INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING - Personal Age Poses Problems And Limitations Therefore, I provide my whole website and response templates for download to a DVD. Feel free to mirror my website, if you desire to do so. DetaxCanada

" Truth In A Cartoon "


One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If weve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. Were no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It is simply too painful to acknowledge even to ourselves that weve been so credulous. Carl Sagan

You And The Strawman

An Excellent Series of 4 YouTube Videos Explaining The Strawman Part 1 of 4 Part 2 of 4 Part 3 of 4 Part 4 of 4


For excellent procedures in the 'scumbag' courtrooms of the land, check out Marc Stevens' courtroom tactics
Legal Land Especially useful for any Government origin charges - tax, traffic, misdemeanor violations.

The Prophesy of Thomas Jefferson - Future Slavery Of The People

"If we run into such debts as that must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and our amusements, for our callings and creeds, as the people of England are, our people, like them, must labor sixteen hours in the twenty- four, and give the earnings of fifteen of these to the government for their debts and daily expenses; And the sixteenth [hour of labor] being insufficient to afford us bread, we must live, as they do now, on oatmeal and potatoes, have no time to think, no means of calling the mismanagers to account; but be glad to obtain [be satisfied with] subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet [being goons for our oppressors by securing] their chains around the necks of our fellow sufferers; And this is the tendency of all human governments. A departure from principle in one instance becomes a precedent for a second, that second for a third, and so on til the bulk of society is reduced to be mere automatons of misery, to have no sensibilities left but for sinning and suffering And the forehorse of this frightful team is public debt. Taxation follows that, and in its train, wretchedness and oppression. ~ Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826) USA Founding Father and President of the USA So, how has this prophesy come upon us?

When the people of North America were pledged as chattel SLAVES to the bankruptcy creditor in 1933, that being the corporate Crown of the City of London, which is owned by the Holy Roman Empire headed by the Pontiff of the Vatican, government came up with the scheme of converting family names to primary or 'surnames', and then claiming the name, derived from the birth registry of the child, as 'intellectual property' owned by the City of London Crown [or State, in the USA]. The 'registry' of a child places that child as a 'ward of the Crown (or State)'. That is how government gains control over our children, and forces parents to have their children educated in the government/Jesuit 'collectivist' brainwashing school curriculum. 'Registry' [offering up to the King (or State)] is the scheme. 'Recording' the live birth of a child with the local level of government is supposed to be merely a safeguard for the child and the parents, and that is what most people think they are doing when completing the birth 'Registry'. When that child becomes an adult, and uses the Crown/State owned name, the name found on the birth certificate, with that certificate being the pledged document to the bankruptcy creditor, that adult human, by attachment, becomes a SLAVE owned by the corporate Crown of the City of London, and thus to the Vatican. All of the SLAVE's property, including his or her labor (100%) is claimed by the slave owner. All things you purchase, possess, and wages you earn are in the Crown/State owned name. The wages or earnings you get to keep for your own use and enjoyment is called a 'benefit' from the slave owner. Such benefits are contingent upon the 'obedience' of the SLAVE to the slave master's rules and edicts. SLAVES have no rights. They fall under the property right of the slave owner. Since such a scheme that deprives humans of their life, liberties and property, is unlawful, if the subject human is forced into 'accepting' the Crown owned name, it would be unlawful - as involuntary servitude. However, that is supposedly overcome by deception so as to look like a voluntary act by the subject human. People are taught to use that Crown/State owned name from the earliest days of education. And, judges in court will use verbal trickery to get you to 'identify' yourself as being that Crown (or State) owned legal name. The primary remedy is a 'Claim of Right', and claim of usage of the Crown or State owned name under/by Private Necessity - meaning that the use of the name was a mandatory necessity to sustain and enjoy life. Under such claim, all 'assumed contracts of servitude' are void for lack of being enterd into 'voluntarily'. We normally recognize the Rule of Necessity as being the Right of self defense. If you find yourself in a court situation, you also need to make a declaration that YOU DO NOT 'CONSENT' TO BE 'IDENTIFIED' BY ANY NAME, and accompany that by an affidavit [better to use 'asseveration' than 'affidavit' as heading] declaring your use of the legal name under 'NECESSITY'. You can verbally grant the judge permission to use your given first name, or even "Mister (your family name)" as an appellation, but specify that 'IT IS NOT AN IDENTITY NAME, just as you permit your children to call you Dad or Mom. Here is a link on instruction as to how to 'SURRENDER' your birth certificate in a court case, in MP3 format. 'In Chambers' means a 'private' hearing before a judge. Also, in that method would also be the route to submit the affidavit claiming 'private necessity' in your use of the legal identity name. Note: I would suggest that this only be used if the judge disputes your claim that you are not one and the same as the accused. Regardles the schemes of the Vatican, or the Government,

to entrap us as slaves, there is always a way out. (video)

My Purpose And Disclaimer When you know where you are, it is much easier to consider ways to achieve your desired destination.
The object of this website, and Detax Canada is to inform you as to how you have been made a SLAVE subservient to the administrative incorporated body of the City of London called the CROWN AKA: the BRITISH CROWN, [In America, it is the administrative incorporated body politic called the UNITED STATES of the District/City of COLUMBIA]; and thus, the owner of those corporate City States, the Pontiff of Rome and his HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, the primal head corporation of the World, and origin of what is called FASCISM and COLLECTIVISM. If you are not familiar with what FASCISM means, note the meaning of the Roman symbol called the "fasces" from whence the term Fascism comes. If you are not familiar with what COLLECTIVISM means, watch this 5 part video presentation: [ Individualism v Collectivism ] researched by Edward G Griffin

Since we are dealing with and subjected to people who are brainwashed into believing that they are officers on a make-believe ship at sea called a corporate body, as are the nature of Governments and Nations, and their assigned duty is to discipline disobedient "slave" crewmembers; and, who are deceived into believing that ALL property, including labour, and the fruits of labour of the people/slaves belongs to the "slave" owner, the Pontiff of Rome, and his Holy Roman Empire, through his agency, the corporate Crown of the City of London [or, in America, it is the corporate UNITED STATES]- with the Pontiff of Rome being the claimed to be direct owner of that legal, financial, and professional accreditation enclave within Greater London; and, since all Courts are primarily used for dealing with '"slave disobedience" [against the rules of the slave owner - acts, statutes, laws, rules, regulations and edicts], it is very difficult to come up with any exact remedy against such violations of TRUE LAW and UNALIENABLE RIGHTS perpetrated by Governments and Agencies of Government - primarily because they exist within fiction, mythology in their land of "Make Believe". Thus, all any researcher, like myself, can accomplish is to enlighten you on how you became a slave, where the very labour of your mind and body belongs to another evil worldly power, and you can, and will be severely punished for disobedience to the slave owner's rules, and for not accounting for and pledging that property to the agencies that exist under the authority of the Pontiff and Cardinals of Rome. We can only suggest possible peaceful remedies to the gross wrongs and violations against your right to life that have been so deceitfully imposed upon you, but history shows that those methods of redress usually are only partially effective or are ineffective, or will be made ineffective by more deceit, lies or myths in their fantasy dictatorship. But, notwithstanding the above statement, we must continue to follow the rule set out by Winston Churchill, as found at the bottom of this webpage. And, we may be in phase two, or even three of his observed necessity of action. Remember, labour is your time, Life is time. Therefore, when your labour, or the fruits of your labour, are confiscated, your life is taken. The "Rule of Necessity" [derived from Creator God's Law] says that you can use the "force necessary" to defend your life. Don't be deceived - the 6th Commandment says: "You shall not murder." The term

'murder' means to kill [a violation of the right to life of] another human for unlawful gain; it DOES NOT mean using lethal force in self defense against an aggressor who is intent on taking or threatening your life, or any part of it. An online movie backs up what I say regarding the gross deceit to which you, and all Canadians and Americans have been subjected: Zeitgeist This attached webpage shows graphic images of the 600+ years Roman Catholic Inquisition that was carried out throughout southern Europe, and shows the epitomy of 'Anti-Christ' that was, and is the Roman Catholic Church - the slave control mechanism, through superstition, myth, fear, force and false hope, of the Pontiff of Rome's secular (worldly) Holy Roman Empire, the primary corporation of the world wide fascist/corporatist evil fascist system, where Governments of nations are nothing more than agents for the Papacy to administer, control, and discipline the slaves (the People), and to 'harvest' (tax) the fruits of the labour of those 'claimed to be owned by the Pontiff as slaves'. As stated on this website - for your further research [Papal Claims To Authority], this declaration in made by the Cardinal placing the triple crown [King of Heaven, Earth and Hell] upon the head of a new Pope: "Receive the tiara adorned with three crowns and know that thou art Father of princes and kings, Ruler of the world, Vicar of our Savior Jesus Christ." Does that sound like a religious leader to you??? If you think I am in error in the any of the above statements regarding the Pope's involvment in world politicial affairs, then please explain how the declared secular powers of the Pope are carried out. If, as an American, you are skeptical about the Vatican's involvment in the administration over America, you need to do some research on the website, owned by Dunn & Bradstreet. If you research the private corporation called 'the UNITED STATES Government', you will find that the 'OWNER' is listed as being 'Archbishop Deric J. McLeod, of the The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, of Washington, DC'. Since Archbishops of the Vatican are sworn to poverty, then, the Archbishop can only be the named agent for the secular Holy Roman Empire, situate in the city/state called the Vatican. If you wish to have proof that the Pontiff of the Holy Roman Empire has used religion as a means of entrapment of millions of souls into a state and status of slavery for centuries, check out these webpages: The Pontiff of Rome gains control over England, and makes the Monarch of Great Britain a puppet Monarch FOREVER King John Pope declares by edict that all humankind are his subjects(slaves) - last sentence here: Unam Sanctam The false Apostle, the Roman author of most of the New Testament, Paul False Christianity, Mithraism becomes Roman Christianity First Pope

I notice that various government agencies and departments frequently visit this website. I do hope you find it informative and a learning experience.

If there is any representative of any department of government, Canadian or American, who can provide proof that there is any information offered on this website which is incorrect, erroneous or illegal, then please feel free to inform the webmaster, and it will be promptly corrected or removed from this internet website.
As of May 2011, no government department or agency has offered any proof of error or illegality. Therefore, it is my belief that the maxim of law, "silence constitutes acquiescence" prevails.

The primary assertions made on this website are: 1. The income tax applies only to fictional (legally dead) entities called persons. Upon the recording of live birth of a child, a 7 year countdown begins. If that child, or its parents, do not give notice that the child is still alive, the child is declared 'legally dead', thus allowing the child, when becoming an adult, to be infused with the 'legally dead' legal name, as found on a birth certificate. That is why judges and lawyers wear black robes - for the same reason undertakers wear black suits - they are dealing with the 'dead'. 2. There is absolutely no government act, statute or law to which any free will living adult human in Canada, or in the USA, is subject. 3. A free will living adult human cannot enter into a contract with a fictional entity, such as with the de facto nation called Canada or Government of Canada, nor with a de facto Province of Canada or Government of a Province, nor with the de facto Crown in right to either of the above, or with a State[USA], and thus, certainly not a contract of servitude. And, so, any exchange of labour an adult free will living man or woman may do with any Government department or agency must be done through an agent in commerce where the free will adult living human remains as an 'undisclosed principal' and the claimant in equity of all remuneration paid over to the fictional legal name/ agent. The 'legal name' agent is a 'tool', in the form of intellectual property, owned by the Crown and used by the living adult free will status human, the undisclosed principal, under the Rule of Necessity. 4. The fraudulent tricking of people, through their ignorance, into the status of "plantation slave" by their using a name created and owned by the Crown or State is an act of treason, by government, upon the sovereign people. That Crown or State owned name is the name as found on the Birth certificate. 5. Since we, as free will beings, are REQUIRED to use the Crown/State owned legal identity name in all commerce and in government communication, such use is not a voluntary act on our part, as we must use it by PRIVATE NECESSITY to sustain and maintain our life. That negates the Crown/State claim that we voluntarily use it, and thus negates our becoming property owned by the Crown/State through the legal maxim, accessio cedit principali. 6. The 'legal fiction name', AKA: 'person/taxpayer', has only the function of an 'agent in commerce' and 'trustee in trust' for the free will living adult human to which it is associated. And for Canada specifically: 7. The British Monarchy ceased to have any relevance to Canada in 1901, upon the death of Queen Victoria. All British Monarchs have been pretender

Monarchs of Canada since that date. The office of 'The Queen', 'Her Majesty' or 'the Crown' is the 'also known as' name for the City of London, and its owner, the Vatican, as the Monarchs of England have been vassal Monarchs subject to the Pope's Holy Roman Empire since 1213 AD. 8. The Parliament of Canada is a de facto usurper of governing power over Canada since 1931, and in reality, since 1901; and, in fact is a commercial corporation subject to the City of London. Although we see all court cases where the action is brought by Government to be "The Queen" or the Latin "Regina". That only indicates that the Queen of Great Britain is acting in the role of agent for the City of London. That is why she does not have to comply with her Coronation oath to defend the individual rights of the people. That oath is not applicable in her role as agent for the Crown of the City of London. And also, the fact that, since 1213, all incoming Monarchs of England must make a pledge of fielty/fealty to the Pontiff of Rome, not to the Roman Catholic Church, but to his secular Holy Roman Empire, before being allowed to be crowned Monarch of Great Britain, would make the Coronation Oath invalid where it conflicts with Papal Policy. And, as with the Oath of Office of the President of the UNITED STATES, who must also be subject to the Pontiff and his policies, and thus that Oath being so commonly ignored, so to is it ever more evident that the Queen of G.B. is following policy that conflicts with her Coronation Oath. Secondary Oaths only apply when they are complicit with the Primary Oath. Think this is ancient history? Check out the pledge of a newly crowned Pope/Pontiff - Father (creator) of Kings and Princes, and obviously of Presidents and Prime Ministers.

CAUTION On some websites you will see this statement:

"Artificial person" = fictional entity created by man "Natural person" = human created by God Problem: A "human slave" is a "human created by God" "Natural person" is a slave status imposed upon a human "Freeman", "Citizen" and "Subject" are equivalent terms to "Natural Person" "Living free will man" or "Living free man" is the natural status of a God created human "Status" = one's standing or rank in a community or a society We are, by nature, in Creator God's family - His 'community' - where there is only 'free will' status. Why 'living'? During the 'false flag' burning of the City of London in 1666, the British Parliament passed an Act that declared all children over the age of 7 'legally dead'. This was called the Cestui Que (sess-to-kay) Trust Act, and allowed judges and Crown prosecutors to consider all British Subjects dead and subject to probate of their estate by the Crown, as those without a will (intestate). As dead humans, the Crown claims our bodies as owned property. And as dead bodies have no rights, and property owners have property rights, you can see what our courts truly represent in the eyes of people within Government. Possible Remedy: "I am a living free will adult man of sound mind. I do not recognize any officers of this supposed Court, nor have I authorized anyone to give authority over me to this socalled Court.

I use the Crown owned legal name (strawman name) under necessity to sustain and maintain my life, and accept no surety for, nor obligation of guarantor for any debts or obligations imposed upon that name by the corporate Crown. If you have proof positive negating my statement, then present it now or dismiss this case immediately with prejudice." (Could also be tendered/served in written affidavit format).

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you in trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."
- Mark Twain

FIND OUT WHY CANADA IS A HOAX AND, THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT IS A DE FACTO USURPER OF GOVERNING POWERS AND A TREASONOUS FRAUD Do you realize that Canada, like Australia, is a hoax, a fraud, a phony country and a commercial extortion racket? And, do you realize that the Queen is little more than a pretender and a prostitute to the Pope's banksters relative to portraying herself as the Queen of Canada?
The Queen of Great Britain, as the puppet Monarch under the Pontiff of Rome and his Holy Roman Empire acts as agent for the corporate CROWN of the City of London, a wholly owned Enclave of the Pontiff within England. The Queen, Regina, Her Majesty, the Crown are all 'also known as' titles of this very evil agent. England and its Monarch became puppets of the Pontiff in 1213 AD - FOREVER The Queen is the assigned 'slave master' over the human population of the former British Empire. Evidence that Queen Elizabeth II and members of her family have been participants into the unlawful sale of Canadian water to the corporate UNITED STATES as an investment for profit is revealed in this website. Read all the sordid information and listen to the audio by the lawyer researching the crime. This is an ongoing scheme that was secretly negotiated in the PM Brian Mulroney NAFTA Treaty back in the early 1990s, and revealed by the whistleblower, Shelly Ann Clark. She says the secret treaty gave the UNITED STATES the full rights over all sources of water existing in and falling on Canada. You can also GOOGLE "NAWAPA" (North American Water And Power Authority), and "James Bay Project". The Water War Crimes Check it out further:"Canada, A Country Without A Constitution" "The Mess Called Canada" "Government Treason Against The Canadian People"


1. The elimination of the imposition of a 'legal fiction name' by government officer(s), upon individual free will adult men and women of Canada. No man nor woman in Canada shall be considered or assumed, by any department or agency of any level of government, to be a slave by attachment to Crown property (the legal name) when using any name, casually or in commerce, that is claimed to be owned by the Crown or government, nor under any form of contract of servitude nor enforced guarantor when exchanging their labour for money or other form of lawful remuneration. 1(a)Right to contract. It is not unlawful for a party or company to demand an oath of discipline, confidentiality, punctuality and agreed upon performance from a free will human when offering money in exchange for labour from that man or woman. Terms, and penalties for violation of terms must be disclosed. 2. A clause inserted into the Constitution Act of Canada stating that all adult men and women of Canada have the natural status of being SOVEREIGN Free Will beings, where the term 'sovereign' means to be the supreme commander/captain of one's own body/vessel, and not as a ruler over others. 2(a) Exception. Upon complaint and sufficient evidence being presented by designated employees [two or more] of the Provincial or Territorial government, to 25 Sovereign free will men and/or women, assembled as a Grand Jury, who may decide that an accused man or woman be reduced in status to that of 'outlaw' for a period of time sufficient, but not to exceed 6 months, to be tried by a Petit Jury of 12 Sovereign men and/or women, who will decide the fate of the accused based upon the negative form of the Golden Rule - Do not unto others that which you would not have others do unto you. The violation of Government policy, in any form or manner, by a sovereign free will human is not grounds for outlawing of that man or woman. 2(b). Exception. A free will man or woman, under oath of employment through their agent in commerce, the legal name, to any level of government, or to any department or agency thereof, is subject to the established policy of that level of government, department or agency only to which he/she have taken an oath of subservience, and only for purposes of discipline and obedience to the performance of lawful duties. Terminology would have to be developed that would impose obligations through the agent in commerce to the undisclosed principal under such circumstances. 3. No man nor woman in Canada, regardless of status, shall be denied the right of 'due process of law' by any level or department of government. Specifically, that means 'where there is no harm to another fellow human by way of a violation of any of their rights, there can be no litigation'. Violation of any granted rights of a corporation, (body politic or body corporate), are only to be considered where specific human rights are violated, and such rights are provable. 4. Money, based upon measures of precious metals, such as gold, silver

or platinum, be the only lawful money of Canada, and currency be proper 'bills of exchange' having an exchange value of a specific measure of precious metal. Precious metals upon which the money system is to be based must only be stored within a National Repositiory, and not by any chartered bank. 5. An updated version of the Magna Carta to document the primary unalienable rights of the sovereign people of Canada. 6. The elimination of any reference to the Monarch of Great Britain, or to the CROWN, [of Great Britain or the City of London], in any Canadian government rule or procedure, at any level - The Governor General elevated in status to 'de jure' Head of State by National Referendum through a simple "YES" or "NO" vote by all adult people living in Canada - native born or legally accepted as bona fide immigrants of good character to Canada. 7. The establishment of a "Committee Of Canadians" by the Provincial Legislatures , for the purposes of the "sovereign people's" overcontrol of Federal government, similar to that mandated in the 'American Articles of Confederation (1777)', Article 5, which says, Quote:
Article V. For the most convenient management of the general interests of the United States, delegates shall be annually appointed in such manner as the legislatures of each State shall direct, to meet in Congress on the first Monday in November, in every year, with a power reserved to each State to recall its delegates, or any of them, at any time within the year, and to send others in their stead for the remainder of the year. No State shall be represented in Congress by less than two, nor more than seven members; and no person shall be capable of being a delegate for more than three years in any term of six years; nor shall any person, being a delegate, be capable of holding any office under the United States, for which he, or another for his benefit, receives any salary, fees or emolument of any kind. Each State shall maintain its own delegates in a meeting of the States, and while they act as members of the committee of the States. In determining questions in the United States in Congress assembled, each State shall have one vote. Freedom of speech and debate in Congress shall not be impeached or questioned in any court or place out of Congress, and the members of Congress shall be protected in their persons from arrests or imprisonments, during the time of their going to and from, and attendance on Congress, except for treason, felony, or breach of the peace. Unquote

The American people were deceptively deprived of this provision for the "Committee Of The States". It does not mean the "Congress" within the corporate Federal government of the USA. If it had been implemented, much of the strife that has ensued in America over its existence could have been prevented. Do notice, however, that the term "person" was deceptively used, rather than "free will people" in this document.


If you receive any assessment, invoice, fine or statement of account from Government, or any corporate source - these DO NOT constitute BILL as referred to in the Bills of Exchange Act. They constitute DEMANDS upon

SLAVES made by the SLAVE OWNER. It is done under the PROPERTY RIGHT of the CROWN. A contract can be equalized (settled) with a BILL. But, a BILL is not applicable to a slave owner demanding his or its property held in possession of an owned slave. Government sees you as a slave, and everything you possess as being the property owned by the Crown. But, you can try using the following method on Government bills for your own education or proof of your slave status, but they may not respond favourably. It is worth a try using the 'promissory note' that is counted as a 'bill of exchange' (as was all Canadian currency *prior to 1985) which is listed in Section 176 of the Bills of Exchange Act. Note: * Bank of Canada Act, Section 25(6) (the CANLII webpage version is most readable). This is a 'negotiable instrument' as described in the Financial Administration Act of Canada. Make the promissory note payable on demand, and note this statement on the front of the PN: 'Consumer Purchase'. Sign: 'for (strawman name). Attach to the bill, invoice or demand, and send to the receiver by registered mail. If they refuse to accept it, but don't return it to you, the bill is considered paid, as long as the promissory note is the exact amount of the debt. My template for a Promissory Note is here. If they don't return the refused promissory note, they are guilty of 'unjust enrichment' and breach of trust, criminal offenses that can be made through a justice of the peace (JP). [You may have to carry a big stick to convince a JP to do their duty - by threatening to report their treason to Her Majesty, for whom they have taken an oath of loyalty and obedience. Section 57 of the BOE Act tells you that the signature gives the value (see below). The Promissory Note can be then be deposied into the receiver's bank account where it will be monetized into Canadian currency. According to the office of the Receiver General of Canada, the Robert Menard '96 is your fix' remittance in itself does not constitute a negotiable (bank being able to monetize) instrument according to the Financial Admin Act. Statements of account, invoices, payment notice, and such that arise out of contract DO NOT constitute BILLs. Return a copy of such document to the sender with a request for a True Bill signed in blue ink by an official of the agency or department of origin. State that you will comply with their request and settle the account upon your receipt of their bill. If they do send you such a "Bill", [which they likely will not do], just write on the Bill the phrase "Consumer Purchase" and sign it with your cheque signing signature, putting 'for' before the signature, and send it to the billing party. The for means you are acting as an authorized scribe for the 'legal identity' and not assuming the debt responsibilities of it. The Bill is paid! So, I repeat: If the Government department or agency will not send a BILL, but repeatedly send something that may be called an assessment, fine, court order for payment, statement of premium, invoice or such, cross out the false heading and print a replacement heading called "BILL". Then follow the procedure above. If they continue their dunning activity against you, you have to conclude that the

following is their basis for not obeying that Canadian law: The obvious reason that Government will not send a BILL is that they are just acting as an agent for the Crown of the City of London, the claimant that you are a slave belonging to that corporate body [UNITED STATES in the USA]. Since a demand upon the slave [You] from the slave owner would be under the property right of the Crown [UNITED STATES in the USA], and not under contract equalization [completion], it is not a 'billing' issue. Your response would be a 'Freedom Of Information demand' requesting the date, circumstance, authority and method by which you, the free will adult man (male or female) became a slave belonging to the corporate body called 'The Crown" [or, UNITED STATES]. Slave? How did the Government make you a slave? Download the The Name Game, in RTF format. Section 57(1) and Section 190 of the Bills Of Exchange Act Canada
[USA Uniform Commercial Code has similar]
Presumption of value 57. (1) Every party whose signature appears on a bill is, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, deemed to have become a party thereto for value. Prsomption 57.(1)Toutepartiedontlasignaturefiguresurunelettreestrpute,enlabsencedepreuvecontraire,ytredevenue partietitreonreux. Consumer bill or note to be marked 190. (1) Every consumer bill or consumer note shall be prominently and legibly marked on its face with the words Consumer Purchase before or at the time when the instrument is signed by the purchaser or by any person signing to accommodate the purchaser. Inscription obligatoire 190. (1) La mention Achat de consommation doittreinscrite,lisiblementetenvidence,aurectodeslettresou billets de consommation au moment de la signature de leffet par lacheteur ou par tout signataire complaisant, ou avant.

Further information on the topic? Download Explaining Bills Of Sale, in RTF format. For a more indepth study regarding the subject, Bills of Exchange, download this file called UNCITRAL. Learn more about the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law HERE.
Edited Aug 15th, 2010




This is a full course of instruction on how to Win In Court I have not reviewed the process used, but it sounds promising, and at a price of $249 USD, it may be a lot less costly, and much more sure of prevailing, than by paying for a lawyer, whose first loyalty is to the Crown or State. The author says it is applicable to all former colonies of the British Empire. My Note: 1. Never offer, accept or acknowledge that you are 'one and the same as' the legal name charged. 2.Neverintroduceyourselfasa'legalrepresentative'- Use ONLY: "I am here to speak for"

CAUTION - If You Use Joint Bank Account For Asset Protection

Note: If you use the asset protection program having to do with the joint 'and' bank account, check your bank statements each month to see that it has not been changed to a joint 'or' account. Seems that CRA may be pressuring the banks to do this illegal act contrary to your account contract. CRA can, by fraudulent intimidation and through ignorance of those in the banking community who don't know their trustee obligations, garnish 100% of an 'or' joint account.

#1. Latest CRA Scam To Defeat $0.00 Tax Owing Filing Method
CRA is sending out Demands called "Requirement(s)to Provide Documentation and Information." CRA demands that one submit records for the Strawman for a specific year. In their request, the CRA agent refers to section 231.2(a) and (b) of the Income Tax Act, and gives us 30 days to comply. SUGGESTED RESPONSE
NOTICE There are no records available for the fictional entity, Kevin E. Jones, AKA: KEVIN E JONES, at the address noted on you demand. For any such records, you will need contact the owner of KEVIN E JONES, the fictional entity, which I believe to be the CROWN in right of (your birth province). The terms of the private contract of agency between the free will living man commonly called Kevin of the Jones family, the undisclosed principal, and the fictional entity/person whose legal identity is KEVIN E JONES, the agent in commerce for the undisclosed principal, is not subject to the scrutiny of a third party, and therefore, any business dealings between the undisclosed principal and agent will not be released to CRA. The undisclosed principal is not a 'person', and therefore, not subject to provisions of the Income Tax Act of Canada, to the Minister of National Revenue nor to Canada Revenue Agency. I, commonly called Kevin of the Jones family, in own right, for KEVIN E JONES for Her Majesty in right of Canada [Hand write: KEVIN E JONES. The remainder may be typed]

To learn about 'undisclosed principal', Click Here(download file)

#2. Latest CRA Scam To Defeat $0.00 Tax Owing Filing Method
CRA has been phoning people who have filed a $0.00 Tax Owing return of income and threatening them with the statement: "We are doing a criminal investigation." If you should get such a phone call, just cut in and say: "Put your concerns in writing and send by Canada Post." And then immediately hang up. This is a totally unfounded scare tactic scheme, as they have no way of lawfully defeating my filing method.


LAST UPDATE: April 20, 2011

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