TOUR School is an opportunity for young musicians to experience the organisation and participation in a week-long tour of venues and performances in England. TOUR School embodies:• artistes self-promotion • artistes self-management • new audiences • new performance experiences • getting heard • building new relationships with partners and colleagues • involvement in the planning, preparation and funding of the Tour • the learning and development of all involved

Tour participants will be chosen according to:• • • • Their musical ability There presentation of original and cover material suitable to a young audience Their ability to represent Jersey youth music An ability to behave and respond in an appropriate manner in challenging circumstances.

We intend to take one band, one acoustic artiste and a Tour journalist (to be selected through a different application process in early 2013)

Tour School will be staffed by trained and experienced Youth Service staff. Staff will accompany participants throughout and will provide performance, logistical and personal support. Staff will also support young people in evaluating their contribution to the practical, social and emotional challenges that Tour School presents.

Partner Agencies in England
Gigs arranged for our young people to perform at are either managed or overseen by professional Senior Youth Workers working for English local authorities. The events we hope to participate in will provide for a range of new experiences, both in terms of audience sizes & musical knowledge, a range of venues and equipment choices and meeting musicians with alternative ideas, attitudes and experiences from the English music scene.


The Programme
Tour participants can hope to play a minimum of eight gigs at a range of venues across the South West of England. The Tour also embodies meeting and socialising with other musicians, sharing conversations, experiences and performances. It is expected that Tour participants will intrinsically be involved in the planning of the Tour, contacting venues, organising equipment and negotiating gig opportunities in the months leading up to the Tour. Tour participants will also produce a pre-tour pack of recordings and publicity to share with UK partners. It is expected that the Tour will take place in the first week of April 2013 (31st March to 6th April) with UK bands potentially returning during June, July and August. The Tour is organised on an ‘exchange’ basis whereby the Jersey participants will be expected to participate in the gigs and social events organised back in Jersey for the returning UK partners. Tour participants will be provided with motel-style accommodation, meals and tour bus transport throughout the tour and will be encouraged to manage as many elements of the tour as practical.

Tour School is an expensive enterprise. It is expected that all participants will become involved in generating funds for the Tour. Currently it is not expected that participants will need to contribute personally to the funding – but this cannot be excluded completely if we are to raise the necessary sums. Pre-tour gigs, grant applications and fund-raising events will all be part of the Tour preparation guided by Tour staff.

Participants will be chosen through an application form and presentation at an audition. The 2013 Tour audition will take place at La Motte Street on Sunday 9th December 2012 from 10am onwards. Each applicant will be designated a 20min slot for performance and questions from adjudicators. Adjudicators are drawn from:• • • • Funders & advisory committee members Previous young participants Youth Service staff Jersey music scene professionals

Applications can be completed by a band and/or an acoustic artiste. All participants must be 18yrs or under on the date of the audition.

CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS – FRIDAY 30th NOVEMBER 2012 Expected Audition Date – Sunday 10th December
More information is available from Senior Youth Worker, Ivor Richards, La Motte Street Youth Centre, New St James Place, JE2 4Ql (01534) 729081 3

TOUR SCHOOL - Application Form 2013
Name of Band/Acoustic Artiste

Name(s) of Individual(s) involved (main contact first)

Date of Birth


Name of correspondent Parent/Guardian/Sponsor/Manager

Address for Correspondence


Emergency Contact/Mobile

Email for Correspondence (this must be an address that is checked daily)

Please tell us why you wish to participate in Tour School?

Please return to La Motte Street Youth Centre by 10:00pm November 30th 2012

Expected Audition Date – Sunday 9th December

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