The Moment of Your Destiny by :Onowighose A.

Precious(Guru P)

Table Of Contents I. II. III. Dedication Acknowledgement Forward

1. The Fettle Of Life 2. Shackles Of Pain 3. Enter Action With Boldness 4. First Among Equals 5. Be Royal In Your Own Fashion 6. The Winners 7. The Loser’s 8. Harness Your Talent 9. Turn Your Ability To Cash 10. The Power Of Courage 11. The power Of Negotiation 12. You Too Can Be Successful 13. The Secret To You 14. The Power Of Asking 15. Your Role In Life 16. About The Author


DEDICATION The Moment Of Your Destiny is dedicated to all those who have been deprived from the Joy and Happiness of Life!!! And To God Almighty


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am grateful to God almighty for allowing my dream to come into lime light of Reality.Not forgetting all those that stood beside me during the time I am weak ,their words of encouragement is like a great force that keep me going…Once again I dispense my appreciation to you all may light never depart from your side!.


Our Life depends upon the outcome of our fruitful labor .Life is hard we all know that fact,but still we keep our living as a high priority .Most people are been lash and flung about without help they suffer from hard times ,obstacles which their chances of overcoming it is slime. This book will provide many forms of help and hints in overcoming these obstacles and hard times.You were not created to leave a life of frustration and suffering you can claim your rightful position and leave a satisfied, fulfilled and successful l life that you desire. The Moment Of Your Destiny will enlighten you on how to overcome Fear, Indecision and Doubts because it’s time for you to “Win The Moment Of Your Destiny” and define your own path to bring a charming smile into the face of your love once. This book throws much light on self motivation and real courage Every one marvel at this great work because it’s a most read book for all those that are willing to make a change, to see the big picture of their idea into reality. Remember there is always a solution,so you must not quite but keep moving forward.

Onowighose A.Precious (Guru P)

In your longing for your gaint self lies your goodness, and that longing in all of you.But in some of you that longing is a torrent rushing with might to the sea ,carrying the secrets of the hillsides and the songs of the forest. And in others it is a flat stream that loses itself in angles and bends and linger before it reaches the shore-----Kahill Gibran

Chapter 1 THE FETTLE OF LIFE The picture of Odysseus as a “Veteran Warrior”, a sailor that engage in great voyages takes our mind back to ancient Greek. Reflecting on his adventures, draws one great and scary thought into our minds which we all would not like to Encounter. As mortal man we all have great repulsion against certain life situations which are too inevitable to undo. The mention of disaster, the sound of shackles of pain, the proliferation of death, the cry of an innocent child; stir us all to great anger,fear,sorrow,empathy,pain,tears and insecurity. But no doubt we humans have experience and immerse ourselves in “The Fettle Of Life”. Sometimes we picture life as a great sea that is calm, serene, couple with the sounds of charming birds that can drive all humans into a world of sentimental meditation. Taking a work of retrospect in our life, some of us once thought that life is a bed of harmless roses just because they were at the comfort horizon of life. Yes there was a time when that thought seen to run in the minds of all class of humans ,ranging from the poor, the wise, the fool and the even the rich class.Noteably the actions of life at certain stages seen to be good, innocent like a child. Our universe is awesome full of stupendous natural endownments,couple with it award winning nature ability and it stretches out it’s infinite fortunes to we humans like a goddess of good luck. With burning passion which we have for the universe, we become hypnotized by the tricks of our universe and eventually we were moved to say Aha…life is really fettle” a bird of harmless roses”. But in the real sense life is like a chess game that is compose of various forms of strategies and if you make a wrong move you are gone hence one has to use caution before making a decision .Recalling how fettle life was with me during the cradle stage; for all my needs and wants where visually available ,but I fail to realize the efforts of my successful parents, and when I look at the beauty of the universe ,I tend to smile, a smile full of satisfaction and I ask ask these question about the creator of the universe but all I could get for an answer is nothing but a simple phrase “Is God”.

For such I admire the creator for creating our planet with such wonderful features. But and as a child I never understand that life is not a bed of harmless roses ,I never understand the concept of hard working people earn a greater satisfied life .I thought the success of a man in is achievements was already made out and stored in a great ware house .I always glorify the creator as incomprehensible God for making our planet a wonderful place ,but I was making a mistake to belief that life is a bed of harmless roses. Progressively we all come to have far more better understanding of Life and we come to terms and eventually we refute that idea that life is a bed of harmless roses. We have realize more about life. Should it be right if we picture life as a harsh friend but masquerading as a very simple and easy friend?or,should you picture life as a selfish politician that is disguising to be a dedicated leader? AS we read along we could deduce an answer these psychological questions. Odyssey was a mythological Greek hereo alongside Achilles of Greek, they fought side by side against the defensive Trojans for years, but for the call of destiny odyssey and is brave mariner’s plug their self’s into a timeless voyage .He was welcome with great reception ,presented with gifts and finest of wine,yeah he was sure in the “Fettle Of Life” and this lure him into more adventure, temped to explore more …he cry out to is brave mariners saying “I Will Follow Knowledge Life a Sinking Star Beyond The Utmost Bound Of Human Thought ”,believing he could discover a “Newer World”. But we could recall that life is not always “Fettle” neither is it a bed of roses. Brave Odyssey was forced to abort his adventure when he see the through phase of Life, he encounter turbulence, shackles of pain, loss of his loyal mariners ;He tend to realize that life is full of many compromising situations in which only the brave ,the strong, the courageous can win the Moment of their Destiny . Like the iconic Greek Hero our quest for successful life, fame and victory is insatiable ,for the more we achieve the geometric urge for more burns great within our heart. As we benefit from our planet earth ,of every good things in life we ,one must bear in mind that there are turbulences, shackles of pain, and obstacles which we might encounter along the line in our quest to the pinnacle of success .Not with standing we can be brave and be ready to see yourself in the successful zone of life and you stand tall with pride as a survivor. Like I use to say, life is a duality of Good and Bad, your moment can’t be snatch by the bad phase of life ,be brave and you will be able to surmount this turbulence and shackles of pains.

I Will Follow Knowledge Like A Sinking Star Beyond The Utmost Bond Of Human Thought---Alfred Lord Tennyson

Chapter 2 SHACKLE OF PAINS The Sounds, Picture’s and Experience of pains is as unpleasant to our hearing,destisfull to our site and a trauma to the heart .Life is perceive to be good when we leave a good life that’s successful ,hence we dim it fit to fortress our precious life against the inevitable shackles of pains. Yes we try to escape these turbulence ,hard times .Still we stand and fight this inevitable life storm, turbulence and tough times that plague man . Each passing day we make plans, outline strategies in other to make good legacy ,because our whole life depends on the solid foundation we make out for ourselves. Business men,traders,students,…etc all have one ultimate goal that is channel toward achieving great height ,elevation from the lower level to the apex of what we do!!!,one great realization is perceived along the line in our quest for leaving and accomplishing our goals ,we understand that to achieve our goals we must have to surmount these hurdles, and obstacles and overcome fear .Life can be seen as a fierce stage, surrounded by thousands of spectators ,judges and final decision makert,they observe with great incorporation of analysis ,microscopic views and diversity in opinions .The battle field of life is decorated with countless shackles of pains, which only the fearless ,the strong and skillful can makes a differences. According to Charles Dawin in’s idea about survival of the fittest he said “Only the Strong Survive but the Weak Bleeds to death”. The Shackles of pain reflect life to be full of great challenges ,obstacles ,turbulence which we must surmount in other to ensure our survival and leave life to the full ,our life was not destined to be unfulfilled but ,rather our life is one to be satisfied .many people have kill their dreams silently because of their incompetence to overcome fear ,indecision and doubth,they tend to suffer at the hands of shackles of pain. Experience has shown that 65% of people quite out of their dreams, giving one excuse as the cause of their quiting,don’t give excuse because within you lies a great potential and again you take charge of any problem which you encounter so you don’t have to quite but keep moving

forward. We humans have the tendency to overcome fear, indecision and doubth,we can change the ordinary to the extraordinary ,we can convert the turbulence ,manipulate the obstacles and win the “Moment of Your Destiny ”,your moment can not be snatch by the shackles of pain. It’s only when you succumb to the Shackles of pains ,then you have sign up for frustration and unfulfilled life. The fact that dark day’s are here’ should not make you to abandon your dreams because better days is certain to come too, some people are seen leaving quite life of desperation ,just because they allowed their moment to be shrinked by hard time;. Remember hard times don’t last but tough people do .Don’t allow dark days to diminish your hope for a better day, you must be decisive and courageous .When combating thick shadows of pains, dark days that are foist by shackles of pain, you must learn to use brute courage . No problem can intimidate you ,no matter how the situation you are facing ,even the smallest man on earth can save millions of life’s ,because we mortals are all born hero; it’s true that not all super hero have physical power but within them there is inner strength which they can use to make great change in the universe. That inner strength is in all of us, all mortals are born with great feats. One essential working strategy which can increase your chance of overcoming the shackles of pain is “Self-Motivation” couple with believe in yourself concept.Dont give up but take real decisive action ,you are not expected to be successful when you show a lax and doubtful attitude I what you do, the only remedy for you to overcome shackles of pains lies within you ,this remedy is yourself motivation ,your attitude and courage that you show .The part you influence in the universe fits you into your role in life. Change is nature which is the part that we influence .You still stand countless chances to transform your situation to a satisfied and fulfilled moments so you should influence whatever thing that interest you ,influence your passion positively and experience a moment of infinite success . Great thinkers,scholars,scientist and wise men have all encounter “The Shackles of Pains”, they took charge of the compromising situation, they surmount these hitches, hurdles and obstacles in their quest they win the ultimate moment of their destiny. Wise old Socrates perceive that there is more life in our individual self, he said “Know Thy Self”, belief in thy self and never doubt your talents. You must belief in yourself, the words you are to express to some one should be said with 100% confidence if you lack belief in yourself them other’s would likely doubt what ever you say, so the way you say it matters because it gives you the parameter if what you say will be accepted .When the Shackles of pain is over will you be seen in the zone of achievers, the successful zone? Have you asked yourself this question s what is my greatest fear?. You must feel your fear, absorb yourself in it and learn to use it to your own advantage. To experience changes in your life ,you must try to avoid succumbing to obstacles ,you must overcome any hitches that stands on your way. Most people suffer from poor self esteem that’s why have abandon their ideas ,their passion and under estimating their value .Never under estimate the value of your ideas or the value of what you are presenting . Secondly you must believe In yourself, that your success depends on your preparedness ,your availability to do things and you rational behind your goals. Open your mind ,look beyond the physical ,,go for the best talent of yours ,learn to listen more and speak less .The time has come

for you to embrace positive thoughts into your life , which are creative, never allow your moment of change to be shrink out by negative thoughts that are destructive .Positive thinking is like a shinning light on the other hand negative thinking is liken to thick darkness a killer of dream. You must cut loss and free yourself from all petty restrictions, all grasshopper notions, because no shackles of pains can divert your success .Give your life a fresh perspective ,open up the channel to good ideas and cast out all your troubles ,your frustration and focus on making the ultimate change in your life. The Moment you change your thoughts, your perspective of shackles of pains, then your condition will simultaneously changes. Therefore when facing hard times you never conclude that its impossible for you to overcome, nothing is impossible, take charge and control of the situation. The application of positive thoughts will flood your conscience with vital traits like confidence ,hope, faith and determination, you can overcome shackles of pains and find yourself on your comfort zone, say these words “What Changes my life is not learning more, what changes my life is making ”

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