GA DOE 2012 Library Media Program Evaluation Rubric Results

Bacon County Elementar y School
After completing the GA DOE Rubric of our Media Center, I found that our school has a wonderful Media Center for the most part. There are only a few areas that need small improvements. I am going to discuss what’s great and suggest a few ideas that the Media Specialist and I decided to implement hoping to up the rating of certain categories. The Media Center scored basic in the areas of student achievement is assessed, media specialist duties, square footage requirements, administrative staff support, and 100% funds designated . On the next page I have suggested what we plan to implement in hopes of raising the score from basic to proficient.
Area for Evaluation Information Literacy Standards Integrated into Instruction Collaborative Planning Library Staff engaged in Active Teaching Roles Resources Encourage and Support Reading Services Provided to Students with Diverse Learning Abilities, Styles, and Needs Student Achievement is Assessed Staffing Matches FTE Count Media Specialist Duties Flexibility of Media Center Access Square Footage Requirements based on FTE Count Streaming Video is used Throughout School Print and Non-Print Resources are Basic to Media Program Resources Managed for Maximum Use Effective and Engaging Software Resources System Media Contact Person Administrative Staff Support Library Media Policy and Media Committee Media Policy is Current and Approved by Board 100% of Funds Designated for Library Staff Development Opportunities are Available ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü Basic Proficient Exemplary ü

Basic to Proficient: What’s the Plan??
Student achievement is routinely assessed. In this category, our Media Center scored basic which is: The classroom teacher is responsible for assessing student achievement. We hope to bring it up to proficient: Together the teacher and the Library Media Specialist develop a rubric(s) or another effective means for assessing student achievement. We hope to do this by creating rubrics for the students so we can evaluate them. A school system shall employ a fulltime Library Media Specialist for each base size school or larger. In this category, we scored basic: In compliance with state board rule, but the Library Media Specialist may be required to perform other duties on a daily or frequent basis. In our small school, the Media Specialist is required to teach a FLEX reading group in the mornings and has an afternoon bus duty. We hope to improve this to proficient: Library Media Specialist is not required to perform other duties on a daily basis. A part-time library paraprofessional is employed. To improve this, we hope to split the FLEX group between other teachers and ask a paraprofessional at the school to take over the bus duty. School library media center square footage requirements based on FTE. We scored basic: Based on FTE, the library media center meets minimum square footage requirements. We hope to bring this up to proficient: Based on FTE, the media center exceeds minimum square footage requirements and is large enough to accommodate large and small groups and individuals working simultaneously; Shelving, storage areas, and electric wiring meet the needs of the collection. To improve this, we hope to open up and combine some of the storage areas and turn them into group areas. Then, we plan to rearrange some of the shelving so that we can have more individual working areas. Administrative staff support at both the school and district levels is essential for the development of a strong library media program. Basic: The school principal provides support to the library media program and makes time to meet with the Library Media Specialist occasionally. Proficient: The school principal and district administrators take an active role in encouraging teachers to integrate library media resources into the curriculum; School, department, and district level administrators meet regularly with the Library Media Specialist. To improve this to proficient, we plan to meet with the teachers and encourage them to use the library media center resources. We also hope to invite administration and local board members to library committee meetings, book fairs, and family reading nights. We hope this will allow them to see how important the library media program is and will in turn encourage them to take a more active role in it. Each local school system shall spend 100 percent of the funds designated for library media center costs. We scored basic in this area: The library media program receives an allocation for expenditures every year; This amount meets the minimum expenditures tests. Proficient: The library media program budged exceeds the minimum state allocation; Local funding supplements state allocation. We hope to be able to use the state allocated funds and in turn have local funding supplement us to be able to buy more resources for our library media program.

What’s a Major Area to Improve Upon?
One major area that was already proficient was: The Library Media Specialist encourages collaborative planning among teachers who are teaching units of similar content. The LMS is familiar with GPS website and the Common Core standards and encourages teachers to use the resources available on GSO web page. We hope to make this area exemplary: The LMS actively plans with and encourages every teacher to participate in the design of instruction. Learning strategies and activities for ALL students are designed with all teachers who are willing to plan collaboratively. All students with diverse learning styles, abilities, and needs are included in collaborative plans. To improve this area to exemplary, we plan to email teachers and have them set up days to meet and plan with the LMS. This way, they can sit down and go over the CCGPS and GPS standards and figure out what type of design they need for all of their diverse students. Planning collaboratively already happens at our school, but we hope to take it a step farther and really make sure all of our students are reached in an effective way. If the teachers and LMS work together to plan, there is no words to describe the effectiveness of the lessons.

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