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UU-UNO Climate Change Initiative Report for 2011 Final UU-UNO Board Meeting June, 2011 1.1.

2 UU-UNO Climate Initiative will report to Bruce Knotts after UUA Merger No change anticipated in Activities for Climate Initiative This report follows the UU-UNO Strategic Plan format Create a network of climate change collaboration among NGOs in and outside the UN • Editor for Durban Climate Paper from UN-NGO Committee on Sustainable Development. Copenhagen/Cancun versions sent to negotiators, legislators, hand delivered to PM Denmark, Jonathan Pershing (State Dept), Lisa Jackson (EPA), Al Gore. [Jan] UN-NGO-CSD Executive Committee. [Jan] Gave seven climate talks for environmental and non-UU faith groups, including CILU (Holmdel NJ), Fordham U. Carbon Conference, local TV interview. [Jan] Organizing 2nd annual Fordham U. Carbon Conference 2011. [Jan] Climate Change Working Group CSD-NGO (UN). [Jan] Fordham U. Climate Spiritual Group member. [Jan]


• • • • •

Publicize climate initiatives to UU congregations to restore climate “to the front page” • 1.1.2b Active with UU Climate Coalition (Rev. Earl Koteen) = national UU climate organization; participation in other UU climate efforts. [Jan] • UN Sunday Talk, "Dominion and Denial," Castine, ME. [Kent] • UN Sunday, Germantown PA Fellowship, Earth Day talks. [Pamela] • Talk for Montclair NJ Unitarian Church 10/10/10. [Catherine] • Excellent climate plays given at UU Congregations. [Doug Stewart] • Talks on climate for UU congregations in White Plains NY (Green Covenant Conference), San Francisco CA (recording on their website), Rock Tavern NY, Santa Fe NM, Lincroft NJ, All Souls NYC, South Fork Long Island. [Jan] Engage in Climate Education aimed at “Countering the Contrarians” • • • • Arranged for professor to speak with Gov. Christie (NJ) on climate change, via the NJ Environmental Federation. [Jan] On two list serves composed of climate scientists and others to counter contrarian disinformation. [Jan] Signatory to anti-contrarian “Bad Science” statement published on Huffington Post and other sites. [Jan] One-liner responses to false contrarian claims are now widespread on the Internet, e.g. [Jan]


Climate Portal continues topical coverage with anti-contrarian articles, news and essays. [Jan] Formulate and sign Joint Statements of Conscience on climate 1.1.2d • See separate report below. [Kent]

Expand, refine, and publicize the UU-UNO climate change web portal for leverage 1.1.2e • • See separate report below. [Jan] Articles written / posted [Larry, Guy Quinlan, Elaine Walker, Doug Stewart, Jan].

Assist in obtaining a grant to provide a staff position for the Climate Change Initiative 1.1.2f • This goal is now outdated given the UUA merger.

Establish metrics for measuring progress, and begin quarterly reporting to Board 1.1.2g • See reports: Statements of Conscience [Kent], Climate Portal [Jan]

Assist and participate in UU-UNO programs on climate change, e.g. Spring Seminar, UN Sunday 1.1.2h • • Gave talk on panel Women and Climate Change for UU-UNO Spring Seminar 2011; formulated topic for UN Sunday (Ethical Aspects of Climate Change and a Climate Treaty). [Jan] Other Talks: See above

Identify board and/or committee members to participate in and help oversee climate change initiative. 1.1.2i • • ----------------Additional members for UU-UNO Climate Advisory Group: Robin Nelson (UUA), Youth coordinator Ryan Dash, Kimberly Lovell (Sierra Club), Rowan Van Ness (UUA), Steve Wade. Regular UU-UNO Climate Initiative meetings will continue

Joint Statements of Conscience - Report Kent Price Jan, Here are the letters / statements on climate change to which the UU-UNO has lent its good name since July 1, 2010. Kent 1. Letter re international provisions in comprehensive legislation. July 2010: Union of Concerned Scientists, others. 2. Letter supporting legislation for climate finance. August 2010. 3. Statement on growth, targeted at G20 meeting. September 2010. 4. Statement to the US Congress regarding FY 2011 appropriations combating climate change. October 2010. 5. Statement to Secretary of Interior Salazar urging full protection of Polar Bears. November: Center for Biological Diversity, others. 6. Letter to Secretary of State Clinton urging US to keep commitment made at Copenhagen conference (December 2009) to provide investments for international action to combat climate change. December: National Wildlife Federation, others. 7. Letter to President Obama regarding restoration of the Gulf Coast from damage caused by the BP well blowout; December 2010. 8. Statement to Unitarian Universalists in support of the EPA's work on climate change; drafted by our advisory group's Guy Quinlan, distributed by Rev. Earl Koteen, head of national UU Climate Coalition; March 2011. 9. Letter sponsored by Oxfam America supporting funding for poor communities in vulnerable countries to help equip them to cope with the effects of climate change; March 2011. 10. Letter to President Obama supporting a strong role for EPA in ameliorating climate change by regulating greenhouse gasses, sponsored by Climate Reality Check Coalition / Center for Biological Diversity; April 2011. -------------------

UU-UNO Climate Portal Report UU-UNO Board Meeting - June 2011 The UU-UNO Climate Portal is a world-class climate site. The climate content covers all areas. A few notable accomplishments include up-to-date refutation of specious arguments by climate contrarians, updates of non-fossil energy, enhancement of the Kids Corner, and a variety of new articles, topical items, and events. We acknowledge Cliff Lyon’s indispensable technical support, Michael Mielke’s visionary generosity, and the advanced Trunity software making the Portal possible. Visitor statistics (Sept 2010 – Jun 2011) – see geographical picture • 132 countries (out of 192 UN member states) Content statistics (Jun 2011) • 54 topics and subtopics • 54 articles, 25 events, 35 specific news items • 63 resources (RSS feeds bringing in news on a regular basis) • 3 blogs plus minister’s column Participation statistics • 39 Portal members Geographical Report Graph:

One page flier for publicity:
We have a moral and ethical imperative to learn about climate change / global warming, and to act appropriately and decisively.

The UU-UNO Climate Portal provides wide coverage of global warming / climate change

Moral and Ethical Imperatives! • Our Children and Grandchildren • Peace, Justice, and Security Learn! • News, Videos, Articles, Events, Links • Climate Science and Impacts • Climate Mitigation, Adaptation, Politics, UN Negotiations, Energy, Finance, Economics • Fallacies of the contrarians/deniers • Columns for Ministers, Social Action, Youth • Kids Corner and Teacher Resources

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