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The purpose of this document is to provide a brief work scope to be carried out by Boiler Master Sdn Bhd for PLANT SHUTDOWN (hereinafter referred to as PROJECT)

In essence, it is planned outline of the PROJECT main activities and will be used by personnel engaged in the said work. 2.0 PROJECT INFORMATION

BoilerMasteR Sdn Bhd (hereinafter referred to as CONTRACTOR) to participate for work scope below. The WORK scope include: 1. Opening and closing manhole 2. High pressure waterjetting cleaning


51 units


HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT 3.1 CONTRACTOR shall conduct a safety induction/ toolbox for all workers to be employed for the PROJECT. 3.2 Each worker is required to know and to comply with applicable HSE rules and regulations. Any worker regardless of point of tire who do not comply with HSE rules and regulations or his supervisors instruction shall be reprimanded and counsel or removed from site should the situation warrants. 3.3 All workers shall also be briefed on the safety plan and emergency response plan to be developed by CONTRACTOR for the PROJECT. 3.4 Proper Safety measures shall be mandatory and shall consist of minimum requirement as below: 3.4.1 Coveralls 3.4.2 Workvests 3.4.3 Safety helmets, boots and gloves 3.4.4 Harnesses on standby 3.4.5 Permit to work & JHA 3.4.6 Confined space entry (CSE)/Standby manhole

3.5 Contractor Responsibilities 3.5.1 The ultimate responsibility for site safety rests with the Project Engineer/Supervisor. Should any condition arise which could constitute a serious safety hazard, the in-charge is to be informed immediately. 3.5.2 It is expressly stated that as part of their duties, all supervisory staff will be responsible for the safety of the personnel under their control. As such they are required to familiarize themselves with the Health, Safety and Environment manual, safety plan, Emergency Response Plan. Site Safety Regulations and Safety Notices that may be issued from time to time. 3.5.3 They are also responsible for ensuring that all personnel understand what is required of them in terms of safety practices.

4.0 JOB EXECUTION SEQUENCE 4.1 Work Preparation 4.1.1 Mobilization of tools, consumables, materials and equipments. 4.1.2 Set up preparation. 4.2 Opening manhole 4.3 Tube cleaning (*REFER ATTACHED HIGH PRESSURE WATER JETTING SAFETY WORK PROCEDURE MANUAL) 4.4 Closing manhole 4.5 Demobilization of tools, consumables, materials and equipments.


Progress report covering all the work performed during the reporting period and the causes for and steps taken the correct delay if any, against the proposed schedule. CONTRACTOR shall prepare and submit to OWNER the detailed reports and schedules in the manner and times as described which should comprise of the following: a. DAILY PROGRESS REPORT - Update OWNER every day. b. COMPLETION/SERVICE REPORT - Invoice