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CAMBOTUBE: A Pioneering Online Video Sharing Platform in the ASEAN ASEAN Region

CAMBOTUBE, one of the ASEAN region’s first autonomous user-operated online video sharing and display platforms, was designed, implemented and launched by media producer Jason Rosette of Camerado SE Asia ( in 2008. CamboTube was also one of the first ‘democratic’ video platforms in the developing world, welcoming and broadcasting user generated content from Cambodian users, residents, overseas nationals, and Kingdom aficionados alike with minimal oversight.

Unlike existing themed channels on Youtube and other platforms, CamboTube operated on its own dedicated server, running with a custom FFMPEG based engine which automatically converted and displayed user’s video content in a matter of minutes. The FFMEG engine generated and displayed videos with an accompanying thumbnail JPEG image extracted from the content – similar in look and style to Youtube or other platforms - but without any reliance on an external platform’s infrastructure or administrative processes. CamboTube was used, notably, as the online support platform for the CamboFest, Cambodia Film Festival ( 2008 Siem Reap edition, hosting participating filmmakers’ trailers, interviews, advertising, and related content.


CAMBOTUBE: A pioneering video sharing platform in the ASEAN region by Camerado SE Asia

Upon its launch, CAMBOTUBE was heralded a ‘Tool of Freedom’ by the Cambodia Daily:


CAMBOTUBE: A pioneering video sharing platform in the ASEAN region by Camerado SE Asia

Nevertheless, due to the de facto necessity to observe media for ‘problematic content’ in the Cambodian context where CamboTube was targeted, and the bulk of the intended user base was located, all uploaded clips were approved by an administrator before they went live. However, only extremely problematic, pornographic, or offensive content was filtered; in the course of the platform’s operation, only a handful of user supplied video clips were deemed to be unsuitable for broadcast.

Below: the Phnom Penh Post also covers CamboTube in its ‘Lifestyle’ section


CAMBOTUBE: A pioneering video sharing platform in the ASEAN region by Camerado SE Asia

CAMBOTUBE was discontinued in 2009 due primarily to digital divide issues, with broadband internet in Cambodia at the time still relatively expensive for the average user and mobile 3G video upload capability was still on the distant horizon. In terms of funding, the initial startup costs and operation were provided out of pocket, yet monetizing the site in order to pay server fees and operational costs proved not to be viable. Additionally, grants for the project proved to be extremely limited in availability, despite praise for the portal’s aims and pro-free speech, pro-democratic promise. As of this writing, Camerado is developing a next-generation prosocial autonomous media replication and distribution system called ‘PILGRIM’, with patents pending for key components.

More information about PILGRIM and related items can be found on Mr. Rosette’s 2010 final report in fulfillment of a Masters of Arts (Development Studies) at the Royal University of Phnom Penh, here:
CamboTube’ About CamboTube’s Founder: Media Producer & Filmmaker Jason Rosette CamboTube founder, media producer and filmmaker Jason Rosette has been living and working in the ASEAN region since 2005. Besides the CamboTube platform, he is the founder of Cambodia’s first international film festival since the end of the Khmer Rouge regime, CamboFest (established 2007) and another regional festival effort, the Bangkok IndieFest in neighboring Thailand. IndieFest With a BFA in Film & TV production from New York University, and a Master’s degree in development studies from the Royal University of Phnom Penh (*a program overseen by Nagoya University, Japan) Mr. Rosette continues to be active in producing Entertainment-Education and prosocial entertainment media in a wide range of genres.

Please visit for filmography, reels, CV, bio, and more information.


CAMBOTUBE: A pioneering video sharing platform in the ASEAN region by Camerado SE Asia