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I would like to come to yours college tomorrow at 9 AM or 10 AM and talk about 'Engineers Without Borders (EWB)' with the

students. The main objective of EWB is to engage in developing and implementing technology solutions that can help the poor. EWB undertakes a variety of projects, related to providing water to clean people, or sanitation facilities, or simply designing a new building. We also try to linkup interesting projects with corporates to fund them. Do find more information at Additionally, this is an international forum and has strong presence in best academic institutions all over the world. This does open doors for doing projects in collaboration with foreign universities for doing social projects.

One of the projects that I would like to talk about in more detail --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I am interested in talking about one of the projects that I would like EWB India to associate with, which can have a global impact. We would like to engage interested students in developing a software for community health workers which can help in providing efficient medical care to people living in remote regions. Let me write down some very basic points which I can elaborate on, when I visit BIT Mesra.

What are community health workers (CHW) ? CHWs are semi-literate people, picked from a community and trained to attend to medical needs of the community. The medical needs can range from treatment (of fever, wounds, etc), detection of TB/HIV, child birth, vaccination, etc.

What would our technical intervention do? Tablets are increasingly becoming cheaper every day. It makes a lot of sense to provide these devices to CHWs, when it has a potential to really increase their productivity and lead to better planning. We are developing software that can work on multiple tablets, phones, etc. The CHWs would be able to feed data directly into the servers, receive training on tablets, real-time audio-video connectivity (where ever possible), etc., using the software that we plan to develop.

What technologies are we using? HTML5, Couchdb, Javascript, Jquery, Open-MRS

Who will use the software and who are developing it? We are developing the software for a trust that serves tribals in Chattisgarh. This trust was started by doctors from AIMS, who left their lucrative jobs to start working in Chattisgarh. More information at

This is actually a smaller part of a larger project ( which aims to develop a best-in-class health information system for the hospital. The larger project involves following people . I am involved in a sub-project, which is developing software for CHWs that runs on tablets. The people involved in this sub-project are -- Dr. Judy Wawaira, Gregory Kheller, Naval Saini, Sreekanth and Suryaprakash.