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ESSAY QUESTION NO. 1 Motor vehicle theft is a serious problem in many parts of the world including Malaysia. In 1980, motor vehicle theft was less than 20,000 cases but the number has increased in 2004. Motorcycle theft is more stolen than private cars. The amount of motorcycle theft shows an increasing trend. In the 2000 until 2009, motorcycles are more likely to be stolen than private cars, which can be seen from the graph. The number of private cars stolen generally fell every year from 1980 to 1995, after which this trend reversed. Especially after 2000, the number of stolen private cars increased sharply. All of these thefts suggest rises in profit-motivated theft, targeting highervalue vehicles to be broken down for parts or to be shipped out of the country and sold for the whole vehicle price. Motor vehicle theft fell in Malaysia during 2009, the first annual reduction in theft since 2000. Following a period of steep rises in theft, particularly of motorcycles, combinations of Police initiatives to apprehend organised criminal gangs and media coverage to increase public awareness appear to have helped reverse the long-term trend. However, this does not mean that vehicle theft is no longer an issue. On the owner’s part, there are many preventive measures that they can take to prevent motor vehicle theft. First, avoid leaving a vehicle unattended in public parking lots for an extended period of time. A car is five times more likely to be stolen from an unattended lot than from the street or an attended lot. Whenever possible, park in an attended lot. Motor vehicles thieves do not like witnesses and prefer unattended parking lots. Second, whenever possible, turn wheels sharply toward the curb when parking, making it extra difficult for thieves to tow your car. When parking along a curb, angle the front wheels sharply to the left or right, making it difficult for the thief to tow it away. Wheels should also be turned to the side in driveways and parking lots. Third, don’t invite a vehicle break-in by leaving packages or valuables (hand phones, tablets, compact disc players, or money) in sight. Take valuables with you, put them under the

but they can stop the amateur and slow down the professional. (520 words) 2 . The metal cane hooks around the brake pedal on one end. The device is drawn tight and locked with a key. Anti-theft devices are not foolproof.OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION seat or lock them in the trunk. VIN Etching is a process by which a vehicle’s Identification Number (VIN) is permanently etched (with a non-corrosive gel) into the major windows of an automobile. a thief would be forced to replace all of the vehicle’s windows to resell or change the vehicle’s identity. When a motor vehicle has had its windows permanently etched or engraved. The longer it takes to steal a car. and the more likely the thief will look elsewhere. truck or van. the more attention the thief attracts. Fourth. Another suggestion is by doing VIN Etching. possibly use cane type steering wheel locks. Owners can also install anti-theft devices. and around the steering wheel rim or spoke on the other.

OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION ESSAY QUESTION NO. Plagiarism can be purposeful. 3 Wikipedia defines plagiarism as “the wrongful appropriation. Others tell that not only they are doing it. For them it is unfair that other will get a higher grade by plagiarizing as it may seems that their effort is useless. First in the list is the lack of time. They tend to focus with what grade they will receive. One of it is causing embarrassment for both the plagiarist and for those who didn’t catch the plagiarist sooner. If the habit is undetected then he or she may 3 . There are many effects of plagiarism on a person. Even those very responsible students tend to plagiarize also. Students do not know how to manage time. ideas or expression”. This is especially the case when the plagiarist has passed off his or her work and was given praise or grades. they think that they lack knowledge to come up with as good as their work. or it can be accidental. thoughts. All students aim for a high grade. Moreover. they get insecure of the work of those professional ones. plagiarism is when you present another person’s words or ideas as your own without giving proper acknowledgement to the originator. They are tempted to do so since other still get a grade or are not punish by doing so without any effort. As they read the professional’s work. They are not aware of the extent of work and put it off until the last minute lacking time for original work while others do not trust their own capability. This case can lead to shame for the organization and to the person who got caught plagiarizing. Students are the one fondest of plagiarizing and they have their own reasons for it. close imitation or purloining and publish of another language. plagiarism can also lead to building a society of cheating and lazy. In other context. It is a form of cheating and when a person who commit plagiarism they’re not doing their own work but rather riding on the coat tails of someone else. Plagiarism isn’t a crime to commit but it is a crime to violate intellectual property rights and a person’s right. Other than that. It is because they are afraid of getting a low grade. They do not care whether they learn something from it. plagiarism can lead to legal issues. Instead.

(510 words) 4 . As conclusion. it is done accidental.OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION think that he or she can get away with it. Sometimes. which leads to repeated cheating. which a person really tries to do their own words but instead ended up with the same words they have read. it is not always easy to detect plagiarism. This will not only eat away a person’s integrity and work ethics but can also lead to other people to follow the cheaters habit. This can increase the number of people’s cheating. bear in mind that plagiarism will not only destroy our careers but can also lead to a person’s lack of soft skills will not be successful in finding a job. Whatever it is.

It is expected that the GST will replace sales tax (levied at the rate of 5% or 10% on taxable manufactured and imported goods) and service tax (levied at the rate of 5% on selected goods and services such as food and beverage. For example. This means that goods and services providers will generally need to charge GST to their customers. unlike income taxation which is based on the profitability or income (and therefore largely affected by the state of the economy). and in simplest form. with a starting rate of 3% and today it is 7%. and in turn they get a credit for the GST paid to their suppliers. So. and is a more certain and stable source of revenue. a tax like the GST is based on consumption. Hence it is likely that any GST introduced for Malaysia will be tailored to ensure there is no undue hardship on the low income population. consultancy services. The usual reaction to the notion of a new tax. In Singapore. also known in other countries as valueadded tax. there are success stories. it means people will pay tax each time they purchase a good or service. in Canada. GST revenue has helped cushion the impact of falling income tax revenues in Singapore. and so forth). which translate directly into cash. would be a mixture of suspicion and defiance.OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION ESSAY QUESTION NO. And that’s why several countries have faced difficulties when introducing such a tax such as Australia which opposed the idea at first and then implemented it. credits were also provided to low income earners and pensioners when the GST rate was increased from 5% to 7% recently. The GST is a broad-based tax on consumption of goods and services. Singapore introduced the GST in 1994. GST would bring many more into the tax net. The GST system is a multi-stage tax. On the other hand. Considering that it is estimated there are three million people paying income tax. are given to lower income earners. GST credits. and Hong Kong. 5 . 4 Malaysia to introduce the goods and services tax (GST). especially in this tough economic climate. Arguably.

In this manner. there may be a one-off price increase in goods and services but in the long run. this should not be the result in all cases. (505 words) 6 . businesses along the supply chain would be encouraged to be GSTregistered. It is important that a price-monitoring body be established to ensure suppliers do not unfairly or unreasonably use the GST as an excuse to raise prices. some items should actually cost less because the supplier may be able to “share” the tax savings from the rate differential.OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION Theoretically. thus bringing a larger part of the economy to the surface for tax contribution. Based on the Australian experience. Depending on the GST rate that is applied (compared with the sales tax or service tax rate). a business person would demand or require their suppliers to be GSTregistered so that input credit claims can be made to set off against GST payable to the government.

Sandakan. children under pre-school program will focus on stressing friendship. Happy Maddy Nursery incorporates the following programs into each day’s activities at NO ADDITIONAL COST: Mandarin. music. such as “Where to put the shoes?”. Malay and Sign Language.OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION ESSAY QUESTION NO. We also work a lot on learning the routine of the day. Happy Maddy Nursery school not only offers program for nursery. Manner and Music Appreciation. We also have a pre-school for four and five year olds on Tuesday. Our program is based on the premise that children will learn practically. We will guide and direct the children in formal and informal learning situations to promote an active and playful environment for them. English. and conforms to the latest guidelines for playground safety. A day at Happy Maddy Nursery school gives children many ways to socialize as well as develop individually. so then they will adapt the communication skills and social skills with each other. Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace according to their individual needs and abilities. We are located at Batu 4. Thursday and Friday. Within a year. children will be playing outdoor games and play. At the end of the day. We provide classes for three year olds on Monday and Wednesday. 7 . With the help from trained teachers and volunteers. sharing. Our nursery school program presently runs from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. “How to greet people we meet?” in hope they will understand the needs of taking care their own responsibility. custom-designed playground to both challenge and delights children. Our nursery also helped teach the children how important it is to care each other when they are fussy because other children cannot tell us what is wrong with them. The rest of the day may include free indoor games. 5 Happy Maddy Nursery school is open now! We are a non-profit organization that will help child’s need for both order and freedom of expression. but we also offer flexible schedule for children in special cases. In addition to our standard curriculum. Our nursery is situated in a suburban setting. exercise. has a separate age-appropriate. Nutrition. story time and snack. we will organize classroom atmosphere. and also Fitness. but also for pre-school children. These are the times when your child should develop socially and emotionally. Areas of growth and development are highlighted in our daily lesson plans which our teachers bring to life in appropriate and attainable ways. communication and all social matter. The goal of Happy Maddy Nursery school is to give your children learning experiences meaningful to them at their stage of development. We may also plan a visit to several places such as open playground. Bandar Indah.

or to schedule a tour to see first-hand what a positive difference we can make in your child’s life.OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION We want you to know we are committed to the very highest qualities of early childhood education and childcare. kindly call us at (089)701777. To learn more about Happy Maddy Nursery school. (516 words) 8 . We look forward to meeting you and your child and welcoming you both to become part of our Happy Maddy Nursery school.

It is because of the lack of bicycle lanes in the housing area. by making its residents to see bicycling as a safe. Implementing these suggestions can enhance Taman Labuk Subur Perdana quality of life. The lack of such an option for a cyclist to have their own space in the street poses a threat to their health. Without bicycle lanes in place. The visible presents of bicycle symbols in lanes and route signs heightens motorists' awareness of the possibility of cyclists. resulting in an increase of danger for the pedestrians on the sidewalk. cyclists are more likely rely on the use of the sidewalk for their own safety. The current lack of bicycle lanes endangers people who choose to ride their bicycles. and pleasant form of transportation. as well as the pedestrians.OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION ESSAY QUESTION NO. That visibility also increases cyclists' sense of security. many pedestrian have been nearly hit by cyclists who choose to ride on the sidewalks on those same streets. 9 . healthy. signing and pavement marking for the preferential or exclusive use by bicyclists. Bicycle lanes are among the bicycling symbols that would increase the presence of the cycling option in both motorists and potential cyclists. The inability to hear most bicycles if they are approaching from behind frightens. Therefore Taman Labuk Subur Perdana should add bicycle lanes to avoid the potential danger of injuries. or in some cases injures the pedestrian. However. 6 Taman Labuk Subur Perdana is a beautiful housing area. and to minimize traffic on the sidewalks. dangerous. A bicycle lane is a portion of the roadway which has been designated by striping. and unwelcomed by motorists. and can attract many of them to choose to cycle over driving. By increasing the visibility of the bicycling option is important for motorists as much as for cyclists. efficient. This proposal recommends a number of inexpensive actions that can make the residents of Taman Labuk Subur Perdana to see their housing area as more bicycle friendly. bicycling for transportation within the housing area is often perceived by residents as difficult. and their rights to share the road with motorists.

Cyclists would use the maps to plan routes to their destinations. This is helpful for both the cyclist and the residents of Taman Labuk Subur Perdana. maps of the network of routes would be periodically and strategically posted as well. I would also suggest that a public service campaign be mounted that would promote use of the best routes network. In addition to route signage. and signs would be posted indicating routes. Streets would be painted with symbols that indicate the routes.OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION I also propose displaying on signs that indicate the best bicycle routes. but that bicycling is most pleasant on the recommended routes. as well as educate cyclists and motorists in safe cycling practices and rights of road sharing. (501 words) 10 . It is hope with this proposal the Municipal Council will take action in evaluating and implementing this suggestion so that it would take place. not to imply that cyclists cannot use alternative routes.

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