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Agreement N0


-ECTDB/12-13 Dated This agreement made the day of 2012 between Sri Bimal Raj, Contractor, B-302 Gugral Apartment Mackniar Road , Bareilly , (hereinafter referred to as the contractor) of the one part and the U.P. Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. Lucknow (hereinafter called employer) of the other part. WHEREAS the Employer is about to erect and maintain the Annual Maintenance and Repair at 220K.V.S/S Budaun (hereinafter called the work) mentioned, enumerated or referred to in certain General Conditions, Specifications, Schedules Drawings, Form of Tender Covering Letter and Schedule of prices which for the purpose of identification have been signed by Sri Bimal Raj on behalf of the Contractor (the Contractor) and Sri Rajeev Sachan, Executive Engineer, Electy. Civil Trans. Division, Rampur Bagh, Bareilly (the Engineer of the Employer) on behalf of the Employer and all of which shall form part of this contract as though separately set out therein and are included in the expression (Contract) wherever herein used. AND WHEREAS the corporation has accepted the tender of the contractor for the provisions and execution of the said work of the sum of Rs. 92,970.97 (Rs. Ninety Two Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy and Paisa Ninety Seven only) upon the terms and subject to the condition hereinafter mentioned, Contd….2

-2NOW PRESENT WITNESS and the parties hereto hereby agree and declare as follow: that is to say, in consideration of the payments to be made to the Contractor by the U.P. Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. as hereinafter mentioned the Contractor shall duly provide the plan for said works and things in the contract mentioned or described or which are implied there from or therein respectively or may be reasonably necessary for the completion of the said works within and at the time and in the manner and subject to the terms, conditions and stipulations mentioned in the said contract. AND in consideration of the due provisions, erection execution and construction and Completion of the said works and the maintenance there of, as aforesaid, the U.P. Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. Will pay to the Contractor The said sum of Rs. 92,970.97 (Rs. Ninety Two Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy and Paisa Ninety Seven only) or such other sums as may become payable to the contractor under the provision of this contract, such payment to be made at such time and in such manner as is provided by the contract. Contd------3

-3IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties here to have signed this deed hereunder of the dates respectively mentioned against the signatures of each.



Rajeev Sachan Executive Engineer Electy. Civil Trans. Division Rampur Bagh , Bareilly In the presence of :

Bimal Raj B-302 Gugral Apartment Mackniar Road Bareilly,


Vipin Kumar Divisional Accountant


Kunwar Singh Bisht ssOffice Assistant-II