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Effective Use of Technology

Niki Taylor FRIT 7737
Effective Use of Technology SMART Board

Spring 2012

Effective Use of Technology

Title of Unit Curriculum Area

SMART Board Technology

Grade Level Time Frame

Staff 30-45 minutes

Desired Results Understandings: Teachers will understand: 1. basic SMART Board functions. 2. how to use SMART Board tools with in the classroom. 3. how to correctly import videos into SMART Notebook. 4. how to import copied pages into SMART Notebook. 5. how to add animation to SMART Notebook. 6. how to add themes to SMART Notebook. 7. how to use timer and transparency in SMART Notebook. Essential Questions -What is a Smart Board? - How can I use the SMART Board in the classroom? - How do I effectively import videos and copied pages into SMART Notebook? - How do I successfully add animations and themes in SMART Notebook? - How can the timer and transparency tool be used in the classroom? Student Objectives Teachers will be able to: 1. use basic SMART Board functions. 2. properly import videos and copied pages into SMART Notebook. 3. add animations and themes to SMART Notebook. 4. use timer and transparency in SMART Notebook. Learning Plan Part 1  Introduce the SMART Notebook to the teachers. Majority of the teachers will be familiar the SMART Board software.  Remind the teachers of the floating sidebar and explain that the sidebar can be moved to best fit the user’s needs.  Give step by step instructions on importing videos and copied pages.  Begin with importing video clips and explain that are different types of video formats; WMV, MOV, FLV, SWF, MP4, AVI, and ASF.  Video clips can be found on the internet.  Video Resources: 

Effective Use of Technology

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  (a lot of filters)  Khan   Most videos can be downloaded or linked to a website in the SMART Notebook. One video downloader that can be used is RealPlayer. Next, instruct teachers on how to import copied pages into the SMART Notebook. This can be accomplished using a PDF or word document. You can also import entire Notebooks or part of a Notebook to create a new Notebook. Guide teacher the process of both types of imports. 2 The next features to be discussed are adding animations and themes to a SMART Notebook. Begin with adding animations. This is a way to add pizazz to your notebook. Once an object has been inserted, there are three ways to animate the object.  1 - right-click on the object and select Properties:Object Animations  2 – click on the object and click on the drop down box in the top right corner of the object.  3 – click on the object, click on the properties tab, then click Object Animation. The animation feature will allow you to control the type of action, direction, and speed of the object. After discussing the animation feature, move on to themes. Themes allow you to control the look of the background and theme throughout the Notebook. It fills the work area with a theme or background. Give instructions on adding and creating themes in the Notebook. Click on Format, Themes, Create Themes. Here you can search for a theme and find it in the Gallery. Themes are a great to ensure that the presentation flows. After discussing the animations and themes, introduce the teachers to a couple new features, the timer and transparent background. This feature could be used during class when you want to use a timer during a presentation. The students will be able to see both at the same time. The timer can be found in the gallery by searching timer. Go through the steps of finding the timer and using a transparent

Effective Use of Technology

background. ***Note that two notebooks or a notebook and the document you want the students to view will need to be open Part 3  After going through how to use the features in the SMART Notebook, allow time for the teachers to explore their new findings.  Teachers will be given the task of creating a notebook and including the features discussed in the lesson.  Circulate around the room to assist when help is needed and to answer any questions. Website: