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Well it had a good run. 1913-2012. 1 hundred years.

Now it is Omerica once Beautiful, God shed His grace from thee. With dearest apologies to Katherine Lee Bates. Omerica Once Beautiful. Sung to America the Beautiful O beautiful for chem-trail skies, For GMO waves of grain, For prepper mountain hideaways, Above the droughted plain! Omerica! Omerica! God shed his grace from thee, And drown thy good with Rainbow-hood From sea to radioactive sea. O beautiful for UNESCO feet Whose stern imprisoning stress A thoroughfare for bondage beat, Returning wilderness! Omerica! Omerica! God pretend thine ev'ry flaw, Confirm thy soul is out of control, Thy liberty no law! O beautiful for heroes removed deliberating strife, Who more than country their self loved, And mercy less than life! Omerica! Omerica! May God thy bold refine Till all regress be happiness, And ev'ry gain deveined! O Beautiful for patriot dreamed That saw behind the years Thine alabaster cities gleamed, Undone by human fears! Omerica! Omerica! God shed his grace from thee, And crown thy king with much false bling From see to blinded see.