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Itanium® 2 delivers next generation of SAP® solution performance & scalability for Windows*
Industry Manufacturing Business Challenge Enhance performance and scalability of SAP® R/3® solutions Technology Solution SAP R/3 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Enterprise Hardware Platform HP Servers based on Intel® Itanium® Processor Family SOLUTION ARCHITECTS

the ability to reach the right information at the right time is crucial for overall business success. is an integrated system. The Business Challenge Information systems must handle a rapidly growing number of concurrent users at different locations. as a result of investments in different platforms. demand extensive planning capabilities. SAP R/3 offers transaction and reporting functionality in the areas of financial accounting. business data and information is usually spread across different platforms and applications. Modern information systems must be completely integrated within an organization. Solving those issues can dramatically improve company-wide business efficiency and system administration – with one operation system kernel throughout all platforms. The ability to have the complete information system infrastructure for the entire company at one place. Information technology provides the access-on-demand that provides answers to important business questions. The SAP R/3® software solution. This complete 64-bit solution provides increased performance. Finally. both local and distant. similar to those which they already have on their PCs or are available on the World Wide Web. ensuring increased global competitiveness. During years of business. expandable and allow for increased user demand. SAP AG is the world's leading provider of e-business software. One way of handling such issues in the past was the implementation of distributed environments. escalating costs of data center real-estate dictates higher density servers on the application tier to contain proliferation and improve manageability. corporations can make major improvements in their information handling requirements. quality management. sales and distribution. more memory and additional resources when paired with Microsoft’s newest generation of Windows Advanced Server Limited Edition version 1. Production and delivery environments. Information systems must be available 24/7 from all locations. Other common challenges have to do with existing legacy systems. production planning. where services were distributed across many computers. where all functionality to run an enterprise is provided by one system. operation system and application architectures also pose significant costs. already prepared for 64-bit operating systems and hardware since 1993. With new enabling communication technologies and high bandwidth possibilities. Rapid take up by employees and ease of maintenance are two other factors that will help ensure an acceptable Total Cost of Ownership. By implementing SAP® solutions on Microsoft Windows Advanced Server Limited Edition version 1. in many cases. The staff education and compensation required to administer. running one operating system and one ERP system such as SAP R/3 is vital. plant maintenance. and without becoming too complex to run and maintain. such as those found in extended manufacturing companies. Also. from client desktop to 64-bit server architecture. That makes operations slower due to the time needed to get and organize information. On the other hand. TCO can be reduced significantly. Solution architects of SAP solutions need to deliver reliable performance to service level agreements (SLAs) while balancing the needs of end users for both business growth and IT cost-efficiencies. no matter how large and distributed the business is.2. users of ERP systems are demanding an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI).Meeting New Market Demands In a modern company. at different geographical locations. costs are increasing. without any performance cutbacks.2 and HP servers based on the second-generation Itanium processor. and many others. Application Service Providing and centralization are becoming cost-cutting imperatives. highly available. customizable. while preserving good performance. operate and maintain different hardware. As a consequence. 2 . materials management. a lot of different information systems are implemented in an average enterprise.

By running SAP R/3 on 64-bit systems. SAP R/3 overcomes the limitations of traditional hierarchical and function-oriented structures common in other software. all SAP solutions support 64-bit systems. and subsidiaries all merge for integrated handling of business processes. will really benefit from 64-bit support. The new technology opens up many opportunities for SAP solutions. As demand for these systems has increased. Targeted at enterprise and high-performance computing. SAP R/3 offers a compelling combination of functionality. providing additional power to SAP applications. users can now achieve a complete 64-bit solution. and technology. specifically the simplification of SAP R/3 customization and configuration. Limited Edition version 1. while providing exceptional performance. sales offices. The Intel Itanium processor family offers the price/performance advantages of industry standard components while providing the degree of scalability and range of architectural features necessary within the high-performance market. the newly developed Intel Itanium processor family enables a broad choice of platforms and applications for 64-bit servers and workstations at significantly lower costs than proprietary offerings. the answer to the demand is the availability of the 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows Advanced Server Limited Edition. high availability.2 will allow for the following Windows 64-bit features: • Load-balancing enhancements allowing for more reliable network load balancing • IIS 6 Lock-down setup policy is more secure • IIS 6 Kernel mode caching increases overall performance • IIS 6 Process handling model improved to further increase reliability • Clustering reboots managed for non-stop operation • 8 node cluster support brings more flexibility and reliability • Support for accessing up to 16 Terabytes of virtual memory Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition 64-bit: To complement 64-bit Windows.The solution overview SAP R/3 and its components excel at integrating and improving business practices. such as mySAP™ Supply Chain Management (mySAP SCM) with the SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer (SAP APO) component with liveCache – an in-memory database – and comprehensive business intelligence solutions. SAP R/3 spans organizational and geographical boundaries for corporate headquarters.2 Windows Advanced Server Limited Edition version 1. high performance and lower TCO. Ease of use remains excellent with a completely consistent 3 . Technology This complete 64-bit solution represents a new generation of software rewritten for 64-bit platforms. Specifically. Faster response means customers will have more time to concentrate on strategically growing their core competencies.2 • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition 64-bit database 64-bit software: Currently. manufacturing plants. Microsoft Windows Advanced Server. scalability and reliability. enabling companies to respond quickly to change. flexibility. and human resources management are all integrated into a workflow of business events and processes across departments and functional areas. This provides for larger memory. financial accounting. For businesses of most any size and industry. Sales and materials planning. Where both 32-bit and 64-bit SAP kernels are available on an operating system platform for a particular component of the mySAP. Employees receive the right information and documents at the right time to their desktops. Microsoft is releasing its 64bit version of the industry’s de-facto standard SQL Server database. The just introduced HP server rx2600 and HP server rx5670 powered by Itanium 2 processors provide a compelling 64-bit platform for SAP solutions on the Windows Server operating® e-Business platform. production planning. warehouse management. This is the convergence of several new technologies designed for each other which now work together as reliably as their 32-bit predecessors: • HP server rx2600 powered by 1-2 Intel® Itanium® 2 processors • HP server rx5670 powered by 2-4 Intel® Itanium® 2 processors • 64-bit SAP R/3 • 64-Bit Windows Advanced Server. Limited Edition version 1. customers can expect a high level of reliability. new solutions. increased processing power and expanded I/O capacity.

as well as in the depth and breadth of the SAP offering. • Extended thresholds that surpass maximums of previous 32-bit versions • More concurrent sessions allowed • Query performance improved • Support for in memory database and large data warehouses 2nd Generation 64-bit Hardware: Industry Standard Technologies The Intel Itanium processor family is the industry standard technology of the future. because they already administer Windows 32-bit based platforms and already have most of the necessary skills to administer Windows 64-bit architecture. retail. The second area is user friendliness: the user community adoption time frame is very small. This solution seamlessly integrates with existing systems. Itanium 2 systems can begin to be used in parallel with existing IA32 systems. there are two main areas that will benefit from a 64-bit SAP R/3 implementation. The market opportunity for SAP solutions continues to grow in terms of both markets served. telecom. 4 . SAP R/3 will take advantage of this feature allowing it to process more instructions per clock cycle. as well as the performance needed to manage these buffers. In these environments. Administration of several different computer architectures and operation systems within one organization will not be needed. easing migration with immediate returns in productivity gains from relatively minor investments and with minimum risk. For the latest information on HP Itanium-based platforms.hp. visit www. because there is no change to the look and feel of their usual Office applications. therefore improving the performance of the SAP application. The rx2600 is a 2-way capable server and the rx5670 is a 4-way capable server. A new type of database is also emerging. distribution. a special hardware enhancement unique to HP Itanium 2 servers. Both of these reasons lower operation costs. these attributes mean substantially better application performance. which takes a more direct approach to the use of large quantities of physical memory by optimizing for main-memory data management rather than disk-based management. The technology is based upon Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC) providing the growth in processor performance needed to meet the application performance needs of the future. and create a secure growth path within a very short implementation period. non-profit or any other. Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing EPIC is designed to parallelize the instructions within each clock improved computational and transaction processing while minimizing disruption to their existing SAP environment. reliability and security. HP Performance Enhancements: The HP zx1. For global enterprises. almost regardless of industry – manufacturing. provides better price/performance than competitors due to its low latency. From a system administrator’s perspective. this solution is preferred. the in-memory database (IMDB). government. and that can have a major impact on total system availability. The HP zx1 memory subsystem is also more flexible than any other technology available.user interface from the previous 32-bit version. From a management perspective. The first area is future growth – this solution can improve application integration issues. Windows has been the platform of choice on the application tier. finance. SAP R/3 has historically been deployed in heterogeneous three-tier configurations in order to meet the priceperformance and reliability requirements of customers. Mission critical database applications will also benefit from advanced reliability features in the Intel Itanium processor family that detect errors and minimize the scope of their effects. The HP rx2600 and HP rx5670 servers are second-generation Itanium servers utilizing the HP developed zx1 chipset to provide substantially better application performance. capacity and reliability are all enhanced: Target Market This solution can be implemented in almost any business environment. When combined. but performance. Customers whose databases have grown rapidly in size will want the larger memory buffers. Today the majority of newly installed SAP solutions are on a Windows platform. This is accomplished using software compilers that decide which instructions can be processed in parallel. increase resource productivity and boost profits. high bandwidth and low cost design. These customers will especially benefit from the Itanium technology for greater native memory allocation possibilities. This solution is most applicable to the installed base of Windows customers who are looking to achieve increased business performance for mission critical SAP R/3 solutions while minimizing the risk to their existing business systems. HP rx2600 and HP rx5670 Itanium 2 servers are hardware enhanced for maximum performance and memory scalability due to the special HP zx1 chipset.

” Bernhard Bellmann. we realized a full 64-bit-based SAP solution. has successfully implemented this mySAP. the systems were proven and comprehensive tests showed there were no obstacles in switching to production mode. VTG-Lehnkering is using the mySAP. VTG-Lehnkering switched to a full Itanium processor production environment on ProLiant DL 590 four processor servers.Case studies / Proof points VTG-Lehnkering AG*. In addition. another eight nodes in a fail over cluster can be added. 2002. The challenge for the IT departments was to make the software available by January 1st. 64-bit technology has given added performance benefits. from hardware and operating system to database and application servers. has moved seamlessly to a high-performance future-proof 64-bit platform capable of handling its existing logistics applications. Just two months later. They are using SAP R/3 Financials (FI). ECS AG 5 . In January 2002. We’re confident about the extended competitive advantage that Itanium processors promise to deliver as our platforms develop over time. the production system for VTG-Lehnkering was switched from 32-bit to 64-bit. The solution has also given VTG-Lehnkering an edge over the competition by implementing Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition 64-bit on an Intel Itanium processor-based machine. By the end of February. Germany. We are beginning to see IA32 projects with large software applications that are already reaching the limits of conventional server architectures. one of their major clients. Enterprise Consolidation (EC-CS). with little or no extra administration training required for system administrators. Operation and maintenance will also be more e-Business platform and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition 64-bit application running on two Proliant* DL590 Itanium based servers for the SAP R/3-based database and central unit. VTG-Lehnkering AG • Completely eliminated previous issues with memory allocations above 2-3 GB RAM by increasing allocations to 4 GB RAM • Scalable to a load up greater than existing systems • 32-bit and 64-bit databases were combined with one another for high availability SQL Server • Logistical applications could migrate to Windows 64-bit platform running on Intel-based servers • System resources could be displayed for the whole load area • Significant cost savings were achieved through simpler maintenance and familiar Windows-based format • In the future. “Some of our customers are reaching the natural thresholds of the 32-bit address space. increasing potential scalability. a system integrator based in Hamburg. These limitations of memory management and file systems can be enhanced by advancing all components to 64-bit. applications more efficiently.” Roman Mielinski. the system went into production on Intel’s 32-bit server production installation based on the Windows 64-bit platform running on Intel Itanium based servers for VTG-Lehnkering. The solution deployed was a completely 64-bit based solution and achieved the following success factors: “The Intel 64-bit processors are the basis for the next generation of industry servers. VTG-Lehnkering is confident in opting for an Intel-based platform with its scalability and future-proof architecture. Controlling (CO) and Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) applications. a leading logistics company based in Hamburg. and system availability will improve as well. Overall the solution implemented provides feature and functionality equal to that implemented on a 32-bit platform. IT Director. and we were able to get the memory addressability we needed to run our mySAP. During March 2002. ECS AG. In the project at VTG-Lehnkering.

7 62000 8192 240 1. The HP rx5670 server used Microsoft Windows Advanced Server LE v1.79 73000 MS SQL Server 4-processors each with 3MB L3 cache. four-way servers With a total throughput of 141. 2 MB L2 cache DB2 UDB 7. 2000 4 MB L3 cache 16384 Compaq ProLiant Model DL590/64 Compaq ProLiant DL580 IBM eServer xSeries Model 440 Compaq AlphaServer ES45 200 6 . The following illustrates how the HP 4-way rx5670 Itanium 2 servers show high performance using SAP Standard Application Sales and Distribution (SD) Benchmark results: The new HP server rx5670 produced the best 4-way system performance results on the SAP R/3 Standard Application SD two-tier benchmark.and 64-bit processor systems. 3MB 2000 L3 cache.1A RDBMS Release Central Server description Memory (MB) HP Server rx5670 MS SQL Server 4-way Itanium 2. please see: www. 1 MB L3 cache 4-way SMP.6C. DDR 266 SDRAM MS SQL Server 4-way SMP.1. Itanium 800 MHz. All benchmarks were run with SAP R/3 Release 4.8CB 1000 MHz. For details of the certified benchmark according to the SAP Benchmark Council Regulations.97 141000 Windows AS LE Windows AS LE Windows 2000 Windows 2000 Tru64 Unix V. Server SD Users Avg Dialog Dialog OS Rspns Time Steps/Hour (sec) 470 1. 5.97 seconds with 99% processor utilization.2 and the current release of the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition 64-bit relational database.6 GHz. 1 Ghz.Benchmark demonstrates performance Microsoft and HP have together demonstrated the improvements Itanium 2 processors are bringing to four-way commercial servers over the first generation Itanium Proliant server. 4 Intel Itanium 2 processors at 1GHz. WA. tested by HP and Microsoft in Redmond. EV6. Pentium Xeon 1.98 94000 420 1. supporting 470 SAP SD benchmark users at an average response time of 1. and other 32.2 4-way SMP.8 128000 Oracle 8. SAP SD two—tier benchmark.000 dialog steps per hour. the server system was configured with 16GB of DDR 266 SDRAM memory. Pentium III 2560 2000 Xeon 900 MHz.7 16384 This benchmark fully complies with the SAP Benchmark Council’s issued benchmark regulations and has been audited and certified by SAP. 8 MB L2 cache 8192 312 1.

SAP R/3 is an important component of the mySAP. Benefits for global system integrators and SAP implementation partners System integrators with global operations can reduce their delivery costs by • Improved ability to meet demanding Service Level Agreements through more choice of operating systems supported by a single architecture • Improved ROI and business performance for both new and existing SAP R/3 applications. Choosing 64-bit systems now prepares customers for easier growth in the future. There is no need to hire and train another group of system administrators for the “new” platform. • It enables the exploitation of the full 64-bit potential of the world’s leading ERP platform in the Microsoft Windowsbased operational environment. and the ability to load more mySAP applications simultaneously. materials management and sales director modules. It is critical to a business that SAP R/3 be as fast and reliable as possible. The most significant advantages of such a solution are as follows: Solution Benefits 64-bit SAP solutions make the difference Large installations of SAP solutions can now benefit from Itanium’s 64-bit capability for massive memory addressing. providing customers with the improved business performance of SAP solutions combined with the TCO benefits associated with the Win-Tel environment. more users given access to the system without expanding hardware resources. SAP R/3 – Product Overview 7 . applications. SAP customers that want to move system performance to the next generation. These benefits allow in-box upgrades to extend the life and protect the investment of existing hardware environments. • Cost-effective and risk-free transition to Itanium architecture. especially those that use the production planning. especially those with Sales and Distribution. • Implementation time can be measured in weeks and months instead of years improving time to solution as well as lowered cost of acquisition. allowing the potential for more concurrent users. The combination of Itanium’s improved processor performance and increased memory addressing optimizes throughput for intensive mySAP. Long-term systems handling is minimized.Customer Value Proposition Benefits for the corporation Implementing an SAP R/3 solution based on the Intel Itanium 2 64-bit platform from HP creates significant benefits and competitive advantages for a company. and server platforms allowing for improved resource utilization. more productive activities. With improved response times. Functional Business Concept mySAP. as well as seamless integration with the widely used Microsoft e-Business platform through which many interactions must provides a comprehensive set of solutions for running almost any kind of business. • 64-bit Itanium 2 systems are intended to be the most cost effective ways for IA 32 customers to attain greater performance. because the administrative and user interfaces for 64-bit Windows platform are the same as for all other Windows platforms. Other benefits include: increased efficiency in overall system administration as system capacity is expanded. Business applications such as SAP APO liveCache (part of the mySAP SCM solution) can use the large memory space to keep the whole database in resident memory. freeing up time and resources for other. higher performance and availability. can improve productivity with SAP R/3 running on HP’s Itanium 2-based servers. • It enables rapid business growth – 64-bit architecture can address more than 4 Gigabytes of RAM. • There is no need for different teams of system administrators for desktop computers. Production Planning and Materials Management applications. regardless of its industry and size. end users of SAP solutions will experience significant productivity gains.

All applications are closely integrated with each other for providing users immediate access to shared data. Standby Database Functions are an integral part of all Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition 64-bit and are compatible from today’s versions down to SQL Server 6. During the Sales and Distribution business e-Business platform map onto an organization’s business processes. the interfaces remain identical. which manages warehouses and helps ensure that proper levels of inventory are maintained. The SQL Server Enterprise Manager Console 64-bit offers all the functionality available in SQL Server 2000. When upgrading to the 64-bit version of SAP R/3 there are no user interface changes anywhere in the system. the Financial Accounting (FI) application takes over to help ensure proper payment and distribution of revenue to the appropriate locations. SAP R/3 as part of the mySAP. and as the order is processed through the system.The various mySAP applications that make up the mySAP.5. The following diagram provides a good example of the integration of the business process in the Sales and Distribution (SD) application of SAP R/3 as an example. and the ability to dynamically respond to shifts in the business. utility or manufacturer. operators and administrators. and can be customized for any specific implementation. Also shown is how the SD application triggers the Materials Management (MM) application. Once invoiced. 8 . Windows 64-bit desktop. In each case the user interface is optimized for ease of use through years of evolution from customer feedback. As customers implement newer versions of SAP R/3. it crosses a number of other business processes until it is invoiced. realtime management of online information. The user interface allows for optimal access to all of the functions. meaning that the integration of a Standby Database on 32-bit SQL Server will not cause any procedural or functional changes. This enables administrators to seamlessly switch to a new platform quickly and easily. SQL Server 64-bit and SAP solution management consoles look exactly the same as in the 32-bit version. User experience Familiar Look and Feel SAP R/3 has different user interfaces for users. an order enters into sales support. e-Business platform has the ability to completely integrate all of the functions of a business.

It will also decrease the floor space required to support the SAP solution environment providing savings in facilities management. but we consider two approaches: central R/3 configuration and client/server R/3 configuration. With the availability of larger memory. providing greater performance over a 32-bit server running SAP R/3 applications. Middle-tier application services run on one or several servers. The high density and high capacity of the HP rx2600 and rx5670 servers allow for the consolidation of SAP application servers. The application system provides presentation services. improve performance and prepare for almost unlimited future expansion.Software Architecture Software overview The R/3 architecture is based on a software-oriented multi-tier client/server principle. and swapping increases with 64-bit technology. The large scale and scope of high transaction throughput of many LOB (Line Of Business) applications such as SAP R/3. Designing for the Future: The HP Intel Solution Center or any system integrator can perform system tests and benchmarks to clearly understand performance expectations and capacity sizing needs. and similar to the VTG Customer Scenario. Many SAP solution-based landscapes can be significant in the proliferation of servers. The scenario outlined here. the speed of memory mapped disk accesses. application services and database services. caching. The main application services could be tailored in different ways. The terms are classified as: Central System – Database and Application Services running on one single computer Client/Server System – Database services are running on a dedicated computer. Systems are identified that will reduce maintenance. communication and printing. Shared Memory Requirement With 64-bit technology. 9 . a bigger percentage of the database can be cached in main memory. for example. The end-user presentation is always on separated front-end computers. This will reduce the total cost of ownership by reducing overhead costs. more real memory can be used while low-level memory operations are accelerated. resulting in improved performance. Itanium’s instruction pipelining and large register set also allow for more efficient processing of structured integer data. These services are supplemented by several special services. shows how to immediately add capacity to an existing environment. System Architecture SAP systems need to be prepared for greater capacity and future growth. underlies the applications’ ability to benefit from the large memory support and transaction processing performance of architecture such as Itanium. This architecture supports both centralized configurations and highly distributed systems with numerous dedicated servers. The reduction of physical servers will reduce system management overhead and allow for better management of assets. such as a PC or workstation. improve performance and consolidate existing servers. reducing the total number of servers. Also.

com/go/SAP www. or help existing installations migrate to the new generation of 64bit hardware and software.hp. increased memory allocation possibilities and improved management. The HP Intel Solution Center is chartered to help customers and system integrators complete Proof Of Concept (POC) testing and sizing to prove this is the best solution available for business.hp. power consumption. When needed new HP Servers based on the Itanium processor family can be www. The overall systems will run faster now that it is completely a 64-bit architecture from hardware throughout the software.ecs-ag. responding slowly or not able to add more users.hpintelco. but also because the new systems can act as backup to the existing systems that might be running beyond intended capacity. The HP Intel Solution Center is chartered to help customers complete POC testing and sizing to prove this is the best solution available for you. Management is limited and the ability to expand could be restricted by physical www. The new Itanium 2 processor systems can even be configured to run as part of a cluster with the existing & www. the older systems can be removed. Conclusion and How to Engage: www. The HP Intel Solution Center and the HP–SAP Competency Center have the ability to design the best system possible. Performance Boost While Migrating in Parallel The capacity and growth potential can be immediately realized by adding new high performance Intel Itanium 2 processor systems into the overall architecture.Existing Network The customer’s existing network might be running out of capacity. cooling requirements. and the ability to manage the system as the environment grows larger. Learn More About this Innovative Solution www. Migrating to the 64-bit version of SAP R/3 running on 64-bit Windows and SQL Server on the new HP Itanium 2 servers allows for excellent performance and growth increases. the loading of more applications. System Implementers and Integrators (SI) anywhere in the world can provide all the necessary system integration services and experience needed for the fast and smooth implementation of SAP R/3 on HP Itaniumbased servers. A complete 64-bit architecture means more simultaneous Reliability will increase not only because of the improved reliability of the HP Servers based on Intel architecture. Nearly Unlimited Growth in the Future Once the HP Servers that are running in parallel prove their reliability within the 10 .com is an industry standard that helps companies perform at their greatest potential by integrating all of their business data within one environment. just as ECS AG did for VTG-Lehnkering in Germany.

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