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Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for award of Bachelor of Business Administration (Gen) Of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi. Submitted by Name: VARUN GUPTA Enrolment No: 01110601710 Of Ansal Institute of Technology Gurgaon Guided by A.K Malhotra

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi


This is to certify that the project titled “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION OF ICICI BANK” submitted by VARUN GUPTA of BBA (General), 5th Semester of ANSAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY affiliated to GGSIP University, Delhi is original and authentic. This has been carried/done under my supervision & guidance.

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This is to certify that the project titled “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION OF ICICI BANK” submitted by VARUN GUPTA of BBA (General),5th Semester of ANSAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY affiliated to GGSIP University, Delhi has been examined by the following examiners:




I would like to express big thanks to A.K Malhotra for all his time & support given to me. Her experience, knowledge & support lead me to complete my project timely & successfully.



I have used secondary as well as primary sources to complete the project report. ICICI started it in Aug 2002 and since then it has been a remarkable success. So a customized portfolio for every client is the need of the day. in India its not more than 5 years old. which a private banker deals into and the systematic process involved to match client requirements with the right kind of product. Though private banking evolved in late 80’s in Asia. . This research will highlight more on the product portfolio of ICICI Private Banking. The objective of the research is to explore the various products. liking and preferences. how they have changed or innovatively structured to be attractive and competitive. Today there are enormous solutions to cater client needs but what suits best to a client is where private banking fits in. Through this research one of the main objectives is to explore the reason why most of the banks are injecting private banking as business profile to their set of service offerings.RATIONALE OF THE STUDY Private banking is a concept which is new and fast emerging in the world of banking where changes have become a necessity in order for banks to survive in this competitive environment vis-à-vis not only from the public and private sector banks but also from the foreign banks. Every client will have different needs.


Since 2002. often at concessional rates. At the time of the reverse merger. there were rumors that ICICI had large proportions of Non Performing Loans ("NPA". ICICI borrowed funds from many multilateral agencies (such as the World Bank). It was the first bank to offer a wide network of ATM's and had the largest network of ATM's till 2005. The experiment was so successful that ICICI merged into ICICI Bank ("reverse merger") in 2002. car loans etc. before SBI caught up with it. ICICI was not a bank .ABOUT INDUSTRY –ICICI BANK ICICI was established by the Government of India in the 1960s as a Financial Institution with the objective to finance large industrial projects. All this changed in 1990s. there has been a general revival in Indian industry (and metal based industry in particular).in particular to the steel industry. ICICI Bank now has the largest market share among all banks in retail or consumer financing. as they are known in India) on its books . It is widely believed that the proportion of NP As has come down to prudent levels (even if it were high earlier).it could not take retail deposits.taking deposits. and nor was it required to comply with Indian banking requirements for liquid reserves. .ICICI Bank which undertook normal banking operations . ICICI founded a separate legal entity . credit cards. ICICI Bank is the largest issuer of credit cards in India [citation needed]. These funds were deployed in large corporate loans.

The bank is aggressively targeting the NRI (Non Resident Indian) population for expanding its business.ICICI bank now has the largest market value of all banks in India. . The bank is expanding in overseas markets. It acquired a small bank in Russia recently. It has operations in the UK. It has tie-ups with major banks in the US and China. and is widely seen as a sophisticated bank able to take on many global banks in the Indian market. Singapore and Canada. Hong Kong.

2012 Network: 2. ICICI's shareholding in ICICI Bank was reduced to 46% through a public offering of shares in India in fiscal 1998. China. United Arab Emirates.. Sri Lanka and Dubai International Finance Center and representative offices in the United States. China. and was its wholly owned subsidiary. ICICI Bank is the most valuable bank in India in terms of market capitalization. ICICI Bank was originally promoted in 1994 by ICICI Limited. Bahrain. Our UK subsidiary has established a branch in Belgium. and Bangladesh And South Africa. an equity offering in the form of ADRs listed on the NYSE in . ICICI Bank has formulated a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for its Directors and employees.ICICI BANK FACT FILES Total assets: 4.736.47 billion (US$ 93 billion) at March 31.777 branches ATMs: Over 10. ICICI Bank's equity shares are listed in India on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India Limited and its American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Hong Kong. South Africa and Bangladesh. branches in Singapore. an Indian financial Institution. ICICI Bank currently has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom.021 Abroad Subsidiaries: United Kingdom and Canada Abroad branches: Singapore and Bahrain Representative offices: United States. Russia and Canada. United Arab Emirates.

The principal objective was to create a development financial institution for Providing medium-term and long-term project financing to Indian businesses. ICICI was formed in 1955 at the initiative of The World Bank.fiscal 2000. greater opportunities for earning fee-based income and the ability to Participate in the payments system and provide transaction-banking services. entry into new business segments. The merger would enhance value for ICICI Bank shareholders through a large capital base and scale of operations. The merger would enhance value for ICICI shareholders through the merged entity's access to lowcost deposits. In the 1990s. ICICI Bank's acquisition of Bank of Madura Limited in an all-stock amalgamation in fiscal 2001. and secondary market sales by ICICI to institutional investors in fiscal 2001 and fiscal 2002. and would create the optimal legal structure for the ICICI group's universal banking strategy. . the Government of India and representatives of Indian industry. After consideration of various corporate structuring alternatives in the context of the emerging competitive scenario in the Indian banking industry. In 1999. both directly and through a number of subsidiaries and affiliates like ICICI Bank. the managements of ICICI and ICICI Bank formed the view that the merger of ICICI with ICICI Bank would be the optimal strategic alternative for both entities. seamless access to ICICI's strong corporate relationships built up over five decades. ICICI become the first Indian company and the first bank or financial institution from nonJapan Asia to be listed on the NYSE. and the move towards universal banking. ICICI transformed its business from a development financial institution offering only project finance to a diversified financial service group offering a wide variety of products and services.

higher market share in various business segments. with ICICI Bank. and by the High Court of Judicature at Mumbai and the Reserve Bank of India in April 2002. particularly fee-based services. the Boards of Directors of ICICI and ICICI Bank approved the merger of ICICI and two of its wholly owned retail finance subsidiaries. In October 2001. *Free float holding excludes all promoter holdings. ICICI Personal Financial Services Limited and ICICI Capital Services Limited. have been integrated in a single entity. Consequent to the merger. and access to the vast talent pool of ICICI and its subsidiaries. strategic investments and Cross holdings among public sector entities. . the ICICI group's financing and banking Operations. by the High Court of Gujarat at Ahmadabad in March 2002. The merger was approved by shareholders of ICICI and ICICI Bank in January 2002. both wholesale and retail.

 Promote a fair and cordial relationship between you and your bank.ICICI GROUP OBJECTIVES OF ICICI BANK  Promote good and fair banking practices by setting minimum standards in dealing with you  Increase transparency so that you can have a better understanding of what you can reasonably expect of the services. to achieve higher operating standards.  Foster confidence in the banking system .  Encourage market forces. through competition.

common fees and charges through any one of the following: a. Giving you information about them in any one or more of the following languages: Hindi. To Help You Use Your Account Or Service By: a. Providing you regular appropriate updates. b. what are their financial implications and whom you can contact for addressing you queries and how. c. Giving you information on what are the benefits to you. Keeping you informed about changes in the interest rates. Looking on our website. INFORMATION You can get information on interest rates.To Help You To Understand how Our Financial Products And Services Work By: a. . the terms and conditions and the interest rates/service charges. Ensuring that you are given clear information about our products and services. Looking at the notices in our branches. b. Ensuring that our advertising and promotional literature is clear and not misleading c. English or the appropriate local language. how you can avail of the benefits. which apply to them. b. d. charges or terms and conditions. Phoning our branches or help-lines.

 tell you if we offer products and services in more than one way [for example. for us to comply with legal.  tell you what information we need from you to prove your identity and address.d. over the phone.  In any advertising in any media and promotional literature that draws attention to banking service or product and includes a reference to an interest rate. regulatory and internal policy requirements.  If we avail of the services of third parties for providing support services. Advertising. through  ATMs. Asking our designated staff/help desk . Before You Become a Customer we will:  give you clear information explaining the key features of the services and products you tell us you are interested in. we will also indicate whether other fees and charges will apply and that full details of the relevant terms and conditions are available on request.  give you information on any type of products and services which we offer and that may suit your needs. on the Internet. Referring to the service guide/Tariff Schedule. and not misleading.or e. Marketing and Sales  We will make sure that all advertising and promotional material is clear. we will require that such third parties handle your personal information . in branches and so on] and tell you how to find out more about them.

 We may.(if any available to such third parties) with the same degree of confidentiality and security as we would.  In the event of receipt of any complaint from you that our representative/courier or DSA has engaged in any improper conduct or acted in violation of this Code. will be conveyed to you only if you have given your consent to receive such information/ service either by mail or by registering for the same on our website or on our phone banking/customer service number. we shall take appropriate steps to investigate and to handle the complaint and to make good the loss. and shall be guided by the following principles and policies .  We have prescribed a code of conduct for our Direct Selling Agencies (DSAs) whose services we may avail to market our products/ services which amongst other matters requires them to identify themselves when they approach you for selling our products personally or through phone. from time to time. Information about our other products or promotional offers in respect of our products/services. communicate to you various features of our products availed by you. Privacy and Confidentiality We will treat all your personal information as private and confidential [even when you are no longer a customer].

PRODUCT ICICI BANK OFFERS WIDE VARIETY OF DEPOSIT PRODUCTS TO SUIT YOUR REQUIREMENTS. the marketing mix most commonly remains based on the 4 P's. . process. people. etc.LIMITATIONS OF THE MARKETING MIX FRAMEWORK The marketing mix framework was particularly useful in the early days of the marketing concept when physical products represented a larger portion of the economy. the use of this framework remains strong and many marketing textbooks have been organized around it. Despite its limitations and perhaps because of its simplicity. SELECT ANY OF OUR DEPOSIT PRODUCTS AND PROVIDE YOUR DETAILS ONLINE AND OUR REPRESENTATIVE WILL CONTACT YOU FOR ACCOUNT OPENING. with marketing more integrated into organizations and with a wider variety of products and markets. such as packaging. COUPLED WITH CONVENIENCE OF NETWORKED BRANCHES/ ATMS AND FACILITY OF E-CHANNELS LIKE INTERNET AND MOBILE BANKING. some authors have attempted to extend its usefulness by proposing a fifth P. ICICI BANK BRINGS BANKING AT YOUR DOORSTEP. Today however. Today.


Liquidity and Returns!!!! A combination of unbeatable features of the Fixed Deposit from ICICI Bank .YOUNG STARS It's really important to help children learn the value of finances and money management at an early age. FIXED DEPOSITS Safety. Banking is a serious business. Flexibility. but we make banking a pleasure and at the same time children learn how to manage their personal finances.

Coupled with convenience of networked branches/ ATMs and facility of Echannels like Internet and Mobile Banking. Simplified Documentation and Guidance throughout the Process. you may not have adequate funds to make big investments.RECURRING DEPOSITS When expenses are high. Through ICICI Bank Recurring Deposit you can invest small amounts of money every month that ends up with a large saving on maturity.Doorstep Service. 1 Home Loans Provider in the country. So you enjoy twin advantages.affordability and higher earnings LOANS ICICI Bank offers wide variety of Loans Products to suit your requirements. But simply going ahead without saving for the future is not an option for you. ICICI Bank Home Loans offers some unbeatable benefits to its customers . It's really easy! . ICICI Bank brings banking at your doorstep. Select any of our loan product and provide your details online and our representative will contact you for getting loans HOME LOAN The No.

With minimum documentation you can now secure a loan for an amount up to Rs. Hassle-free application process on the click of a mouse. . ICICI Bank Personal Loans are easy to get and absolutely hassle free. your search ends here. 15 lakhs CAR LOANS  The NO 1 financier for car loans in the country. Tie-ups with all leading automobile manufacturers to ensure the best deals. Network of more than 1500 channel partners in over 780 locations.PERSONAL LOANS  If you're looking for a personal loan that's easy to get. Flexible schemes & quick processing.

balance transfer on high cost loans. Extend product. Ride home on your Dream Two Wheeler with our hassle free finance. top up on existing loans. refinance on used vehicles. Finance facility up to 90% of the On Road Cost of the vehicle. working capital loans & other banking products TWO WHEELER LOANS  Avail attractive schemes at competitive interest rates from the No 1 Financier for Two Wheeler Loans in the country. repayable in convenient repayment options and comfortable tenors from 6 months to 36 months. .COMMERCIAL VEHICLE LOANS  Range of services on existing loans & extended products like funding of new vehicles.

global emergency assistance service.FARM EQUIPMENT LOANS  Preferred financier for almost all leading tractor manufacturers in the country. shopping and travel. Debit Cards and Prepaid cards. Comfortable repayment tenures from 1 year to 9 year CARDS ICICI Bank offers a variety of cards to suit your different transactional needs. These cards are widely accepted both in India and abroad. Read on for details and features of each. These benefits range from life time free cards. convenience and a range of benefits. Insurance benefits. . travel discounts and much more. discounts. These cards offer you convenience for your financial transactions like cash withdrawal. Monthly. Quarterly and Half-yearly repayment patterns to choose from. anywhere in the world. CREDIT CARDS ICICI Bank Credit Cards give you the facility of cash. utility payments. Flexible repayment options in tandem with the farmer's seasonal liquidity. Our range includes Credit Cards.

The ICICI Bank Debit Card can be used for shopping at more than 100.DEBIT CARDS The ICICI Bank Debit Card is a revolutionary form of cash that allows customers to access their bank account around the clock. disbursements. Traveling with US Dollar. gifting & small ticket transactions. ICICI Bank pre-paid cards are a safe & convenient way for associate payments. Pound Sterling or Swiss Francs. .000 merchants in India and 13 million merchants worldwide. Looking for security and convenience. Pre-paid cards are available on a VISA platform thus providing accessibility to over one lakh merchant establishments & cash withdrawal from all VISA ATMs in India. Issued in duplicate. PRE PAID CARDS  ICICI Bank brings to you a complete bouquet of pre-paid cards providing payment solutions at your fingertips. take ICICI Bank Travel Card. Euro. Offers the Pin based security. TRAVEL CARD Presenting ICICI Bank Travel Card. around the world. The Hassle Free way to Travel the world. Has the convenience of usage of Credit or Debit card.

2004 You can invest in above products through any of our . Along with Deposit products and Loan offerings. For select products ICICI Bank also provides the ease of investing through electronic channels like ATMs and Internet (ICICIdirect.INVESTMENTS At ICICI Bank. we care about all your needs. ICICI Bank facilitates following investment products:        ICICI Bank Tax Saving Bonds Government of India Bonds Investment in Mutual Funds Initial Public Offers by Corporate Investment in "Pure Gold" Foreign Exchange Services Senior Citizens Savings Scheme. ICICI Bank assists you to manage your finances by providing various investment options ranging from ICICI Bank Tax Saving Bonds to Equity Investments through Initial Public Offers and Investment in Pure Gold.

In our continuous endeavor to offer best of the class services to our customers we offer the following features: e-Instructions: You can transfer securities 24 hours a day. Bill & ISIN details Mobile Alerts: Receive SMS alerts for all debits/credits as well as for any request. Consolidation Demat Account: Dematerialize your physical shares in various holding patterns and consolidate all such scattered holdings into your primary demat account at reduced cost Digitally Signed Statement: Receive your account statement and bill by email. Mobile Request: Access your demat account by sending SMS to enquire about Holdings. 7 days a week through Internet & Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at a lower cost. which cannot be processed Dedicated customer care executives specially trained at our call center. Now with "Speak to transfer". to handle all your queries.5 lacs account holders. Corporate Benefit Tracking: Track your dividend. interest. you can also transfer or pledge instructions through our customer care officer.DEMAT SERVICES ICICI Bank Demat Services boasts of an ever-growing customer base of over 11. you are never far from an ICICI Bank Demat Services outlet . Transactions. bonus through your account statement. Countrywide network of over 235 branches.

we believe. The growth in profit was mainly on account of increase in advances and the consequent rise in the net . synchronized processes and innovative products come together to create seamless global banking solutions.206. Not as an exception. at work. from Rs 530. the largest private sector bank in the country.56 crore from Rs 1. Then life's luxuries follow naturally at home. 2010.277.01 crore in the quarter ended June 30. at play. PRICE Growth due to increase in advances. The net profit of ICICI Bank.090. Other income also rose to Rs 1.5 crore. Solutions that go beyond wealth management.PRIVATE BANKING The chosen few know that the secret to success in life is living it.475 crore from Rs 969 crore. net interest income The numbers Total income was Rs 6. but as the rule. To the fullest on your terms.316.49 crore. A world where talented people. increased 17 per cent to Rs 620. it should be the same when it comes to banking. The Net Interest Income (NII) of the bank increased by 52 per cent to Rs 1.01 crore in the same quarter last fiscal.19 crore in the first quarter from Rs 4. At ICICI Bank. Solutions that are uniquely tailored to your specific needs.

006 crore (Rs 1.19 crore in the first quarter from Rs 4. The bank's net interest margin for the quarter was 2.5 crore.063 crore).88 crore). This was despite little or no securitization in the first quarter. Other income also rose to Rs 1. Total deposits increased by 61 per cent to Rs 1. she said.090.475 crore from Rs 969 crore. Provisions and contingencies increased by 62 per cent to Rs 482. Ms Morparia said the increase in provision was purely a function of higher level of general provision after the Reserve Bank of India increased the risk weight age on standard assets.5 per cent.184 crore (Rs 97.687 crore (Rs 62.084. 83.277. ICICI Bank raised rates on retail and corporate loans and its benchmark prime-lending rate by 50 basis points in June 2006. The net interest income (NII) of the bank increased by 52 per cent to Rs 1.235. marginally down from 2.78 crore (Rs 297. Retail advances increased by 59 per cent to Rs 98. Citibank and ICICI Bank's `Woman's Account' . 47.909 crore).206.6 per cent. due the change in the guidelines. Joint Managing Director. many banks have unveiled a slew of attractive schemes.interest income." she said.71 crore. loans. "Re-pricing of loan products has helped the bank to maintain the margin. Total advances increased by 50 per cent to Rs 1. treasury earnings fell to Rs 88 crore from Rs 183 crore.778 crore) PROMOTION In recent times.49 crore. Ms Kalpana Morparia. But the full effect of it will come from the second quarter. 13.316. Total income was up at Rs 6.56 crore from Rs 1. Total expenditure increased to Rs 5. special accounts and credit cards customized for women. Retail assets constitute 67 per cent of advances.83 crore from Rs 3. While fee income rose by 50 per cent to Rs 985 crore from Rs 658 crore. said the increase in NII and fee income was offset by a fall in treasury income and higher provisioning.

000.Women comprise an integral part of our client profile. For the recurring deposit the minimum amount is Rs 500. Also. Nehru Place. What differentiate it from normal savings account is the value-added features. Branch Manager at ICICI. ICICI's Women's Account allows one to deposit small sums in the form of a recurring deposit." explains Girish Kundan. and New Delhi. against the normative Rs 1. there are no tax deductions at source on the recurring deposit .

A project taken up in association with IIT. ICICI Bank. These may be able to recognize old. Mr K. said. ICICI Bank has a presence in 12 countries including the UK. New machines the new machines are likely to have security features not found in the ones commonly used. ICICI Bank plans new-age ATMs for rural markets ICICI Bank proposes to modify the technology behind ATMs that determines how the money-dispensing machine works. ICICI Bank. Kamath. Having established our leadership in the retail business over the last five years. Deputy MD of ICICI Bank.ICICI BANK ROPES IN SHAH RUKH KHAN ICICI Bank has once again decided to resort to the celebrity endorsement route to promote its brand. Managing Director and CEO. the bank is now poised to scale new heights in the global arena.V." Ms Lalita D. "ICICI Bank is happy to be associated with Shah Rukh Khan whose increasing global popularity brings synergy to our growing global presence". Gupte. Almost two-and-a-half years since superstar Amitabh Bachchan endorsed the brand. the company has signed up Shah Rukh Khan as its global ambassador. Joint Managing Director. is working towards introducing futuristic machines as part of its plan to reach out to more customer segments. especially those in non-metros. used notes as . In a press release issued by the bank. said. "We are proud to have Shah Rukh Khan as our global brand ambassador. Chennai is looking at ways of dealing with a host of critical issues that may seem pretty run-of-themill in an urban neighborhood but insurmountable in a typical Indian village. Canada. the US and West Asia. Dr Nachiket Mor.

It is not known at this stage as to how many of such machines may be rolled out.bcsbi. . "The technology we plan to use here is Getting Help If you have any enquiries about the Code.well. The plan is to overcome what is proving to be a major challenge for some of our customers. C-7 . 4th floor .‖ PLACE MONITORING The Banking Codes and Standards Board of India whose directors include members of the Governing Council monitor the Code.which would eliminate their need to physically visit bank branches. The contact details are as follows: The Banking Codes and Standards Board of India Reserve Bank of India Mumbai-400051 Telephone: 26573716 . Bandra Kurla Complex. ICICI Bank has already installed many new ATMs in the recent past as part of its programmed to provide greater off-site access to customers." said Dr Mor. you should contact us at our designated telephone helpdesk or customer service number or contact the Indian Banks’ Association at the following address. Fax: 26573719 Email: Website: www. The idea is to allow more people to use ATMs .in.

022-22844999 Fax: 022-22835638 Email: Website: www. No. Mumbai 400 020 Tel. Block II & III Veer Nariman .Indian Banks' Association Stadium House.

icicibank.o. India 24 hour customer care no’s  Ahmadabad 5530 9890  Bangalore 41131877  Coimbatore 1800 345 3499  Chandigarh 505 5700  Chennai  Cuttack 4208 8000 1800 345 3499  Delhi Mobile 9818178000  Delhi 4171 8000  Hyderabad 2312 8000  Darjeeling 1800 345 3499  Guwahati 1800 345 3499  Kochi 238 4500  Indore 402 2005  Jamshedpur 1800 345 3499  Mumbai 2830 7777  Kolkata 98313 78000  Lucknow 229 4577  Ranchi 1800 345 3499 022-28307700 p.Main Branches Of ICICI Bank Reach us around the clock Visit us at email us at call us at our 24hr ph no’s fax us at write to us at www. Hyderabad 500034. banjara hills (number below) .com

 Patna 1800 345 3499  Pune 2610 3333  Chhattisgarh 98932 08000  Siliguri 1800 345 3499  Andhra Pradesh 98495 78000  Haryana 98961 78000  Goa 98904 78000  Madhya Pradesh 98932 08000  Karnataka 98455 78000  Kerala 98954 78000  Rajasthan 98292 22292  Maharashtra 98904 78000  Punjab 98155 58000  UP West 98973 08000  Tamil Nadu 98944 78000  UP East 1800 345 3499  Bhubaneswar 1800 345 3499  Uttaranchal 98973 08000 ICICI BANK HEAD OFFICE: ICICI Bank 9th .com . lifeline@icici. South Towers ICICI Towers Bandra Kurla Complex Bandra (E) Mumbai Phone : +91-022-653 7914 E-Mail: wecoveru@icici.

130 King Street West.SOME ABROAD BRANCHES Bahrain Branch ICICI Bank Ltd. Suite 11-01. 8 Panthapath Kawran Bazar. Police Station Tejgaon. Suite 2130 Toronto ON M5X 1B1 Canada Tel: + 1 416 360 0909 . Level 11 Unique Trade Centre. Dhaka Bangladesh Tel: + 88 02 912 4985 Canada Subsidiary ICICI Bank Canada Exchange Tower. Manama Centre Manama Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: + 973 17 576 161 Fax: + 973 17 221 200 Bangladesh Representative Office ICICI Bank Ltd.

404.R. China Tel: + 86 21 5888 2413 Fax: + 86 21 5888 2347 Dubai Representative Office ICICI Bank Ltd.Fax: + 1 647 436 1178 China Representative Office ICICI Bank Ltd. Tel: + 971 4 396 5333 Fax: + 971 4 396 699 . 2805-2806. Suite No.A.E.Bank of China Towers 200 Yincheng(M) Road Pudong Shanghai 200 120 P. The Business Centre Building Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street Near Burjuman Dubai U.

WEAKNESS  Customers do not prefer it because of risk attached to it that is market risk.  During the stack market boom periods all ICICI bank funds have performed fairly well thereby increasing investor’s expectations.  Fund manager if makes a wrong prediction then customer will bear the brunt therefore it depends on fund’s manager’s analysis.  Investment needed is comparatively less than other investments.  People are afraid of investing in the equity market.SWOT ANALYSIS OF ICICI BANK STRENGTH  Good for new investor as the fund has to be managed by specialized fund manager. debt market and equity market at same time. .  Only product which invests in money market.  Sometimes the age factor affects the investment preference of the investors.

(real estate . Opportunities  Creating positive image about the fund and changing the nature of the market itself.  Market of mutual fund is expanding as many foreign companies are coming in this. Threats  Now there are many other investment instruments which are more lucrative than ICICI bank. advertising by ICICI bank industry . How fund managers invest people’s money in different portfolios and provide the better returns to the customers  Lack of promotions.  Great scope of new investment due to the budget announcement this year.  The objective of investing in ICICI bank is Tax-saving apart form returns third main objective is growth. Also in India most of the people lack of awareness about ICICI bank. how it works. gold)  Unawareness among investors regarding ICICI bank. They don’t know anything about what is ICICI bank.


who sometimes follows a recipe as he goes along." (Culliton. Borden claims the phrase came to him while reading James Culliton's description of the activities of a business executive: (An executive is) "a mixer of ingredients. N. The model was developed by Neil Borden (Borden. 1964) who first started using the phrase in 1949.INTRODUCTION THE MARKETING MIX (The 4 P's of Marketing) Marketing decisions generally fall into the following four controllable categories:     Product Price Place (distribution) Promotion The marketing mix approach to marketing is a model of crafting and implementing marketing strategies. and sometimes experiments with or invents ingredients no one else has tried. marketer(s) must consider their target market. 1948) When blending the mix elements. It stresses the "mixing" or blending of various factors in such a way that both organizational and consumer (target markets) objectives are attained. J. They must understand the wants and needs (see Maslow) of the market (customer) then use these mix elements in constructing (formulating) . sometimes adapts a recipe to the ingredients immediately available.

As Borden put it. and fact-finding and analysis. . advertising. promotions. Borden goes on to suggest a procedure for developing a marketing mix. The ingredients in Borden's marketing mix included product planning.". ―When building a marketing program to fit the needs of his firm. depending on the organizational structure of the firm. packaging. pricing. E. and a list of forces that influence these decision variables The term "marketing mix" became popularized after Neil H. depicted below: These four P's are the parameters that the marketing manager can control. Borden began using the term in his teaching in the late 1940's after James Culliton had described the marketing manager as a "mixer of ingredients". The mix must also meet or exceed the objectives of the organization. display. A separate marketing mix is usually crafted for each product offering or for each market segment. Borden published his 1964 article.appropriate marketing strategies and plans that will satisfy these wants. The goal is to make decisions that center the four P's on the customers in the target market in order to create perceived value and generate a positive response. The Concept of the Marketing Mix. a list of important elements that go into the mix. branding. subject to the internal and external constraints of the marketing environment. distribution channels. physical handling. the marketing manager has to weigh the behavioral forces and then juggle marketing elements in his mix with a keen eye on the resources with which he has to work. servicing. He claims that you need two sets of information. Jerome McCarthy later grouped these ingredients into the four categories that today are known as the 4 P's of marketing. personal selling.

features. packaging. term "product" refers to tangible. The safety: It does not concern fun board but it matters very much for products used by kids. products often differ only by packaging. The "green": A friendly product to environment gets an advantage among some segments. return and so on. services. In food business. differentiation is mainly related to: The design: it can be a decisive advantage but it changes with fads. In general. warranties. For example. Therefore. physical products as well as services. Here are some examples of the product decisions to be made:       Brand name Functionality Styling Quality Safety Packaging . We differentiate product on the basis of design. a fun board must offer a good and fashionable design adapted to young people. The packaging: It must provide a better appearance and a convenient use.PRODUCT A good product makes it’s marketing by itself because it gives benefits to the customer.

you are going straight to bankruptcy! To avoid such a mistake. you have to take notice of the break-even ratio that you will find below.   Repairs and Support Warranty Accessories and services PRICE DECISIONS Price means the pricing strategy you will use. competitive pricing is essential. Sometimes. Cost-plus-profit: It means that you add the profit you need to your cost. Pricing strategies you have to choose between three strategies: Competitive pricing: If your product is sold at the lowest price regarding all your competitors. It is also called cost-orientated strategy and is mainly used by the big contractor of public works. In fact. You have already fixed. . you are practicing competitive pricing. The authority may have access to the costing data and should like to check if the profit added to the cost is not too high. If your prices are lower than your costs. For instance. this strategy will usually succeed. when the products are basically the same. Remember that the success of competitive pricing strategy depends on achieving high volume and low costs. as an hypothesis a customer price fitted to your customer profile but you will have now to bargain it with the wholesalers and retailers. this strategy is only good for a business that the customers are public collectivities or government agencies.

Value pricing: It means that you base your prices on the value you deliver to customers. Distribution is about getting the products to the customer. penetration. Some examples of distribution decisions include:     Distribution channels Market coverage (inclusive. you can charge high prices to the customer. or exclusive distribution) Specific channel members Inventory management . There are not intermediaries between you and him. It is easy when you are in the introductory phase of the product life cycle. Some examples of pricing decisions to be made include:         Pricing strategy (skim. this situation is far to be the general case.) Suggested retail price Volume discounts and wholesale pricing Cash and early payment discounts Seasonal pricing Bundling Price flexibility Price discrimination DISTRIBUTION (PLACE) DECISIONS Selling to the customers: Whether you sell by yourself ( as retailer) whether you employ a sales force. etc. This practice is also called skimming. you are in these cases in front of the final customer. when a new technology has a very large success. Unfortunately. For example. selective. except for the retailer business.

public relations and so on are included in promotion and consequently in the 4Ps. Promotion includes mainly three topics: advertisement. that is. Marketing communication decisions include:       Promotional strategy (push. packaging becomes a fifth P.) Advertising Personal selling & sales force Sales promotions Public relations & publicity Marketing communications budget Advertising. etc. and sales promotions. pull. . public relations. As promotion is closely linked to the sales.   Distribution centers Order processing Transportation PROMOTION DECISIONS In the context of the marketing mix. the communication of information about the product with the goal of generating a positive customer response. promotion represents the various aspects of marketing communication. sometimes. Of course. The function of promotion is to affect the customer behavior in order to close a sale. it must be consistent with the buying process described in the consumer analysis. I will mention here the most common features about the sale strategy.

capture interest. and so on. You have to evaluate it before any advertisement campaign. Internet. For example. the message must: get attraction. It is said that a person must be exposed seven times to the message before to be aware of it. create desire and finally require action that is to say close the sale.  Message: Sometimes. radio. it is called a creative.  Frequency is the number of time a person is exposed to your message. Anyway. which is affected by your advertisement. Reach*frequency gives the gross rating point. newspapers. if you advertise on radio you must know how many people belonging to your segment can be affected. You have to take notice about three important notions:  Reach is the percentage of the target market.ADVERTISEMENT: It takes many forms: TV. . yellow pages.

coupons. futurology to several organizations (civic groups. you can deliver public speeches on subjects such as economics. professional associations) SALES PROMOTION It includes fair trades. and discounts and is linked to the sales strategy. fraternal organizations. political groups.PUBLIC RELATIONS: Public relations are subtler and rely mainly on your own personality. For example. . geoeconomics.

SUMMARY OF ICICI BANK The four Ps. the place is very important because it describes how you reach the consumer and what distribution channel you are going to choose: Margins and image are quite important features in this matter. the pricing strategy will have heavy consequences on the promotion campaign and on success or failure of your business as a whole. . place. After the product which is a paramount. price and promotion are the elements of the marketing mix used to establish a detailed and final marketing plan. According to your product and place. product.

Creativity allows us to handle or diffuse problems at hand or later on rather in the process of conducting the everyday business. Of course. –Voltair When we talk about customer service and/or satisfaction. We want to know what our customers Want? We want to know if our customers are satisfied? Satisfaction. We talk about how. Fleiss has written about Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and Feldman has discussed excellence in a cab ride. Customer satisfaction occurs when the acquisition of products and /or services provides a minimum negative departure from expectations when compared with other acquisitions and when the marginal utility of a transaction is equal to or greater than preceding acquisitions. As important as delightfulness . or what. Customer satisfaction occurs when the perception of the reward from the purchase of goods or services by the customer meets or exceeds his/her perceived sacrifice. We want to know if customers are delighted and willing to come Back. We want to know the payoff of the transaction both in the short and long term. Fleiss 2 and Feldman 3 present examples of that delightfulness in their writings. The perception is a consequence of matching past purchase and consumption experience with the current purchase.CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Customer satisfaction is equivalent to making sure that product and service performance meets customer expectations. means that what we delivered to a customer met the customer’s Approval. CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SATISFACTION We must cultivate our garden. we talk about creativity. It is the perception of the customer that the outcome of a business transaction is equal to or greater than his/her expectation. and so on. does the organization have to do to gain not only the sale but also the loyalty of the customer.

Level 2. and expectations. satisfaction. Expectations are a step higher than that of level 1 and they require some form of satisfaction through meeting the requirements and/or . a customer may be a person or persons. There are at least three levels of customer expectations about quality: Level 1. or even totally disregard it. At this point. we Customer satisfaction. We must understand customer expectation levels concerning quality. intermediate. it is worth emphasizing that a customer can be the immediate. In fact. The customer is the person or unit receiving the output of a process on the system. Expectations are very simple and take the form of assumptions. and next we must understand the measurement and feedback cycles of Customer satisfaction. I expect to get the correct blood for my blood transfusion and I expect the bank to deposit my money to my account and to keep a correct tally for me. and land safely. must have. fly to my destination. some of us minimize it. or take it for granted. For example. or ultimate customer. I expect the airline to be able to take off. We must also understand the strategy for customer service quality. Some of the issues that will guarantee failure in sales. and loyalty are: • Employees must adhere to a rigid chain of command • Employees are closely supervised • Conflict—in whatever form—is not allowed • Rewards are based on carrot-and-stick principles • Wrong objectives are measure. or a process or processes. however. Also. wants. is when the customer is satisfied with a product/service that meets the customer’s needs.

But I was surprised when they called me at home the next day to find out how I was doing. I expect to be treated courteously by all airline personnel. Beat the competition. but just before we shook hands to close the deal. representing the bank holding my mortgage. Level 3. and helpful with my transactions. Retain or gain market share. . Increase revenue. Improve customer. And I went to the bank expecting the bank teller to be friendly. I went to the hospital expecting to have my hernia repaired. the bank officer. I once took a flight where the flight attendants actually baked cookies for us right there on the plane. and to receive a correct bill. In fact. For example. not only treated me with respect and answered all my questions about my new mortgage. Level 3 requires some kind of delightfulness or a service that is so good that it attracts me to it. client. 2. to be in some pain after it was done. 4.specifications. he gave me a housewarming gift. Identify and capitalize on opportunities. React quickly to changes in the market. And at my house closing. 7. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEYS HELP TO: 1. For example. Reduce costs. When I went to the hospital. 6. 5. an airline gives passengers traveling coach class the same superior food service that other airlines provide only for first-class passengers. I expected staff to treat me with respect and they carefully explained things to me. or employee loyalty. to be out on the same day. 3. Expectations are much higher than for levels 1 and 2. informative.


DATA COLLECTION TECHNIQUES This project consists of two parts. The first part is a study of the banking industry, ICICI Bank using secondary data sources. This secondary information has been sourced from the internet and from business related magazines and newspapers. The second part of the study has been done using an exploratory research process and a structured questionnaire was developed for this purpose. For the collection of primary data this was the only method used. The reason I used this method is because a need was felt for the free influx of information about the products. Also this method allowed the use of skills gained in class. SAMPLE DESIGN The population considered for the purpose of the survey was people residing in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR). SAMPLING TECHNIQUE USED Since the information required was not of a very technical nature and also looking at the scope of the project and the extent of the target segment, the sampling technique employed was Convenience Sampling. I administered the questionnaires. SAMPLE SIZE I have restricted the sample size to150 respondents. This was done keeping in mind the time constraints and the fact that I felt that this number would be enough to serve the information needs required to show the trends.


Questionnaire: - A questionnaire consists of a set of questions presented to respondent for their answers. It can be Closed Ended or Open Ended

Open Ended: - Allows respondents to answer in their own words & are difficult to Interpret and Tabulate.

Close Ended: - Pre-specify all the possible answers & are easy to Interpret and Tabulate.


MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION Where respondent is offered more than two choices.

IMPORTANCE SCALE A scale that rates the importance of some attribute.

RATING SCALE A scale that rates some attribute from ―highly satisfied ‖ to ―highly unsatisfied ― and ―very inefficient‖ to ―very efficient‖

SAMPLING UNIT: Who is to be surveyed? The marketing researcher must define the target population that will be sampled.

The sample Unit taken by me; General public of different age group, different gender and different profession

EXTENT:Where the survey should be carried out? I have covered entire residential area of Delhi city for the survey

TIME FRAME:When the survey should be conducted? I conducted my survey for 8weeks from 10th may to 10th july

SAMPLING FRAME:The source from which the sample is drawn

Because in this survey I had stratified the sample in different age group. Among the probability sampling design the sampling design chosen is stratified random sampling. different gender and different profession Sample Size/ Population Size: .Sampling Technique: How should the respondent be chosen? In the Project sampling is done on basis of Probability sampling.How many people should be surveyed? My sample size is 150 .


47% A B C D B. which is a matter of concern. 25%  INTERPRETATION: If we closely look at the pie-chart. we can say that the people between the age group of 25 to 55 are the main customer of the bank. 19% A. 9% C.AGE GROUP AGE GROUP D. which contributes almost 75% of the bank’s customers. But the old age and the young people have been less attractive on this leading product of ICICI Bank. So more focus should be given to them as they have the huge .

Other section should be increased by creating awareness about the banking products . Student’s contribution is less as student account is not available in Patna and 5000 as minimum balance is not possible for them. Reason for this could be as per interviewed was working hour and anywhere banking which suits them.OCCUPATION OTHERS 10% STUDENT 7% BUSINES S 32% SERVICE 51% SERVICE BUSINESS STUDENT OTHERS POTENTIAL OCCUPATION  INTERPRETATION: This pie chart clearly shows that service holder and the business people are the main customer of the bank. 8 to 8 banking give them the freedom to do banking work after the office.

But it is advisable to penetrate more in the lower income group not only in terms of accounts but also in other banking products because they contribute a major part of the society. . 37% LESS THAN 1 LAKH 1-2 LAKH 3-4 LAKH MORE THAN 4 LAKHS  INTERPRETATION: Higher income or we can say that more than 34 LAKHS earning people are contributing 70% of the transactions.ANNUAL INCOME ANNUAL INCOME MORE THAN 4 LAKHS. 8% 1-2 LAKH. Target should be on that every section of the society should open saving account or other account in ICICI Bank. 33% LESS THAN 1 LAKH. 22% 3-4 LAKH.

28% QUICK SERVICE . Less formalities and variety of products although contributes less but it has a major impact on the customer. 6% LESS FORMALITIE S. . that how quickly he is served. how his problem is entertained by the bank employee and what is the working hour of the bank. Service sector like banking. 14%  INTERPRETATION: When a customer visits a bank the first and foremost thing he looks.WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM A BANK WHILE OPENING AN ACCOUNT FEATURES / ATTRIBUTES VARIETY OF PRODUCTS. So bank should follow on these things also. preference should be given to make. 44% QUICK SERVICE PROPER INFO WORKING HOUR LESS FORMALITIES VARIETY OF PRODUCTS PROPER INFO. That’s why these three things contribute the maximum of this pie – chart. 8% WORKING HOUR.

WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING ATTRIBUTES COMPELLED YOU MOST TO OPEN SAVING ACCOUNT IN ICICI BANK SAVINGS A/C ATTRIBUTES PHONE / INTERNET BANKING. A/C CHEQUE BOOK PHONE / INTERNET BANKING  INTERPRETATION: As we found in our finding that majority of the people like the saving account. Since it has the appeal catch maximum customer as it provides the facility of FIXED deposit in saving account ATM cum debit card is also a major attributes as it made the banking easy. 16% VALUE ADDED S. . VALUE ADDED SAVING ACCOUNT is undoable a unique sub product of ICICI Bank. 10% CHEQUE BOOK. Personalized chequebook is also a major attraction in this section. 48% ATM CUM DEBIT CARD ATM CUM DEBIT CARD. this chart reveals that what are the factor and their contribution making their product really leading product of ICICI Bank. 26% VALUE ADDED S. A/C. As far as other factors are concern they are showing less appearance in this chart.

Reason could be either people are not aware about the various products of the bank or bank has limited range of products. So majority of the business is moving around few leading products. As far as NRI and other accounts are concerned they have less appearance.WHAT TYPE OF ACCOUNT DO YOU HAVE IN ICICI BANK? ACCOUNT TYPE OTHER 5% NRI 8% FIXED 15% CURRENT 18% SAVING 54% SAVING CURRENT FIXED NRI OTHER  INTERPRETATION: Saving account is the leading and attractive product for the ICICI Bank as it has occupied a major chunk in this chart. . This number and percentage clearly shows that this product has all the quality to give the customer best services and ability to satisfy them. On the second and third position current and fixed deposit has also been helpful to increase the customer base but still their performance needs to be improved. So bank must ascertain that where things are going wrong and for that what sort of necessary step could be taken.

As their behavior not only please the customer but also attract the customer. Main focus of the bank should be no satisfaction of customer. On the other hand advertisement also plays a vital role in influencing the customer. . Well maintained prospectus is also a major attributes of attracting the customer. Which implies that bank’s real customers are satisfied enough with facilities available on the products and services enjoyed by them.WHICH FACTOR AMONG THE FOLLOWING INFLUENCED YOU MOST TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT IN ICICI BANK? INFLUENCED FACTOR PROSPECT US 11% BANK EMPLOYEE 12% ADVERTISE MENT 33% FRIENDS / RELATIVE 44% FRIENDS / RELATIVE ADVERTISEMENT BANK EMPLOYEE PROSPECTUS  INTERPRETATION: It has been said a satisfied customer is the best medium for an advertisement since in this chart friend / relative have played a key role in opening the accounts of others.

. In a short span of time of its existence in this city with strong competition from major public sector bank like SBI and other private players bank has done well it has occupied a different position in the people’s mind.IN COMPARISION TO OTHER BANKS HOW WOULD YOU RATE ICICI BANK? COMPARISON CAN'T SAY 7% POOR 5% AVERAGE 14% GOOD 47% EXCELLEN T 27% EXCELLENT GOOD AVERAGE POOR CAN'T SAY  INTERPRETATION: Comparison with other banks depends on its overall performance in the eyes of the people. In this chart it is clearly showing that 74% of the people are satisfied with ICICI Bank.

.WOULD YOU RECOMMEND ICICI BANK TO OTHERS? RECOMMANDATION NO 5% YES NO YES 95%  INTERPRETATION: As per the chart we show that 5% of the people don’t want to recommend ICICI Bank to others. Bank must find the reason of their dissatisfaction because in this competitive world we have to achieve this target.

1 Are you interested in products offered by the ICICI PRUDENTIAL ? Yes No Will think 61% 22% 17% 17% 22% 61% Yes No Will think INTERPRETATION The good thing is that at least the corporates were quite eager to find out what ICICI PRU has to offer whereas the major 39 % of the corporates were not even interested in the products as they are quite satisfied by the LIC and they are not in breaking their long relationship with them. . The private players will have to play a long battle in order to ensure that they are serious player in the market.Q.

2). The remaining 5 % are also not very dissatisfied by the services but they are just open to new avenues and are looking forward that private companies come with good offers so that they may shift to them. Inevitably most of the players are very satisfied with their present insurer which makes it more tough for the private players to attract the corporates. Are you satisfied with your present insurer? YES No 95% 5% 95% 5% 5% Yes No INTERPRETATION Here is where the challenge is. Thus private players will have to be very proactive and in this regard since LIC is the leader and ICICI PRU is lagging behind its competitors in terms of competition. .

. owned companies as they feel its safe & secure to have business with them which is followed by SBI as it is the biggest bank and then followed by Pvt banks. Where would you like to insure if given chance? LIC ICICI BAJAJ ALLIANZ HDFC SBI KOTAK MAHINDRA 10 8 2 60 15 5 70 60 50 40 30 60 15 20 10 8 10 5 2 0 LIC SBI HDFC ICICI BAJAJ KOTAK MAHINDRA INTERPRETATION Thus we see that the companies are comfortable in having business with govt.3).

 5% are unsatisfied  10%are highly unsatisfied.4). Are 40% 35% 30% 30% 25% 20% you satisfied with the incentives associated with your policy? 40% Highly satisfied Satisfied 15% 15% 10% 10% 5% 5% 0% Highly satisfied Satisfied Moderate Unsatisfied Highly Unsatisfied Moderate Unsatisfied Highly Unsatisfied INTERPRETATION:  30% people are highly satisfied. .  40% satisfied.  15%are moderate.

.  30% are satisfied with more returns and  Only 20% people expect complimentary gifts.5). What other plans or flexibility you expect from Insurance companies? 0 30% 50% 20% More returns Complementary gifts 0 Investment Pattern INTERPRETATION:  50%people are satisfied with investment pattern.

The analysis of the research shows that around two-third of their client age are banking with them from more than two years which is commendable in terms of client retention. To sum up ICICI is going great guns with its Private Banking division but this business model is still at its growing stage of life cycle in India and there is still a lot more to be achieved by everyone involved with this. Relationship Manager’s need to be more proactive in approach and concentration should be on enlarging the customer base of HNI clients and also stress should be given on client retention techniques. .CONCLUSION ―More than a bank you need a trusted partner‖. From a high net worth individual aspect the private banking is truly a brilliant experience to be recognized and treated as a priority customer. Private banking at ICICI Bank has been a great success lately thanks to their expertise in financial advisory. Also for nearly all of their clients ICICI Private banking is the only solution provider. skilled team of Relationship Managers and being proactive in approach right from the the core principle on which Private Banking at ICICI Bank is structured. Though products have been added and modified in the past but the motto has not changed which is to grow and develop relationship with top end client age and generate returns for the bank.

I shall be very thankful to you to give your few minutes to me for answering my few questions below. Name Address Sex Occupation Q1) Which attributes. I am conducting a survey on ICICI.ANNEXURES QUESTIONNAIRE Dear Sir / Madam. while opening an account do you expect from a bank? (a) Quick Service (b) Varity of Product (c) Less formalities of Documents (d) Working Hours (e) Proper Information Q2) which of following banks do you have account? (a) ICICI Bank (b) IDBI Bank (c) HDFC Bank (d) UTI Bank .

I.Q3) If yes. which features compelled you most to open an account in ICICI Bank? (a) Quick Services (b) Variety of Products (c) Less Formalities of Document (d) Working Hour (e) Proper Information Q4) Who influenced to open an account in ICICI Bank? (f) Bank Employees (g) Prospectus (h) Advertisement (i) Friend Q5) What kind of account do you have in ICICI Bank? (j) Saving Account (k) Current Account (l) Fixed Deposit (m) N. Services Q6) Which of the following attributes compelled you most while opening a Saving Account? (n) ATM Cum Debit Card (o) Cheque Book Facility (p) The Internet Banking (q) Value Added Saving Account (r) Phone banking .R.

Q7) Would you recommend ICICI Bank to other people? (a) YES (b) NO Q8) Which are the main issues that you take into consideration while Purchasing any life insurance policy? A) Security B) Returns A) Tax saving B) Others please specify_________ Q9) Are you aware of Unit Linked Insurance Plans offered by various companies in India? A) ICICI C) TATA AIG E) LIC G) MAX NEW YORK B) OM KOTAK MAHINDRA D) BAJAJ ALLIANZ F) BIRLA SUNLIFE Q10) Do you have a life insurance policy from ICICI Prudential ? a) Yes [ ] b) No [] Q11) How do you come to know about this policy? (Please tick). d) Others (please specify)_____________________. . a) Advertisements b) Friends and relatives c) Direct selling agents [] [] [ ].

which one you take: A) ICICI B) OM KOTAK MAHINDRA C) TATA AIG D) BAJAJ ALLIANZ E) LIC F) SBI Q14) What other plans or flexibility you expect from Insurance companies? A) More returns B) Complementary gifts C) Investment Pattern THANK YOU .Q12). Are you satisfied with the incentives associated with your policy? a) Highly satisfied b) Satisfied c) Moderate d) Unsatisfied e) Highly Unsatisfied [ ]. Q13) If you are given a choice. [] [] [ ] [ ].

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