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Meeting OMV- PETROM / 06-24-2011

TRUELINE Canada (North & South America)

TRUELINE VOSTOK Eastern Europe & C.I.S.

JC VALVULAS / Spain (Western Europe)

Since 1968

Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper , Mine extraction

Wide range of superior quality products High level of expertise High performance goals such as the guarantee of long life products for severe applications Customer technical support with our research & development department

Floating BV ASME
Technical description:

Full and Reduced bore Floating and Trunnion mounted ball valves From up to 36 #2500. Floating BV up to 8 #300. Soft and Metal seats ANSI & DIN designs Motorized ball valves

3-ways BV

Special applications:

High temperature 3 ways ball valves By-pass ball valves Cryogenic ball valves

Forged Trunnion mounted BV / Cut drawing

Trunnion mounted BV

Castings Quality as per ASME B16.34 Mandatory Appendix I to IV in ASME valves and Severity Levels S3-V3 to DIN 1690 and EN 10203 in EN-DIN valves Polished ball Ra 1 in soft seated valves (in metal seated valves ball is lapped); grinded stem Ra 1.6 Full traceability of shell components, ball and stem as per EN 10204 3.1 Antistatic device integral with the stem Viton A, Aflas or Kalrez primary stem seal and secondary graphite packing NACE MR.01.75 wetted parts and bolting as Standard Fire safe as standard construction ISO 10947 : 2004 and API607 : 3rd, 4th, 5th edition Fugitive emissions EN-ISO 15848-1 SIL 3 (Safety Integrity level 3)

GATE VALVES BOLTED BONNET from Class 150 up to Class 2500 from 2 up to 36 PRESSURE SEAL from Class 900 up to Class 2500 from 2 up to 20 GLOBE VALVES BOLTED BONNET from Class 150 up to Class 2500 from 2 up 12 PRESSURE SEAL from Class 900 up to Class 2500 from 2 up to 16 CHECK VALVES BOLTED COVER from Class 150 up to Class 2500 from 2 up to 36 PRESSURE SEAL from Class 900 up to Class 2500 from 2 up to 20 Gate valves

Globe valves

Check valves

A unique design and highest performance technology Technical description : From 2in. up to 48 inches. Motorized knife gate valves Design upon customer requests A unique design and technology

Example of special design KGV: russian project (2011).

Thermal-chemical diffusion a unique technology to provide the highest level of performance.

HT-65 : - Hardener treatment of austenic steels - Highly resistant to wear, seizure & corrosion - Thermally stable up to 550C / 1060F - Thermal-chemical diffusion protects material from expansion

Applications: ball valves, knife gate valves, sleeve bearings, all metal parts.

Hardness comparison chart

PROPERTIES & APPLICATIONS Extremely hard surfaces. Gives longer service life to valve parts. High abrasive wear and oxidation resistant properties. Thermally stable up to 870 C/1600 F. OTHER TECHNOLOGIES PROPOSED Non metallic seats as an alternative of metal seated valves: Our seats are non-porous as are Teflon based seats. True-Hard 66 : up to 425F/ +218C True-Therm 99: up to 625F /+343C Applications: ball valves, knife gate valves, sleeve bearings, all metal parts.

G.E. CASE STUDY Needs: safety automatic BV (trunnion mounted) with pneumatic control / failed close. Environment: High temperature & G.E. Gas turbins Results: we designed special actuated valves and made specific tests to assure long life guarantee and no leakage; 15.000 cycles at high temperature (810F/432C). Leakage tests were even better then ANSI Class VI requirements. We have been qualified by G.E. and specifications for all Gas Turbins are based on our approved high technology.

Test results: 15.000 cycles @810F.

PALL FILTRATION Gas filtration specialist. Needs: an automatic BV- fast opening less than 500ms (Blow back system) Environment: gas treatment plants Solutions found by TRUELINE: Opposed piston type but with 4 pistons types construction +external tubings + special solenoid mounting Results: we reached an opening time of less than 300ms with 3.5bar air supply. We can know also propose metal/metal design for high temperature and TH-66 seats.

Main agreements & Oil and Gas customers: SHELL Tests & MESC qualified .R.G.B. (Belgium Gas) /nD.G. (Danish Gas) /nD.V.G.W. (German Gas) ARAMCO Vendor Listed ENAGAS, S.A. (Spain) nGas Natural SDG, S.A. (Spain) Chevron Philipps Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan) DetNorskeVeritasAS (Norway) EXXON (+ Kvaerner) ( North Sea) General Electric Czech Republic (Brno Institute) Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company Ltd. (ADGAS) Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) TAKREER Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) PetrleoBrasileiro, S.A. (Petrobras) Petrleosde Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) Qatar General Petroleum Corporation (QGPC) Repsol-YPF Group Texaco Gaz de France (North sea)

JC Quality Assurance System

ISO 9001 : 2000 certified by BVQI API Q1 certified by the AMERICAN - PETROLEUM INSTITUTE PED 97 / 23 / EC certified by BVQI

Products Approvals

API 6D certified by the AMERICAN - PETROLEUM INSTITUTE CE Marking (Module H, Category III) in accordance with PED 97 / 23 / EC certified by BVQI Fire Safe ISO 10947 : 2004 certified by SGS API 607 3rd., 4th. and 5th. Edition certified by SGS BS 6755 Part 2 certified by Lloyds Register and SGS RUSSIAN CERTIFICATES: GOST R & Rostekhnadzor SIL 3 (Safety integrity level) Atex EN 13774

Environmental Certifications

ISO 14001 : 2004 certified by BVQI ISO-EN 15848-1 certified by SGS

TRUELINE VOSTOK 54, Bis boulevard Jean-Baptiste LEBAS 59000 LILLE / France Sales director : Arianne Asselineau Mobile: +336 62904308 Sales area manager Africa : Vick Mackenzie Mobile: +33642285606 Chief Engineer: Vincent Dalmagne Office: +336 09 77 25 46