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What does a

look like to you?

A Guide and Directory for ac1vists in Atlanta

Do you want to make a difference

in the world but are not sure where to start or what to do? Does it seem hopeless?

We all start out frustrated or hopeless as we learn about the injus7ce and hypocrisy around us. Its temp7ng to give up before we begin because things seem so bad and it seems so impossible to make real change.

But there IS something we can do about it together.

If I look at the mass I will never act. Mother Teresa

persistent eorts to change the world.


Ac7vism can take many forms:

-communica7ng with newspapers, organiza7ons, or poli7cians; -dancing, singing, poetry, puppetry, and art as protest; -economic ac7vism such as boycoJs; -demonstra7ons and civil disobedience like rallies, street marches, work and school strikes, hunger strikes, sit-ins, and occupa7ons

Ac7vism has given us:

-Civil Rights -Womens Rights -Workers Rights

Today in LGBTQ, immigrants, and prisoners movements for human rights, as well as Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring.

ac7vism s7ll thrives

Ac#vists are people who

(1) recognize that there is something wrong with the world, and (2) they work to change the world for the beJer. Ac7vists can focus on many dierent issues or causes, use many dierent tac7cs or strategies, and come from any background or experience level.

The important thing is that you feel deep down that

things can change for the beJer,

that you begin to try, and that you never, never give up just take breaks as needed.
How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before star1ng to improve the world. 6 Anne Frank

To begin to get involved in ac7vism, it might help to ask yourself some ques#ons:

1. What hurts or irks me the most about the way the world is now?

What would I

change if I could?
2. What could be an alternative situation or

What would a better world look like?

solution to this problem? 3. What might have to happen in order to x the

How can we bring about solutions?

problem(s) I see?

If you are s7ll not sure where to start or what to do, dont worry! Again, the most important

thing is the will to start.

We need your unique input, passion, and dedica7on!
But if youd like more guidance, here are some

1. Read through this pamphlet to see what other folks are already doing and where you can get involved.

A Peoples History of the United States by Howard Zinn to learn about

2. Read

the hidden legacy of American ac7vism and struggle, to see what has been done in the past, by people just like us, to make change.

3. Listen to/read/watch

for news on real issues, analysis, solu7ons, and ac7vism worldwide

independent media

--Democracy Now ( --WRFG 89.3FM Progressive Informa7on --Atlanta Progressive News


4. Come to one of the following

Point events, intended to help acquaint

new ac7vists with the Movement:


1) Peace Party aJend one of our monthly Peace

Par7es to meet local ac7vists and discuss your ideas

2) Food Not Bombs come do some

immediate, direct service where you can see the fruits of your labor right away every Sunday at 11am we cook at 80 Mayson Ave, 2pm we serve at Troy Davis (aka Woodru) Park, then dishes!

3) Free School aJend (or teach) a Free School

class! See to see a lis7ng and/or to contact organizers


Table of Contents:

Black Power/Support:

--FTP 21 --Malcolm X Grassroots Movement 22 --NAACP 23 --Na7onal Ac7on Network 24 --Na7onal Council of Negro Women 25 --Occupy the Hood 26 --Sovereign Hai7 Ini7a7ve 27



--Atlantans Building Leadership for Empowerment 28 --West End Family Life and Community Center 29

Direct Ac#on/Service:

--Sopo Bicycle Co-op 30 --SHIFT Community Bikes 31 --Take Back The Block 32

Economic Jus#ce:

--9to5 Working Women 33 --Jobs with Jus7ce 34 --Occupy Atlanta 35



--Atlanta Free School 36 --Bonner Network 37 --Organiza7on of Dekalb Educators 38

Environmental Jus#ce:

--Sierra Club 39 --Womens Ac7on for New Direc7ons 40


--Food Not Bombs 41 --Habesha 42 --Metro Farms 43 --Sevenanda 44 --Truly Living Well 45



--Atlanta Day Shelter for Women & Children 46 --Atlanta Union Mission 47 --Clioon Sanctuary Ministries 48 --Genesis Shelter for Infants 49 --Habitat for Humanity 50 --Occupy Our Homes Atlanta 51 --Open Door Community 52 --Task Force for the Homeless 53

Human Rights:

--Amnesty Interna7onal 54 --Coali7on for the Peoples Agenda 55 --Georgians for Alterna7ves to the Death Penalty 56 --Project South 57 15 --The King Center 58

Immigrants Rights:

--Georgia La7no Alliance for Human Rights 59 --Georgia Undocumented Youth Alliance 60

Legal Support:

--ACLU 61 --Davis & Bozeman 62 --Southern Center for Human Rights 63


LGBTQ Rights/Empowerment:

--Georgia Equality 64 --Radical Faeries 65 --Transgender Individuals Living Their Truth 66


--Atlanta Progressive News 67 --Indymedia 68 --WRFG 69


--American Friends Service CommiJee 70 --Georgia Peace and Jus7ce Coali7on 71 --Interna7onal Ac7on Center 72



--Democra7c Socialists of America 73 --Interna7onal Socialist Organiza7on 74


--7 Stages 75 --Horizon 76 --PushPush 77


--Communica7on Workers of America 78 --Industrial Workers of the World 79 --Teamsters 80


Womens Rights/Empowerment/ Feminism:

--Charis Books 81 --Feminist Womens Health Center 82 --Georgia Women for a Change 83 --Kellis Childcare Collec7ve 84 --Planned Parenthood 85 --Sister Love 86 --Sister Song 87 --SPARK Reproduc7ve Jus7ce 88


--Copwatch 89 --Humanists of Georgia 90


Thank you

to the all the organiza7ons and individuals that work so hard to make the world a beJer place.


We are winning.

This is not an exhaus7ve directory of every ac7vist/service group in Atlanta, many of whom could be placed under several categories. We are in the process of edi7ng this pamphlet and using it to create a website. If we have forgoJen groups or made mistakes, if you would like to help us reach out to and organize poten7al new ac7vists or help create a collabora7ve series of smaller pamphlets by category, please email


our struggles, strategies, and work are


We need a mass movement for las7ng change and mass par7cipa7on to create a beJer world. Poten7al ac7vists need the services, founda7ons, and visions we oer. Its 7me to recruit new folks systema7cally, build up our bases, and organize ourselves for the long haul.

Were all in this together.

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. -Arundha1 Roy 21

The FTP Movements primary focus is to serve as an ac7vator of the community. We advocate building ins7tu7ons, providing prac7cal solu7ons, and implemen7ng viable programs for the people. We deal with educa7on, hunger, homelessness, police brutality, poli7cal prisoners, health, youth development, gang interven7on, and more.



The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) is an organiza7on of Afrikans in America whose mission is to defend the human rights of our people and promote self- determina7on in our community. We are building a network of organizers commiJed to the protracted struggle for the libera7on of the New Afrikan Na7on By Any Means Necessary!

Contact 678-528-1627 P.O. Box 361270, Decatur, GA 30036


Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the na7on's oldest and largest civil rights organiza7on. The mission of the NAACP is to ensure the poli7cal, educa7onal, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimina7on.

Contact, 404-756-5447 404-756-5448 - fax to le complaint 2001 Mar7n Luther King Dr., Atlanta, 30310


Na7onal Ac7on Network (NAN) is a leading civil rights organiza7on in the U.S. founded by Rev. Al Sharpton. We work within the spirit and tradi7on of Dr. Mar7n Luther King, Jr. to promote a modern civil rights agenda that includes the ght for one standard of jus7ce, decency and equal opportuni7es for all.

Contact 678-732-0405 phone, 632 Peeples St. SW, Atlanta, GA 30310


The Na7onal Council of Negro Women(NCNW) works to lead, develop, and advocate for women of African descent through research, advocacy, and services and programs around health, educa7on, and economic empowerment in the U.S. and Africa.

Contact 404-270-6070 633 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 20004


Occupy The Hood is a na7onal grassroots movement in solidarity with those who work towards the libera7on, benet and improvement of the quality of life of disenfranchised People of Color. Our mission is to encourage people to become involved!



Sovereign Hai7 Ini7a7ve (SHI) is an ac7ve, militant, Pan- Africanist, youth-oriented ini7a7ve aiming to integrally bring "true" sovereignty back to Hai7. We believe in an independent Hai7 free from foreign inuence, dogmas, s7gmas, and manipula7on.

Contact SovereignHai7Ini7a7ve (404) 482-1622


ABLE is a faith-based, mul7-racial community organiza7on. It works to bring people together across the lines that divide the region: race, class, language. ABLE es una organizacion comunitaria mul7 racial. Trabaja tratando de acercar a las personas dentro de las lineas que dividen las regiones como son: raza, clase social, lenguaje.

Contact hJp:// 678-271-7443


The West End Family Life and Community Center (WE) aims to provide eec7ve educa7onal, social, spiritual, and recrea7onal programs and services that enhance the quality of life for youth and adults of the West End and surrounding communi7es of Atlanta.

Contact 404-752-7661 1191 Donnelly Ave SW, Atlanta, GA 30310


Sopo Bicycle Coopera7ve is a nonprot that facilitates the collec7ve ownership and opera7on of a community bicycle repair shop. Our mission is to create equitable access to cycling by providing aordable bicycle maintenance, services and educa7on

Contact, 404-425-9989 586 Woodward Ave. SE, Atlanta, GA, 30312 7pm-10pm Tue, Wed, Thur; 2pm-6pm - Sat


We at SHIFTbikes give away FREE bikes simply for learning and helping in the shop. We work to empower homeless people, students, and community ac7vists, and to provide them with free, green, and sexy transporta7on.

Contact 477 Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA Every Mon, 1pm-5pm, classes @ 3pm


Take Back the Block (TBTB) came out of defending homes from evic7on in Atlanta. TBTB seeks to create a space for the communi7es that are the most aected by austere economic policies to empower themselves by challenging unjust laws and groups of people directly.



9to5 envisions an economically just world where women and their families thrive. 9to5s Atlanta chapter mission is to improve the workplace for women and strengthen the ability of low-wage women in Georgia to win economic jus7ce

Contact, 404-222-0037 501 Pulliam Street SW, Suite 344, Atlanta, 30312


Atlanta Jobs with Jus7ce (Atlanta JwJ) is a coali7on of groups organizing around improving economic and social condi7ons in our workplaces and communi7es. We work to improve our community's standard of living, protect public services, defend workers rights, and organize the unorganized.

Contact, 404.913.9595 250 Georgia Ave SE, Suite #309, Atlanta, 30312


Occupy Atlanta is a diverse, non-violent grassroots movement in support of Occupy Wall Street. Our shared goals are to get corporate money out of poli7cs, ght for the rights of the 99%, and bring about true democracy where every person has a voice in the process of governance.

Contact Headqtrs: Peachtree and Pine shelter, 4th oor


Atlanta Free School is a teaching and learning network by and for the community. There is no physical school, center, ins7tu7on, or corpora7on involved. Teachers (like you) nd space and put on free classes for community members (like you). Anyone can teach a class!



We believe colleges and congrega7ons have vital roles to play in society in nurturing and mobilizing thoughzul, caring, and diverse leadership dedicated to community service. We support innova7ve programs that can poten7ally serve as models for the eld.

Contact 609-924-6663 Bonner Scholar Programs can be found at the following Georgia colleges: Berry, Morehouse, Oxford College of Emory, Spellman, and Young Harris


The Organiza7on of DeKalb Educators (ODE) mission is to be the leader in providing informa7on, training, representa7on and support for a stronger, more eec7ve school system. We are the largest local teachers organiza7on in Georgia.

Contact, (678) 837-1170 100 Crescent Centre Parkway, Suite 290, Tucker, GA, 30084 39

Since 1892, the Sierra Club has been working to protect communi7es, wild places, and the planet itself. We are the largest and most inuen7al grassroots environmental organiza7on in the US.

Contact (404)-607-1262 x-221 (Sybil Cypress) 743 E. College Ave, Suite B Decatur, GA 30030


Georgia Womens Ac7on for New Direc7ons (WAND) is an independent grassroots, woman-led organiza7on that seeks to direct women's voices into a powerful movement for social change. We monitor ac7vi7es and policy decisions and translate technical informa7on about environmental impacts.

Contact, 404-524-5999 Our oce is located in Grant Park 250 Georgia Ave. SE, Ste. 202, Atlanta, 30312



Food Not Bombs (FNB) believes food is a right and not a privilege. We recover and share free vegan or vegetarian meals to anyone who is hungry to protest war, poverty and waste. We are dedicated to taking nonviolent direct ac7on to change society.

Contact, 404-939-7699 Sundays cook 11am, 80 Mayson Avenue, Atlanta, 30307 (Candler Park MARTA); serve 2pm, Woodru Park (Five Points MARTA); dishes aoer at 80 Mayson

HABESHA (Helping Africa By Establishing Schools at Home and Abroad) is an environmentally-conscious organiza7on that cul7vates leadership in youth through cultural educa7on, sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship, holis7c health, and technology.

Contact, 1.888.308.7473 PO Box 1291, Redan, GA 30074


The Metro Farms mission is to establish a sustainable local food system in Atlanta that supports a thriving community economy. Our high yield, organic gardens demonstrate the viability of a local food produc7on system as a tool for food security and community and family self-reliance.

Thank you for working on building a bePer world. Thank you for actually building some piece of that bePer world. Thank you for focusing on that bePer world and what it takes to get us there, rather than what is holding us here Alex Hardiman, 1984-2012 44

Sevananda is an independent business deeply rooted in the Atlanta community since 1974, and wholly owned and operated by our local community of members as a coopera7ve. With more demanding product sourcing policies, we guarantee our products food integrity.

Contact 404-681-2831 467 Moreland Avenue NE Atlanta, GA 30307


TLW Center for Natural Urban Agriculture is a 501(c)3 that works to engage the Atlanta community in developing local food systems through educa7on and food produc7on. Through classes, internships, markets and summer camp we raise awareness about the value of local food systems.

Contact 678.973.0997 Sites located at: (1) 1856 Harbin Rd, Atlanta; (2) 3353 Washington Rd, East Point; (3) Old 4th Ward, 75 Hilliard Street, NE, Atlanta.


Our mission is to ease the burden of homelessness for women and children and to assist in establishing self- suciency by providing comprehensive educa7on and suppor7ve services in a manner that respects human dignity. In 2009 we served 5,000 women and children at a rate of 150-250 individuals entering our doors each day.

Contact (404) 876-2894 655 Ethel Street, NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30318


Established in 1938, the ministry provides emergency shelter, residen7al discipleship, job aJainment, and transi7onal housing to more than 950 homeless men, women and children daily. We invest in the spiritual, personal and professional development of people, restoring and equipping them to inten7onal living.

Contact hJp:// 404-588-4000 2353 Bolton Rd, Atlanta, Ga, 30318


We are an emergency shelter, a 2-year transi7onal housing program and a rapid-rehousing program. We welcome homeless men to a place of shelter each night providing personal hospitality bound in Chris7an love.

Contact 404-373-3253 369 Connec7cut Avenue, Atlanta, 30307


Genesis Shelter is an Atlanta-based shelter for babies six months of age and younger and their families. Genesis enables homeless families to remain together and creates a par7cipatory community where parents can live with their children in privacy and with dignity.

Contact (404) 522-6056 173 Boulevard NE Atlanta, 30312


We partner with working families, sponsors, and communi7es to build aordable, green, quality homes and to provide support services. We construct quality houses sold to families through no-prot, no-interest loans. Buyers complete 250 sweat-equity hours, and pay for their homes, upkeep, and maintain payments.

Contact 404-223-5180 ext. 135 volunteer hotline 519 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, 30312


Occupy Our Homes Atlanta (OOHA) believes that everyone has a right to have a roof over their heads. We support Atlantans who stand up to their banks and ght for their homes. We stand in solidarity with all who help the 99% ght for their homes.

Contact 678 744 9303


The Open Door Community is a residen7al Chris7an community and ministry. We resist money, power, violence, sexism, heterosexism, racism, death, war and the self. We live together and encounter these issues daily, and so we challenge these barriers within our own hearts and in our social structures. We serve prisoners, the homeless, and the hungry.

Contact 404-874-9652 910 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA, 30306


Task Force for the Homeless advocates with and represents the dignity and rights of homeless people toward the goal of preven7ng homelessness and seeking housing for all. Peachtree and Pine (4th oor) is also the Occupy Atlanta Headquarters, maintained mostly by homeless persons.

Contact 404-447-3678 shelter hotline 477 Peachtree Street, Atlanta


We are the largest human rights organiza7on in the world. Our vision is of a world where all people enjoy all human rights enshrined in the Universal Declara7on of Human Rights (UDHR). We inves7gate and expose abuses, educate and mobilize the public, and help transform socie7es to create a safer, more just world.

Contact, (404) 876-5661 730 Peachtree Street NE Suite 1060, Atlanta


The Coali7on for the Peoples Agenda (CPA), started by Joseph E. Lowery, is interested in achieving a beJer government, quality educa7on, and criminal, environmental and civil jus7ce. Our agenda is a growing list of poli7cal, economic, and racial concerns.

Contact, 100 Auburn Ave, St 102, Atlanta, GA, 30303 (404) 653-1199 phone


Georgians For Alterna7ves to the Death Penalty (GFADP) is a statewide coali7on of concerned organiza7ons and individuals working for greater fairness in Georgia's criminal jus7ce system and an end to capital punishment.

Contact,, (404) 250-3540 phone PO Box 55196, Atlanta, GA 30308


Embracing Dr. Kings philosophy/strategy of nonviolence to eliminate poverty, racism and violence, The King Center serves as a resource for educa7ng people also embracing nonviolence. We are determined to have a posi7ve impact on the con7nuing struggle to fulll his great dream for the world.

Contact 404-526-8900 The King Center, 449 Auburn Avenue, NE, Atlanta, GA 30312


Project South works to dismantle systems of poverty, racism, and violence while also building community power. We have developed thousands of leaders within communi7es directly aected by racism and economic injus7ce in order to build social movements to eliminate poverty.

Contact 404.622.0602 phone Project South, 9 Gammon Ave SE Atlanta, GA 30315


Somos la organizacin que trabaja con7go en las acciones a favor de la comunidad. Nos ves encabezando marchas. Nos oyes en la radio. Nos ves orientando a nuestra gente, defendiendo sus derechos.

Contacto, 770 457 5232 telfono 4200 Perimeter Park South Suite #210 Atlanta, Georgia, 30341 Estados Unidos


Georgia Undocumented Youth Alliance (GUYA) is an Undocumented Youth-led organiza7on that seeks dignity and jus7ce for the Immigrant Community in Georgia. We believe no human being is illegal and that everyone has the right to educa7on and the pursuit of a beJer life, without being targeted due to immigra7on status.



The ACLU works daily in courts, legislatures and communi7es to defend and preserve the rights and liber7es that the Cons7tu7on and laws guarantee, including freedom of speech, assembly and religion; equal protec7on under the law; due process and fair treatment; and right to privacy. We also work to extend rights to segments of our popula7on such as LGBTQ people, prisoners, and people with disabili7es.

Contact, 770.303.9966 phone 1900 The Exchange, St. 425, Atlanta, GA 30339


In addi7on to providing outstanding legal services, the Davis Bozeman Law Firm has also demonstrated a genuine concern and support for uplioing our community by volunteering, organizing and working to make posi7ve change. Recently, we have assisted over 70 Occupy Atlanta protesters in gh7ng for free speech, as well as the family of Ariston Waiters, a young 19-year-old father murdered by a police ocer, in pursuing jus7ce.

Contact 404.244.2004 phone (free consulta7on) 4153-B Flat Shoals Pkwy, St. 204, Decatur, 30034


The Southern Center for Human Rights provides legal representa7on to people facing the death penalty, challenges human rights viola7ons in prisons and jails, seeks through li7ga7on and advocacy to improve representa7on for poor people accused of crimes, and advocates for criminal jus7ce system reforms on behalf of those aected by the system in the Southern United States.

Contact, 404.688.1202 phone 83 Poplar St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30303


Our mission is to advance fairness, safety and opportunity for Georgias lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied communi7es. We engage in lobbying and strategic involvement in elec7ons, voter registra7on, educa7on ac7vi7es, and provide informa7on and resources for eec7ve communica7on with decision makers, and organize and mobilize LGBT residents and allies.

Contact 404.523.3070 voice 1530 DeKalb Ave. NE, St. A, Atlanta, GA 30307


Nobody speaks for Radical Faeries as a whole, but generally, we tend to be gay men who look for a spiritual dimension to our sexuality; many of us are healers of one kind or another. Our shared values include feminism, respect for the Earth, and individual responsibility rather than hierarchy. Our dening events are Faerie Gatherings, where well get together for a retreat, usually in the woods, separated from the outside world. A lot of that 7me is spent in heart circles, where we open up emo7onally.



TILTT (Transgender Individuals Living Their Truth) wishes to provide a safe, suppor7ve place for the transgender community and give them the tools to cope with society. Our services include outreach, suppor7ve group interac7on, assistance with the legal name changes, and health. We believe we can begin a movement to "Tilt the world toward change."

Contact, (678) 754-3506 - (Please include your name and a contact number so we can reach you if necessary. Your contact info will be conden7al.) 1530 DeKalb Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA 30307


Atlanta Progressive News (APN) is an online news service. We are a trusted source of progressive informa7on. Our goal is to provide news of concern to the working families of Atlanta. Progressive news brings us closer to universal health care, living wages, aordable housing, peace, a healthy environment, and vo7ng systems we can trust.

Contact (404) 983 6049 cell, MaJhew Cardinale PO Box 244032, Atlanta, GA 30324


The Independent Media Center (indymedia) is a network of collec7vely run media outlets for the crea7on of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth. We work out of a love and inspira7on for people who work for a beJer world, despite corporate media's distor7ons and unwillingness to cover eorts to free humanity. Anyone can publish news for Atlanta Indymedia and we encourage it!



WRFG 89.3 is a progressive, non-prot community radio sta7on that broadcasts 24 Hours a day at 100,000 WaJs. WRFG provides a voice for those whove been tradi7onally denied access to the broadcast media and through the involvement of a broad base of community elements to guarantee that access.

Contact 678-528-1627 LiJle Five Points Community Center - sta7on P.O. Box 361270, Decatur, GA 30036 - mail


AFSC is devoted to service, development, and peace worldwide. Our work is based on the belief in the worth of every person, and faith in the power of love to overcome violence and injus7ce. Real peace is more than the absence of war: we need to change the culture, situa7ons, and systems that lead to violence. We build capacity for peace in people and community.

Contact hJp:// 404-586-0460 phone 60 Walton Street, NW, Atlanta, GA 30303


The mission of the Georgia Peace and Jus7ce Coali7on (GPJC) is: to promote peaceful alterna7ves to war and violence; to provide leadership in nonviolently opposing wars and policies of aggression and domina7on; to link and strengthen the GPJC statewide network of ac7vists in Georgia and support those working for social jus7ce here and abroad.

Contact, 404-522-4500 PO Box 133016, Atlanta, GA 30333 Rally Against War: Every Weds. 4:45-5:45pm, corner of Ponce de Leon/Moreland 72

The Interna7onal Ac7on Center (IAC) is against U.S. imperialism and for peoples needs. In every struggle, we solidarize ourselves with the most determined opponents of racism, war, and colonialism. We work to build links between ac7vists of many dierent struggles and facing many forms of oppression.

Contact - Espaol 212.633.6646 phone, 55 W. 17 St., Ste 5C, New York, NY 10011


Metro Atlanta Democra7c Socialists of America (DSA) envisions a world where resources are democra7cally controlled. We educate the public about socialist values and policies and build and support progressive coali7ons for economic and social jus7ce, which include locally the Georgia Peace & Jus7ce Coali7on, Coali7on for the Peoples' Agenda, Atlanta Jobs with Jus7ce, and the Grady Hospital Coali7on.

Contact 770.313.4628



The Interna7onal Socialist Organiza7on (ISO) is commiJed to building an organiza7on that par7cipates in the struggles for jus7ce and libera7on today - and toward a future socialist society. We ght against war, occupa7on, racism, an7-gay bigotry, and an7-immigrant scapegoa7ng, and for women's rights like abor7on and workers' rights.

Contact 404-838-7127 Mee7ngs: Thurs, 7p, 1015 Edgewood Ave. (red bldg).

7 Stages is a professional, non-prot theatre company devoted to engaging ar7sts and audiences by focusing on the social, poli7cal, and spiritual values of contemporary culture. Over the past 30 years, 7 Stages has addressed subjects like AIDS in the 1980s, slavery and black history, challenged white supremacy and the KKK, and worked with kids from at-risk backgrounds.

Contact 404-523-7647 box oce 1105 Euclid Avenue, Atlanta, GA, 30307


Horizon's produc7ons are entertaining, thought-provoking and relevant to urban Southern audiences. We provide an in7mate environment where diverse audiences can truly feel part of the theatrical experience, and an ar7s7c home where local ar7sts can grow.

Contact 404.584.7450 box oce Theatre: Euclid & Aus7n Aves, LiJle Five Points Mailing: PO Box 5376, Atlanta, GA 31107


PushPush is an ar7st-driven non-prot that cul7vates dis7nc7ve ar7s7c development opportuni7es for theater and media ar7sts. We aJract ar7sts from other dynamic cultural centers and provide rare opportuni7es for more than 300 adults and youths to grow, take risks, and collaborate.

Contact 404-377-6332 121New Street, Decatur, GA, 30030 (o E. College Ave. by Agnes ScoJ College)


CWA, the largest telecommunica7ons union in the world, represents over 700,000 men and women in both private and public sectors. CWA holds over 2,000 collec7ve bargaining agreements spelling out wages, benets, working condi7ons and employment security provisions for its members. Among major employers of CWA members are AT&T, Verizon, and other telecom companies.

Contact 404-688-1256 phone 279 Logan St., Atlanta (corner of Hill & Logan) Union Mee7ng: 2nd Tues every month.


The IWW is a member-run union for all workers. IWW members are organizing to win beJer condi7ons today and build a world with economic democracy tomorrow. We organize industrially meaning we organize all workers producing the same goods or services into one union, rather than dividing workers by skill or trade, so we can pool our strength to win our demands together.

Contact 678-365-6821


The Teamsters union primary organizes and educates workers to aJain a higher living standard. We organize workers so they have a voice in the workplace; educate workers so they know their workplace rights and can par7cipate fully in democracy; involve workers in the poli7cal process so their issues are addressed; nego7ate and enforce contracts with employers so that each worker will be treated with dignity, jus7ce and respect.

Contact 404-627-7351


Charis is the South's oldest and largest feminist bookstore. We celebrate 36 years of feminist bookselling and we are always celebra7ng our stories. These stories are wriJen in poetry, biography, short stories, plays, essays, songs and novels. They are told in circles--circles of women, of children, of dreamers, of men seeking hope, making jus7ce.

Contact (404)524-0304 1189 Euclid Ave. NE Atlanta, GA 30307


Feminist Women's Health Center's Cli Valley Clinic is a safe, suppor7ve, and aordable place for your reproduc7ve health care needs. We welcome all races, ethnici7es, sexual orienta7ons, gender iden77es or expressions, socio- economic status and abili7es. On a typical day, four languages are spoken, and addi7onal translators can be arranged.

Contact 404.728.7900 Clinic 1924 Cli Valley Way NE, Atlanta, GA 30329


Georgia Women for a Change is a non-prot, non-par7san organiza7on that stands for progressive change for Georgias women and girls. Together, we speak with a unied voice on issues of economic security, equal rights and freedom from violence. We provide a valuable resource to public ocials who depend on us for the facts about womens lives.

Contact, 404.875.8184 phone PO Box 55553, Atlanta, GA 30308


KCCA is a collec7ve of volunteers who seek to provide libera7on-based childcare, in which caretakers are queer- friendly, aJen7ve, passionate, and progressive. We partner with organiza7ons to provide quality, competent, free childcare for ongoing mee7ngs and one-7me events for progressive organiza7ons.

Contact hJp:// 678 667 1KCC (1522) Amariah


We are a trusted health care provider, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organiza7ons around the world. Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproduc7ve health care, sex educa7on, and informa7on to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide. For more than 90 years, Planned Parenthood has promoted a commonsense approach to womens health, well-being, and right to choose.

Contact 404-688-9305 phone 75 Piedmont Ave. NE, Ste. 800, Atlanta, GA


SisterLove, founded in 1989, is a reproduc7ve jus7ce organiza7on for women, with a focus on HIV/AIDS. We provide innova7ve services in support of womens educa7on, empowerment, wellness and rights. We are on a mission to eradicate the adverse impact of HIV/AIDS and other reproduc7ve health challenges upon women and their families through educa7on, preven7on, support and human rights advocacy in the United States and around the world.

Contact 404-505-7777


SisterSong educates women of color and policy makers on reproduc7ve and sexual health and rights, and to work towards the access of health services, informa7on and resources that are culturally and linguis7cally appropriate. We achieve these goals through public policy work, advocacy, service delivery and health educa7on within our communi7es.

Contact, 404-756-2680 phone 1237 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, Atlanta, GA


SPARK is a statewide community-based reproduc7ve jus7ce organiza7on. Our mission is to collaborate with individuals, communi7es, and organiza7ons for a powerful reproduc7ve jus7ce movement in the South by developing and sharing radical analysis to shio culture and prac7ce, mobilize in response to immediate threats, and organize for long-term systemic change. Our vision is a South that con7nuously cul7vates communi7es where we can all make liberatory decisions about our lives.

Contact, 404.343.6506 (phone) 2048 Hosea L Williams Dr, Ste B, Atlanta, GA


Copwatch of East Atlanta is a group of civilians organized to protect our communi7es from police abuse. We monitor police stops, using video cameras to document any brutality or viola7on of rights. We also educate people about their rights and how to le complaints about mistreatment by the police. We are part of a larger eort to re-assert community control over the police. We believe power should be shioed away from police and towards community based solu7ons for safety.

Contact (678) 390-0393


The Humanists of Georgia is dedicated to fostering a community of secular humanists. Humanism arms the inherent dignity and worth of every human being. Humanism is free from any belief in the supernatural and is dedicated to the search for meaning and values through intelligence and the scien7c method, democracy, and social sympathy.

Contact Mee7ngs: 3rd Sun, 12:30pm, Atlanta Freethought Society Center, 4775 N. Church Lane SE, Smyrna, GA. (see website posts to double- check loca7on) 91


Dont do nothing because you cant do everything. Do something. Anything.

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