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Unit 2: Space and Environment

Nadia Yadallee

Character Bible
Name: James Wood Age: 27 Background: James was an only child, born in a wealthy family in New York City. His family’s fortunes came from his father’s ownership of a Bank, his father had wanted him to work alongside him and to take ownership of the company when he retires. James’s father had hired a woman named Lydia to help deal with the finances of the bank, due to James and Lydia’s similar interests they begin dating, to which they are eventually engaged. Backstory: Unfortunately, Lydia had to drop copy of financial statements on Mr Wood’s desk one evening to which she sees two criminals in the office. Before she calls for help, she is shot dead. James is greeted by his old friend Fedgi Welson from university who is from a Haitian background. Fedgi briefly mentions of how he copes with his lost ones in order to help with James’s situation. He mentions a ritual he partakes in the religion of voodoo, and uses it to contact the dead. James fascination towards the spiritual world grows as he hears of this, he gets advice from Fedgi on how to do this. He is told not to do it by himself, however one evening James is eager to see Lydia once more. He performs the ritual, to which a bad spirit possesses him. The spirit in him puts thoughts of evilness in his mind encouraging James to curse others for his selfish needs. However overtime he learns to control it, he seeks help from his Haitian friend and he is advised to visit his grandmother for further discussion. Hero-Prop: Upon meeting with Fedgi’s grandmother, she gives James an amulet. She tells him it’s used in rituals to prevent people from bad spirits, but for James’s situation, as he’s already possessed, it will help him keep the bad spirit away from his thoughts and motives, to prevent the spirit from taking over his body. Powers: As the spirit within him is from the spirit world James can channel himself into this environment which can make him invisible to the physical world. Also time in the spirit world is much faster, which gives him the power to teleport when he channels himself back to earth. He can possess people’s minds, however James only uses this power to read people’s thoughts. Personality: James’s wealthy nature doesn’t affect his ego which makes him a liberal, wise-man. However due to his loss and his infected mind some aspects of his personality change. He is strong, and learns to control his mind when the bad spirit takes over. He is kind, loyal, and giving to others, a true hero in terms of determination and sacrifice to defend people, and help solve crimes. Motives: James’s main motive is to find the murderers of his loved one with his powers to seek revenge.

Influence Map 1 – Voodoo Super sleuth & Character illustrations

Within my character sketches I wanted to express the grief, and frustration that he had been through, so I used reference from the hulk to understand the human to non-human transformation. I think this aspect of his character really reflects on who and what he is.

Influence Map 2 – Secret Lair & Visual Concept
My character’s secret Lair is used to help with his investigations and research, however I want to express his dark side. To show this element I want the atmosphere to appear gloomy, dark and scary as shown in the bottom image of the influence map. Since it is secret lair, I want the location of my design to be hidden, secretive just like how my character keeps his powers hidden and his overall possessed identity. When looking for reference for this I came across environments that were hidden in forestsI feel that a natural environment would reflect upon the voodooist aspect and the Haitian background of which it derives from. I looked at images and links that show this such as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 2’ specifically in a scene of which they come across a woman whose house has objects and artefacts that are voodoo related. The vibe in this room influenced me too use a dimly lit room, as it created a mysterious and scary vibe, a vibe of which the magic of voodooism might create. To express my characters wealthy background I wanted to make his lair appear rather large and presented neatly, decorated with classy objects. Other references I looked at were the scenes in la belle et la bête. The beast’s home reflects upon his cursed nature from the dark, large and almost scary elements of it, It also shows the beasts wealth shown with the long corridors, something I wish to portray in my final concept.

Definitive Influence Map 3Hero Prop
As explained in my character bible, my characters visits his friend’s grandmother to which she gives James an amulet, sometimes used in rituals in voodooism to prevent bad spirits from crossing over into the physical world. It helps James sustain who he is, and helps him keep the bad spirit away from his thoughts in order to protect him from getting possessed. I looked at particular amulets that might relate to voodooism, such as particular designs that relate to a Haitian background which reflect upon the design elements of tribal and African art. I wanted to design engravings that replicate the crossroads between the spiritual world and the physical world. A design that voodooists use in ritualsthey draw this on the ground and everyone surrounds it chanting a prayer to call the gatekeeper of the spirit world to grant them access to the spirits. This element in the design suggests its use in the ritual, and reflects upon my characters personality. It shows the relation between vilokan (the spirit world ) and earth, and thus would represent the relation between James and the bad spirit and how they both are from different worlds.

Final Hero Prop Concept

Key Concept-Secret Lair

I’ve picked a key concept for my secret lair, however I still need to finish this by adding more detail in terms of objects, atmosphere and depth. As seen in this image I want his lair to be in a forest, hidden and I will include some natural aspects into it such as more tree branches and leaves. I will add objects that suggest my character is investigating, such as desks, bookshelves pieces of paper and piles of books.

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