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Gertruda avenue Historic district
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Written By deniSe Kano Like all of the south Bay cities, redondo Beach experienced rapid development in the 1960’s and 1970’s, at which time many of the older homes and buildings were torn down. High-density housing, two-on-a-lot, and numerous shopping malls became the name of the game. However, some residents in older redondo Beach neighborhoods banded together and formed a preservation society with the goal of protecting the remaining historic homes in the city. one such protected area is the Gertruda avenue History district, featuring homes full of character and history – homes that reflect the original, early look of redondo Beach.

Located on the 300 block of north Gertruda avenue, many of these historic homes feature a blend of craftsman and colonial revival style. Fourteen of the homes are included in the city’s Historic district designation and are also listed in the national register of Historic Places as part of the original townsite Historical district (1906-1923),

the homes on north Gertruda avenue represent one of the remaining collections of homes built during the early settlement period of redondo Beach. collectively, they are considered a valuable resource of historic significance to the city.


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Following is a partial list of the homes included in the gertruda avenue historic District along with some historical information for your walking tour.
304 North gertruda avenue this home was built in 1911 by dr. ernest g. Butt and his wife, olive, in the classic california Bungalow style. Built for $2,000, the family lived here through 1971. dr. Butt was a one of the first doctors in redondo Beach, and was a noted physician and surgeon. 315 North gertruda avenue 306 North gertruda avenue Built in 1921, this california Bungalow home was built by John J. carr and his wife, lilath, who lived here through 1936. 316 North gertruda avenue 307 North gertruda avenue this lovely home was built in 1907. Walter gephart, a manager of a lumber company, lived here in 1920, having moved from his previous home at 519 S. catalina. charles Kanouse, whose son was the only soldier from redondo Beach to be killed in World War i, lived here from 1921-1926. margaret mccoskey, a teacher at redondo high School, resided here beginning in 1947. 308 North gertruda avenue this craftsman home was built in 1911 for $1,500. the home was built by J. f. lurch, a proprietor of a general merchandise store in redondo Beach. mr. lurch and his wife
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314 North gertruda avenue this california Bungalow home was built in 1917. in 1925-1926, george W. reynard, a painter for pacific electric, lived here with his wife, lucy.

this neo-classical/craftsman home was built in 1913. in 1917, charles and hattie hazelwood resided here.

James tucker was the original resident of this california Bungalow home, built in 1913. later residents included teachers and a storekeeper, typical residents of the original townsite. 317 North gertruda avenue this craftsman Bungalow was built in 1922. Kenneth e. Boggs, an employee of the Sweetser market in redondo Beach, lived here in 1925. 318 North gertruda avenue this colonial revival home was built in 1907. two lumber surveyors, h.l., and f.c. hossler, lived here in 1912 with f.c.’s wife, mary. in 1936, John Jenkins, an employee of the moonstone gambling parlor in redondo Beach, lived here. 319 North gertruda avenue Built in 1911, this craftsman/colonial revival home consists of four apartments. it was built by Samuel humer, a motorman for pacific electric, for $2.000. in 1912, other tenants were employed by pacific electric, Star Blacksmith Shop, and Standard oil. 329 North gertruda avenue This duplex and the detached three-car garage were built before 1920 and are a good example of Craftsman-influenced, eclectic cottage architecture. This style of architecture was common in california from 1905 to the early 1920’s. the first known occupant of the house was John h. foote. mr. foote was listed in the city directory (1912-13) as an engineer for pacific light and power corporation.

lived here from 1912 through 1927. 311 North gertruda avenue Built in 1913, this craftsman home was built by george hubbard, a proprietor of a furniture store in redondo Beach. the home was built at a cost of $1,500. in 1925, franklin Blausey, district superintendent of Southern california edison company, lived here. 313 North gertruda avenue this craftsman Bungalow was built in 1914. henry e. myers, an engineer, and his wife, may, were the earliest known residents in 1917.

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