Emily Clarkson 16/11/2012

A long, long time ago, a colony of beings lived in the legendary castle of Camelot. They lived beneath King Arthur's feet.... under his throne... in the Candelabra above his bed... in the cracks of the castle walls... and even in the heart of his round table. A colony of the most fantastical creatures... Name: Sir Callida, (Arilitus Callida) Backstory: A rather large colony of spiders are living in the disused spaces of the legendary Camelot. Among them is an ArachKnight by the name of Sir Callida. The various insects of the colony have been under the rule of the False Widow Queen. The spindly, conniving creature is possession of 'The Emerald Potestas', a magical Emerald stone, that once fell from the Crown of King Arthur. The precious stone grants the False Widow the power to control her closest subjects. By the dark use of this gem, the False Widow has managed to oppress all Camelot's insect kind beneath her rule. She has halted the further breeding and colonizing of her subjects, for fear of them supplanting her high position. Little does she suspect that one of the Arachknights is planing to overthrow her tyranny, even without an army of warriors that she so greatly fears. Its going to take some clever planning but with a few ArachKnight friends, a few glow worms lighting the way and an old Relic... they might just win.

Personality: Sir Callida is a well seasoned warrior . He knows how to fight, however he would rather win a fight based on tactics, favouring brains before brawn. A resourceful Arachnid, well equipped for his job and fearless. Quite ready to dive from a candelabra into full view of the human King to help his own kind... even if it means dodging the sole of few boots. Hero Prop: The old Relic, earlier mentioned will be the Hero prop. In direct competition to the False widows magical Emerald stone, Sir Callida is in possession of a carved ring (one that was once on the finger of one of King Arthur's ancestors before it was lost.) This relic will provide the perfect adornment for Sir Callida's abdomen. It acts as both armour as well as a showy example of power.

The biggest influences for this secret lair design were the film ‘The Borrowers’ (1997), and also the television series ‘Merlin’ (2008-present) ‘The Borrowers’ was a live action production based on a novel of the same name in which a family of miniature people (4inches tall) end up on an enormous adventure trying to save their home from demolition. This film had a great impact on the illusion of all things miniature. Items such as batteries, thimbles and fridge magnets were all enlarged to huge proportions in order to make the actors appear extraordinarily small. The Production team successfully conveyed the idea that an average kitchen is an enormous obstacle course to traverse. The television series of ‘Merlin’ is loosely based upon the legend of King Arthur, focusing on the Warlock Merlin in his early years. The set designs for Camelot- particularly the great hall within the castle, has proved to be the most influential design. I has aided me to design a lair set in the Middle Ages and Medieval England.

This here influence map contains the most influential images, aiding me to create a lair fit for an Arachnid knight. It includes scenes of great halls, cobwebs and Candelabra. The secret lair is located within the ironwork and chains of the candelabra above king Arthurs very own Round table.

This here influence map contains the most influential images, aiding me to create the hero prop for Arachnid knight. It includes a large number of ring designs that are of Medieval theme, armour theme, signet rings or jointed rings.

This ring prop will behave both as a piece of adornment but also armour for the AracKnight.

Having looked at a very informative post by Nadia on what has helped inspire her. Emily Clarkson11 November 2012 12:23 This is a really detailed thought process and i really like where you are drawing it all from. I can really see a man cursed (but at the same time saved by) voodoo, seeking refuge in a forest hideout. Your inspirational images are really atmospheric. I can't wait to see your thumbnails. Commenting on some thumbnail work by Jebb, encompassing his character, lair and hero prop. Emily Clarkson11 November 2012 12:14 I'm intrigued by drawings 13 and 14. Your Solar Goddess is definitely burning brightly and that Amulet necklace design looks both pretty and powerful at the same time. Which thumbnails do you like best, or want to explore? :) Jebb19511 November 2012 15:01 Thanks for the comments, the images I am going to explore further are numbers #17, #19 and #27, I am also thinking of creating a quick concept painting of the character due to her unusual appearance. Having looked at my initial thumbnail designs for my character of an Arachnid Knight but also initial ideas of spaces in which the character could inhabit.(Thumbnails 1-9) Jebb19512 November 2012 13:13 Hi Emily, For the character idea, I like images #5, #8 & #9, with #5 clearly depicting the many eyes of a spider combined with the human appearance of the head, but it raises questions on whether you are portraying the character as a complete spider or a human-spider hybrid. Both #8 & #9 work well due to the emphysis on an entirely spider appearance, but combining the skin with armour, like in real-life, might improve the designs. The bottom image may be the most beneficial as it is the anatomical structure of most spiders, almost resembling a suit of armour.

http://campus.albion.edu/florida08/files/2008/03/crab-spider.jpg http://www.localpestcontrolservices.com/pest_control_blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/bark-crabspider.jpg http://www.cirrusimage.com/Arachnid/spider_anat_700.jpg The environmental designs are very imtriguing, the technique of over sizing ordinary objects is a great idea, implicating a size to the character, best displayed in images #1, #3 & #8, but I think the helmey interior idea has great potential, possibly changing the angles inside, or the placement of the helmet itself, maybe laying on its side half buried. I love the idea of the round table being hollow & containing spiders. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_bCaLWo10Q4/SjBHzTsQVHI/AAAAAAAACJE/AAd53Kls048/s640/A113%2BBugs.bmp http://www.toxel.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/giantobjects05.jpg http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/00792/Giant-Bucket_792865i.jpg Emily Clarkson13 November 2012 01:55 Wow you're an absolute mine of information Jebb! Thanks for all the links :D. In answer to your ponderings I have eventually decided on a spider character that looks simply like a spider; no hybrids- because it takes away from the realism and believability of a teeny tiny world of spiders. I have a couple of images of spider anatomy I'm going to try and use to help me create slightly odd furniture for placement within the secret lair. As for the space itself, but also to tryu and design armour plates. The most popular lair design so far appears to be the candelabra aerial shots... I think i'm going to do some digging into ironwork and medieval metal crafting for some more thumbnail ideas. Thanks again for all the links. They've been really helpful! :D (I especially like the basket building and the oversized bucket and spade!)

Having looked at some of my Photoshop thumbnail designs of the spaces in which my ArachKnight character could inhabit. (Thumbnails 10-12) Akinbiyi Babarinde12 November 2012 11:45 I like how you've made your character this small, number 12 stands out to me, the idea of having his lair inside a medieval torch holder, it'll be pretty cool to see it from the inside though, just like you did with the chandeliers, I think the effect of number 10 is greater but I really like the idea of thumbnail 12 Jebb19512 November 2012 13:26 An aeriel perspective from the lair is an excellent idea, #10 in the candelabra, and the placement of other creatures from the characters world, #11 the glow worms, as an environmental aspect is a great design, it would be brilliant to see them move, swinging from the ceilings changing the light effects. I posted up a final influence map that helped to inspire my entire Secret Lair Akinbiyi Babarinde13 November 2012 04:39 Looking into Camelot from the Merlin series seems like a great idea...some mice thumbnails could come out of that influence, as a digitally painted piece your study of the cobwebs would come in handy, but how are you thinking of representing it in a 3D environment when you get to that stage 
Emily Clarkson13 November 2012 14:16
 Well I think I have definitely got some more thumbnailing to do before I decide completely on what exactly to do. But within the 3D environment. I believe I will model the Candelabra first and then use Matte painting to make the background scene to go behind the 3D object. As for spiders webs... I have yet to ask the Maya guru's how to make them in 3D, i honestly have no idea where to start with those!

I posted up a sheet of silhouettes, trying to create weaponry for my insect sized Knight Akinbiyi Babarinde14 November 2012 13:35 These are really nice silhouettes ; 8 stands out to me, but i do see what George means :) (Needing to think less about the designwhen creating silhouettes) Having had a look at a few of Kinbi’s thumbnail designs for his character Lair Emily Clarkson7:50 PM Hey Kinbi these are nice. I find a, b, and f are the most interesting to me. a;'s interesting melding with natural formations, b for its clear theme and f for its perspective view. Nice work :) do you feel drawn to any of these particular designs? Akinbiyi Babarinde9:24 PM Yeah I really liked C and A; I'm drawn to these the most, but these were my early thumbnails, I'll keep posting the thumbnails I have and reflect on them before going forward, what I am having issues with at the moment is deciding on a Hero Prop.

I left feedback for Nadia having read and looked at the initial ideas she had had for her character design. Emily Clarkson8 November 2012 12:18
 Hey this is really interesting. I really like the idea of semi voodoo cursed super sleuth. The conflict with the power and living in general is a nice angle. Have you had any thoughts as to what kind of a space such a character might live in? I immediately think of those black and white thirties films with a Private Investigator walking around a rather dark office, but yet with Voodoo in mind, I'm wondering if a few relics of the like might be hanging around such a place... 
Nadia Yadallee9 November 2012 08:56
 thanks emily! :) I have a few ideas in mind about the lair, which is actually pretty similar to your idea of the office, sort of like a place he comes to do his research on people to help with crimes. As for the voodooism, I'm not sure to sure how to incorporate that with my design yet, something I have to experiment with I think.. Nadia created a series of character designs, upon which I commented Emily Clarkson14 November 2012 15:32 I really like that development of your characters face from human to monstrous. Its definitely creepy. Its fantastic!

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