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The Saharan Inventor Character Bible

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The Saharan Inventor

As I received my character's title, I began to research into different civilizations within the Saharan desert. I first was looking into ancient Egypt, but the majority of the ideas I got from this were a little typical and a bit too fantasy, a bit over-done. I was suggested to look at the Tuareg people, and their way of life and religious believes really inspired me to create a plausible story for my character. I began to explore with materials available within the Sahara, which is mostly minerals and of course, sand. This led me forward to play around with the ideas of glass, and what an inventor, with a spiritual background, would do with this material. Mostly inspired by Tuareg folk tale, where a warrior (Boulkhou) alone wearing a Quranic Amulet thought against a whole army of flying enemies, for 40 days straight. I combined this with their Animalism beliefs, with history of the Saharan desert in the early 19th century, where the French were fighting for their lands, and many Tau reg camps were destroyed.

Character Bible

Name: Wajid (Muslim name meaning The Finder) Time setting: Early 19th Century Wajid is an Inadan, A smiths-man in his tribe of people, a very respected person, as he recalls the tales and moral stories to his tribe, and provides the means for his tribe to set up settlements and protect them selves. The French army is taking over the majority of North Africa, annexing all land they possibly can. Most of the Tuareg people's land has been taken over, and now the path Wajid's people travel is also in danger of being taken from the people. Wajid hears a message from the spirits of the mountains while praying for help, to hide within them, and to prepare for a great battle. Wajid takes heed to the message.He begins to build weapons in the space he has created, using the stars as his blueprints, when he again heard a message from the mountains. The stars re arranged in front of him, to show the constellation of the Great Warrior BoulKhou. The message to him was clear, and he began crafting many soldiers from the materials around him, using the great power of the Saharan Sun, and the fine sand that carpets the land.

Definitive Influence Maps

I was looking at a lot of glass making enviroments, and also fantasy environments where inventors build robots. For the hero prop, I wanted to look at the image of a robot around the time, and I wanted to use objects of items from their culture, like their crosses which symbolise their home, their textiles, their cutlery.. I also was looking at many movies with inventors environments...

Hero Prop Thumbnails

wanted to craft my Main Robot not only from glass, but from items from the Tuareg culture. I used tea pots, jewlery, and general items from their culture to create a sillouette. Although my Hero prop is unfinished, Here are his thumbnails so far. I want to take him further, and make it obvious he is bought to life by the spirits of Wijid's Ancestors, mountains and spirits of the land, wanting to secure the land. I am still thinking of ways to do this.

Secret Lair Thumbnails

I will take the idea of how the light enters the cave and melts the sand further, to look a lot more active and exciting, using the suggested of ideas of mirrors, or things to direct and amplify the light. The perspective is incorrect in this thumbnail, but this is the general layout I have been working towards. The colour sceheme I am looking to achieve is a warm colourful tone, contrasting reds, yellows and blues, with different coloured glass.

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