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Excerpts from

A’nanda Anubhuti
( Perception of Bliss )

Spiritual Management Poetry

Gopal Baghel ’ Madhu ’

From Chapter 1

Spiritual Management
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Gopal Baghel ‘ Madhu’

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1. O honey*! If you come by * 28 / 03.04.08
O honey*! If you come by, we may fill color in lives!

We may fill melody, rhythm and songs in all three worlds;

We may fill beauty, flow, and fragrance in every mind.
We may work#, meditate and fill devotion in lives;
We may fulfill hopes and aspirations in world and its persons.

Thirst and hunger may get banished, world may get glittered;
Bodies may get healthy;
minds may integrate in ‘Self’ to get established.
Every particle of Earth may get happy;
Every flower may get bloomed;
Animals may happily walk, every fibre may get vibrated.

The languages may get filled with passions,

Every life may be able to speak what is in conscience;
Every mind may be able to listen,
Every heart may be able to bear the confines.

Inferiority complexes may get eradicated,

Bitterness may get shared;
Minds and consciousness may not get traumatized;
They may become blissful and vibrated.

You come! Come now! You be there in full in whole world.

Majestically move and roam in cosmic mind,
Mind of atom, in lives and world.
The love of creator may manifest in every particle of world!
* Honey = Honey of consciousness!
# Work = Engage in action or Karma

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2. You are potency of manliness! * 29 / 04.04.08
You are potency of manliness;
I am bounded by nature’s dutifulness;
Adorned by cloud, you are kindliness;
I am she peacock’s sweetness.

I am freakish fluctuating deftness,

You are deep obscure charismatic Krs’n’a*;
I am attached or detached goaded by Karma#,
You are detached to mind goaded by Dharma@.

You naturalize nature; I am goaded by nature’s action;

Nature, to me, looks like a creation of an alien,
It flows in you like your own configuration.

Worried, scared, offended and agonized,

I move in this world;
Drinking poison, smiling strangely,
you roam in cosmos in freedom!

You move carrying dust of Earth;

I keep collecting flowers of Earth.
Blend my flowers in your earth;
Taking nature in your lap, O Lord! Make it sleep!

* Krs’n’a = Brownish Lord Krs’n’a, who attracts all in universe
# Karma= Appropriate work or action
@ Dharma = Attributes which hold creatures

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3. You make peacock dance in cloud! * 30 / 04.04.08

You make peacock dance in cloud, O Lord!

Thrilling the nature You mould new world!

May sweet languages flow in every throat ravine!

May throats remain in bliss in heaven!
May every flower bloom with fragrance and pollen!
May mind be free & fearless, may conscience be clean!
Make nectar flow on terrain!

Minds may dance; humans may remain in blissful mood;

Beauty of creation may remain unique and un-deteriorated.
The creatures may thrill in life’s splendours;
Nectar may get rained in monsoon month from dark clouds.
River of Ganges may again flow from Shiva’s* matted hairs.

Remove pollution of mind and body;

Adorn water and forests; Make air flow in thrilled sky;
In crude, creatures and world, let liberated streams flow .
Make buds grow by melody of female crow!

Take away dogma# from human race, save faiths from whims;
Make world broad and behave nice.
Becoming cosmic watercourse,
O ‘Madhu’, you make every one dispense!

* Shiva = Lord Shiva who incarnated 7000 years ago and gave
Systems of Marriage, Yoga, Tantra, Yantra, Mantra,
Meditation, Spiritual dance Tandava, Ayurved, etc.

* Dogma = Stativity of passions

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4. In your effulgence O Lord! * 42 / 17.04.08
How many glows came in your effulgence O Lord!
In your noiseless night, How many stars glittered!
Sitting in corner, my mind could not see and understand.

How many sparks got ignited while getting put out?

How many souls got up from burial flames or void of vault?
How many insects got liberated in love of light?
How many creatures got enlightened in keeping others alight?

How many creatures you create in your nature?

You take care of their thirst and hunger.
You give blood and fluid to each cell of creature;
Still, you let one creature take away life of other.

Some time, I feel,

Why don’t you do this play of Yours by some other process!
Why You make dance so many unique hapless souls?
Why You time and again give pain of
Expiring and shrinking to every consciousness.

You, probably, evaluate spirit of perception of every existence,

Every play of life of each consciousness.
You again sow that life spirit in creation afresh.

You grow crop of Tantra* of consciousness in Yantra# of body,

Sowing seed of Mantra@ in mind’s perception.
At times, You keep emancipated seeds in your bosom!

* Tantra = Spiritual technology
# Yantra = Spiritual instrument
@ Mantra = Vibration that instils focus

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5. O Lord! I am traveller of infinity * 11 / 27.03.08

O Lord! I am traveller of infinity;

You are my witness, my co-traveller!

How many agonies voyage in world?

How many flowers are dispersed over your head?
You give compassion to so many buds?
Many thorns, you get removed?
You keep moving, let all moving;
make smile, laugh and motivating.
At times, you make weep;
at other times, you make them sleep;
You make tremble in love and at times,
You make them laugh in wrath.

Your divine play sometimes gets understood;

At times even when it is known, it turn out to be weird.
Sometimes, you look ever kind;
At times you look alone, wayfarer and unkind.
Sometimes, You let creatures roam unconditionally;
At times, entangling their each sense closely,
You let the life and mind drift away obscurely.

Some times, you take away all their effects and

while keeping it all safe in Your heart;
You let them beg and bizarrely approach them for a gracious gift!
At times, sitting on their pineal gland upfront,
You shower grace and make them great!

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