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SELF-CHECK UNIT TEST 1 Answer on a separate sheet of paper. Then check your answers. Follow the examples.


1 Make sentences from the prompts using the adverbs in brackets.

JUST (5 points 2.5 points for Part 3 and 2.5 points for Part 4)
3 Add just in the correct place in the sentences.

I / get / work / 7 (usually) = I usually get to work at 7. 1 He / tidy / room / Friday (always) 2 I / not have / time / wash up (generally) 3 You / go / food shopping? (often) 4 My brother / put / rubbish out (twice a week) 5 She / have to / cook? (every day) 6 We / clean / bathroom (once a week) 7 My father / do / the ironing (hardly ever) 8 I / make / bed (now and then) 9 He / sweep / floor (sometimes) 10 My husband / do / any housework (never) / CONTINUOUS, PRESENT PERFECT & PAST SIMPLE (10 points)

1 2 3 4 5

Shes just gone out to the shops. Sorry but hes jogging. No idea! Ive arrived today. Shes the right person for the job. I dont mind what he does. Dont listen to her. Shes trying to be funny.
Match the sentences in exercise 3 with the meanings of just.

Put the verbs in the right tense.

Example - a a) a short time ago b) only c) right now / at the moment d) really e) exactly

David Beckham David Beckham was born in 1975 in London, England, and 1 start to play football when he was a child. During his professional career, he 2 play for Manchester United and also for the British National Team. He currently 3 play for Real Madrid in Spain. He 4 marry ex-Spice Girl Victoria Adams in 1999. They 5 have two children, a boy and a girl. Paparazzi, bodyguards and fans always 6 follow them everywhere they go. Beckham 7 be famous for several years in many countries and continents. He usually 8 wear very smart and expensive clothes. However, his naturalness and kindness 9 represent a reversal of the typical attitudes generally associated with very rich and popular people. Although a perfect product of marketing and advertising, Beckham 10 score some of the best and most amazing goals in the last few years.

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(2.5 points) nurse / hairdresser / lecturer / lawyer / chairperson / air cabin crew

(10 points)

Match the jobs and the definitions.

Complete the sentences with the right word.

discriminate / earn / shortage of / timetable / shift / spare time / sexist / politically correct / outnumber / apply / male-dominated I think a lot of men discriminate women in our society. 1 Many teaching jobs in the USA are done by foreigners since there is a tremendous teachers. 2 We live in a society. Women hardly ever work in high paid professions. 3 Id like to have a job with a flexible 4 Hes very tired today. He had to do the night yesterday. 5 In my I like reading, travelling and climbing. 6 Men still more money than women for the same job. 7 Women usually men in sectors like teaching and nursing. 8 Once I finish my business studies, Id like to for a job as a bank manager. 9 My boss is very He never employs women. 10 Mankind is not a expression. You should use humanity instead.

1 2 3 4 5

The person that helps doctors = nurse People that work in a plane but arent pilots. A university teacher. The person who directs the work of a committee or organisation. A person that can legally represent you. This is the person that cuts your hair. (5 points)


Match the adjectives and the opposites.

1-a 1 good 2 rude 3 aggressive 4 emotional 5 introverted 6 natural 7 selfish 8 passive 9 confident 10 sad 11 strong

a) bad b) unselfish c) insecure d) polite e) happy f) weak g) artificial h) peaceful i) active j) extroverted k) insensitive (2.5 points)

Choose the right verb.

1 2 3 4 5

Speak / speak up! I cant hear you. I want to give / give up smoking. Relax! Dont bottle / bottle up so much stress. Turn off / turn up the TV. You arent watching it. Why did you use / use up my toothpaste? Now theres none left. His father was shot / shot up during the war.


Find and correct the mistakes.

1 2 3 4 5

I am playing play football every day. Im studying a wonderful career at university. I love doing photos when I travel. He is very happy since he married. Johns a very sensible man. He cries easily. Men dominate the political profession for generations.

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TOTAL POINTS: ________ / 50

Framework Self-Check Unit Tests Richmond Publishing


1 1 He always tidies his room on Friday.

2 I dont generally have time to wash up. 3 Do you often go food shopping? 4 My brother puts the rubbish out twice a week. / Twice a week my brother 5 Does she have to cook every day? 6 We clean the bathroom once a week. / Once a week we clean 7 My father hardly ever does the ironing. 8 I make my bed now and then. / Now and then I make 9 He sometimes sweeps the floor. / Sometimes he sweeps 10 My husband never does any housework. 2 1started 2 has played 3 plays / is playing 4 married 5 have 6 follow / are always following 7 has been 8 wears 9 represent 10 has scored 3 1 Sorry but hes just jogging. 2 No idea! Ive just arrived today. 3 Shes just the right person for the job. 4 I just dont mind what he does. 5 Dont listen to her. Shes just trying to be funny. 4 1-c, 2-a, 3-e, 4-d, 5-b VOCABULARY

1 1shortage of 2 male-dominated 3 timetable 4 shift 5 spare time 6 earn 7 outnumber 8 apply 9 sexist
10 politically correct 2 1 air cabin crew 2 lecturer 3 chairperson 4 lawyer 5 hairdresser 3 2-d, 3-h, 4-k, 5-j, 6-g, 7-b, 8-i, 9-c, 10-e, 11-f 4 1 give up 2 bottle up 3 turn off 4 use up 5 shot ERROR ANALYSIS 1 Im studying a wonderful degree at university. 2 I love taking photos when I travel. 3 He has been very happy since he married. 4 Johns a very sensitive / emotional man. He cries easily. 5 Men have dominated the political profession for generations.

Framework Self-Check Unit Tests Richmond Publishing