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November 2012

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In Flanders Fieldsthe History ews letters supposedly written by Bonfire and signed with a hoof print. behind the Famous Poem
On August 4, 1914, Britain declared war on Germany. Canada, as a member of the British Empire, was automatically at war, and its citizens from all across the land responded quickly. Within three weeks, 45,000 Canadians had rushed to join up. John McCrae was among them. He was appointed brigade-surgeon to the First Brigade of the Canadian Field Artillery with the rank of Major and second-in-command. Just before his departure, he wrote to a friend: It is a terrible state of affairs, and I am going because I think every bachelor, especially if he has experience of war, ought to go. I am really rather afraid, but more afraid to stay at home with my conscience. (Prescott. In Flanders
Fields: The Story of John McCrae, p. 77)

In April 1915, John McCrae was in the trenches near Ypres, Belgium, in the area traditionally called Flanders. Some of the heaviest fighting of the First World War took place there during that was known as the Second Battle of Ypres. On April 22, the Germans used deadly chlorine gas against Allied troops in a desperate attempt to break the stalemate. Despite the debilitating effects of the gas, Canadian soldiers fought relentlessly and held the line for another 16 days. In the trenches, John McCrae tended hundreds of wounded soldiers every day. He was surrounded by the dead and the dying. In a letter to his mother, he wrote of the Battle of Ypres.


behind it all was the constant background of the sights of the dead, the wounded, the maimed, and a terrible anxiety lest the line should give way.

(Prescott. In Flanders Fields: The Story of John McCrae, p. 98)

He took with him a horse named Bonfire, a gift from a friend. Later, John McCrae sent his young nieces and neph-

The day before he wrote his famous poem, one of McCrae's closest friends was killed in the fighting and buried in a makeshift grave with a simple wooden cross. Wild poppies were already beginThe general impression in my mind is of ning to bloom between the crosses a nightmare. We have been in the most marking the many graves. Unable to help bitter of fights. For seventeen days and his friend or any of the others who had seventeen nights none of us have had died, John McCrae gave them a voice our clothes off, nor our boots even, ex- through his poem. cept occasionally. In all that time while Read more Remembrance Day History at I was awake, gunfire and rifle fire never ceased for sixty seconds ..... And firstwar/mccrae

Remembrance Day Service

Sunday, Nov. 11 @10:45 am
Evergreen Auditorium

The Coffee Corner ~ Funnies

Q: What did the big furry hat say to the warm woolly scarf? A: "You hang around while I go on ahead." Q: What kind of coffee were they serving when the Titanic hit an iceberg? A: Sanka! Q: What's an ig? A: A snow house without a loo! Q: How do you tell the difference between a walrus and an orange? A: Put your arms around it and squeeze it. If you don't get orange juice, it's a walrus. Shine a flashlight into one ear. A warthog hits this lady and If the beam shines out the the husband calls 911. other ear - do not venture outThe operator asks, "Where are side alone! One hour shoveling snow equals you at"? two hours on the Buttmaster. When it's tourist season, that doesn't mean that you can shoot them! Never spit when you're facing a cold Arctic wind - you could take your eye 10 games for Old Age The husband replies, "I'm on Eucolipstic Road." The operator asks, "Can you spell that for me?" "Well... I'll just drag her over to Oak so you can you pick her up there?" Knock Knock. Who's there? Dishes. Dishes who? Dishes the police, come out with your hands up!! Q: What do you get from an Alaskan Cow? A: Ice Cream! Why don't aliens eat clowns. Because they taste funny. What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh Two snowmen are standing in a field. One says to the other : "Funny, I smell carrots too". What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino? el-if-i-no

Located at 212 Railway Ave East, Nipawin

1.)Sag, You're it 2.)Pin the Toupee on the bald Q: What's the difference beguy tween a walrus and a banana? 3.)20 questions shouted into A: You'd better find out, beyour good ear cause if you ever try to peel a 4.)Kick the bucket walrus... 5.)Red Rover, Red Rover, the Q: What vegetable was forbid- nurse says Bend Over den on the ships of Arctic ex- 6.)Doc Goose plorers? 7.)Simon says something incoA: Leeks! herent Q: What did the seal say when 8.)Hide and go pee it swam into a concrete wall? 9.)Spin the Bottle of Mylanta A: "Dam!" 10.)Musical recliners Q: What do you get from sitting on the ice too long? A: Polaroids! Q: If you live in an igloo, what's the worst thing about global warming? A: No privacy! Q: What did the icy Arctic road say to the truck? A: "Want to go for a spin?" Q: What do you call ten Arctic hares hopping backwards through the snow together? A: A receding hare line. Q: Why are bad school grades like a shipwreck in the Arctic Ocean? A: They're both below C level! A Few Arctic Tips No matter how cold you are, DO NOT attempt to build a fire in a kayak! You can't have your kayak and heat it too. A dentist a nurse and a army general are flying. The dentist decides to drop a tooth brush out of the plane. The nurse drops down a medical kit and the army general drops a bomb. They land the airplane and see what happened... First they found a guy looking for his false teeth.

Next they found a guy bandagTwo peanuts walk into a bar. ing his wounds. One was a salted. Lastly they found a young boy laughing his head off. Know why a room full of married people looks so empty? They asked him what happened There's not a Single person in and he said, "My grandfather it... farted and blew up his house."

Donna West (306)862-3645

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The Coffee Corner ~ Time Teasers

60's Songs Crossword Puzzle
Last month we explored the toxic effects of fluoride. Yes it may prevent tooth decay but is there a healthier alternative? The answer? Yes, in fact there is and it just so happens to come from nature and double as a loy glycemic, low calorie sweetener. teeth is long-lasting and possibly permanent. Low decay rates persist even years after the trials have been completed. ferment xylitol in their metabolism, their growth is reduced. The number of acid-producing bacteria may fall as much as 90%. Since no acid is formed, the pH of saliva does not fall. Xylitol also raises the pH of saliva in the mouth. When pH is above 7, calcium and phosphate salts in saliva start to precipitate into those parts of enamel where they are lacking. For this reason, use of xylitol has demonstrated not only a dramatic reduction in new tooth decay, it also has shown the arrest and even some reversal of existing dental caries. Checkout your Local health Food Store for Xylitol gum, Xylitol packets for coffee & tea and bulk Xylitol for baking! Call your USANA Wellness Consultant, Donna West (306)862-3645 to order Fluoride Free, Xylitol containing Toothpaste!

Find and circle all of the 1960's song titles that are hidden in the grid. The remaining letters spell the title of an additional 1960's song.

- In 1983, a joint expert committee of the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture OrganizaCheckout these Interesting Facts tion of the United Nations confirmed about Xylitol. that xylitol is a safe sweetener for foods. The U.S. Food and Drug Ad- Xylitol is a natural occurring sweetministration also confirmed this fact ener that is found in things like berin 1986. ries, vegetable's, fruits and even - The body does not require insulin to mushrooms. metabolize xylitol. For this reason - Our bodies manufacture up to 15 Xylitol produces a lower glycemic regrams of Xylitol daily during norsponse than sucrose or glucose. mal metabolism. - Xylitol reduces & even reverses - Xylitol looks and tastes like sugar tooth decay. but has 40% fewer calories and has Sugar feeds bacteria in your mouth, a subtle cool mint aftertaste. causing them to multiply rapidly. This metabolic process produces acids that - Xylitol is eferred to as a carbohydrate and more specifically as a sugar eventually form cavities. When you chew xylitol gum, suck on Xylitol alcohol on Food Labels. mints, or brush your teeth with Xylitol - Xylitol is Great for baking! It can toothpaste, the acid attack that would be used in place of sugar, cup for cup, otherwise last for over half an hour is in any recipe! stopped. Because the cavity causing - Studies show the effect Xylitol has on bacteria in the mouth are unable to

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Put Your Seed To The Test *Seed Testing lab fully accredited by Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). *Accredited analysts Specializing in a wide range of services: - Purity - Germination & Vigour - Seed Health Timely, Accurate, Reliable Results AG SEED LAB -Put Your Trust in Us! Call 306-768-3335 Box 998, Carrot River, SK S0E 0L0



Fill in the blanks so that each row, each column, and each of the nine 3x3 grids contain one instance of each of the numbers 1 through 9 .

Thoughts become be careful what you think Dr. Denis Waitley

Locally & privately owned and operated. Traditional, Memorial, Graveside & Direct Services. Pre-arrangements & pre-planning services available. Competitive & fair pricing with no hidden fees. Hassle free transfer of pre-arrangements Monument & Memorial Sales Niches available for purchase in the

Nov 16th 6pm-12am $10 per person Book Your Spot! 852-7811
211 1st St. West (located behind RBC) Phone: 862-3833

Ladies Cheesecake & ScrapNight

Coventry Columbarium located in Mabel Hill Cemetery.

Phone: 306-862-4233 Email:

The North East Community Event Calendar

November 2012
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mission Three of each to choose from. Offers306-862-2545 Looking for a loft bed862-5023 For Sale John Deere Quad blade 44 in with rear hitch mount $250862-1395 Acreage for Sale 3 miles west of Carrot River.14 acres with 1635 sq ft house finished basement double attached garage 3 way heat. Well-dugout and Septic.Out buildings. Call or text862-1395 band saw for sale comes with built in meat grinder.300 obo862-4190 TAXI hours of operation Temporary under trial basis Nipawin Taxi services will run Monday to Wednesday 8am to 5pm Thursday and Friday 8am to 2am Saturday 1pm to 2am862-8559 Found a 16 inch gold SC500 supercycle bike862-9356 For sale New Telecaster electric guitar and vintage 1974 Peavey Amp Offers862-9319 For sale 4 185/65/R15 winter tires and rims for a Honda Civic $350 4 175/70/R14 winter tires and rims for a Tuboron $350862-3087 Looking for a 550 cc liquid cooled House for rent in Nipawin. 960 sq/ motor or a Arctic Cat Cougar for ft, full basement, 4 bedrooms, 1parts Cell 862-7598862-2693 1/2 bathrooms, Non smoker and no pets. $900 plus utilities. Call For sale single seat wood sauna for more information.490-7728 brand new $700862-3246 Baby costume for sale ( puppy) table with 6 chairs $20 862-9410 white with black spots very warm To give away ... 1 yr old female $12 call or text 812-7486862-4406 cat(fixed).. Her name is baby she North East Midget AA vs Midis loveable and loves all animals ! west sat Nov 3rd @ 8:00 in Nihave to get rid of her due to allerpawin862-0000 gies !862-8616 Vintage Snowmobile 1978 Arctic 30 Round combined Timothy Cat Cheetah - 500cc twin, fan bales from Fall 2011. $25 each or cooled, single carb. Good track, $20 if you take them all & I'll load sliders, and ski rods. Comes with them for you. Ask for Mike or original owners manual. leave a message.862-2846 $1,100306-862-2434 For sell 2000 chev cavalier, white Selling snow shovels. Aluminum 4dr, air, tilt , cruise, runs good, for $1 each and Steel for $2 each. new breakes, cd player, asking Call 862-4066862-4066 $1300 OBO. contact me at 2763076 Shelley, plz leave message 2 cute baby guinea pigs for sale $5 and i will get back to you.276each!!862-3580 3070 HOUSE FOR SALE IN LOVE, DEWALT DW735 13-in Twomany improvements,new bathSpeed, Three BladeThickness room 5 appliances mainfloor launPlaner. Has Only Been Used 4 dry $25,000.276-7430 Times , $500.00 ,Will Take ReaNipawin legion is looking for sonable Offers.306-276-8179 apartment size deep freeze 1999 chev 4x4 auto v8 3rd door 862-5485 long box good tires 262km Looking for plant pots with side $5200.00 after 6pm.862-9519 holes862-5392 For sale Yamaha electric organ $45 Looking for an appt size deep freeze862-4736 For sale 1985 Buick Lasabre collector edition 4 door 307 ci two tone blue 1 owner. Gas furnace 135,000 BTU768-2936 2001 GMC club cab 4door truck 86,500 km like new862-3782 for sale transmission for 2000 chev venture 3.8 motor for 1995 buick 306-873-4081 day 306-8735764 evenings306-873-4081 To be moved, house for sale. 12 miles east, 3 south of Carrot River.306-768-3580 have for sale 4 225/65/16 winter tires and rims off a 2005 dodge caravan. 60 % tread or better left862-3011 House for rent in White Fox available immediately. Appliances and some furniture included. $450 per month plus a damage deposit 276-2029 Looking for a newer used water softener.862-2624 Looking for a valley comfort wood stove.862-9427

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Carrot River Health Centre - Fall Tea, Bake Sale and Mini Trade fair will be Wed Nov 7th from 130 to 330 pm. Hamfest at MUCC on Wed Nov 7th at 5 pm. Advance tickets are available at MUCC or any band member student. Great evening with supper and entertainment (Kathleen Hangs) "Memory Lane": A Tribute to the 40's, 50's and 60's - the 8 piece band will perform Thursday Nov 8th at the CJVR Performing Arts Theatre at 7 pm. Sponsored by Studio 12 Music and Dance. Tickets $20 at the box office. RBC celebrates 100 years in Melfort. The celebration is Thursday Nov 8th from 530 to 9 pm at the Kerry Vickar Centre. Free snacks, Meet the local members of your RBC team and Olympian Kelsie Hendry and a chance to win pairs of Mustang tickets throughout the evening.

The Tisdale Kinettes Craft Show and Sale Plex. Tickets at Lacroix Drugs and the is Friday and Sat Nov 9th and 10th at the Clothesline in Tisdale. Rec Plex. "Deck The Halls" - brought to you by the Tisdale Kinette craft Christmas show on Mont St. Joseph Home in Prince Albert Friday and Saturday Nov 9th and 10th juried arts and crafts, fish tales gallery Friday at 3 pm, and Saturday at 10 am. Christmas gifts, dcor and specialty food Entertainment, concession and coffee gar- items. Sat Nov 17 at the Mont St. Joseph dens and Santa Pictures by Vanessa Sav- Home in Prince Albert. age. All held at the Tisdale Rec Plex. Tisdale Chamber Christmas Party is FriRemembrance Day Ceremonies on Sunday Nov 16th - Call the Chamber Office day Nov 11th at the Nipawin Evergreen in Tisdale to pre-book your tickets at 873 Centre starting at 1045 am. 4257. After which the Party will be open to the public. Entertainment by Christmas You PLUS Me - Build a Dream City Wide entertainers. "Fa La La La La Christmas Party on Sat Nov 24th - with Coyote Wild - get your tickets at Scotia- Benefit Dance for Derek and Penny Hedin bank in Melfort by Nov 16th - cash bar who lost their home to fire - Sat Nov 17th and free shuttle service within city limits. with Eve'n Adams - Potluck supper with dance to follow - 7 pm at the Ridgedale The Tisdale Arts Council presents Heni Hall - admission by donation - also donaLoiselle and Martin Janovsky - Friday tions can be made at the Cornerstone Nov 16th at 730 pm in the Maurice Taylor Credit Union in Tisdale. Performing Arts Theatre, Tisdale Rec

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Wed, Nov 28 @10AM3PM, Tisdale BMO Branch

Phone 862-4342 109 4th Avenue East

The Coffee Corner Classifieds

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The North East Community Event Calendar

OPERATION - CHRISTMAS CHILD in Carrot River - Nov 19th to 25th - the drop off sites are the RM of Moose Range office, the Carrot River Mennonite Church, Carrot River Pharmacy, Simply Creative, and the Tri Town Thunder game on Nov 24th. The Nipawin Centennial Players present "All Aboard" at two dinner theatre productions on Thursday and Friday Nov 22nd and 23rd - at the Nipawin Legion Hall from 6 to 10 pm both evenings. Nipawin Parade of Lights on Friday Dec 7th - parade line up at the Pineland Coop Marketplace at 815 pm - leaving the Coop at 9 pm sharp. Time to get your float ready ! Carrot River Christmas On Main - Wed Nov 28th starting at 430 pm with a 4H club nonfire and hot dog roast. Last night shopping and store specials until 9 pm. Festive community spirit and holiday shopping. Birch Hills Christmas Trade show - Sat Dec 1st at the Civic Centre from 10 to 4 pm. Craft Sale at the Nipawin Seniors Hall on Sat Dec 1st from 9 to 4 pm - craft items and lunch will be sold. Eli Barsi "A Merry Prairie Christmas" Sunday Dec 2nd at 3 pm in the Wadena Community Hall. Nipawin Parade of Lights, second performance on Friday Dec 14th - parade line up at the Pineland Coop Marketplace at 815 pm - leaving the Coop at 9 pm sharp.

FREE Submissions at FEATURED CLASSIFIEDS w/picture starting at only $5

For Sale: Approximately 700 sq ft of Spectrum and Kokomo stained glass, misc boxes of glass bevels, misc boxes of RH & RU lead and zinc. Selling as a package. Call for more information.306-862-4838 Out of1970's 4x4.OFFERS8622545 looking for a couple used snowmobiles something reliable but less expensive 250cc up to 600cc 862-2140 browning 300 wsm left hand abolt medallion with clip and scope, asking $1100.00 about 3 years old306-222-2953 large older lighted china cabinet. asking $100222-2953 lab cross to give away 10 weeks old , good temperment call or text.862-1336 For sale 6.5 Hp gas pressure washer. Stihl 230 chain saw. Huskavarna 254 chain saw. 10,000 lbs 12 volt wench862-2621 LG Color TV to give away works great - we just don't need two tv's. Please leave a message if no answer.862-3189

Brand new sandwich maker, never Range hood slight scratch and been used. $10.00 Cake pans small ding.....otherwise brand $5.00 each 276-8511 new..$25.00862-2140 table and chairs with 2 leafs,oak Honeywood Vet has a border colfinish,$150.00306-222-2953 lie cross female dog 6 months old If you lost a child's mitt on Halwith a collar and leash looking for loween, we found it in our yard. It owner862-4488 is gray, black and pink with a For sale pellet riffle brand new puppy face.862-8247 never used $60862-2299 For Sale. Four 265/70R17 BridgFor sale King Table saw 10 inch stone Blizzack Tires. $175.00 $400 King belt sander 6 in pulleys each. Location Fairburn Tire Ni$250276-5770 pawin.Very good condition.862Looking for Tamarack or pine 5009 firewood 8 to 10 ft lengths 1971 Ski Roule SX-440 Vintage 862-1908 Snowmobile, Great running condiFor sale 1991 Tempo L 5 speed tion, $600.00862-4601 new tires and exhaust 112,000 km '98 Polaris XLT Touring 600 Triruns and looks good $900862ple,electric start and reverse. 3534 Many features and extras. ExcelPd Ad Baxter Seed Cleaning now lent condition. Please call for taking new bookings for all ceremore info or pictures.752-9137 als, flax, peas and canary seeds Sold all the transfer cases. And 1 call Russ 862-8420862-4555 Trans. Have 2 Transmissions left. GM SM-465 4 speeds For parts.

For sale 93 Dodge Dakota ext cab truck red with box liner and cap 1982 Dodge Ram. Starts and runs. excellent shape. Looking for wood Does need work. 550.00$ obo furnace Newmac or Valley com10.00$ a month to plate. Text 812 fort Call cell 862-6814862-5937 7521 or call above number.8629824 For sale 2001 GMC club cab 4 door truck 86,500 km like new Only a couple months old white 862-3782 range hood fan/light in excellent condition. Was $199 asking $60 1991 Chev S10 ext cab. 4.3 liter 862-2624 V6. Box liner. 191,000km. Looks and runs good. $1400 obo Call or looking for 1989 GMC Five speed text 862-8266862-8266 manual transmission for V-Six engine 4.3Litre 768-2785" Down Looking for bush land 10+ acres FOR SALE MENS COLUMBIA to put a cabin on.338-2286 3 IN 1 WINTER JACKET Alluminium Dual Plain High rise WORN ONLY ONCE. SIZE XL intake Manifold Fits Small Block PAID $ 299 + TX. SELLING $ Chevy. $ 60.00 Stock Cast iron 2 125.00 FIRM PHONE 306-862barrel SBC. Intake Manifold 4066862-4066 $50.00306-862-2545 For Sale: oval shaped coffee table GM/Chevy 205 cast iron gear with glass insert top and matching drive transfer case. GM /Muncie hexagon shaped end table excelSM 465 4 speed standard Translent condition. asking 75.00 for both pieces889-4405

The MAD presentation of "Dashing Thru The Snow" is Thursday, Friday and Sat, Nov 29th, 30th and Dec 1st. Tickets now on sale at Scotiabank. Cocktails 630, din- Kinsmen and Kinettes are searching for ner at 730 and Production at 8 pm - at the talent for Telemiracle 37 !. If you sing, CJVR performing arts theatre. dance or play an instrument you can audiThe Tisdale Christmas Festival is Sat Dec tion. You may contact the Telemiracle Carrot River Minor Hockey - Comedy 1st - Breakfast with Santa, Kids activities, office and secure your audition time. (244 fundraiser and dinner on Friday Nov 23rd Carolling in the Town Square, the Bakery 6400 ext. 2) - for tickets call the Recreation dpt in Car- will decorate your own cookie and ginger- Melfort Mustangs celebrate their 25th Anrot River (768 3833) break house, Best Lit Up store award, Ice niversary with the 2013 Ford Mustang Car sculptures, Movie for the kids and late Raffle - tickets $40 - draw date is Dec Learn How to invest online in GICs, Mu- night shopping. Mark the day on your 31st at the Melfort Mustang Home Game tal Funds, ETFs and Stocks with BMO calendar. Bonus 50/50 - grab a ticket at Melody InvestorLine. Seminar to be held at the Nipawin BMO Branch, Tuesday, Nov27th Partner's Winter Gala with 40 ounce Phi- Motors in Melfort. Car supplied by Mel@6pm and at the Tisdale BMO Branch, losophy - Sat Dec 1st - cocktails at 6 then ody Motors.. Wednesday, Nov.28th @6pm. RSVP to supper and dance - St Augustine Parish Nipawin Citizens on Patrol meet on the or call 873- Hall - tickets $30 - tickets at Partners in 2nd Tuesday of every Month. Interested 8328 Humboldt. Volunteers please call the Nipawin RCMP Tisdale Family Fun Night and Dance for Addictions Awareness week - Tisdale elementary auditorium, Thursday Nov 22nd from 630 to 830 pm. Very nice prizes, music by Corey Teale, games, and family entertainment. $5 per family. Detachment for more info!

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Nipawin: 862-0400 Melfort: 752-4524 218 Railway Ave East, Nipawin 818 Main Street, Melfort

Town of Nipawin Community Update

The Coffee Corner Paper Faith & Family

LEGO and let God
I cant stand puzzles, but on the table lay all the LEGO pieces. I looked at the directions, Written by Sandra Ring and I had no motivation to start. Jordans When my seven-year-old son, Jordan, built a drama from across the table was grating on my nerves. Finally, I tried several times to fit 150-piece LEGO robot over a weekend, he was ecstatic. As he put the last piece in place, a few pieces together without success. Youre not following the directions, youre he yelled, Mom! Look! I did it! I was imdoing it wrong, Jordan said. He was finally pressed. My son rarely devoted much time or effort to any project he would rather be so frustrated that he said, Dont you get it? Your plans arent working. Just follow the outside climbing trees or playing sports. directions; thats why they wrote them! I suggested that Jordan set up his creation Then he left the room. on his dresser where it would be safe. Are His know-it-all attitude annoyed me until I you sure itll be OK there? he asked. grasped how profound his words truly were. Im sure. Trust me, its definitely the safest In many ways my life has looked like Jorplace for your robot, I said. dons shattered robot. I often think I know Crash! what is best for me, and so I forge ahead An hour later, I put away Jordans clean clothes in his dresser and rested the laundry without following Gods directions. The result is always disastrous. So, Ive basket on top. The basket shifted, knocked learned the hard way to do what God says. over a trophy, which toppled the robot into Jordan was right; my plans dont work. its original 150 pieces. Jordan ran up the Soon, Jordan sheepishly made his way back stairs and gasped when he saw what had to the table, unsure if hed upset me. happened. Lets read the directions and get this robot I stood in disbelief, with no words to mend put back together, I suggested. the mess that lay at our feet. Jordan was Great idea, he affirmed. It took a long upset, and I let him vent until he pushed it time, but the robot was restored. too far. Stop, I demanded. I can fix this. Im thankful my frustrated seven-year-old Rebuilding unknowingly alerted me to my stubbornBack in the kitchen, Jordan stared at me ness. I couldnt rebuild the robot alone, and from across the table. Come on, Mom! he without God, I cant rebuild my life. Now, if I said flailing both his arms frantically. Do could just remember something! He covered his eyes in frustrathat the next time I tion while I sat motionless, staring at the red, white and black plastic pieces that cov- try to plan my life on my own. ered the table.


Residential Cabinetry

Planning & Development Updates

Nipawin is in the process of change. The Town is in the process of reviewing the Zoning Bylaws and Zoning, Revitalization of the Downtown, Expansion of the Airport, Joining Forces with other Towns and R.M.s on the development of the District Official Community Plan (DOCP), and reviewing the potential of Future Growth and Housing. The Town Planner is working closely with Town Office Staff and Town Council to understand the current state of Nipawin and where their Vision wants to go. Kitchens, Bath Vanities, Hutches, Office Cabinetry, Laminate, Quartz or Granite Counters & more.

Review of Zoning & Bylaws

Economic Development officials and Town Planner are currently doing a complete review of the Zoning Bylaws and Zoning districts for the Town of Nipawin. The changes are occurring so Nipawin has a more recent and up-to-date Zoning Bylaw and Zoning district. The last time these planning tools were amended/updated was November 14, 2011 and it is time for a review once again. The new Zoning Bylaws and Zoning will also help in the creation of the DOCP.

507 Alfred St. Nipawin 862 - 9240

Downtown District Revitalization

The Downtown District is in the process of being revitalized to town District. Many options have been brought to the table on bring back the life and spirit of Nipawin. The Economic Devel- how to expand business and attract customers to Nipawins opment Manager of Downtown and the Town Planner have been Downtown District. in discussion about how to approach and revitalize the DownRental signs Digital printing Biz signs Vehicle decals Biz cards License plates Boat registration

Airport Expansion
There is a new plan to do a full review of the existing impact of transportation and economic development of the Nipawin Airport. The airports function as a central hub for Northeast Saskatchewan is central to the 2020 Plan as developed by the Town of Nipawin and the District Official Community Plan. Work continues on the review.

Review of the Twin Lakes District Official Community Plan (DOCP)

Associated Engineers (AE) are still in the process of developing October 4th for a Community Evaluation of what is being prohe D.O.C.P and the Town Planner is in the process of reviewing posed by AE in the Twin Lakes DOCP. what has been presented thus far. An Open House took place on


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Nipawins Future Growth/Housing Needs

Nipawin is in the process of looking at future growth and suitable locations for growth to occur. With Nipawin being a hot spot for tourism, changes need to be made and growth of the current population must rise. The Tobin and Codette Lakes Tourism Destination Area Plan for 2012 identified over 100 action items and Nipawin has already archived a significant number of them locally. The Town currently has a great opportunity to expand and become one the most popular destinations in Saskatchewan. With prime real-estate surrounding Nipawin the possibilities areendless and Nipawin can become the force which drives the economy in the North East Region. Adequate housing is also on the agenda for Nipawin. An extensive study has been completed by D. James Leier and we are currently working diligently. Housing for Students, Seniors Residence, Affordable Housing, First Nations Housing, and Housing are all being looked at and plans are being developed so that Nipawin can advance in this strong Saskatchewan economy. It is time for Nipawin to be recognized as a vibrant community which is flourishing and on the up rise as a place to stay, visit, shop, and live. For this to occur, more adequate housing needs to be developed.

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