Leith Improvement Programme Update Meeting

Present Discussion

12 October 2012 09:30 Labour Group Room

Cllr Hinds (Chair), Cllr Blacklock, Cllr Chapman, Cllr Brock, Cllr Gardner, Cllr Munro, Cllr McVey, Cllr Booth, Anna Herriman, Ian Buchanan, Alan Howie, Apologies: Cllr Chapman

Utilities Programme – it was noted that Colin Smith had confirmed that utilities inspections are being carried out (1/3 info re utilities unknown) and that the work will start in the New Year. Timescale planned to be Jan – April, Ian meeting Keith Hales (Leith Business Association) on 15/10 to discuss pros and cons of starting after Christmas (some hospitality businesses on Constitution Street keen to have the street open over the Festive Season). Approach is to be flexible where possible. Consultation – 6 x externally facilitated Focus Groups are planned (to include; Leith Walk and Picardy Place and Constitution St residents, Businesses, Bus Users, Cyclists, Pedestrians and Motorists) the Focus Groups will help frame consultation questions. Consultation Packs are being prepared for sending to local groups etc to ensure that the local demographic and needs of equalities groups are taken into account. POLHA and Bield H.A’s have adjacent developments to be included. The Packs will include questionnaires and the Team can arrange visits as required (questionnaires can be inputted and analysed in parallel with the consultation). Important to note that compromise will be needed on all sides. It is acknowledged that a balance needs to be struck between starting on site asap and ensuring proper consultation. Trees – It was noted that there’s a Committee decision for Constitution Street trees to be replaced (2 for each 1 removed) appropriately in the wider Leith area, to be included in the consultation as siting not yet known/decided. There will be trees on Constitution St where underground services allow, along with the use of trees in planters – siting in parks could be considered but it was recognised protection of open space is also important. Budget – We have £5.5m, present draft design would take us over budget. Carriageway resurfacing cost standing at £3.4m, includes 40mm planning and resurfacing of the outside lanes / looking not to over-engineer the pavements (Picardy Place and bottom end of Constitution St + improved cycle provision between Picardy Place and London Road roundabouts still to be included). Ian and team to go through the elements in detail, however, It is recognised that more monies may be needed. Additional funding for individual elements (e.g. cycling via Phil Noble, shovel-ready Capital projects via S Gt, Leith Walk Open event when finished via a range of possible sources including via Sarah Woodford/Greg Ward). Also looking at where there may be synergies with other roads investment programmes in the surrounding area. Cost of 6 x Focus Groups budgeted at £4,500. Design and supervision cost normally comes in at about 10%. It was noted that local aspirations are high. Other – Agreed that we need to improve recycling facilities on Leith Walk. Agreed action needed to improve the situation re Trade Waste. Agreed that we could brand bins with the new Leith logo. Agreed that support for trading in the pre Christmas period needs to be coordinated with colleagues in Economic Development.

1. Drop in event re the programme planned for early December.

Action by
N’hood Team N’hood Team N’hood Team N’hood Team

3 Dec Nov 2012 Jan 2013 Next meeting Now & ongoing

Plans will be available for the next meeting of this group & feedback on the consultation to this group in Jan.

3. Check with D Jamison re what we can get for our money re trees. 4. Flag on the website that we are seeking to enhance the budget.

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