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Lpez: Its now or never

By Jos Antonio Lpez
Last Updated: 13 November 2012 SAN ANTONIO, November 13 - In the words of Elvis Presley, Its now or never for the Republican Party. The party can either continue on its path to self-destruction or return to its roots as the party of Abraham Lincoln. In analyzing voting trends, over 70 percent of Hispanic citizens voted for President Obama. The message is clear. Even after facing a record-setting dollar amount in negative advertising, Hispanics soundly rejected the Republican brand. To use a trendy phrase, Republicans are now bummed out. The question is why the shock and awe with the results? The fact is that the Tea Party-led Republicans cant have it both ways. On the one hand they cant continue their relentless campaign of bigotry against Hispanics; while at the same time expect those same citizens to vote for them. To prove the level of bigotry, retired Col. Larry Wilkerson, Gen. Colin Powells Chief-of-Staff, and a lifelong Republican said the following of the Republican Party. My party is full of racists. Their hatred toward President Obama has nothing to do with his abilities as commander-in-chief and President. They hate him only because of the color of his skin. Even Speaker Boehner believes his party is on the wrong track. Following are the Speakers comments: Well I think what Republicans need to learn is how do we speak to all Americans? You know, not just to people who look like us and act like us, but how do we speak to all Americans? Those are good questions and are at the root of the problem. While I cant speak for other minorities who also rejected the scary Republican agenda, as a citizen of Spanish Mexicandescent, I can help Speaker Boehner answer his questions. I offer the following suggestions. Learn to accept the re-browning of America. Its going to happen. Deny it at your own peril. Dont whitewash Hispanics. We are not Anglos. Those of us of Spanish Mexican-descent citizens are a blend of both white and brown (Native American) bloodlines. We like it that way. Kick the Tea Party out of your party. While youre at it, throw the Southern Strategy rascals out. They are the ones who from the 1960s have led your party away from the freedom ideals of Abraham Lincoln. In case readers have forgotten, the Southern Strategy politicians now rule the

Republican Party. They are the same type of southern racists that left the Democratic Party as a result of LBJs 1964 Civil Rights Act. Quite simply, they dont realize the Civil War is over. Republicans, stop your persecution of Mexican-descent citizens in the Southwest. Close your anti-diversity legislation laboratory in Arizona. Reinstate Mexican American Studies programs. Republicans, stop your English Only oppression. You cant pretend to want to attract Hispanics and then prevent them from speaking the language of their Spanish Mexican pioneer ancestors. Most of all, realize that theres no such thing as a one-size-fits-all Hispanic. Thats why Florida Senator Rubio was useless to the Republicans in attracting Hispanics. He does not speak for Mexican-descent Hispanics of the Southwest; the largest group (30 million-plus). The same goes for your other token Hispanic surrogates. Republicans (in Austin), stop neglecting South Texas (especially, the Rio Grande Valley). This region of loyal, extremely patriotic citizens has been punished enough since 1848. Theres a deliberate absence of permanent economic development. Fix it! Build the full-service Rio Grande Valley Veterans Hospital now. Stop the Berlin Wall-type fence on our southern border. Offer to mutually resolve the border violence created by the insatiable drug use on the U.S. side. Republicans, if you dig your heels in, youre going to sink. Soften your hearts. Mexican-descent U.S. citizens only want an opportunity to seek the American Dream. Long ostracized in povertyridden barrios, many still need temporary social network lifelines, such as bi-lingual education in the lower grades, college tuition loans, and career training programs. They seek education opportunities, jobs, fair wages, affordable health insurance, and safe/secure housing. Their needs are the same as non-Hispanic white citizens. Just because they ask for a helping hand doesnt make them takers. Republicans, stop equating U.S. Hispanics with illegal immigrants. Many have been here longer than you and your ancestors. Learn about pre-1836 Texas and Southwest history. Read about the concept behind the Nuevo Mxico settlements. Equally, learn of the Villas del Norte whose families were split in half in 1848. Only then will you learn why the Spanish Mexican threads are woven so deeply into the tapestry of the Borderlands on both sides of the Rio Grande. In summary, the picture that emerges is not kind to Republicans. Their party is at an intersection. It can either embrace the re-browning of America as a natural process or continue to follow the anti-diversity agenda of the Tea Party. By voting for President Obama, Hispanics are united in supporting a leader who will protect their hard-won civil rights. Clearly, they are no longer one large mass of uneducated laborers. They are not intimidated by voter suppression. Their voices will continue to be heard during our elections process from this day forward. By the way, for those Tea Party-ers who find it hard to accept that fact and vowed to move to Canada if President Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected, theres some bad news. Canada doesnt want you! Jos Antonio (Joe) Lpez was born and raised in Laredo, Texas, and is a USAF Veteran. He now lives in Universal City, Texas. He is the author of two books: The Last Knight (Don Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara Uribe, A Texas Hero), and Nights of Wailing, Days of Pain (Life in 1920s

South Texas). Lopez is also the founder of the Tejano Learning Center, LLC, and, a Web site dedicated to Spanish Mexican people and events in U.S. history that are mostly overlooked in mainstream history books.