Unit two: Space and Environment

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Character Influence's

When I first got my Character I was having a hard time visualising the environment and character himself. As I started to progress through initial ideas and looking for influential images I started to get a good idea for a hidden empire of humanoid Wolves that live below the surface of the earth. When thinking about the character I cannot help but remember Luke Goss’s acting roles as Jared Nomak in Blade 2(2002) and Prince Nuada in Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008). Even though both characters are shown to be the bad guy in each film Goss manages to give each character so much emotion and dedication throughout the films that by the end you feel attached to the character, and learn that he is is perhaps not such a bad person after all. I decided early on that the character will be a strong emotion filled character, that comes off as a cold hearted person, but in reality has so much emotion and care for his race it is all that drives him forward. With him being a Wolf, I looked for other examples of humanoid creatures, this led me to look into science fiction movies and books, The Island of Doctor Moreau(1896 ) a novel written by H. G. Wells, was an obvious choice because it features altered humanoid characters who's DNA is mixed with various animals such as goats, lions and cats. The 1996 movie adaptation features great character makeup and design. I also looked at the TV show Dark Angel, which features a similar theme as Doctor Moreau, but is set sometime into the future. And the character design has its own unique style which I think works really well. The Emperor is in a nutshell, a sophisticated nobleman, who has a strong sense of responsibility for his people and who's only goal is the protection of his people.

Character Story Plot
Characters and His Species Back Story: The period for the story is somewhere in humankind’s distant future; the Humans have destroyed the outer world multiple times via nuclear war. Most recently with World War Vii, although humans now possess the technology to rebuild an entire planet on a large scale, the combination of war and the lasting effects of radiation is thought to have whipped out all other life on earth, other than humankind. However, another species did survive, due to the radioactive mutation Wolves started to gain a much greater intelligence, and when nuclear war started to devastate the earths surface making the landscape and atmosphere uninhabitable, they ran, choosing to head into deep underground caves and tunnels that seem to go on for ever. This did however not spare them the ongoing mutations of radiation that covered more than 90% of the planet for more than thousands of years before Humankinds scientists found out how to eliminate it. After a planet ‘clean up’ the human race started to over populate the planet once again. This led to much of the planet’s surface transformed into a huge megacity that covered all available land on the surface. Powered by Fusion technology, flying Cars, and mega skyscrapers are all but normal here. Because of this the lower slums of the cities are smog ridden and hardly ever visited, this led to the cave systems being long forgotten, leaving our Wolves unnoticed.

The effect of the radiation below ground had speed up the evolutionary process to such an extent the wolves reached sentient status within a 10,000-year period; it also affected the form and shape, the once 4 legged pack animal evolved to stand on two legs, with the front legs evolving in to hands. They still retain wolf like features however, such as, tails, ears, nose, teeth and claw like nails.

Another lasting affect the radiation had on the wolves is passed on memory’s, every single wolf can remember what the very first wolves experienced when they ran in fear from the humans thousands of years ago. This has led to an extreme fear of humankind, that is shared by every single Wolf.
Their pack nature lead to a quick progression to a civilization state, that is currently lead by Emperor Frost. Mecca stands 7ft tall, and he is a pure white wolf, much like his ancestors,. His white coat is what has granted him the right to being emperor as he is considered a pure spirit with the will power of the ghost. He has been Emperor for nearly 100 years now, and is still going strong. Although he is becoming increasingly stressed and frustrated with the choice he must make. But time is running out and Emperor Frost knows this, the smog from the human city has started to make its way down into some of the upper tunnel systems, and time is running out for his people. He plans to reclaim the surface from humankind, and is going all out to reclaim it from humankind at any cost. Even if that means they must be destroyed, it is something he is willing to do.

Character Profile
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Name: Frost Age: 118 Height: 7ft 2” Fur Colour: Pure White Eye Colour(s): Blue & Orange Build: Average, regular build with visible muscle tone, but not overly big Personality: Strong Willed, big sense of honour, doesn’t like failure, stressed and kind hearted Appearance: Wears noble attire, has long white hair, black nails, mixed eye colours Combat Training: Grandmaster of Sword arts, undefeated with 419 wins in both sparing matches and general battles Education: Has the past on memories of every generation from both his Father and Mothers sides of the family, this gives him a much superior intelligence and the ability to processes information quickly making him the ideal Emperor Motivation: Strong will to do what's right for his people, no matter what the cost, even if it costs him his own life Family: Mother died giving birth to him, father was the previous Emperor and an Elder Knight of the Black Wolves, his Father is the reason Frost is so strong willed and has a great urge to help his people

Wolven Race breakdown:
Racial facts
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Evolution: Evolved from Wolves due to Radiation Time as Sentient beings: approx. 10,000 years, the radiation sped up the evolution presses Average life span: 600 Years Eyes: Ability to see in the dark, or poorly lit areas. Rare occurrence of mixed eye colours(For example, one eye blue while the other is orange) Build: Tail, pointed ears, snout, pointed teeth, claws, Abilities: Speed while running, hands, 5 fingers, tail, enhanced smell,

Sub Factions
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White fur: Nobles, mystics, aristocrats Black fur: Military, Knights, Samurai, generally know as the warrior faction due to highly a aggressive nature Brown fur: Working class, main body of the wolves population lies here Grey fur: Elders, Sages and doctors.

These sub factions are just a guideline specification, there are in no way set in stone. They represent the most common jobs taken up by each faction. Mixed breeding is not possible as a new born pup either takes on the fur colour of the father or mother. Technology: There main source of power comes from the Great Crystal,( more commonly known as a quartz Crystal) that sits above the Emperors Throne. The great Crystal has been absorbing radiation for many years, and is now at the equivalent power force of 10 Nuclear Power Plants. Which the Wolves has attached extraction cables to the base of in order to use it to power their subterranean Empire. The Great Crystals power can be used to power smaller growing crystals which in turn is used to grow crops and food for the wolves to eat. The use of smaller charge crystals is common in every day items, such as medical equipment and computers.

Environment Influence map
For my environment I looked at pictures of caves, science fiction movie and game environment.
I also looked at things like Mass Effect 3’s spaceship interiors because I know that simply changing some of the textures to rock would give the impression of being underground. I really wanted to have some formation of pillars in my scene and I had the idea of stalagmites being carved into columns while retaining the natural rocky formation at the top part of the pillar. Due to my character being an emperor I decided including a throne into my scene would not only suggest his power, but also give the scene a focal point. The large power crystal I have talked about previously, will be located above the throne to add to my characters sense of power because he is the Emperor and is in a way the provider of energy, so him having the crystal right above his throne suggests that he is in control of it. For lighting I have decided to go with artificial lighting as I think this will add to the underground atmosphere I am trying to create.

Hero Prop Influence map
For my hero prop I knew I wanted to create something that was the main focus of my scene, and represented my characters power and influence over his followers. This led me to the idea of a throne room, I think a throne shows great power as it is the chair reserved for the Emperor and in turn should have a really big glamorous feel to it. I started to conceive the idea of a throne attached to a group of power crystals, as I think the large crystals will add that noble upper class feeling to the image. I also wanted the Power crystal to be my hero prop because it is under the Emperor’s control. The Power crystal being massive in size would help add a sense of scale to the image as well. My final concept idea combined my two initial ideas into one, with the throne and its crystal backing sitting underneath the power crystal and being attached to the throne via the tip of the tallest crystal of the throne touching the tip of the power crystal creating an ever lasting glow for the throne.

Hero Prop: The Crystal Throne

Final Set Concept Art

Creative Partnerships
Samantha to Me - November 2012 01:58

        Megan Howett @ http://meganhowett.blogspot.co.uk Dhuran Modha @ http://dhuranmodha.blogspot.co.uk Samantha Niemczky @ http://samantha-niemczyk.blogspot.co.uk Alex Edmonds @ http://alexnedmonds.blogspot.co.uk
Good to see you posting new stuff, Lekti : ) Are these thumbnails in order of stages of your idea development?

I really like number 6. I think working on it a bit more could give nice and interesting results. The angle is interesting and the objects inside are starting to create a believable environment : )
Me to Alex: Lekti Rose Jacobs 16 November 2012 19:38 Sounds awesome, love the humans hunting aliens! The aspect of him reluctantly helping the king is very interesting as well

Me to Alex: Lekti Rose Jacobs 16 November 2012 19:43 The Machine in thumbnail 10 looks really interesting, and number 19 looks good too although maybe a little cramped with having so much stuff in a small environmental.

Other Work
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