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Corporate trainers educate corporate employees so that they are up-to-date on the latest technology, research and market information. Good corporate trainers are also able to take the education and life experiences of new employees and apply these skills to corporate needs. In this context MTC Global would like to appreciate the contribution made by the Best Corporate trainer who brought in Excellence. Nomination could be self or on behalf of an Institution / Organization This information will be used as the primary point of contact for all communications pertaining to this nomination.
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Details of the company where the nominee is working in:1. Organization Information
Name Address

2. Size of the company ( Annual sales and employees) Annual Sales Over $ 1 billion 500 $ Million- 1 Billion $ 250 Million $500 Million $ 100 Million $250 Million $ 25 Million $100 Million $ 0 Million $25 Million Confidential

Employees 1000more 500-999 100-500 0-100 3. Select the category of company does business





Aerospace & Defence Instruments & Controls Automotive OEM Medical Devices Automotive Supplier Metals Fabrication & Assembly Chemicals Metals Primary (Mills, Foundries) Consumer Packaged Goods Beverage, Tobacco Oil & Gas Consumer Packaged Goods Food Products Other Transportation (Rail, Road, Ships, Boats) Consumer Packaged Goods House, Health, Beauty Products Pharmaceuticals Electrical Equipment Plastics & Rubber Products Electronics & Semiconductors Pulp & Paper Hi-Tech (Computers, Communications, Office) Textiles & Apparel Industrial/Heavy Equipment &

Machinery 5. Please give overview of your activity in your company

5. What are the goals and objectives of your training sessions & how did the training provided support the overall objective of the company

6. Which categories of employees were benefited by the training and how they were affected?

7. What novel pedagogies and technologies were adopted by the trainer to train his group

8. How many successful batches were trained by this trainer?

9. What novel pedagogies and technologies adopted by the trainer to train his group?


10.Professional achievements at the workplace.

11.What are the specific benefits that are realized by the company of the training provided by this trainer?

3 PLEASE NOTE Please enclose any reference letters from the employees who attended the corporate training. Attach reference from the immediate supervisor. A recent CV should be attached The jury decision is un-disputed and stands final in all aspects related to the award SEND THE NOMINATION TO: Fill up the form and soft copy/Hard Copy to / and enclose a latest CV. If required scanned copy of the credentials/document in support of your declaration need to be sent to the given mail id.
CRITERIA Total Score Innovative Pedagogies Impact on Organizations Performance Professional Excellence/Certification Training Need Analysis and Delivery

:100 :40 :30 :20 :10