Interview of one of the candidate (SSC-CGLE-2010), I have done B.E. (computer science). Questions asked were: 1.

Who invented the laptop. 2. What is the full form of GATT? 3. Tell something about game lawn ball which was popular due to commonwealth games at that time 4. How many fundamental rights and duties r there 5. Tell more about fundamental rights and duties 6. Citizenship In India is single citizenship or duel 7. Tell one famous painter who left India recently and tell the country where he went 8. When we delete something from computer where does it go 9. If we delete something from recycle bin, where it goes. 10. How a computer gets hanged 11. Tell two points in favour and two against the caste based census Some more questions were there. I think total questions were around 17-18. Out of which I answered a total of 8-9 questions. I got 60 in interview. Just one point from my side, they will check your confidence more than ur knowledge and yes, a genuine smile on ur face during the interview will surely give u a lot of advantage, though it is very difficult to put a genuine smile in those circumstances. But just try n u will achieve something good. Interview of Naveen (SSC-CGLE-2011) Held on 28.10.2011, CHENNAI. (me frm andhra vskp, M. Tech CSE, hobby: gardening nd playing cricket) da panel has 4-members incl IAS.. da whole intview was....jus lyk a casual chat wid known frnds !! Do u know Malayalam...? MP of Visakhapatnam? MLA of Tirupathi ? After Doing MTECH...why r u under selling urself ? As MTECH profession u will get at least 1 lakh salary in teaching? Why des SSC CGL ? Did u ever visited tirupathi ?

...wat is da optional sub ...almost gave 80% answer. ..den y dey reduced in college ? In cricket what type of batsman r u nd wat position u bat ? Done well .name the books (PUB AD) u refered fr upsc ? UPSC chairman appointed by ? UPSC comes under article ? Say something from PUB AD ? Telangana issue? agree fr new state or not ? Reasons ? CM of jharkhand ? Recently BJP CM who resigned ? Ethical hacking ? Wiki leaks ? What is protocol ? Does it exist in OS ? Deadlock? OSI Layer TCP/IP ? Reg the Layers ? wat is FINANCE SECT ? Wat r the plants in ur garden ? Names some plants ? wen to water plants ? In school lots of Curricular activites..!! Got 70 marks.What does ur father do ? Prep fr upsc ....

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