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Message from The Stars

Kenneth J.M. MacLean

In these times, which some have called the End Times, the vibrational
momentum on your planet is increasing. You have already entered a
period of chaos, where the energy of thought, driven by the choices you
are making, has detached itself from the current dominant “attractor” and
is headed off in a new direction. The exciting news is; no one (least of all
us) have any idea where you are headed!
From our vantage point, we see an incredibly intricate, dynamic, and
beautiful tapestry of light that human beings are creating with their
thoughts and preferences. These patterns are creating billions of swirling
vortices of energy; they combine for a while and release in millions of
different geometries, all of it exquisitely beautiful to us. There will come a
time, in the near future, when these patterns will coalesce broadly and a
new, more stable era in human consciousness will be born. The dynamic
and volatile nature of this consciousness shift is directly related to the
growth of human population, just as a crowded parking lot will generate
more movement and a greater chance of accidents. An expanding
population means more ideas and more options.
The time frame for this can be anywhere within a couple of years, to
several decades. It all depends where and when the patterns reach what
has been called a tipping point. The tipping point, we would say, is the
new dominant vibrational pattern, or attractor, which the choices of
humanity will create. The new attractor will invite thought, belief, and
therefore action, to it.
You have no idea of the power of your thoughts and your choices.
Each of you is a powerful vortex of energy. Each of you is surrounded by a
field of subtle energy that influences each other, the species
consciousness, and the geological and climactic processes which proceed
forth from the energy field of Gaia herself. Each of you contribute your
powerful note to the “everybody knows.”
We use this term to describe the accepted mode or pattern of belief.
For thousands of years, for example, one of the maxims of humanity’s
dominant belief system was that the woman is subordinate to the man.
This idea went unquestioned in most human societies until a century ago.
Now that idea is increasingly seen as outdated.
The Old Order has pushed the United States into financial insolvency.
What has happened is that the United States has been a target for the
forces aligned to the old attractor. In their fear and insecurity, those who
resonate to the old attractor lash out frantically as they FEEL the earth
begin to resonate to a higher vibration. Have you ever felt this way?
Perhaps you were in a job interview, or on a training course. The material
is coming at you very quickly, and everyone else in the class is getting it,
but you feel left behind. Perhaps you were just a BIT unqualified for the
job, and the interviewer is asking you questions that you don’t feel
knowledgeable enough to answer confidently. There is a feeling of slipping
away. Does that not generate a sense of panic within you? We assure you,
that is how your President and those aligned with him are feeling right
now. Because they occupy positions of power –– which, by the way, have
been granted to them vibrationally by the citizens of your country –– they
can create mischief. When we look inside George W. Bush we see a
childlike, beautiful soul who is very frightened. This is a good man who,
vibrationally, has gotten in over his head, just as in our example above.
The Constitution of the United States is a great shining beacon of
light. It encapsulates the ideas of liberty and equality and codifies them so
that the forces within society maintain dynamic equilibrium and balance.
In Ken’s mind we see a tensegrity structure of Buckminster Fuller. These
configurations are flexible and strong, and can adjust to changing
conditions and forces, yet still maintain their integrity.
The forces aligned to the old attractor (the “Old Order”) have
attacked the United States in it’s vulnerable underbelly: the dollar; just as
the United States attacked the Soviet Union in a similar fashion 20 years
ago to weaken the ruble. Again, this is the Law of Attraction at work.
We tell you this is necessary for balance. The Old Order are doing
their job. They are accelerating a trend that was inevitable. All is well.
There is a great rebalancing of energy occurring on your planet at this
time. Although this re–balancing could have occurred smoothly, the
consciousness of humanity would not allow it. In the United States
especially, there is an appetite for conflict and confrontation. And so it is
not surprising that the Law of Attraction would work as it has. The
financial demise of the United States was accomplished by stealth; even
now the main stream media has no idea of the true state of affairs.
However, we tell you that all of this is necessary. On your planet, you
do things the hard way! That has been your history through many
planetary cycles. Now, you are coming to the end of another cycle, and
have another opportunity to choose your direction. This time, we hope you
choose the path of self–empowerment and not victimization, cooperation
and respect, instead of domination and control. But however it turns out,
we know that you will, when your time on earth is over, be eager to
return, for there is something exciting about your volatile, beautiful, and
dangerous planet! You are all adventurers and would not have missed this
time, not for anything!

Ken does not want to write this because he thinks it is kooky, but we
insist. Do you think that your planet is isolated and alone in the universe?
We assure you that it is not. For thousands of years, your planet has had
visitors, and, in fact, the biological stock of humankind has been
influenced by these visitors. At the present time, there is an adjustment
between the quickening vibration of humanity and those who have
interacted with humanity since the end of the last planetary cycle. That is
all we will say on the matter, for we tell you that you are not victims.
The universe is vibrational and universal laws are scrupulously fair,
allowing free will and, as you would say, “equal opportunity.” Each one of
you interfaces personally with the universe’s operating system. Each one
of you is empowered! You invite and create your destiny, so do not worry
about the other actors in the play. We tell you that the awakening
currently in progress on earth is now unstoppable. Along with Gaia herself,
humanity is finding a new attractor, a new vibrational platform, a new
dominant set of memes. Can you feel it? It is in the ethers, a sense of
excitement, of change, of growth, and of the discarding of old energy and
beliefs. This can feel frightening and even painful, as parts of you are let
But do not worry, dear ones! Are you afraid of the weeds that inhabit
your garden and choke off the growth of your favored plants and flowers?
Of course not! As you kneel on the good, fragrant earth with the warm sun
on your body, you pluck the unwanted growths from the flower bed and
discard them. This process is occurring now.
Will there be adjustments? Of course! As we mentioned before, the
earth is coming into a new balance, which is reflected in the current state
of the US dollar and the ascendance of Asia in international trade and
finance. We see the pendulum swinging the other way for a while, as the
United States loses economic power and Asia gains. This is necessary if
the new attractor, based on equal opportunity and mutual respect, is to
Europe holds the balance. Vibrationally, Europe is perfectly positioned
to be the link that unites East and West, North and South. We see this
trend as very beneficial for the people of the United States. Your people
have lost that great American spirit that created the Constitution, and
codified freedom and liberty in a beautiful governmental structure that
propelled it to the greatest military and economic power the world has
seen since the last cycle ended, just as the British empire dominated the
world a century earlier. But this also created an imbalance, which is now
being righted. The history of your planet has proceeded thusly. The Roman
empire, the great Mongol empire, and others, have risen, dominated for a
time, and then disintegrated. This cycle has been repeated over and over
since the end of the last planetary cycle, for it is a reflection of the
dominant memes in the human consciousness. That is now changing, as
more benign memes oriented to Source begin to gain ascendance. Like a
warm front encountering a cold one, a few storms are inevitable until
balance is achieved!
To the American people, we say that Americans will learn once more,
in their greater hardship, to again trust one another and to regain their
sense of individual empowerment. This will result in a resurgence of
America’s national integrity and spirit, in alignment with natural law and
the universal principles upon which your country was founded.
As we said before, the world is in a chaotic period, where the energy
is shifting. Even we do not know what the outcome will be. But we assure
you that well–being is the dominant vibration on your earth, and always
has been. It is only resistance to well–being that causes humanity to
Envision and create the reality you desire, both personally, nationally,
and on a planetary scale! We say again that you have no idea how
powerful is your conscious and deliberate creation. Your thought forms,
your choices and your intentions literally program the species grid and
affect the grid of Gaia herself, as well as the other life forms that coexist
with you upon the earth. This process is invisible to you, because, encased
within your biological containers, you cannot see your subtle but powerful
thought forms. But they exist in an intricate, beautiful and interconnected
tapestry that creates the physical structures upon your planet.
You are writing your own script! You are the actors in the grand play
called Earth. Your work, as spiritually aware beings, is to create that bright
future you have always dreamed of. Do it! Never let go of your dreams, or
your aspirations! These are the very stuff of life, and the reason you came
to earth. You are the Masters and we watch in awe as you discover your
inner truth and your power.
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