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Coaching Model Assessment

Name: Lynne M. Radiches Date: July 31, 2012 (re-submission) Student ID: 265629 Email:

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BEST FOOT FORWARD Life Coaching Services

As the sole proprietor of BEST FOOT FORWARD LIFE COACHING SERVICES, I have designed a coaching model which, like the name of my business, is intended to reflect the encouragement and support that I offer each of my coaching clients to help them do something as well as they can regardless of what that something might be. THE CHOICE COACHING MODEL is intended to facilitate a client's own unique assessment of the values held most important to him or her, and to help each client recognize how those values affect his or her thoughts and purposes in life. There is, of course, no single model fitting every person in every situation. THE CHOICE COACHING MODEL however, is a tool which, in its simplicity, offers each client the opportunity to utilize a linear method for decision making. BEST FOOT FORWARD LIFE COACHING SERVICES offers every client a safe environment, free from judgment, in which to express one's thoughts and exercise one's choices. As the coach in a cocreative and equal partnership, my pledge is to wrap my support for every client in kindness, compassion, and encouragement - and to demonstrate my respect for every client by acknowledging his or her progress and by holding each client accountable for reaching his or her own goals. My intent during each coaching session is to couple creativity with factual analysis to assist my client through challenging transitions with integrity, intelligence, warmth, and humor - with the ultimate goal of

lending a hand so that each client may put his or her best foot forward.


because you have choicES!

Classify your Values

Values are the foundation of behavior. You must know what your values are to better understand the role your values play in your life

Hone your Thoughts

You must hone, or polish, your thoughts recognizing the role your values play in framing them - as your thoughts will give rise to your purpose

Ordain your Purpose

It is important to ordain, or establish, your purpose. You must know your purpose in order to then set your goals

Identify your Goals

Knowing what your goals are will lead you to take action to achievie them

Control your Actions

By taking charge of and responsibility for your actions, you will have the best opportunity to achieve your goals

Enjoy your Results

It is important to acknowledge and celebrate your victories - you have earned them!