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Hal Edward un ‘kel LMFT Praise from Parents I laughed throughout this book, because it’ nice to know I'm not the only one who reacts instead of handling situations appropriately. I also cried, because I feel extremely inadequate when it comes to raising my kids. Your words perfectly fit my emotions. Tammi R. I read the first chapter and was immediately impressed. I have a one-year-old and don't want to fall into the trap of yelling and bribing as I sce so many of our friends doing. Thank you. Amy P I bought ScreamFree Parenting a couple of days ago and it’s already paying huge dividends for me. Last week, my teenage daughter was coming home from California, and she had a choice about when she wanted to return. She opted to take the last flight of the day in order to stay a little longer with her friends. I explained this would mean shed be very tired for school the next morning and she said she understood. Td been having trouble getting her up for school regularly, and the yelling had been getting old and going nowhere. Well, Monday morning I went to her room and said, “Lm leaving in 15 minutes - you're either in the car or I'm leaving you here and you can take an unexcused absence at school.” 14 minutes later, she hopped in the car. THANK YOU! ‘This is a dream come true for my husband. We all need to calm down more in our lives and you've shown us the light. Thank you for already changing our lives ina matter of days. Sincerely Lisa O. I just wanted you to know, we have already started to apply what we are learning. We have two teenage children, and IT IS WORKING. I can’ believe it. Iam going to read the book again to make sure T haven't missed anything. You have made us feel very good about getting these teenagers through driving, dating and all of their trials, in a completely different way than we started out. We are much calmer as a husband and a wife and as a father and a mother. Thanks again. Agnes G. I just read the first chapter and was blown away. [am really hooked and can't wait to read more. When I can T get my hands on this. Thave a oweny-one-month-old and T'm definitely familiar with the Waffle House scene. Please let me know when it will be on the shelves. You've amazing, Sally I. I would describe myself briefly as a calm, cool, easy-going, humor-loving person but with three exceptions: an eleven-year-old, eight-year-old, and five-year-old. I would love to show my kids more of that side of me, but frustration arises inside and Thave these knee-jerk reactions. Thave good kids, I really do, and Iam trying with great zeal to raise them with good character quality; I cringe at the side of me that is squelching their memories of seeing a godly and “fun” mom. There is nobody else on God’s earth that I would treat that disrespectfully, but my own kids ... WHY? Iwas brought up the same way that I find myself speaking and I hate it. I know it and T'm wanting that to change. | look forward to ordering your book because along with prayer and God's guidance I am hoping for a breakthrough into dealing with my own child issues in a more calming manner. Thank you. May God Bless your mission! Sincerely, Karrin S. PS. My sister and I share this battle together. It’s not that we had awful parents, but there was no blessing associated to their parenting. it’ interesting how the circle eps going and you have to work so hard to break it!