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Description of Classroom: Elementary Resource Room 5th Grade Background:

Students have been working on different types of writing and working this week on nutritious choices and the importance of being healthy

Content Objective(s):
Students will identify MY PLATE and the food groups that are part of the plan Students will identify the reasons we need to eat nutritious foods Students will identify the reasons we need to limit unhealthy food choices

Language Objective(s):
Students will be able to identify why good food choices are important for staying healthy Students will know that information can come from more than one source

Nevada Standards:
5.3.2: Plan healthy meals using key nutrients, MyPlate, and nutritional information found on food labels for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Apply the health-related components of an active lifestyle to daily routine RI.5.9: integrate information from several texts on the same topic in order to write or speak about the subject knowledgably

Key Vocabulary:
MY PLATE food groups grains proteins vegetables fruits dairy

Best Practices: (put an X next to those that you address in your lesson)
x x x x Preparation Adaptation of content Links to background Links to past learning Strategies incorporated Integration of Processes x x x x x Scaffolding Modeling Guided practice Independent practice Verbal scaffolds Procedural scaffolds Application x x x x Grouping Options Whole Class Small groups Partners Independent Assessment

x x x

Listening Speaking Reading Writing

x x x

Hands-on Authentic (Meaningful) Linked to objectives Promotes engagement

x x x x

Individual Group Written Oral

Teaching Strategies: Whole Group Teacher: Student Ratio 1:2 Warm Up Activity: Review the importance of healthy eating Lesson Sequence:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Ask students if they know why it is important to eat nutritious foods Students will watch a Brain Pop video on health and nutrition(4 minutes) Discuss as a group the importance of eating healthy and being active Discuss what types of foods are healthy and/or unhealthy Discuss the importance of keeping track of our food choices to help us determine if we are making good or bad choices 6. Teacher will show the Food Log 7. Explain to the students that they will be keeping track of their food choices and meals for tonight and tomorrow( students have the day off) 8. This assignment is their homework and they will need to bring the log back in 2 days 9. Explain that they just need to keep track of the foods they eatno one is going to judge them on what they eat. This is an activity to help them determine their choices both good and bad 10. Together group will fill in what they have eaten today and how active they have been to have an example of a log entry 11. Each student will be given 2 copies of the food log to complete for homework

Accommodations: Supplementary Materials: video at Brain Pop Food Log- can be found at Review/Assessment:
Food Log Homework