“ The valuable things you can pack on a journey: Traveling with open eyes, open mind and open heart”

The time I spent in Canada was one of my sweetest moments in my life. It was such a short period of time around 10 days as compared to the time waiting for several months preparing to go for it. Thank you Allah, for giving my friends and I the opportunity to visit Canada. I find myself still dreaming and living of days in Canada though the long hour flights to and fro Canada via Abu Dhabi was tiring.

Nevertheless, knowledge is the lens through which we see the world. And knowledge built from the Student Exchange Programme; the experiences — what I have done, places I have been, people I have met was highly beneficial. The wisdom shared by the shuyookh, meetings with community leaders from various Canadian muslims organizations, interactions with people around me, staying with Canadian host family… is an inspirational journey of self-discovery to be a better muslim in the future, insyallah.

In addition, Islamic values and traditions are embraced and celebrated in Canada. For examples, providing excellent hospitality to guests, giving away sadaqa jariah, giving salam and greeting each other. What I am so sure is that almost all Canadians are very hardworking people and very focused in their job. They work from morning until evening without taking granted for any benefits or incentives that the government gives to them. They also emphasise punctuality and are committed to keeping public places clean, tidy and free from litter. Hopefully, we all can emulate their act in being istiqamah (steadfast) not only in our belief but also in observing our manners.

Morever, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said: “Wisdom is one’s own property which a believer appropriates from any source.” Imam Shafie also said travelling is an excellent educational experience that sharpens the intellect and broaden the mind. The invigorating experience certainly has enriched me intellectually and spiritually. It has opened my eyes to the world outside my ‘comfy bubble’. In Canada, I have the first hand experiencing the way the muslims adhere to Islamic practices and establish Islam in their lands. May Allah reward them immensely for their efforts. I sincerely wish other muslims would have the chance to visit Canada and muslims in Canada on the other hand; to visit my beloved country, Malaysia. Thank you to IIT and all people in Canada that helped us a lot during our stay in Canada. Only Allah can repay for your kindness.

Jazakallahukhairan. Wassalam.

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