Wave Tribe Catalog 2012

“This boardbag is better.” ESPN SPORTS

Global Travel boardbaGs (2+ brds)
“Super thick padding, fatty zipper, divider. THE ONLY TRAVEL bag to grab.” ~ John, NY - Sizes 6.2 - 6.7 - 7.6 - 8.6 - 9.6 - Fits 2 Boards - Padded Board Separator - 13 mm Thick Padding - Strong No Rust Zipper - Reinforced Handles - Embroidered Logo - Heavy Duty Strap - Energy Shield Bottom - Inside Fin Pocket

* Also available with wheels in 7.8 and 9.6.

Billboard Boardbag (Hand Made in California by TPP )

“Up-cycling is taking an item that is no longer needed or wanted and giving it new life.” ~ Upcycle Magazine

Zen 6.0 Fish & Short (Both Sides Hemp - Our Most Eco Bag)

Pioneer day boardbaGs

Mini Simmons 5.10 (23 Wide - Huge Tail - Reflective Bottom)

Pioneer Day (SURF 6 - 6.6 - 7.6 - 8.6 - 9.6 - 10 | SUP - 10 - 11 - 12.6)

sTronG like bull leash
“Excellent . . . as good as any brand.” ~ Surfer’s Path

Surfer’s Path Magazine rated our leash “excellent”. The world’s only RECYCLED SURF LEASH just got even better with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY: we will replace it FREE if you break it within one year of purchase. Made with a 100% recycled urethane cord, this leash offers the best of all worlds: comfort, strength, reliability, and sustainability. The ultra-modern double swivel combined with the reinforced webbing on the neoprene strap and heavy duty velcro all combine to make one tough board saver. This leash has been tested at PIPE and MAVS. The leash works, feels good and is strong like bull. Whether it’s double over ankle or double over head, this recycled leash has got your back and it’s guaranteed. You’ll be stoked to have a good leash that is ecological too—win-win! “Every bit as comfortable and secure as any leash we’ve ever tried.” ~ Outside Magazine
Sizes: 6’ | 6’ Comp | 7’ | 8’ | 9’ | 9’ Comp | 9’ Calf | 10’ | 10 Coil Features: Swivel Technology | Board Saver | Reinforced Webbing | Key Pocket Dimensions: 5.5MM on all comps | 7MM on all regulars | 10MM on SUPS (10 foot and above) Material: Recycled Plastic + New Materials on Swivel Components Guarantee: One Year Break it and we will send you another leash, no questions asked!

“Thank you for sharing with me all your amazing products! Still never broke a WT leash! Can you believe it?” ~ Mercedes Maidana, Wave Tribe Team 3 times nominated For the xxl awards

Cork Traction

The oG Cork deCkPad

In the 1600s, a Benedictine monk named Dom Perignon observed that wooden stoppers wrapped in oil-soaked rags used to seal his bottles of sparkling wine often popped out, and so he replaced them with conical pieces of cork. That stroke of genius was similar to what Wave Tribe experienced when they discovered cork as an alternative to eva plastic—less plastic is good! Wave Tribe had this stroke of genius after we decided that we needed to find an alternative to EVA plastics. We first tested recycled EVA pads but they didn’t hold up well—they were a bit soft and didn’t quite offer the right consistency. After trying several different alternatives we pioneered some R&D with cork and we found it to be a wonderful alternative to plastic. Others have followed suit and started using cork affirming that cork instead of EVA is the Way. Cork Facts: Cork is sustainable harvested from mature (around 25 year old) cork oak trees, the outer layer of bark, which is cork as we know it, is stripped off the tree without harming the tree in any way, making cork a sustainable material. Size: 3 Piece Design Dimensions: 12” Length. 11” Front Width. 5” Back Width. Kick: 1 1/4”. Arch 3/8” Material: Cork + EVA Composite. No Harmful Paints . Biodegradable. Guarantee: One Year

“Our customers really like your pads.” ~ Robert, Owner Robert's surfboards, Ventura CA

eCo board soCks
Sometimes you want something a bit lighter than a Wave Tribe Eco Bag, perhaps something more colorful or just a little love to slip over your board while it’s chilling in the corner of your room or stuffed in the backseat of your car. Of course, if you’re down with the Wave Tribe Vibe then you know it’s got to be ecological and cool at the same time. Respect to Mother Earth yo! The Wave Tribe Surfboard Socks (or light covers) are made from recycled material + have a nice padded HEMP patch at the nose to help protect the most vulnerable areas of your ride—it is kind of like a flavor savor, but what it saves is your board, which for some of us is the best saltwater flavor out there.

Made from Hemp + P.E.T.
Various Sizes/Designs
5.8 - 6 - 6.3 - 6.6 - 7.6 - 8.6 - 9 - 9.6

Skull Sock Available In:
5.10 Mini 6.3 Fish 6.6 Short 7.6 Gun 8.6 Mal/Long

100% eCo Wax
We searched far and wide for the right organic wax. When we found this one made in the U.S.A. by surfers on wood stoves we were super excited to test it out. We discovered that it really works fantastically. The wax goes on the board easy and does its job. This wax keeps your feet where they are supposed to be without using oil or chemicals—a great wax made just for you. Each time you purchase a bar of Wave Tribe Eco Wax a portion of the sale will go to the surf artist Olivier Longuet—supporting creativity and style is at the core of Wave Tribe’s values and we thank you for joining us in this wonderful journey. We offer basecoat, cool, cold, and warm wax.

You Can Eat It

"Your eco-friendly approach fits in perfectly with our current campaign." ~Morgan Plant, SWELL.COM

GoT Wood?
Wood Surfboard Kits
Dude, making your own board has never been more fun. These kits come with everything you need to make your own board, like a complete assembly manual and a video that will show you the glassing process. 20 Sizes Available. From 5’6” - 10’+ (see online). Workshops available—we got your builders’ back. Alaia Blanks also available 7’ & 8’ (Rough and Smooth). Code: DS-WSS

Hand Planes
All the while we were on the inside hooting and hollering at each other after pulling into one barrel after another. We each had a Salty hand plane and we are stoked to offer you these sick planes made from scraps of reclaimed wood and other recycled parts. Made in San Diego, California by Salty Shapes. Code: DS-SS-PLANES

Alaia Blanks
Make your own board with just a few tools and some stoke and once you ride an Alaia you’ll be hooked. No sticky resins. No fiberglass. Just wood. If you can put together a Ikea table you can make an Alaia. The Paulownia blank comes with comprehensive step by step instructions, 33 pages of information, over 4000 words and over 60 high resolution color photos, every step of the process from shaping to surfing an Alaia is covered. Code: DS-ALAIA

orGaniC CusTom Ts
Tribal Whale (organic T)
This T displays a six-color graphic of a custom tribal whale with this rad slogan written in red under the graphic: “Tattoo Your Mind With Positive Thoughts” American Apparel Quality T | Color Midnight Black 100% Certified Organic Cotton Organic Fine Jersey Cotton (100% Cotton, 4.3 oz) Code: WTT-Whale

Tribal Skull (organic T)
Express your inner surfer with this bad-ass eco skull with sick handlebar mustache. American Apparel Quality T | Color Emerald Blue 100% Certified Organic Cotton Organic Fine Jersey Cotton (100% Cotton, 4.3 oz) Code: WTT-Skull

eCo surf Gear
“Been selling too many Wave Tribe leashes, can’t keep them in stock!” ~ Mike, Mollusk Surf Shop, NY

Wetsuit Saver

Eco Ding Repair

Activated Bamboo Charcoal Bags are a natural way to maintain the life and health of your wetsuit and accessories. WTCHR | Activated Charcoal Bags | No Smell | Anti-Mildew For Wetsuit, Booties + Gloves

PhixDoctor’s SuperSoy® Repair kit eco resin, odorless, nontoxic repair kit for your boards. PHIX-REPAIRKIT | Sand Paper | Mixing Cups Bamboo Cloth | Soy Resin | Fin Rope | Mix Stick

Surf/Skate Backpack

Fin Wallet

Stylish high quality hemp backpack with multiple pockets, skate strap, and self-enclosed wax stash. WTBAK1 | Skateboard Strap | 8oz Quality Hemp | 3 Pockets Embroidered Logo | Strong Zipper | Size 18” X 8”

Where is your fin key? Never lose your gear with this eco fin wallet, fits long board and short board fins. WTFINWALL | Strong Mesh | 8oz Quality Hemp Embroidered Logo | 6 Pockets | Size 16” X 9”

Travel Racks

Bamboo Wax Comb

Keep your boards safe while traveling to the beach using these awesome hemp roof racks. WTRAK1 (one rack) WTRAK2 (two racks) Embroidered Logo | Hemp | Carry Case | One & Two Racks

Just say no to plastic and use the bamboo comb to keep your wax groomed and tight for your feet. Sharp edge and teeth. WAX-COMB-1 | Bamboo | Wood Teeth | Lightweight Not For Your Hair | Size 4” X 2.5”

“We received our order and are SO happy with the products!” ~ Kelly Richardson, Salty Habits Surf

surf Travel Gear
Hempster Amigo

Eco Trotter Suitcase

Travel in eco style with this hemp eco trotter, great for surf trips or weekend getaways, room for essentials. WT-DUFFEL-4 | Molded Base | 8oz Quality Hemp Embroidered Logo | Wheels | Handle | 2 Pockets | Size 5’ x 2’

Messenger style in hemp, three packets, leather bindings, pen pocket, high quality hemp. WT-CARGO-4 | Black/Silver | 8oz Quality Hemp Embossed Logo | YKK Zippers | 3 Pockets | Size 12” x 12”



Travel in eco style with this hemp travel wallet, great for carrying your ipod, iphone, wallet and goodies. WT-DUFFEL-4 | Molded Base | 8oz Quality Hemp Embroidered Logo | Wheels | Handle | Size 6.5” X 5.5”

Got Ipad? Use a Wave Tribe ecological case for your tech tools. Super padded with outside pocket. WT-IPAD-4 | 12mm Padding | 8oz Quality Hemp Embroidered Logo | YKK Zipper | 2 Pockets

Passport Wallet

Recycled Straps

Carry your passport and other essentials around your neck with this hemp passport wallet. WT-PASSPORT-WALLET | 12oz Quality Hemp Embroidered Logo | Carry Strap | 2 Pockets | Size 8.5” x 5.25”

Attach your board while on surf trips with these strong like bull recycled straps. WT-STRAPS-4 | Hemp Bag | 2 Straps | Embroidered Logo Stainless Steel | Padded | Size 11’ x 2”

abouT Wave Tribe
You are Wave Tribe. Wave Tribe is each one of us, doing our part to make this world a little better through our awareness and stoke for the environment and surfing while having fun! You can see it in our logo, the union of surfer and wave, a symbiotic movement as one, but also separate. We spread stoke for life and surfing, letting our passions express themselves through our eco products and exceptional—let’s wow them—customer service. Wave Tribe is more than just a business, it’s a lifestyle. In fact, it’s more a lifestyle than a business, because our motivation to do what we do is rooted in the ethos of surfing, born out of a wholehearted concern for how we move through the world as surfers with awareness, passion, and positive intentions. We love what we do and we know that it shows. If you are reading this we have already succeeded and we thank you for imagining this eco journey, our journey together towards a fantastic future. Peace. ~ Derek D. | Wave Tribe Founder | One Ocean, One Planet, One Tribe.

9.5 Reasons Why You Will Love US
• You are eco rad. • You support our Heal The Oceans Campaign. • You are a surfer and like to play in the ocean. • You want to be part of a surf family that cares. • You support ecology and a healthy environment. • You are part of the change, not the problem. • You demand quality surf gear that lasts. • You share Wave Tribe’s vision. • You like having fun. • You love to surf!
Scan the QR Code for information on our Heal The Oceans Campaign and learn how we give back together.

EMAIL. Email us at info@wavetribe.com

sunshine, sWells and smiley serviCe

TELEPHONE. Call us at 805.874.2335 Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. INTERNET. Visit wavetribe.com to shop, learn about our mission, read about our
team riders, watch videos about our products, or meet our ambassadors.

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You may pay by check, money order, American Express, VISA or Master Card. We also accept Pay Pal and Google Checkout online. Add sales tax to all California orders. Catalog prices are valid through December 31, 2012 and may fluctuate with online pricing. We guarantee you the lowest published price. Send catalog orders to Wave Tribe HQ, 1129 Maricopa Hwy, Suite 175, Ojai, CA 93023.

Retail 100% Stoked Guarantee
If you don’t like it, if it doesn’t fit, or if it simply isn’t what you thought it was, return it. Just let us know why you didn’t like it (so we can help you find something you do like). We want you to be happy with your purchase and there is no need for excuses. If you buy any product and decide to return it, just do so within 30 days.

Returns & Exchanges
Return product to the store where you bought it or call our customer service line for an RA number at 805.874.2335. Once you have an RA number ship return to Wave Tribe Returns,1129 Maricopa Hwy, Suite 175, Ojai, CA 93023. (No returns will be accepted without an RA number. Please insure your package, as we cannot be responsible for lost items and returns are not acceptable if used or damaged.)

Wholesale Accounts
The Wave Tribe family is growing and if you are down with eco surf products and lots of stoke, then we would love to work with you and form a partnership. Please give Paul a call at 805.633.1232 with any wholesale questions (he’s our wholesale guru) or send us an email, it’s really that easy. Help us change the surf industry!

Catalog Gratitude & Photos
Huge thanks to all the rad photographers, talented Wave Tribe Team Riders, awesome customers, super staff, courageous distributors, and buddy shops for helping to make Wave Tribe great. Cover photo Labenne, France, by Nico Chapman; P5 Team Rider Stefano Esposito by Bluewesley Photography; P6 Surfboard Rails by Renick Woods; P8 Team Rider Lucas Godfry, Hawaii); P9 Man Under Water in Hawaii by Laserwolf Photography; P11 Team Rider Gordon Fontaine in Maldives by Antoine Quinquis.