"True Spirituality is a matter of understanding, not belief, since you cannot believe what you don't understand. Understanding comes only from within, not without. Understanding from within, comes only from change. Let this become you, and it will bring you closer to Magic and the Gods and farther from what you were." (Mysticalgod 11.17.12)

You're at the park. The sun is shining. The hotdogs are roasting on the barbeque. And you are enjoying the pleasant breeze as it now passes. Your friend is waiting. He calls to you to throw the worn, old baseball back to him, as you always have, during your once a month day at the park with your long-time buddy, Johnny fillymiggany. You raise your arm and hand, to hurl the baseball back to your buddy. Wait, this is really happening right? You certainly aren't dreaming, so it must be real. Freeze everything! The ball is now suspended, in dead air, just as it had left your hand. Now let"s examine everything as it truly is, or isn't, as a matter of fact. A game by our standards is an event that occurs with an end goal in mind. Each action in a game has the end goal in mind. And even the careless actions are another step towards the goal, though perhaps not a favorable goal, or outcome. In your game of catch, you must catch the ball and

successfully return it to your buddy. Nature itself has many games, and it has games within games. Although, one may hardly consider it a fun game. For example, when a plant reaches a certain maturity, it must play its part in the reproductive cycle. When an apple is released from a tree, gravity must play its part in pulling it down. This is now starting to sound familiar to you. In a black train that is passing through blackened snow capped mountains in the back of your mind, where bodies of water lay dead still, a figure is sitting, staring out into the night, while watching and waiting for your next move. You somehow know of this concept, and at one point in your life, it has lead you to wonder and ask, is God and the Devil, or good and evil, playing a game with me? Yes. In a way. More correctly, they and many others are already playing, and you are simply joining the game in progress. Keep in mind, this is not a game of fun, but a game of objectives. But don't be misled by the seemingly cold and calculated game of objectives by powers and powerful beings, of whom you must respect with all earnestness. You are indeed a creature full of feelings. For you, this game will always be nearly all about pain and pleasure. Well, there it is. A divine secret, in plain sight for you to see and ponder. I have no worries, because I know that only those with the "sight" to see it, shall. You lose a loved one, or you lose a wedding ring, or you find true love, or you win the lottery, will always be translated into a feeling to you. To the Gods, the powers, there is feeling, but because there is a mariad of complexity to creating and destroying, opening and closing, with objectives in mind, or consciousness, there is literally no place for such petty emotions. Remember when you were a baby and cried a lot? Of course you don't. Now, likewise, in your human life, you will cry about many things, throughout your lifetime. But you will come to a point when you will see your childhood tears as acts of trivial concerns. If you lived long enough, the natural order of the universe would become more and more apparent to you, and those things you consider important now, would seem insignificant. Now let's descend into hell, or ascend in to heaven, and explore the mazes in this game of life, to

understand the moves you make in your life and your reality. Everything seems to be occurring as one single flowing event, but it is not. The fact is that many events are sown together in such a way that it appears to be seamless. It is also frightening to grasp in its entirety. Ten thousand other events occur for any single event, and non of them can be detected by your senses. At one instance, there may be a demon standing right beside you, touch your skin, then it's gone. But it happens in a different dimension of time, that it not perceivable to our five basic senses. This is why belief in magic, its source, and its science is so vital to our evolution. At another instance, you might explode into many pieces, then instantly come together again, Many things will, and do, happen to you, things that would make absolutely no sense to you, if you knew about them. To understand this better: Look for an an ant. Go up to the ant and say "hello ant". The ant might pause, if your lucky. But does he have any idea where you are, or what you are doing. No. Why? Because he has accepted his given senses and his limitations. He likely is even restricted by his own level of consciousness from even considering the existence of any other beings in his universe. In fact, in ant language, his world of ants may not believe in the existence of any other beings except ants. Do you see the outline of these limitations? Now, suppose you could empower the ant with a higher consciousness, and you could get a single response from the ant to consider your existence as another life form, you would have caused the ant to evolve from the ordinary ant to something more. The concept of this process is similar to the process of evolving people be getting them to practice breaking through their limitations and grasping a higher state of consciousness. Let us consider an alien race that is not limited to "time in the present", allowing them to see upto ten minutes into the future, anytime they need to. How do you think they would view us? They would see us as very limited wouldn't they? Think of an alien race that moved from place to place by levitation through telekinesis. They would think it silly that we use gravity to move from place to place, when we walk. Did you you know that when you walk, you are actually falling with every step? To a species that doesn't do that, we would look humorous to watch.

So move beyond your conscious limitations by making a mental connection with magic, by changing yourself from within. Everything you do affects who you are and where you are headed. That brings us to the heart of this lesson, the game. Remember, every game has an objective, and many games are made up of a series of objectives. Have you ever heard someone ask, "what is the meaning of life?" If you knew every detail in the game of their life, they would need to spend a lot of time analyzing every detail of the data, after spending perhaps years learning the processes for interpreting that data. Only then, would it begin to make sense. Who here has ever tried to thoroughly learn astrology? Those of you who have, are more prepared to start to understand the work involved in understanding the meaning of the game of a person's life. Please don't let this discourage you from trying to understand the game of life. If you play it a certain way, and keep that knowledge with you, that knowledge is considered a key. And, a person can possess many keys. The essence of the key is by your thought, or your action, at any given time. Here's how the game works: 1. When you do something, it opens some possibilities, while closing others. These possibilities are the energies that amount to cause. All change in the universe is brought by cause. 2. Cause and time are strongly related. When you do something, it affects time. Many people only see time as linear, speeding up, or slowing down, or even reversing. But time's other dimension is cause and existence. (I know this because I see it through my inner eye.) 3. Now let's look at an example for better understanding: a) b) You give Harry a rose. At that very moment three possibilities open, (1) in 20 hours you will receive a gift from his mother, with a thank you card, (2) in 30 hours a bird will knock a boy off his bike 1000 miles away, setting in motion a chain of events that will affect you in two years, (3) in 40 hours, you encounter a streak of amazing fortune


Inversely, three possibilities close, (1) a man losses his wife, and they will not have children, and therefore, you won't ever meet them as you might have, (2) In 22 hours, you will lose your favorite pen, (3) in 45 hours you will accidentally break your coffee mug, the one you were going to sell to Harry.


For every action on a material level, there is an equivalent action on a higher level, with powers of both good and evil. They mirror each other, not in action, but in power. Your fight with a friend, is also a fight between powers, or even a fight between you and powers, call them angels and demons, or Gods and Devils. They are connected. As you change one thing, you are also changing the universe around you. One act can result in you in the midst of angels ready to help you, or demons ready to torment you.


Magical acts manifest cause. This is not a manipulable thing like science, because it goes beyond science. But it can be understood and used through intuition.

You have two minds. One is in your everyday thought, also known as the conscious mind, and the other is your subconscious thought. Your subconscious thought is your higher mind, capable of tuning in to knowledge not obvious to your conscious mind. This is the source of your intuition. Intuition is not only from your subconscious mind gathering and analyzing subtle information, but it is also a part of your mind that connects and listens to the words of powers. See this game as a maze that changes with everything you do, every choice you make. In time, you will begin to sense a pattern to this, and you will be playing the game of life like a God. You will begin to see the objectives of the games within games, as the motives of the powers unfold before you. I wish you the best in this game. Perhaps, someday, I will get to watch you play. ~ MYSTICALGOD ~ 11.17.12

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