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Cast: Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock/ Daredevil an attorney by day and a superhero by night. He suffered from blindness since he was a child because of his accident with bio waste. But this accident heightened his four remaining senses and gave him sonar sense. His father was killed after winning his fight. Because of that incident, Matt vows to seek justice. Jennifer Garner as Elektra Natchios daughter of billionaire and the love interest of Matt. Her mother was murdered when she was a young girl because of that her father had her highly trained in martial arts. Her father was also murdered by Bullseye. Colin Farrell as Bullseye one of the antagonists of Daredevil. Known for his perfect accuracy and uses it for killing people. He killed the father of Elektra. Michael Clarke Duncan as Wilson Fisk / The Kingpin antagonist of Daredevil; murderer of Matts father and responsible for hiring Bullseye for killing the Natchios Family. Jon Favreau as Franklin "Foggy" Nelson - Matt Murdock's legal partner and best friend, he is also used as a form of comic relief. Joe Pantoliano as Ben Urich: An investigative journalist whose articles notably relate to Daredevil, and the Kingpin.


Sypnosis Matt Murdock, suffered from blindness since was young. A bio hazard waste was accidentally spilled over his eyes after running away from his father. He discovered that his father is a local mobster. Despite of his blindness, he was able to find out that his four remaining senses became extraordinary. It was also gave him a sonar which allowed him to see through sonic vibrations. His father feels so sorry about what happened decided to come back as a

boxer. After winning a few fights, his employer fixed a fight to him to lose but Jack refuses it. Because of that he was killed by the same mobster. Matt was so angry and wants to seek justice. After few years, Matt became a successful lawyer. He also used his special ability to give revenge for those criminals that escaped from conventional means of justice. One day, Matt meets Elektra. Elektra, daughter of a billionaire named Nikolas Natchios. They were attracted at the first day that they met. They showed excellent ability in martial arts. As day passed by, they became more comfortable with each other and started to fall in love. But when Elektras father tries to bail from his dealing with Fisk, Fisk hired Bullseye to kill her father. Trying to save her father, Daredevil confronted Bullseye but he failed to save him and causing Elektra to believe that he is the one to kill her father. Elektra trained herself even more. But Bullseye planned to frame them up. Daredevil came to the place said by the reporter who knew the planned of Bullseye. Daredevil wanted to save Elektra but he was surprised that Elektra herself attacked him. And discovered his true identity. Then suddenly, Bullseye came and killed Elektra. Daredevil fights Bullseye and followed him to the church. Bullseye then discovered that loud noise is Daredevil's weakness and prepares to kill him with a spiked piece of wood after incapacitating him. Daredevil blocking the attack heard a sniper from FBI. They shoot Bullseye hitting his both hand. Daredevil attacked him and he fall down from the church. Bullseye was severely wounded but still alive. Daredevil, knowing the true identity of Kingpin, goes to the office of him. Upon fighting to Kingpin, he also discovered that Kingpin was the murderer of his father. Gaining strength from his love ones, Daredevil was able to win over Kingpin. But Kingpin knew his real identity. Matt will be waiting for him when he gets out of prison. Matt continued to give justice for everyone. Continuing from his daily routine despite from his heartache from the lost of Elektra. But his strength is renewed at the

possibility that Elektra might still be alive after he goes to where they had their first kiss and finds a necklace like the one her mother gave her, except with a Braille inscription. Matt meets Urich, the only reporter that knew his identity. Urich assure that his true identity was safe.


Scientific value

In this movie, the word sonar sense was integrated. Sonar is simply making use of an echo. In the movie, it was showed that Matt even though he is blind he was able to see through sonar. Sonar usually used by animals and machines. It sends sound waves into the environment around it. Those waves bounce off nearby objects, and some of them reflect back to the object that made the noise. Whales and specialized machines can use reflected waves to locate distant objects and sense their shape and movement. The range of low-frequency sonar is remarkable. Dolphins and whales can tell the difference between objects as small as a BB pellet from 50 feet (15 meters) away, and they use sonar much more than sight to find their food, families, and direction. In the movie, Daredevil uses sonar to find his enemy but too much noise hurt his ear that he cant use it to see. It also show that how important our five senses in our daily life.


Moral Lesson

Giving is justice is important. From this movie, I learned that nowadays, justice is only for those people who have power and money. Just like on the movie, Daredevil have powers to give justice for the victims but we dont have that power that will give justice to everyone.

I also learned that our five senses are very important. Even though Matt was blind in the movie, we dont have that kind of extraordinary senses just like him so we should give importance to our 5 senses.

Movie Review Dare Devil

Michelle S. Prambita IV Galileo

Mr. Sea February 27, 2012

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