Name of Policy: Universiÿ of Toledo Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Policy_; MC

Policy Number: 3364-60-09 Approving Officer: Vice President for Student Affairs
and Vice President for Human Resources and Campus

Safety Responsible Agent: ATOD Prevention Specialist and
Associate Vice President, Safety and Health

Original effective date: August 1,2011

Scope: University of Toledo students, staff and faculty, visitors, and contractors on the campuses listed in (A) Minor/technical revision of existing


New policy proposal


policy Reaffirmation of existing policy

Major revision of existing

policy (A) Policy statement


Effective August 1,2011, The University of Toledo campuses, as listed below, will become tobacco-free, except in "Designated Tobacco-Use Areas." Smoking and the use of tobacco products is prohibited in all of the university's academic and administrative buildings, university vehicles, athletic and recreational facilities, the student union, Greek chapter houses and all residence halls. Tobacco products include and are not limited to cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, snus (chewing tobacco in a porous pouch) and pipes. Use of tobacco products is permitted in personal vehicles. During athletic games and major campus events, "temporary" designated smoking areas will be added near the campus venue three hours prior to the start of the event and three hours following
the event.

This policy will be applied consistently to all faculty, staff, students, visitors, and contractors of The University of Toledo Campuses: 1. Main Campus 2. Scott Park Campus 3. Center for the Visual Arts 4. Lake Erie Center 5. Stranahan Arboretum The University of Toledo Health Science Campus will remain completely smoke-free and tobacco-free. Smoking and tobacco use is strictly prohibited in and on all properties on The

See policy 3364-6001 UT Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free policy: HSC. including but not limited to buildings. When observing anyone using tobacco products in a restricted area." Faculty/staff. by protecting all workers and students from unhealthy exposure to secondhand smoke and providing a supportive environment that helps tobacco users cut back. (2) A map of the "Designated Tobacco-Use Areas" is available at all information desks and at the end of this policy. Tobacco-fi'ee policies benefit our campus. These areas are identified with appropriate signs and the placement of receptacles. (b) . Tobacco users must properly dispose of tobacco remains in designated receptacles. etc. staff. students. patients and visitors while on The University of Toledo campuses and satellite grounds. Faculty. individuals should approach the person and remind them that they are on a tobacco-free campus and may not use tobacco except in designated areas. or quit tobacco products. staff/faculty. (C) Parameters (1) Definitions: Smoking and the use of tobacco products on The University of Toledo's campus is limited to "Designated Tobacco Use Areas. (4) Responsibilities and Violation Procedure (a) It is every staff/faculty and students' responsibility to observe this policy and to advise persons smoking or using tobacco outside of the designated areas to cease use of such products and inform the individual of this policy. including smokers and nonsmokers. (b) "Tobacco Use" signs are posted in all tobacco-use areas. and/or students are expected to enforce the policy for their facilities and/or sponsored activities. (B) Purpose of policy The University of Toledo is committed to promoting a safe and healthy environment for students.3364-60-09 UT Smoke-free and tobacco Free policy MC 2 University of Toledo Health Science Campus including Satellite locations. patients and visitors who wish to smoke or use tobacco products may do so only at the designated tobacco use areas where proper receptacles exist and in personal vehicles. (3) Signs (a) "Tobacco Free" signs are posted in all appropriate locations. cease. bus shelters.

Prescription products may be covered by your health insurance plan. (6) Tobacco-free programs The smoking cessation tool available to all UT students and employees is the University of Toledo Tobacco Free program.ÿ .530. and remain.smokefi'ee.The Ohio Tobacco Quit Line is a tobacco cessation resource available to all Ohioans free of charge. you're paired with an experienced quit specialist who will work with you to set a quit date and design a quit plan customized to your pattern of tobacco use. Please visit http :/iwww.SMOK (7665) Anyone with a concern regarding violations of this policy is encouraged to call the university hotline (1.3364-60-09 UT Smoke-free and tobacco Free policy MC 3 (5) Hotline . .419.QUIT.800.utol edo.8669) .SMOK (7665) or email atodprevention@utoledo.Different people need different resources as they try to quit. and people who want to make sure they have the support and the motivation to stay tobacco-free.784. The Quit Line is designed for people who are ready to quit using tobacco. (b) 1. The information and professional assistance available on this Web site can help to support both your immediate and long-term needs as you become. This program is offered in person. Individuals should see their personal physician for a prescription for cessationÿi rs/resl ife/ATODPC/'Fobacco Cessation. Other programs that are offered free of charge in Ohio include: (a) www. a nonsmoker. please see your plan formulary for more information. When you call and enroll.htmi for more information. is free of charge and classes will be held both on the Health Science Campus and Main Campus.530.

ATOD Prevention Committee." Resident Student Association. Student GovelTmwnt. 2014 Date /9 ce President for Hunaÿ and Campus Safety Review/Revision Completed by: ATOD Prevention Specialist. Faculty Senate . 2011 Review/Revision Date: Next review date: August dÿby: 1. Residence Life Council. Student Advisory Board.3364-60-09 UT Smoke-free and tobacco Free policy MC 4 Policies Superseded by This Policy: Initial effective date: August 1. Associate Vice President for Safety and Health. Student Senate.

chosen for the safety of resident students at night. chosen for the safety of students using the 24 hour computer lab at night. Final Map 4-5=21 . chosen for the safety of resident students at night. 6. 2. House. chosen for the safety of resident students at night. chosen for the safety of students at night. chosen for the safety of students studying at night. chosen for the safety of resident students at night. Between The Crossing s and Ottawa House. Between the Student Union and Carlson Library. 7. Among McComas Village. Parks Tower and Carter Hall. DNW and MacKinnon Hall. Nitschke Hall. Outside Stranahan Hall.iCÿOÿI SPÿ'I. 3. Ttÿ'ddo OH 43ÿ Designated tobacco use area TO L E l) 0 4. 5. Between l-House and A- 1.3364-60-09 UT Smoke-free and tobacco Free policy MC 5 MAP KEY The University of Toledo Welcome to Main Campus! 28Of W(4t Bÿ.

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